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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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right now on news 3 live at 6:00 -- the valley's newest resort rolling out the welcome mat earlier than expected. how soon you can start booking a room at the lucky dragon. plus -- a fiery plane crash leaves four people dead in northern nevada. tonight, what we're learning about those on board that flight. and it's slow and go across one busy stretch of to last. break out the welcome mat. las vegas has a new resort in town. it's the first casino to be built from the ground up on the las vegas strip in six years. it's opening its doors to the public for the first time tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm gerard ramalho. it's called the lucky dragon. and the first guests to the
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the hotel casino located near the north end of the strip, technically on sahara, it's our top story at 6:00. news 3's nathan o'neal live from the resort with a first look inside. hey, nathan. >> reporter: hey, gerard. the lucky dragon has been in development for five years from concept to completion. it's officially now open. you can see people at the tables here playing their games. this whole place has been designed with the asian tourist in mind. if you take a look above m chinese language first followed by english. >> with our service standards, we try to make sure with everything that we do we're putting the asian culture first and allowing the american culture to follow behind. >> reporter: now, the lucky dragon is divided into two separate towers. the casino and then the hotel. there are 203 guest rooms and
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machines. now, every detail of this casino resort is built with the asian gambler and tourist in mind. an effort to keep this place authentic instead of a caricature of the culture. that holds true from the food, to the drinks to the gaming. the idea is to tap into the growing asian tourism base but also to introduce a new concept to las vegas >> this is the first casino in las vegas doing it asian style. it's kind of different. i think people will like it. >> reporter: by the way, in the hotel, if you go into the elevators, there's no fourth floor. they say the number four is
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lucky dragon. the grand opening, there will be a lot of pomp and circumstance. it's scheduled for december 3rd. reporting live, nathan o'neal, news 3. >> looks pretty nice. thank you for the live update. appreciate it. news 3 is your traffic authority. we are approaching the halfway point of a very difficult but necessary shutdown of one of the heaviest traveled areas in the las vegas. traffic is at a crawl, i-215 is cl connector. this started last night and will end not until monday morning around a.m. 5:00 a.m. the best tip, according to authorities, is to avoid the area all together. if you have to head that way, traffic is being reboughted. expect delays in the area. those who want to use the 215 westbound will have access after leaving the airport. if you are headed toward
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way. an update on that fiery plane crash in elko. police say an air ambulance flight that crashed shortly after takeoff from the elko airport apparently was having mechanical trouble. three crew members and a patient were killed in that friday night crash. the plane took off on a flight headed to utah when it lost altitude and crash. no one on the ground was injured. the plane was transporting a heart patient to salt lake city. two of the victims one was from utah. the pilot's hometown is still unknown. i want to turn to politics. no word on whether mitt romney will join president-elect donald trump's team. the men spent about an hour talking today out at trump's golf course in new jersey. during the campaign, romney cyst sized trump, calling him a conman and a fraud. apparently, the two have now
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>> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas, and exchanged our views on those topics. >> romney is on trump's short list of candidates for secretary of state. it is unclear whether the president-elect offered him a position during today's meeting. >> and then there's this -- pred trump demanding an apology from producers of "hamilton" for the message they delivered at the end of the production. mike pence received a less-than-warm welcomance he entered the theater. some audience members booed while others cheered. but the big surprise came at the curtain call. >> we are the diverts america
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alarmed and anxious that your administration will not protect us. >> pence did leave the theater before the end of the message but a spokesman for the show says he stood in the hallway to hear all of that person's remarks. new at 6:00, the holidays, typically the time when most thanksgiving less than a week away, thousands of volunteers are making sure thousands of local families don't go without. kyndell nun lip takes us to this year's convoy of hope. >> reporter: filing in, one by one. thousands of people from throughout the valley kicked off the season of giving by being on the receiving end of what the holiday is all about. >> getting food for our family.
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who are able to show up and pick up a free thanksgiving turkey. for her and her older brother, sharmell. >> that money can go to other things. >> god bless. thank you. >> reporter: getting that big thanksgiving meal wouldn't happen without a little help. >> i'm not saying we would go hungry but we probably wouldn't have much to eat. so being able to come out here and get all of this food we're of an estimated 10,000 people to be served through this year's convoy's hope. that number is bumped up from the 7,000 who came out last year. >> people shouldn't have to go without that opportunity to enjoy family, food and a thanksgiving meal. >> reporter: john is from the las vegas mission. he explains various charities take the day to come together in an effort to make sure no one goes without. >> it's far more than what you
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onramp or something like that. it's more and more families with children of all ages all the way to young, young children. >> reporter: and with thousands of local families stocked with what they need to make holiday meals next week. the mccalebs are an important reminder for some giving thanks takes a little giving. >> my favorite is the candy yams. >> i think i saw yams in the bag. >> you did? yay. >> gotta love there. from las vegas rescue mission to three square bag, even the shoe company thom's. local aid will continue past the holidays. if you would like to give back to someone in need, we have information about how you can do so at also today, hundreds of volunteer from help of southern nevada and the junior league teamed up to feed the valley's needy for thanksgiving. they spent their morning
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distribution later this week. this is the 30th year for the done in a day event. they hope to provide 1500 families with turkey and all of the trimmings for their holiday feast. a mysterious discovery after a mother is shot and killed. a closer look at the investigation underway after the woman's newborn goes missing. a close call for show after she was accidentally shot. it's beginning to look a lot like winter. winter season, that is, up on the mountain. how one local resort is
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police find an missing infant safe and sound two days after someone shot and killed her mother. on thursday's the mother's boyfriend came home to find her dead and their week-old daughter missing. the investigation led police to a home in dallas where they located the little girl. the baby's uncle says it's a blessing in the midst of tragedy. >> you know, when the news came, it was a relief.
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that baby is going to be a little my sister. a little piece of her is in sophia. >> police arrested two people for the murder and kidnapping. officers say the suspects do know the family but aren't providing further details on the connection. and a woman survives after someone accidentally shoots her in the head at a gun show in north carolina. the w's he handed it and a loaded gun he had already had in his truck to a friend in the back seat. the friend then accidentally pulled the trigger while comparing the two guns and the bullet hit the man's wife in the head. paramedics say the round hit a head rest before hitting the woman. they say that's probably what saved her life. amazing. all right. jerry brown has been standing by patiently. he joins us in the news 3 weather center with a look at what's ahead in the forecast.
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cloudy condition. 66 degrees. it was a wash because we were one above normal this morning. one above this afternoon. we're looking at cooler temperatures ahead but also the possibility of some rain.
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ski season has kicked off in northern california despite a lack of snow. manmade snow, the next best thing, allowed skiers and snowboarders to hit the slopes at the mountain resort in the sierra for the first time. the lift line was long because only one run was open. but snow lovers say one is just fine. >> so many people. it's packed. i'm surprised so many people came out. >> i waited four months for this day.
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come. hopefully we get a big winter. >> that would be nice. it may not be a big dump. but the resort does expect to get 4 inches of natural snow tonight. and it's beginning to feel a lot more like the holidays. temperatures are beginning to drop on the mountain. at lee canyon, temperatures were perfect to bring out the big guns, snow guns, that is. the resort 0 preparing for its upcoming season. party in hopes of getting some of the real white stuff. the event was complete with life music and even a hot chocolate station. almost there. almost there, jerry. >> yeah. only one run was open? i didn't know they had one at boriel. >> they got something. >> have to give them credit for that. we're not looking at snow this week. we're looking at a chance for
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let's go over and look at our skies today from the northeast valley perspective looking down to the southwest and we start off with glorious sunshine and then as forecast, the clouds drifted in through the afternoon hours. as you can see, a nice sunset there. currently 62 in the central valley at sahara and the 15. just south of the spaghetti bowl. south breeze at 3. 18%. the comfortable relative humidity. barometer is up at 30.04. cooler on the west side. 57. winds. dew point, 18 degrees. in henderson, wolf elementary in at 61 degrees. it's also 61 at the north las vegas airport. 62 in downtown henderson and 59 out in summerlin. that would be palo verde high school. 56 indian springs. 64 in mesquite. but cooler when you drive up the 93 to pioche.
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let's take a look at official readings. top of the hour, 63 out at mccarran airport. it's 46 up in the salt lake valley and the wasatch is looking at snow from this system. that's good news for the skiers. 62 in l.a. and 60 in san francisco. we take a look at forecast highs tomorrow. how about 69 for a high tomorrow. there will be a few 70s, i think on the east side of the valley. but even though we warm up a bit tomorrow, then temperatures are going to drop a bit, not really all that excessively. some snow up in the northeast, especially in canada. not much going on in the central part of the country. but we do have a storm off the pacific and that is sending up a flow -- an onshore flow to the south. computer models suggest we will get a batch of rain sometime overnight into monday. still iffy. overnight, you can see the
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evening. i'm expecting breaks towards morning. 47 overnight. our normal 45. we're about where we should be. and you can see temperatures around the region. 34 up on the mountain to 53 in laughlin. 22. that will get your attention. that's up in caliente. highs tomorrow, a bit milder today. 70s in eastern clark county. upper 60s in nye county. 69 in boulder city. we'll go 69 here in las vs. afternoon breezes developing. your seven-day forecast, after tomorrow we cool off noticeably on monday. lower 60s. 63 with the chance for some shower activity. we're not talking thunderstorms or anything major. and then mid-60s previling through thanksgiving day and into the weekend with overnight lows in the mid-40s. that's just about where it should be. >> yeah. >> it will feel very
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>> i just made it up. >> okay. environmentalists of native-american trains are working to preserve an area of natural beauty and artifacts. denise rosch has more. >> reporter: it's an age-old problem on public lands, enjoying what nevada has to offer without destroying it. >> once it's done, >> reporter: with the ancient art there's graffiti and vandalism. now the nonprofit, friends the gold butte, is asking president obama to take action before he leaves office. and supporters worry if this doesn't happen now, starting over with a new president will push any hope for protection back years. i hope you will join me for my special report gold butte airing monday night on news 3 live at
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the runnin' rebels return to the hardwood. a preview is coming up next with randy howe in our sports
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it's fight night in las vegas. two of the best pound for pound fighters will meet at t-mobile arena for the undisputed championship. both fighters, 30 pounds, the champ, sergey kovalev. weighed in at 175, so did his opponent, andre ward, who is 30-0. ward is the slight favorite in this fight. lifts struggled to make their picks. if you asked the two fighters, it's a no-brainer. >> at the end of the day he's a champion. i respect him as a champion. he's a great champion. i'm a great champion as well. i've been a champion for many years. i'm trying to become a five-time world champion. i'm not leaving las vegas without them belts. >> knock him out.
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tomorrow. >> all right. looking forward to that one. speaking of a knockout blow, we showed you these highlights at 5:00 we'll show them to you at 11:00. the spring mountain gets this win. congratulations to desert pines. they win the 3-a state championship today. wednesday night, the runnin' rebels landed their first win of the year. marvin menzies era. cal state fullerton is the opponent. they are coming off their first loss,s giving up 104 points to washington. as for the rebels, they played much better against riverside than they did in their opener over a week ago. coach menzies is hoping the team will get better. >> it's good. good to get that first win. put that on our belt and learn lessons and go forward. i thought we would just -- there
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too many second-chance points. i think we gave up 19 and we gotta get better there. we have to get better at sharing the ball consistency. have to keep going with what works. [laughter] >> oh, man. >> all right. hope they will be working tonight. tipoff at 7:00. we'll have the highlights at 11:00. gerard, back to you. it will be a very happy thanksgiving for a texas family. [ cheers ] >> love to see that. you can join them for a surprise
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finally tonight, a marin from texas gives his family a very special holiday surprise. [ cheers ] >> can't fake that reaction. corporal trey stinent didn't think he would make it home for thanksgiving. he was the las and brother expected to see during a pep rally at his high school alma mater. >> got this whole surprise together. it was so hard to keep it from my brother. it was so hard. finally get to see him, made my day. made it perfect. >> that's a lot of fun. he has not been home for thanksgiving this three years. you can bet this will be a special holiday for that
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be sure to catch us at 11:00 for all of the day's weather, news and sports and we hope you have a fantastic evennin announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? thank you very much, folks. i appreciate that. folks. yeah, i do. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 41,740 bucks, from cleveland, tennessee, it's the champs,


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