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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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weekend. the biggest selling point, it's not a huge megaresort. it's our top story at 6:00. jeff gillan is live inside the lucky dragon to explain the strategy for success down there. >> reporter: that's right. good evening to both of you. good evening, las vegas. i'm on the gaming floor of what really is a very, very interesting resort, as you said. i'm at the lucky dragon. i have to tell you, this place knows its customer and it's very, very comfortable with its size. in chinese, the red symbolizes good fortune and joy. welcome to the lucky dragon. david jacoby is the ceo. >> our target audience is the local asian community here in las vegas. >> reporter: not only locals but he's hoping to draw from asian customers across the country and from overseas. the soft opening was saturday. out front today, celebrating
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changes, they are impressed. >> it's very good. i like it. the food is good. very traditional chinese food. >> reporter: here chinese comes first, english second. no number 4s. that's unluckien and only 203 rooms. >> at this type of size facility, you can know who is here and give personalized service to your guests. >> i think this is what people are looking for. they don't they want something more intimate. >> reporter: the last resort to open was the cosmopolitan in december of 2010. in las vegas, niche is nice. >> and to make any meggy resort successful, you need to accommodate the markets successfully. >> reporter: everyone is welcome. >> nice and bright.
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>> reporter: of course, after all, it still has that new resort smell. and back now live here at the lucky dragon casino, this is the pagota bar. eight sides around this bar. that's no accident. eight in chinese culture. a very lucky number. at the lucky dragon, jeff gillan, news 3. back to you. >> wishing them all 8s and no 4s. thank you. another reason people coming this fantastic weather. >> that's right. news 3 is your weather authority. the temperatures are hovering in the 60s. our kevin janison is here to tell us if that will last. and i see mount charleston behind you. >> and that's normal. 60s. we were spoiled with the 80s and upper 70s through the first part of november. now we've been watching these clouds. a few sprinkles on the mountain. that's about all we can muster up as far as precipitation. most of the action was in eastern parts of clark county,
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rain in the valley. we could really use the water. people don't remember to turn their sprinklers off. now the focus is up here. we have a series. not just that one. several more around the bin that will slide into the west coast. each one will impact southern nevada's weather. we'll tell you how, especially going into the thanksgiving weekend, with the full forecast. that's a couple of minutes away. new information tonight in the case of a woman accused of killing her boyfriend. police caught and woman, cheryl rheamount, who tells police she feared her boyfriend would kill her. so she had a -- on the seat underneath her car. >> reporter: according to the police report, the woman told police her boyfriend hit her in the face before the murder happened. he told her to go to the back seat of the car. that's when she decided to grab the gun and she fired it. >> they got into a fight and
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>> she would show me bruises. >> reporter: people living at this apartment complex off lamb and east lake mead knew of a violent relationship between cheryl rheamount and matt bernardi. she's small. he's big. what other choice did she have? >> reporter: police say cheryl rheamount and matt bernardi got into a fight inside a car that matt bernardi was driving. police say cheryl rheamount from the back seat pulled the trigger and ran back to her apart shooting scene. this man saw her right after the murder. >> i saw the girl with a bunch of blood stains all over her clothes. >> reporter: terry walker will never forget the information she had with cheryl rheamount the night of the murder. >> she told me she got her boyfriend because he was beating up on her. >> reporter: the police report goes on to say that police asked cheryl rheamount why she didn't leave the car when she had the
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to her. jim? >> all right. antonio, thank you for that. the man who raped a local mother and stabbed her to death is headed to prison for the rest of his life. jerry howard killed the 54-year-old woman and left her body in a dumpster in 2015. she was collecting cans to recycle to make extra money for her family. her family and friends in tears as howard offered an apology. his family was in court. police once they found out what happened. >> i want to apologize to the victim's family and also to my family as well. i was under the influence of pcp, marijuana and methamphetamine. i wasn't in my right state of mind. >> during haud's hearing -- today's hearing, the state requested the maximum sentence. rather than fighting, howard's attorney said his client
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three life-term sentences without parole was a fair sentence. metro hiring almost 100 more officers over the next year and a half. this comes at a time when violent crimes are up in our valley. kelsey thomas is live at metro headquarters with a closer look at the recruit plan. >> reporter: yeah, recruitment for new officers kicking into high gear for officers. these officers will be tasked with keeping the strip and your neighborhood safe. this is just the beginning. tough training that ends with this -- [ applause ] >> reporter: the pinning of the badge. but filling the ranks these days is a little tougher. metro needs almost 300 new officers. >> and it is challenging. >> reporter: rookie officers entering a new world where police are under attack. >> we'll be burying one of our own.
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shooting and killing a san antonio police officer, murdered just doing his job. san diego benjamin marconi the first of three police officers shot. >> persons that have been wanting to do this, it doesn't deter them. >> reporter: of the nearly 300 new metro officers, 68 will be dedicated to the las vegas strip. the uniformed ofce to stay one step ahead of the criminals. drug dealers, prostitutes and conartists all working the busy boulevard. >> felons, ex-convicts and unable to get the jobs. >> reporter: beyond the strip, new officers will target a surge in violent crime across the valley. 152 murders so far this year in las vegas. >> every one of those cases is a person. >> reporter: metro hopes more
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crime. >> aur ultimate goal -- our ultimate goal is community safety. >> reporter: other departments across the valley will also benefit from the sales tax. we're told henderson pd will get 26 new officers. north las vegas, 18. and then mesquite and boulder city will each get two. reporting from metro headquarters, kelsey thomas, news 3. a woman hangs on for dear life on an suv's hood as it slams into a wall near the convention center. it happened on joe brown police say a man and woman were arguing at a nearby apartment complex. then the man drove. the woman grabbed onto the vehicle and held onto the hood. the man lost control and slammed into the wall. crews rushed to the woman to the hospital. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of dui. news 3 is your traffic authority. let's take a look at the real drive times on the maimer freeways in town right now. a lot of 60s. a little slowdown on the 15
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spaghetti bowl. tom hawley spotted trouble on the 15 down further south at flamingo. >> reporter: yeah, a bunch of flashing lights. the good news, they were just pulled over to the shoulders. i will show you what it looked like about five minutes ago. all of the vehicles were in the middle of the freeway. that had things backed up for a mile. we're on the mend. we still have a little bit of traffic slowly but it's rapidly rather than getting worse. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. reed and jim? >> all right. good to hear. thank you. coming up -- let it snow. >> that's the cheer on mount charleston. next -- the push to get ready for ski season. and a caution from the dmv. if you have business with them in the near future, you better pack a lot of patience. and the arrest in the ambush killing of a police officer outside headquarters in san antonio.
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beautiful all lit up down th and storm clouds over the mountains brought a hint of snow today. it's the system that has the potential to drop as much as 2 inches at lee canyon. we'll get more on that from kevin in a little bit. news 3's denise rosch shows us what's being done to get the shows in shape. >> reporter: it's only a light dusting of snow here today but it's a start. it's set to open december 9th. the resort will take down these closed signs.
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getting ready and customers are feeling a little anxious. >> i'm so pumped right now. >> reporter: the clouds rolled in and the snow soon followed. for keith -- >> come on. >> reporter: perfect conditions to check out the sites around the lee canyon ski resort. closed today but not for long. >> it's a 45-minute drive up the hill. it's not like some hour or three battle to get to where you are going. somewhere in utah or colorado. it's like driving up the road to a local park to have a blast. inventory, preparing for a new season. marketing director jim sele. >> we're doing everything from skiing to snowboards, making sure all of the food and ber-- beverages are in order, we're inspecting all of the chair lifts. >> reporter: and while they are at it, giving mother nature a helping hand. the resort began making snow just a few days ago.
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will be at it. >> this is the one that it looks like the cold front is moving in. it's finally winter. get over here. not again, buddy. >> reporter: and it's the promise of more flurries that brought jason prescott and his family to the mountain, bundling up the baby looking forward to something more than the bunny hill. >> i've heard a lot of great things about the mountain. i heard they got three lifts and 30 something trails. i'm l.a. >> reporter: now it's up to the weather. a lie dusting helps. but here they are praying for snow. denise rosch, news 3. >> we need a snee dance. maybe there is an official snow dance that we can do. >> we'll have to google that. >> kevin is saying they are hoping for more up there. but it's pretty optimistic hope. >> right now, i'm sensing a reed cowan youtube video. >> yeah.
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>> this system wimped out. it's been cold enough to make snow. in a la nina year we'll have cold nights. check out the doppler radar. it was very close. we had high hopes that some of that precipitation would have formed in the las vegas valley. it did so just east in clark county and then pushed off to arizona and utah and we're done. skies are clearing. it's all over now. but go north, like from round mountain in central nevada up to northern nevada, points of oregon, washington, northern california, they are getting clobbered with one system after another. we're just getting views like this. at least our limited drops turn into something beautiful. elliott took this picture on the drive from las vegas to pahrump. if you make the drive, you will love this camera that she show this time of year. you go to the mountain up over 5,000 feet, you want to make
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the clouds formed in the middle of the day. it looked promising. even though we could use water, it won't happen. farther to the east, that's where all of the moisture was. this view from mesquite, look how low those clouds are hugging the mountains. and even farther to the east, that's where we had more pockets of .5-rainfall totals. zion got a nice drink of water. for us, it's a damp cool. 61 degrees. 46% on the east side. near lamb and owens. is near the pavilion center 55 degrees and 55%. and over the hump, 66% and 51 degrees. cool night. not oppressively cold by any stretch. but with the humidity up, kind of adds a little bite to the air. some neighborhoods around 66 degrees. pahrump, 55. mesquite checking in at 57. we actually had a normal high temperature of 64 degrees
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above, that this will go down as an above-normal day, tied in november. it will be a top ten as far as warmest novembers are concerned. boy, yesterday's breezes, the damp air, the light sprinkles we had, well, sprinkles, they are already light. but kept the air nice and clean. 40s to get started in the morning. that won't last long. we'll get in the 60s by lunchtime. probably peak in the mid-60s. tomorrow, wind not a factor at that will change on wednesday. but tomorrow it won't be blowing. there goes system number 1. we had high hopes it didn't deliver. now we have a very weak area of high pressure. that should keep us sunny and calm tomorrow. this is system number one. you can see the freckle clouds. that's going to move in. basically northern half of nevada, california, up to the pacific northwest. they will get clobbered with more precipitation but that's system number one of several as a progressive pattern is taking
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breezes. pahrump in the 30s. mesquite at 44. 27 in caliente tonight. and then high tomorrows tomorrow, the mountain in the mid-40s. the lake at 68. 59 in nye county. for the las vegas valley, we're going down to 48. no dry heat. just a damp cool and that's your start for tomorrow morning. the afternoon will be sunny and 65. it should be a very pleasant november-like tuesday. and your five-day forecast looking looking ahead. e, behind the front we're losing degrees. the turkey seems happy about that. another weak front. maybe breezy on sunday and 61. we'll lose another 3 degrees. not taking a direct hit from the systems. we won't have a huge drop in temperatures. won't be able to get back to 70. by the way, you showed this earlier. the park next to the t-mobile arena. open for business with their beautiful 60-foot and thousands
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they've also got their ice skating rink open for business. who knew in the desert you can ice skate up and down the strip in december. they had the big lighting ceremony. and a few feet over tomorrow, a huge day because there will be the announcement of the name -- >> i know. >> any guesses? >> i'm going to go with desert knights. >> something knights. >> i >> and they don't have the jerseys yet. if you buy some of the shirts and sweatshirts, they will be available, but the jerseys will take another couple of months. they don't want those floating around town. he's far from home. but here in nevada you might call him the camel whisperer. we told you about the opening of camel safari near mesquite. one of their key employees is from the sahara desert.
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>> my tribe, they are the last nomad people in the world. >> well, coming up tomorrow here on news 3 live at 6:00, denise rosch will have a great story and tell us more about his special connection to the animals and what he thinks to returning to those roots in her special report, right brand new tomorrow night at 6:00. and coming up -- a car hits a group of people outside of the popular auto show in los angeles. >> ahead -- how many got hurt and what we're learning about the car involved. was this car part of the auto show? and remembering the victims of a deadly plane crash up in elko nevada.
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people in elko tonight holding a memorial to hour four killed in a crash of a medical aircraft shortly after it took off. the air pilot, a nurse and two others died. the man was on the plane to have a heart surge i air ambulance crashed into the parking lot. the pilot reported mechanical issues before the crash. he's credited with guiding the plane away from residential areas and saving lives. the ntsb is investigating the cause. over to southern california now, where a car slammed into several people outside of the l.a. auto show. this was the scene a few hours ago at the los angeles convention center where the orange car crashed right into the plaza.
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the car involved had a sign on the door that read drive today at the auto show. so apparently, it was part of an exhibit there. the driver is one of those hurt. if you need to take care of registering your car over the next week, the dmv offices are closed on thanksgiving day and through the weekend and the dmv says that means that the monday and tuesday after thanksgiving weekend are always their busiest days. something else to keep in mind, the dmv is branch into a new space next door. so one will be shut down from december 3rd to december 19th. >> it could have a big im-- big impact on your holiday travel. >> workers set to strike at o'hare airport. and we'll take you to
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now to the developing tragedy unfolding in chattanooga, tennessee. six children were killed. more h crashed. >> students k through fifth grade were in the bus. apparently, it crashed into a tree. police there say 35 students were on the bus when it happened. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional worst nightmare. but it's also the thing that we all train for and you have police, fire, ems and our partners out here doing everything they can to rescue victims and support the families of those who have been treated.


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