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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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knighted. we're live with our hockey team's highly-anticipated name and reaction from fans. it could have been my kids. these are some babies that were trying to get home and -- i couldn't imagine dropping my kids off and not seeing them still reeling after the loss in a school bus crash. >> three were in the fourth grade. one was in first grade. another was just starting school in kindergarten. the driver facing charges for the deaths. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. dozens more children tonight are fighting for their lives in several tennessee hospitals. here's more. >> reporter: more than 18 hours after this bus crash took the
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people stopped to watch as the wreckage was pulled away from the scene. >> of those deaths, three were in the fourth grade, one was in kindergarten. one was in first grade. >> reporter: the mangled metal is in the hands of the ntsb. >> thanksgiving is not at the top of my list. christmas, no. i can't think about anything right now. >> reporter: 35 students were on board monday when theus tree. >> we have 12 pediatric patients in our hospital. six are in critical condition. six are in stable condition. >> reporter: if i say the driver, johnthony walker, was going well over the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit before losing control of the bus. now, he's facing five counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. >> they will always be with us throughout our lives.
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never forget. >> reporter: the school's superintendent kept classes as scheduled to provide counselors for those who need it. >> pray for the community. pray for the families that lost their children. >> reporter: while police handle the criminal side of the investigation, the ntsb will evaluate bus safety and how to protect kids moving forward of it's an investigation that could take up to a year. for now, though, the focus is on the children and helping their families and the community get through this u >> in the wake of this crash, we want to know what you think about school bus safety. with our question of the day. do you think all school buses should have seat belts for children? head to to weigh in. click on the gray link on the right side of the home page. now an update to breaking news we brought you at:00. a barricade situation in a downtown hotel is now in its fourth hour. this all started around 3:00 at the sterling gardens hotel near bruce and fremont.
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wilcox who has been following the story. you heard flash bangs? >> reporter: we heard the flash bang around 6:00. but you can hear the police out here repeatedly by bullhorning is asking this man to leave the room here at the sterling garden hotel. according to police, it started earlier this morning near 11th street and charleston when one man shot at another man. confrontation. but after they received several cars, police discovered the suspect was right here at the sterling hotel. police are trying to confirm if the suspect was, in fact, staying there. as of now, he's still barricaded himself inside his hotel room. police have completely evacuated the hotel and surrounding area. many people out here are still waiting to get back in the hairia. we talked to one man who said he was staying across the hall from
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>> there was actually something going on that was really serious. when we opened up the doors, they had their guns and rifles drawn. i was like wow. they were ready to -- something major was going on. we left right away for our safety. >> reporter: still a very active scene out here on fremont. it's all shut off between bruce and 1st street. you might wouldn't stay away from the area. police tell us the victim from th cooperating with police. reporting live i'm christy wilcox, news 3. back to you. >> thank you. well, the day is finally here when we learned the name of our city's pro hockey team. john treanor is live at t-mobile arena. a lot of people excited. thousands of people were behind you. tell us about everything that took place. >> reporter: yeah, it was almost like they won the stanley cup. but here at the t-mobile arena,
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can you imagine that on game day? that's our team name, the team logo. that's the identity here in las vegas and you heard it, the moment, the downtown, let's play it for you right now. >> 3, 2, 1. >> and there you go! the vegas golden knights! [ cheers >> all right. we're having a hard time hearing john right there. but that was the announcement that so many people were so excited to hear. john, we'll let you go. but there you go. that was the big announcement. the countdown, golden knights. so many people excited and now they can buy the merchandise. >> i bet it will fly off the shelves. a lot of people were excited to watch that moment when it was coming down. a lot of people were speculating what the name was going to be.
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nobody said oakland would let the raiders go without a fight. >> jeff gillan has that story. >> reporter: good evening, everybody, from the studioses of espn las vegas. i came here to figure out the latest installment of as the stadium turns. here is the headline -- the mayor said she's reached a raiders in oakland. the mayor said public money would be kept to a men mum. >> i've always been very clear that we don't think it's appropriate to repeat the mistakes of the past, to put the general fund at risk or to put direct money into stadium construction. >> on espn radio -- >> reporter: at espn radio las vegas, mitch moss is not impressed. >> i think you can put that out
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it sounds karachi. we got something here. >> reporter: what we got here is a commitment from nevada to pony up $750 million in public money. the raiders and? sheldon adelson would pitch in the remaining. the commissioner sat on the committee that hammer out the deal with the raiders. >> they are sincere. they couldn't be more sincere. >> reporter: spear heag latest push, investors, not the team. >> mark davis is probably up in oakland thinking to himself. las vegas passed. they are going to give us $750 million in public money. let's make that happen. why is oakland even an option? that's probably what he's thinking. >> reporter: the mayor is thinking -- >> the raiders belong in oakland. this is where they were boesch and raised. they are part of our identify tie. >> reporter: one that a new city wants to inherit.
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a new push to identify a girl. her name is jane doe for now. she's somebody's daughter. newly released images could be the answers to figuring out who she is. her body was found near white hills, arizona. investigators think she had been there for a week or two. for now she's only identified as an african-american or biracial girl, 13 she was 5'7", no tattoos, no scars. this man is with the sheriff's office. >> was she murdered? >> we know there was some kind of foul play involved. we're treating this as a homicide. it did appear that she had been placed there by someone. she didn't get there on her own. >> with little else known, her family may be searching for her but who she was remains a
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renderings here and the best that scientists can do. if you have he in information that might help detectives, we have a phone number on our website, an update to the ongoing lawsuit against the clark county school district. today, both sides wrapped up their arguments in the case accusing the district of not doing enough to stop bullying. news 3's sergio avila was in court for the last of those proceedings. >> i failed my son because i trusted the school district. that's why. >> reporter: the last day of teston as motional as it has been throughout the proceeding. this woman accused the clark county school district of endangering her son by not doing somebody to stop the bullying. she and another mother sued the school district claiming ccsd failed to act on bullying accusations.
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verbally and physically attacked by bullies while in 6th grade. >> there would be a lot of people that would be victims on this of the news and think that we're doing this because our kids got their feelings hurt. these are heinous acts that were done to these children. >> ccsd attorney dan paulsenburg said the plaintiffs have to prove the district intentionally violated the families' constitutional rights. he doesn't think they did. >> it's not just a question of could we have done more, we not deliberately violate their constitutional rights. >> reporter: for the plaintiffs' families they say bringing the lawsuit was helping their children. >> it was about what options we had because the school district wasn't offering any help. it wasn't about money. >> reporter: as far as the resolution in the case, it may
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as far as those two young boys, they were removed from the junior high school and placed into private school. sergio avila, news 3. >> a lot of people keeping up with that. well, the running of the bulls ended months ago. one animal didn't get the memo. >> where this bull ended police on a five-mile chase. and just a few days left until the biggest sale of the year. hear from the first man in line black friday deals. and temperatures tomorrow will be nice. slightly warmer. it will be calm. we're tracking the storm moving into the coast. i will let you know if we'll see
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nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple call it a series of bad choices. it started with a map leaving an orlando club after security said he was too drunk to drive. what happened next was all caught on surveillance video. let's go to the video now. you can see 28-year-old william
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right outside of the club. he started to drive away but the door was ajar. he falls out. he's out on the road. the truck keeps driving. it ran his leg over and hit the house across the street. that didn't stop the man from running away from the scene. he was arrested days later. drivers put up with fair share of bull on the roads but in philadelphia, there was a twist. this bull made a mad dash for freedom along the interstate leading police on a five-mile the cops cornered it. so a pennsylvania wildlife official had to put that animal down because of fear for public safety. from bulls to turkey, just in time for thanksgiving, president obama will carry out a time-honored tradition tomorrow while millions of u.s. citizens will eat turkey on thanksgiving. these two are lucky. they will not end up on anybody's table. this year's turkeys are named tater and tot.
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and will be at the white house tomorrow for the annual pardoning that began 69 years ago. they will go to a refuge and live out their life eating corn. >> good-looking birds. the countdown is underway. it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year. >> yeah, you like this, right? >> i love it. >> well, faith jessie find out the campout for the deals is already underway. >> reporter: the official start of black friday is just days away and in summerlin. the tent in front of me has been out here since saturday. the two guys inside of the tent are excited for these deals. this is not their first time at the black friday rodeo. >> i got my blankets and a little ma tess foam pad. >> reporter: nicholas and his dad set up camp in hopes of getting a shot at the big deals. >> tvs. can't about wrong. it's awesome.
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father son -- father-and-son bonding experience. >> it's crazy we're the only ones out here. >> it's insane. >> cyber monday. i'm not all about the lines. >> reporter: stores like walmart are offering cyber monday deals online. it's a popular trend one expert says is breaking the rules of the tradition. >> online shopping is increasing year after year especially during the holidays. mobile shopping, they are expecting that to double this ye. still popular with many in-person shoppers looking to get deals to put under the tree. >> a new phone. >> reporter: and for this father and son, it's more than getting a deal. >> any time a father and son can accumulate any beautiful time together, that's what it's all about. >> reporter: nearly 320,000 tourists are expected to come in vague -- in las vegas for the holiday. a lot of those people might
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thanksgiving day when the deals open up at 5:00 p.m. i'm faith jessie reporting from best buy for news 3. >> you can bet there will be a long line. thankfully, they won't be freezing in those lines. it will be a little chilly but at least they don't have to deal with 30, 40-degree weather. >> i would still bundle up. for our temperatures, it will feel cold for us. not as bad as other parts of the country. but still, bring a jacket if you are going to b we'll see slightly warmer weather in the forecast. things will cool cool down quite a bit. this afternoon, we topped out at 66 degrees. slightly above normal for this time of year and a quick look at the highs across the valley. you can see low 60s for the summerlin area. mid-60s for centennial. 61 for blue diamond. as we move over to the far east side of town, temperatures flirting with the 70s this
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of 50s and 60s outside. light winds across the area. it will be a different picture tomorrow. 48 degrees outside in pahrump. 57 for lake mead. 48 for indian springs. here's what we're looking at on the satellite. like i said, slightly warmer temperatures are expected tomorrow. we're tracking this trough of low pressure. you can already see bringing in abundant amount of moisture across the west coast as we get with some heavy rain all across the area reaching down past portland into portions of this northern california. here is a look at some of the time lapses we have for the puget sound area. starting off with cloudy skies and then some of the rain continuing this afternoon and into the evening. for us, it's a completely different story with a lot of sunshine all across the area. some people enjoying the water
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valley. a few light streaming clouds across the area. but other than that, not too much change with our weather pattern. so far fairly nice outside. but this system will continue moving inland and that's going to bring us windy weather tomorrow afternoon. after that, cooler temperatures will settle in. we have your forecast coming up. overnight tonight will be kind of like last night, lows dropping down in the 40s. clear skiesll just after midnight. nothing too severe quite yet. 27 degrees at mount charleston. we're looking at upper 30s for pahrump. 43 for overton and 37 for indian springs. highs tomorrow will be warmer. we've got 70s on tap for lake mead. upper 60s for boulder city. overton, low 60s for pahrump and 62 for indian springs. when you are granning breakfast, breakfast -- grabbing
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jacket. by the time you grab lunch, you might be wearing a light sweater. that's what i would suggest. temperatures, 68. much warmer compared to today a couple of degrees warmer. winds picking up in the afternoon. up to 30 miles an hour. and that trend is going to ston ston -- stop after tomorrow. cooler temperatures settling in. still a happy turkey. even though the numbers are going down on thanksgiving day. gives you a little bit of an excuse to maybe eat a little if you are going to be out and about, temperatures dropping in the 40s overnight. but plans for the day, you are in the clear when it comes to the thanksgiving holiday. it will just be a little bit -- a little drop in temperatures, but not too bad. >> i think they will be okay. they will be rushed with adrenaline to try to get the deals. >> especially if they are running. >> i've seen some of those people. >> thank you. if you are heading out of town for the holidays, make sure
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handle the job.
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a good suitcase is a must. >> the options are endless and the price point is all over the place. kim wagner breaks down shopping tips. >> reporter: here is a question -- what's important to
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luggage? >> durability and light-weight. >> affordability and durability. >> and the color because i like it to be bryant. >> reporter: experts at consumer reports say considering several key factors can put you ahead of the pact when shopping. >> material is the first decision to make. you have two choices, hard side or soft. >> reporter: nothing beats hard-shell suitcases to keep fragile items safe. aluminum weighs a more but it's probably the most durable. newer plastics can be rigid and light weight and soft-sided bags are lighter and can press more easy to fit into the overhead bin. one way to gauge durability, give the handle a good shake. >> you want to make sure the handle feels solid. it doesn't jiggle around. and you want to mick sure it telescopes flush into the case
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overhead. >> reporter: next deal with the wheels. four wheel spinner bags are easier on your back and they let you maneuver through crowds regardless of what else you are carrying. dragging a two-wheeler can be a little awkward and hard to navigate through those tight places. >> but two-wheel bags have an advantage in clearing curbs and being easy to pull over uneven surface like cobblestone streets in europe. >> reporter: and consider color. it's helpful to find your bag in a sea consumer reports says not to rely on size claims on the label. instead, they suggest that you actually take a tape measure to the store to verify the dimensions yourself, making sure to include the wheels, the outer pouches and nep hand -- any handles that stick out. the mannequin challenge, today's version may just top all others. this one happened at the white
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people. they had a lot of fun before receiving their presidential medals of freedom. >> in this rendition of the online video craze, you can see ellen degeneres, tom hanks, michael jordan and others. pretty cool.
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kanye's breakdown. the kardashians' new crisis tonight. >> i'm going to run. >> kanye west still hospitalized here on a reported psyche hold what his friends and family are
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prince harry put in the hot seat over his new hollywood girlfriend. what we just learned about a possible honeymoon destination as we sit down with meghan's sister. >> i am so proud -- >> what you never knew about the woman who could become the next princess. >> plus the jennifer aniston's most annoying "friends" moment revealed. what she just confessed on live tv. >> i don't mean to say that. >> and tv's most adorable couple ii back. we're with chip and joanna gaines giving "e.t." a sneak upper." >> oh, what? >> i thought it would be a dead animal. >> now for november 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" kanye west reportedly cuffed to a gurney and rushed to a hospital after suffering a breakdown. kevin frazier is in new york and that is where his wife kim was when the news broke. kev? >> kim was getting ready to attend a major event here, but everything changed the minute


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