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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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violent armed robber but he didn't give in without putting up one heck of a fight. we're relieved to have taken him into custody without a further loss of life. >> san antonio police arrest the suspect they say shot and killed one of their own in cold blood. detective benjamin marconi was writing a traffic ticket when police say he was shot execution style. >> investigators with the help of u m tracked 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain for hours before making an arrest. despite the increase in attacks on police, metro is looking to hire almost 300 new officers to protect our city. thanks for joining us. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. kelsey thomascy thomas looks at the recruitment tactics. >> recruitment for new officers kicking into high gear for metro, these officers will be tasked with keeping the strip
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this is just the beginning. tough training that ends with this. the pinning of the badge. but filling the ranks these days is a little tougher. metro needs almost 300 new officers. >> and it's challenging. >> reporter: rocky officers entering a new world where police are under attack. >> we'll be burying one of our own. >> man is in custody accused of shooting and killing a san antonio police officer on sunday. murdered just doing his job. detective marconi one of three officers shot that day. of the nearly 300 new metro
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strip. the uniformed officers who patrol the strip every day try to stay one step ahead of the criminals, prostitutes and conartists all working the busy boulevard. >> conartists, felons and unable to get jobs. >> reporter: 152 murders so far this year in las vegas. >> every one of those cases is a person. >> reporter: metro hopes more officers w crime. >> aur ult -- our ultimate goal is community safety. >> reporter: henderson pd gets 26 officers. north las vegas, 18 and boulder city and mesquite will each get two. kelsey thomas, news 3. an update to breaking news we've been following all day. japanese authorities lift a tsunami advisory for waves up to 10 feet after an earthquake strikes off the coast of the island nation.
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the coast of fukushima, where an earthquake destroyed a power plant five years ago. a warping for waves up to 5 feet is still in effect. in tennessee, six children dead when their school bus crashed. the district attorney in chattanooga says five of the children died on the bus. the sixth died at a hospital. their identities and ages have not been rere-- released. authorities say 35de 23 patients are in area hospitals. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare. it's also the thing we all train for. you have police, fire, ems and our partners out here doing everything they can to rescue victims and report the victims of those who have already been treated. >> police say the bus was the only vehicle involved in the
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the presidential transition as more names are added to the trump administration. the president-elect released some pretty concrete details of what his first 100 days in office will be. brian mooar has more from washington. >> reporter: the cabinet candidates parading through trump tower are selling themselves, not just to the president-elect. >> i'm not competing with anything. i think i'm the best person but there's some tremendous people outre oklahoma governor, mary fallen, was a little more low key. >> it was a meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> reporter: this woman said her focus was syria. trump also interviewed governor rick perry. >> president-elect trump has been doing this flurry of
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many different people from different backgrounds he's met with over the last few weeks. >> reporter: bypassing direct contact with the media, the transition team distributed this video outlining the trump legislative agenda. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> as donald trump prepares to take over the white house, there business empire and conflicts of interest. whether it's possible to separate the president and first family from the name that is their brand. an example for a potential conflict of interest, a few blocks away, the trump international hotel. the washington post reports diplomats are staying there hoping to gain favor. a 35-year-old woman accused of killing her boyfriend tells
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a police report says that cheryl rheamount told police she feared for her life. it goes on to say that she had a premonition that the shooting would happen. she set her gun under her car seat. detectives say last night cheryl rheamount and her boyfriend, matt bernardi, were in the car when they got into a fight and that's when cheryl rheamount grabbed her gun. a neighbor spoke with cheryl rheamount right after the murder happened. >> she told me she was fighting with him. he was fighting for the knife. she was fighting r the gun. without bail. now to this video taken in the eastern part of the valley last year. that man you see right there is walking towards a dumpster. when he got there, jerry howard raped and stabbed a 54-year-old woman to death and left her bod diedy inside the dumpster. he learns his faith for her death. >> reporter: after two long years of waiting, justice is
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murder is sentenced to life in prison. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: equipment -- guilt and remorse set in as jerry howard was dealt three consecutive life sentences. this video shows howard approaching the 54-year-old woman and attacking her, stabbing, raping and throwing her into a trash dumpster leaving her for dead. nearly two years later, one of her friends attended howard's seci >> she was a sweetheart. >> reporter: the state requested for the maximum sentence for howard. rather than fighting it, howard's attorney said his client accepted responsibility for his actions and felt that serving three consecutive life sentences without parole was a fair punishment. family and friends of the woman were in tears. howard's parents were also present and they turned howard in when they found out he did the crime.
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pcp, and methamphetamine. >> reporter: life in prison wasn't the original goal for the prosecution. the district attorney's office considered the death penalty. but after reviewing his school and medical records and conducting a mental evaluation, a different decision about importantment was -- punishment was reached. >> in exchange for taking of death penalty off the table, he agreed to plead guilty straight up to all of the charges and stipulate to a sentence of life in prisonho possibility of parole. >> reporter: the d.a. says even though the death penalty was not given, justice was served. jerry howard will be in prison foreign the rest of his life. i'm faith jessie reporting. >> thank you. this weekend, the valley's newest casino and resort opened its doors. >> the biggest attractions you will find at the lucky dragon. winter is starting to show in the mountains. how our local ski resort is
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push. >> reporter: well, i'm trying out for our new nhl hockey team. i'm also trying out this new ice rink at the park. today was the first tree lighting. we'll have your full forecast and talk to some good skaters out here in a few minutes.
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well, in las vegas, niche is nice. the city's newest and smallest properties opened over the weekend. the lucky dragon targeting the asian customer opening for good. it's the first resort opening from the ground ups since the cosmo opened in 2010. here chinese comes first, english second. it's focused on the customer that -- it reflects asian sensibility. it's not a mega-resort. david jacoby is the lucky dragon's ceo.
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difficult to build a multi-billion-dollar megaresort and it differentiated from the other megaresorts here and to make any billion-dollar resort successful you need to accommodate so many different markets simultaneously. >> saturday was this the soft opening. he reports no major kinks in the operation. they officially open on december 3rd. a gas station clerk is lucky to be alive after fighting back against an the robber walking into the store with a metal pipe. the suspect hit the clerk in the back with the weapon, then with both his fists and again with the pipe. the clerk fought back and managed to wrestle the pipe away from the suspect. police are still looking for that person now. well, the northeast dealing with wicked weather thanks to major snowstorms. look at that. investigators are not sure if snowy slick east roads played a role in causing this bus to overturn.
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business course when it overturned. eight students taken to the hospital with minor injuries. storm clouds over our mountains prout a little -- brought a little bit of a hint of snow. >> it has the potential to drop 2 inches at lee canyon. denise rosch shows us what's being done to get the slopes in case. >> reporter: it's only a light dusting today at lee canyon but it's a start. it's set to open december 9th. the resort will take down the closed getting ready and customers are feeling anxious. >> i'm so pumped right now. >> reporter: the clouds rolled in and the snow followed. for this snowboarder -- >> want a treat? come on. >> reporter: -- perfect conditions to check out the sites around the lee canyon ski resort. closed today but not for long. >> it's a 45-minute drive up the hill. it's not like an hour or three-battle to get to where you are going.
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>> reporter: inside employees are hard at work, going through inventory, preparing for a new season. jim sele. >> we're doing everything from tuning ski boards to making sure all of the food and beverage facilities are in order, installing locker rooms for guests, we're inspecting the chair lifts. >> reporter: and while they are at it, giving mother nature a helping hand. the rae sort began making snow a fews will be at it all week. >> a couple of weeks ago, we had our first dusting. this is the one where it looks like the cold front is moving in. get over here. not again, buddy. >> reporter: even along nearby hiking trails, it's the promise of more flurries that got jason prescott and his family to the mountain. bundling up the baby, looking forward to something more than the bunny hill. >> i've heard a lot of great things about the mountain. they got about three lifts and
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>> reporter: now, it's up to the weather. a light dusting helps. >> it's definitely a start. >> reporter: but here at lee, they are praying for snow. >> come on. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. >> believe it or not, on the strip, there was snow. it wasn't the real stuff. it was the fake kind. but news 3 is your weather authority where chloe beardsley is at the t-mobile arena skating around and they had snow coming cocktails people had, it might have been real to them, right, chloe? >> reporter: it may be real for the tourists but for the locals we're enjoying a good time. fake snow. almost the real stuff. i'm here with ava. tell me -- you are 8 years old? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think? let's go around a little bit. tell me what you think about it.
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>> reporter: and you are not new to skating. you've done this before. you are faster than me. [laughter] >> yeah. >> reporter: just a little bit. tell me about -- were you here for the tree lighting? >> yes. >> reporter: and what happen did you think coming down here seeing this nice new tree all lit up for everyone to see? >> it's really pretty. i like it. >> reporter: and you are here with your family, right? >> my mom and her friend and her kids. >> reporter: that's awesome. that's awesome. can we spot them out here on the ice risk? >> there is one of her kids. >> reporter: the one in the red pants. >> yes. >> reporter: we've got a lot of people out here having a good time. >> that's her other kid. >> reporter: they are moving really fast, too. we'll pick it up a notch. while we're going the speed limit on the ice, we'll talk about the weather real quick. hold on. you can see the temperatures
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neighborhood. pretty chilly out there. we'll take a look at that. overnight -- excuse me. as we look at the satellite, you may have noticed we're getting a taste of the fall weather this morning with the scattered showers across portions of southern nevada. overnight in las vegas, it's gonna be another cold one. i'm wearing a jacket for a reason. so is my friend, ava here. temperatures dropping in the 40s. regionally, it will be another chilly one. 20s on the mountain. 42 for pahrump. 46 for boulder city. warmer in the afternoon. overall, very sunny skies in las vegas are expected. you are looking at the temperature forecast for tomorrow afternoon. mid-60s are expected in the valley and as we look ahead to the next few days, you can see the sunny skies continuing all across pretty much the rest of the week. we'll cool down up and down the temperatures a little bit.
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thanksgiving but overall, not too much change in our weather pattern. a few weak systems will pass through a little bit, changing things up just slightly. but you know, it isn't too bad weather out here. back out here at the ice rink, again, with ava -- i will get on this side -- i mean, it's a little chilly out here. it's still fun, right? >> yeah. it's really fun. i haven't skated in like two years. >> reporter: have you tried -- i heard they have hot chocolate down here. have you >> no. i've tried the coca-cola float. >> reporter: they have coca-cola floats? >> yes. they are ice cream floats with coca-cola, not root beer. >> reporter: what are we doing? we have to get one of those. >> i already had one today. >> reporter: okay. we're going to keep having one out here. ava is going to show me how to be a better skater. can you do any tricks out here? >> the only thing i can really
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>> reporter: move it with the feet. move it with the feet. i like it. i like it. we're going to send it back to our friends in the studio. hopefully, we're not going to fall. do you want to give a shout-out to your school? >> yes, southern highlands prep. >> reporter: perfect. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> ava did a good job. and chloe, you are one brave woman. wow! she managed to pull that off the whole time skating. >> i skate, walk, talk, chew gum at the same time. some say gold butte northeast of las vegas is in trouble. news 3's denise rosch has a preview of her special report airing tonight on news 3 at 11:00. >> it's a problem on many of our public lands, enjoying what nevada has to offer without destroying it. once it's done, it's done. and out in gold butte, there's
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with the ancient art there's graffiti and vandalism. now the nonprofit, friends the gold butte, is asking president obama to take action before he leaves office. supporters worry if it doesn't happen now, starting over with a new president will push back any hope of protection for years. i hope you will join me for my special report gold butte tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to it. if something's wrong, we >> many people fear they will get sicker if they go into a hospital. the experts have advice to help you stay safe while you are in the care of a hospital. and why a restaurant owner wants his customers to pay what they feel and to pay it forward.
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it's a place we turn to for help. sometimes we can be hurt in the process. >> kim wagner looks into safety tips for hospital visits. >> reporter: we count on hospitals to make us well, but they can be a breeding ground for serious infections. consumer reports tracked hospital infection records and says while some institutions have made good progress, serious problems remain.
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survive a hospital stay. the numbers are shocking. 650,000 patients develop an infection in the hospital and then 75,000 die. this is according to the most recent information from the cdc. >> germs concentrate in hospitals and can be easily spread there. dangerous bacterial infections are difficult to treat. >> reporter: kelly pierson knows how serious it can be. surgical nurses i talked to said, we had other people and a couple of them died. we were concerned you were going to. >> reporter: which hospital you go to can make a difference. consumer reports ratings show some hospitals do a much better job of preventing some types of infections on there is. >> we know it's possible to prevent infection. >> reporter: cleanliness is
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keep themselves safe. >> ask everyone to wash their hands who enters the room. san niptiser -- san niptisenytiser. >> reporter: ivs and catheters can lead to infection. try to have a friend or a family member be an advocate, especially at night and on the weekends. consumer reports hospital ratings are free of charge on their website. we have it at our website, kim wagner, news 3. finally, there is a cafe where the menu has no prices. >> that's because the owner wants customers to pay what they want or what they can. david was inspired by a restaurant while traveling in australia. he said people want to do good.
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even if they are homeless and struggling, they still want to pay what they can. he said he believes in food karma. my good karma comes when i
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tonight, kate gosselin on the record after being accused of child abuse. >> i've been investigated many times. >> new details on the son she sent away. what her ex-husband, jon, only told "e.t."
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selena gommz's emotional confession on live tv. >> i was absolutely broken. >> i literally almost cried when i saw her. >> we count down the biggest show-stopping moments from the american music awards. >> plus -- >> you're not going to believe it. >> james corden breaks karaoke news. >> and only we are with oprah. >> it's going to be spectacular. >> answering the one question on everybody's mind. >> everybody can take a deep breath now. >> now, for november 21st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." pop star selena gomez reveals, quote, i was absolutely broken inside. her stunning admission on live television is just minutes away. >> after the explosive interview with jon gosselin, his ex, kate, fights pack about being accused of child abuse, and why she sent one son away. >> jon said he has no idea where colin is. >> where is colin?


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