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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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and what their jerseys and logos will look like. >> a national treasure full of ancient artwork just down the road from us, in threat. >> news3 starts right now. >> a crime unthinkable. a young man stabbed odeath and the accused killer once considered his best friend. i'm jim snyder. mortera. tonight the woman is speaking out. >> news3's gerard ramalho joins us from metro headquarters, gerard, this suspect is someone the family considered a very close friend. >> reporter: yes, just a hashtag breaking story jim. the suspect had been living with them, she cooked for him regularly and they treed him
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a pool of blood. describing the time early sunday, when she heard her son screaming if down the hall, cefnl saldana had been stabbed by jacob driscoll, 20 years old. driscoll had been staying in the home. when i turned on the lights said magana, i saw my son was bathed in blood. cut up, stabbed on both sides of his back. she noticed driscoll was running from the scene. the suspect was apprehended from the scene, about an hour later. when a neighbor called 911 saying he was trying to get into their home.
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imagine he could do something like this. so metro did arrest him. he was booked into the clark county detention center and charged with murder. what no one seems to understand is why he would allegedly do something like this. police did question him but he offered no explanation and immediately asked for an attorney. i'm gerard ramalho, reporting live, send it back to you reed and 35-year-old woman shot and killed her boyfriend even though she claimed she did it to protect herself. news3's christy wilcox has more. >> reporter: the police report, the details say cheryl raiment shot and killed matthew bernardi, when she was in the back seat of the car and he was
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to her and said she shot her boyfriend. >> said she was shooting her boyfriend because he was beating up on her. >> raiment told officers well bernardi was getting his belongings at home. she put a 38 caliber handgun in her purse, threatening for her safety. he slammed her face into the dash. eventually he told her to get in the back raiment told police she knew he had access to a pick like weapon but knew he didn't have a gun. >> she got the gun and shot him. >> she shot at him once and ran. >> she didn't have a phone, she wanted me to call 911 and didn't want him to die. >> detectives said she never reported any abuse now she faces open murder charges.
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them the legal way. she wouldn't go down to the courthouse and get a restraining order. >> reporter: detectives said they didn't find an edge weapon inside the car and when police asked her why she didn't try to flee the vehicle before shooting him she said she feared he would chase after her. reporting live, christy will cox, news3. >> first we brought this to you at 3:00, chattanooga police h filed charges against the driver of a bus that caused six children. the school bus crashed into a tree nearly splitting it in two. again six children died, 23 of the kindergarten and fifth grade students were hurt badly enough to require be treatment at the hospital.
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caused the crash. >> after shocks of an earthquake in japan, aftershocks could last for several days. >> two separate wrong way drunk drivers. you're watching one of them here in st. george, dash cam video shows troopers stopping a wrong way driver, hitting the back of the car causing it t traffic stop with another accused drunk driver. miraculously no one was hurt in each of these crashes. >> rapper kanye west is in the hospital. news3 la toi ah stillman is here. la toya. >> doctors examined him in his home for severe sleep
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during happier times, you see him with his wife kim kardashian, following a week of controversial statements and feud. he attacked jayz and beyonce. if he had voted he would have voted for donald trump. the 39-year-old had two more concerts before the end of the tour. he landed in the hospital, there. >> tomorrow, the wait is over. the las vegas hockey team will finally have a name.the big unveiling will be set for tomorrow night. john treanor joins us live from russell road with that. >> jim, the wait is finally over. it's been five months since the nhl has announced it was coming to las vegas. how long has it been that we've talked about this team and what
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tomorrow it's coming. las vegas will have hockey. adidas will reveal the name, an identity and these kids will know who they're going to be rooting for. >> they're pretty excited, so excited we are cancelling tomorrow night's practice. >> they will be crowded around t-mobile arena to get their first or black knights or maybe it's silver. to the kids we talked to, it doesn't matter. >> i have season tickets. >> seth knudsen is 15. playing for his dream teem would mean a move to detroit. now the guys he eye dollizes are in his backyard. >> they don't know what i'm talking about.
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to join the hockey program. >> of course all of this is in the future, first let's start with a name. and we'll start tomorrow at 5:30 at the t-mobile arena, that's where the unveiling will be. we'll have full coverage both on be news3 and and our facebook page, amber dixon and i will be there. >> all right john thank you. coming up area could be lost forever. >> the efforts to protect the cave paintings. next. >> school and humid, won't stay there long, we'll tell you how high it's going to go tomorrow and the outlook for the
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> protect it now or lose it forever. that's the line in the sand being drawn around gold butte. >> an area just south of mesquite. for years people have been trying to get it designated as a nationality monument but time is running out. >> denise ross shows us what's at stake on >> i'm so happy when i come out here. >> it's alive. it's very, very much alive. >> faun douglas says it's a part of nevada that calls to her. as a member of the las vegas paiute tribe, gold butte offers a look into hoar past.
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home. >> just a two hour drive east of las vegas gold butte encompasses nearly 350,000 acres of conservation land, managed by the bureau of land management. trouble is vandals have made their way to the somewhat isolated land. here a camper is photographed chopping down a joshua tree while graffiti and bullet holes ar jaden is executor of friends of gold butte. fighting to protect this land for 15 years. >> just with the increase in population in southwest, more and more people are getting outside and enjoying these beautiful places. that's great. we want that to happen but we want that to happen in a way that is healthy for the landscape as well. >> time may be running out in washington too.
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designate this area a national monument before he leaves office in january, similar for what he did for the tulle beds, years ago. >> the more we wait the more degradation it's going to see. >> it was two years ago that gold butte made another reason, the standoff of clivan bundy. vandalism has since gone unchecked. >> when i see this stuff, it's a travesty. >> william anderson is with the
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>> native tribes around the area, including my tribe, going to work more with government to see how we can go ahead and work towards a better way to protect land. >> unfortunately, travelers aren't the only ones who have made their mark on the land. no cultural significance, it's graffiti. >> go to some old church and carving into the wall and start doing that i'd be arrested. >> elsewhere there are remnants of 1930ss era mining. a shelter built by the civil conservation corps is repeatedly tagged. >> it keeps happening. >> and mohn says the nationalization could come with restrooms, keeping public lands public and protected.
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before us but future generations who have yet to discover the wonders of gold butte. >> anybody who lives here in nevada should claim this and feel proud of it. >> denise ross, news 3. >> make your blood boil when you see those paintings that have been around for years and years and years now being spoiled out there. >> i was raised in a native american reservation in utah and >> well it's not so warm and been really nice this fall. >> temperature taken in the shade so if we're in the mid 60s and the sun is out, that feels pretty darn nice, enjoying some of the sites in southern nevada be. you'll have great weather to do just that. doppler radar, might have been
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in arizona and utah there were isolated spots that picked up over half an inch of rain. one system after another that has been impacting our state, up to the pacific northwest, they need it too. in southern nevada the drive between las vegas and pahrump was extra-colorful. elliot snapped this picture. make that trip between nye county and parts of clark county, you could run into some frozen asphalt and snow and everything else up there, so we're glad we have that camera that we can share. springs preserve camera shows the clouds that moved in in the midday and out in the afternoon. thicker cloud cover hugging the mountains and evenly further to the east going into utah, you
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park but that too is dried up and cleared tonight. neighborhood weather station says 58? but 51% relative humidity. over at flamingo and rainbow, revere 55 and 54%. these numbers are not that cold, not the week, but there was a bite to the air mass. mountains in the 30s, so pioche. at mckaren, normal high temperature, maxed out 64, exactly where we should be. 21st of november. makes this another above normal day. 21st day of the month, 18 days above, two below, one tie.
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pollen even hard to find. upper 40s to get started, easily getting into the 60s by lunch time. peak into the mid 60s before pulling back. less than ten miles per hour all day long. wednesday will be a different story. there goes the area of low pressure responsible for our few sprinkles couple breezes, cloud cover and in its wake weak area of high pressure is building that will give us a nice clear day. that doesn't mean the pattern isn't progressive and active. it's one front after another lined up in the pacific but going into northern california, northern nevada. that's where the precipitation will fall. southern part of these fronts, ferocious, no, but breezy winds. pahrump may get to the 30s,
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caliente. 71 in lawrch -- laughlin, and 60 in the sandy valley. afternoon high living large for most of the country. two feet of snow in new england! we'll be 65 and sunny! seven-day forecast, breezes will come back on thanksgiving. turkey will be happy. knock the temperature another 3? on sunday. that's it. we'll stay highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s for the rest of the week. five hours and nine minutes and 19 seconds from this very moment it will be time for kelly and the weather. >> could be a lot worse. >> mid 70s to 80s going i'd
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that too. living large. >> camel whisperer. >> last week we told you about the new camel safari, at mesquite. but one of their number is a true nomad in the sahara. >> i was born the last nomadic people in the world, their lifestyle is about comrades. >> tomorrow at 6:00, denise rosch will explain, her special report the camel whisperer. right here on news3 live at 6:00. he got here and the camel said, finally someone understands our language. how would you like to pay
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>> you in at 11, a new cafe, where the menu doesn't list any prices. >> the owner wants the customers to pay what they want, or what they can. he started something called food karma. it confirms his belief that people really want to do good. and want to contribute. even if they don't have much, they want to pay something they can. >> good for them. coming up, a local football player goes hollywood to reveal what team he's committing to. >> amber has some insight into
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>> on tuesday, sphif months to the day, the nhl granted las vegas an expansion team. we'll finally learn the team's name. it will be the first time you can buy official team gear. foley worked with adidas on it.
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desert nights, silver nights and black knights. >> certain things they've bought domain name wise, adidas tweeted out a name mentioned desert, desert feel. i kind gof that way. >> another ple las vegas home, the oakland raiders. gets off a little pass, amari cooper to avoid the traffic, he's in for score. oakland wins, 27-20. in college football, while ucla lost, the bruins did recruit
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today, senior defensive lineman greg rogers used a good fellas theme to hint on which teams. michigan, colorado, oklahoma, the list goes on but this is where he verbally committed to. >> here he is the man of the hour, greg rogers the newest member of the [cheering and applause] >> never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. especially with those college football coaches. no talking back! >> it works in a lot of areas. >> are you hinting? >> thanks. >> up next, a different kind of lights on the las vegas strip to
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?? ?? ?? >> finally tonight thanksgiving just a few days away and. >> the park across from t-mobile arena had it's first lighting ceremony. >> three thousand ornaments. that's not chloe. >> looks like it r [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason sudeikis,


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