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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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looks like thousands are there. it's the first manger league sports team to call our own. it's a big deal. we're minutes away from knowing the name to cheer for. >> the first set of our nhl gear will also go on sale. today happens to be five months to the date that the nhl announced they will be expanding the league, bringing a team. there's cheers. a gentleman stepping to the could this be the moment? >> i don't know. they told us the celebration would be going on for 45 minutes. we were thinking they would hold the suspense to the end. we have crews down there and people in the newsroom, too. and whenever they are about to make the announcement we'll bring it to you. >> speculation that the name will be the las vegas golden knights, the silt -- silver knights. any guesses.
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[laughter] >> a lot of people say there's desert colors mixed in there. we'll check in with john treanor and we'll keep in close touch with him. >> also we'll stream it live on for now we'll move on to other important news. the clark county school district waiting for a big decision right now in the -- a verdict in the lawsuit accusing it of not doing enough to stop bullies. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. you know, both sides in after closing arguments, it will be up to a judge, not a jury, to decide if the school district kept two boys in danger. this -- sergio avila is live at the court hours. >> reporter: we've heard the last of the witnesses. it will be the attorneys for both sides battling it out in closing arguments. and then it will be up to a judge to issue her ruling. but for the families involved in the case, they tell me this
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>> i failed my son because i trusted the school district. that's why. >> reporter: the last day of testimony in the trial against the clark county school district was just as emotional as it has been throughout the proceeding. this woman accused the school of endangering her son by not doing enough to stop the constant bullying. >> the administration knew it. they had the opportunity to make the choice of giving me a courtesy phone call but they chose not to. >> reporter: she and another mother sued the school district saming ccsd failed to act on bullying accusations. their children claim they were verbally and physically attacked by bullies while in 6th grade. >> i think there will be a lot of people who see this on the news and think we're doing this because our kids got our feelings hurt. these were heinous octobers. >> reporter: dan paulsenburg said the plaintiffs have to
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violated the family's constitutional rights. he doesn't think they did. >> it's not a question of could we have done more. we did not deliberately violate their constitutional rights. >> reporter: for the plaintiffs' families they say bringing the lawsuit was helping others who find themselves in a similar situation and the mothers say they also hope to force the district to provide answers about what truly happened to their son. >> it is to find out what options we have and what rights we had as family because the school disic any help. it was never about money. >> reporter: all right. soap the time line for this, it won't be until four months from now that the attorneys for both sides go back and forth with their written closing arguments. so it won't be until right around march or possible april until we get a resolution to the case. sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> big question hanging out there for these next months. thank you.
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a shooting suspect, barricaded inside a hotel room just east of downtown las vegas on fremont. police couldn't talk the man into coming out. so the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene now. christy wilcox is there live. let's start with an update. is the guy still inside? >> reporter: we believe so. just moments ago, we heard the first flash bang. so this scene out here by fremont and bruce is still a very active situation. let me show you what's going on behinds. earlier this morning near 11th street and charleston, where one man shot at another man. police say there were no injuries during that confrontation but they received several phone calls at that time. police discovered the suspect was at the sterling hotel. now, police have completely evacuated the area. police say the suspect is still in the room. we talked to one man who says he was staying across the hall from
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us know. a lot of others were doing their job. they were like, you know, we're sorry about what's happening and pulling you out of your place or asking you to leave. we need your place in case bullets start flying in the line of fire. we don't want you to get hurt. i said it's okay. >> reporter: now, police tell us the victim in the earlier shooting is cooperating with them. right now, as you can see, fremont street is still blocked off. reporting live, >> all right. thank you. we'll stay in close touch with her as well. a 20-year-old who pleaded guilty to driving drunk and killing a moped rider is headed to prison for up to 20 years. antonio castelan joins us live from the county jail. quite a range, from five to 20 years. is the victim's family satisfied with that? >> reporter: jim, the victim's family had no reaction to the judge's sentence.
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could do. >> won't be able to see him again. >> reporter: matthew wiggins delivered a powerful impact state inside a clark county courtroom. in the sentencing phase for 20-year-old christian potter. potter pleaded guilty to killing dudley batchelor in a dui crash last april. >> the average person's life is about 80 years old. my uncle was 45. on behalf of my family, that time that my uncle will that he should get. >> reporter: police say on that day in april, potter hit dudley batchelor while he was riding a moped near lake mead and simmons. a witness saw potter pull into a nearby walmart. police were notified where potter was located. >> we don't know how to cope with it. >> reporter: a teary-eyed potter apologized. >> i would like everyone to know that i take full responsibility for my actions.
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family. >> reporter: again, potter could seek parole in five years. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you for that. now, as we've been saying the wait is just about over for local sports fans. >> if you like hockey, today is the day the team name and logo is unveiled. >> john treanor down at t-mobile arena. they have a captive crowd there. live tv covere. string this along for a while. >> reporter: they will. we heard from the nhl commissioner. this is kind of like a welcome home party, the same atmosphere when you win a championship. las vegas kind of did that. i wanted you to look right now. this is the parking garage of the new york new york. people up to the top floor, the 7th floor, the parking garage. there's no room for them to come down. there is also a long line
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to know the name of the team they are buying. in about a half an hour, bill foley, the owner, he's the won who brought the nhl here. he's about to speak. will we hear the name? the rumor is desert knights, goning knights, perhaps. we'll find out who we'll be rooting for. i take a look at we'll have this on news 3 as soon as it breaks the name. we'll bring that to you. what back to the stood -- back to the studio. >> bill foley wanted black knights. we'll have to see. we'll know here soon. while we're on the subject of sports teams, the city of oakland vowed it wouldn't let the raiders leave for las vegas without a fight. we have new developments that
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that pledge. there's word out of the bay area that the city and a group of investors have struck some sort of deal to build a new stadium up there and keep the raiders in oakland. our sister station in the bay area reports it involves former player ronnie lott and an investor group. now, you need to keep in mind the raiders' organization and mark davis, they are not part of these negotiations. oakland's mayor, libby schaaf, said they've done a lot of work to try to keep the t and environmental clearance, not just for the stadium but for the development. things like a hotel, retail. maybe even a new office park. these are things that could go on that land. they are already approved under the zoning guidelines. >> this is the kind of thing that local sports fans have been worried about. there's already a framework in las vegas to bring the raiders to town.
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the raiders and adelson are pitching in the re-- pitching in the rest. tom hawley is over owens and j street. there's police activity. >> reporter: yeah. we're not exactly sure what we're dealing with. but police have this stretch of owens cordoned off. this closed down. a little while earlier i noticed one officer was out in the street looking for a flash white light. -- flashlight. it doesn't look like the activity is in the shopping lots but in the street. this has been closed down for a week. no word on when owens will reopen. lake mead is probably the rest alternate route or use
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a camel whisperer right here in the nevada desert. >> i can read their minds. >> coming up, you will get to know this guy who can get inside their heads. he understands the cam's every move and grunt. a father and son team taking on black friday --
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technical difficulties can is the latest word we're getting from out in front of t-mobile arena, where the team owner, bill foley, on the left getting ready to announce the new name of the team. we're assuming they have a big presentation for the screen behind them. but they are vamping right now,
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>> news 3 is ready. a nevada animal trainer comes to our state with an unusual story. >> he grew up working with camels in north africa. now he works at a newly-opened attraction an hour east of las vegas that we told you about out near mesquite. in tonight's special report, cap, news 3's denise rosch explains his journey from one desert to >> reporter: it's late in the morning and the camels are calling. >> he's a beautiful guy. >> reporter: a certain train this trainer, sidi amar taoua, knows well. bringing breakfast is part of the job. understanding every animal's needs more of an instinct. >> different personalities. some of them are mellow. some of them like to be around
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very affectionate and love attention. >> reporter: last week camel safari celebrated its grand opening. a 176-acre compound where visitors can take a guided tour through the desert. chances are, visitors will meet sidi amar taoua. >> i'm a nomad. >> reporter: it's a life he was literally born into. >> i my tribe is called the tuareg. in the world. their lifestyle is about camels. >> reporter: he left north africa in 2002 to pursue his education in the united states. his people sometimes are referred to to as the blue men of the desert. after attending a camel conference in texas, he eventually met guy, the owner of this camel-friendly business.
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>> reporter: and that's where sidi amar taoua comes in. >> i can read their minds. sometimes you can read their minds. but sometimes up can't. if someone tell you that, that's not correct. we learn. >> reporter: and to teach others. on this day introducing guests to one-humped camel and a two-humped. >> like a prius. >> yeah. >> reporter: sidi amar taoua says while he loves nevada, he probably won't stay here forever. it's his dream to return to the sahara desert. >> it's very sustainable living. there's no stress. you don't need to work for anything. your life is in your hands.
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landscape and weather remind him of home. >> i love it. it's a fantastic place for cam else. >> reporter: once a year, he returns to africa, a place to recharge, he says, with family and friends and always the camels are calling. >> i have a daughter who is 14. my plan is to be around her when she grow up. it's good for me home, to become a nomad again. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. >> all right. here is the moment. vegas naming its hockey team. golden knights is the decision by team owner, bill foley. we told you that was on the short list. let's listen in. >> mr. bill foley! >> the maloof brothers, come on up. general manager.
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the commissioner. [ cheers ] >> thank you very much. there's merchandise to be purchased back here. there's president inside these doors. you can go in and see what you want to see. see if you want to upgrade your seats, have a great time. thank you for coming out. look at what's dropping from the sky. something is dropping from the sky. good night, everybody! mr. foley, final >> thanks, everybody. thanks for coming out. wonderful support. believe me, we won't screw up the first game like we viewed up the first video. thank you much, everybody. have a safe trip home. go inside and enjoy yourself and buy some merchandise. >> great job. >> there you have it. the first major league professional team to call las vegas home is called the las vegas golden knights. >> sounds good.
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las vegas golden knights. now the drive to buy the merchandise. hey, stocking stuffers for the holidays. >> that was part of the reason for all of the suspense. they want you to buy jerseys and hats and a lot of sports fans no doubt will be doing just that. >> as we continue to watch what's going on down there at tat -- at t-mobile arena, night. >> and people in summerlin where they are getting the practice facility it's rising fast. >> pretty exciting to get ready for the season. i guess we can cut them slack where the video didn't play and the production slowed down. they were so secretive about the whole thing. nothing secret about our weather. we've been on a roll weather-wise. cooler than the way we started the month. that's a pattern that's going to hold and we're going to decrease
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the holiday weekend. a few high clouds work their way across the valley sky late this afternoon. pretty calm at the lake. a little servicing of the boats. look how calm the water is. wind has been absent. that will change tomorrow. on the east side, eastern bonanza, 59 degrees. they are at 44%. buffalo and lake mead is coming in at 53 and 50%. down to the green valley parkway and 215, it's 57 and 38%. still elevated with the relative humidity valley-wide. but they are dropping quickly. 51 in highlands. it warms up. the east side, it's the big 6-0 at the base of sunrise mountain. pahrump, 52. boulder city, 57. at mccarran today, the top temperature reads 64 -- 66 -- i'm getting old. 66 degrees. 3 degrees above normal.
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number, we've had one exactly on the number. that's a streak that will probably come to a halt. air quality good. we can thank the weekend winds for that. more coming up. we're not expecting any changes in the air quality. your wednesday starts in the 40s. we'll find the 60s by lunchtime. i think we'll peak in the upper 60s before pulling back in the afternoon. one thing you will notice, the breeze does pick up. it will get steady around 10:00. there will be gusts around 25, 30 eec 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. pretty unusual to have a hurricane this late in the season, even though hurricane season goes until the end of november. there's otto. going to move itself across the nicaragua/costa rica border. there are different names in the atlantic and the pacific. if it comes out at a storm, it needs a name. it will go from otto to virgil.
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lakes. already getting good snow moving into the upper mississippi valley towards the u.p. of michigan, northern wisconsin. we have a couple of thin clouds. this front is going through. even though the precipitation will stay to the north, it will kick up the winds. first the southwest and then the northwest. and that will cool us down. that's system number one. it's a pretty active pattern as you look up off the coast there. 27 on the mountain tonight. 44 in mesquite. those will be your morning low temperatures. high t afternoon, pahrump, 63. boulder city at 67. laughlin, the lake and death valley, skying toward the 70s. for the las vegas valley a few clouds tonight. 48 degrees will be the low temperature. the rebound for the afternoon tomorrow, 68 degrees. but that breeze does start jumping in the afternoon. about 3:00, 4:00, once the front goes through, it will shift which means we'll be cooler on thanksgiving. some breezes in thanksgiving will be in the morning. they will dry down in the
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weekend, we're looking for the temperatures to stay in the low 60s through saturday. the next system, we're increasing confidence that it could be a little bit. right now we have the 20% of showers on sunday. that may increase and sunday and monday could be breezy. that's how you will conclude your weekend. if you are leaving las vegas sunday afternoon, that might, might, emphasize on might, cause some issues over there at mccarran. >> yeah. >> you get the 20, 30 slow down. >> look at your flight status early. >> either way, we're golden. >> we are. we are the golden knights. >> thank you. >> i hope they bring back shirts. well, they are the best of the best in their fields. >> winners of the presidential
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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welcome back. black friday has turned into a week-long affair for a local father and son. >> yeah. they've been camping out in the best buy in summerlin since saturday. nick and his dad set up a didn't nearly a week ago to get their hands on a deal for an hd tv. they are offering a 49-inch tv for $249. camping out is a tradition for them and it means more to them than just getting the big deals. >> any time a father and son can accumulate any beautiful time together, that's what it's all about. >> well, they don't have to wait until friday to get the best deals. best buy begins their black friday deals at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. >> he says we're not the crazy
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on the deals. the longer version of that story on it's one of the most popular minivans on the road today. >> we'll tell you about the recall for the toyota sienna. and new developments in the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga including what the
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