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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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they had their guns and rifles drawn. >> dana: standoff ends. freemont shut down after swat arrives. but the suspect still not in custody. we'll tell you why in a live report. >> three, two, one. >> kim: the big reveal, we finally know the team name for our hockey league and what all of your neighbors are saying this morning. >> dana: welcome in. it is 6:00 on this wednesday the day before thanksgiving that. is going to be a busy place. >> kim: live pictures of the airport. the officials are predicting during the 7 days where they
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airport and hundreds of thousands of people will be driving to and from southern las vegas. we are the most popular destination for this holiday week. we're the wagners kim and dana here. you can see people are already on the move. another live pictures. this takes us back east to the roadway that leads you to laguardia airport. they have a lot of problems in up state nw severe weather and trouble at o'hare. we have you covered on all aspects of travel this morning. >> dana: lot of you driving to san diego, southern california, even into arizona this weekend. jeff has flashing lights behind him early on this wednesday. tom, you are up in sky 3 to kick us off in terms of travel the
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inbound i15 with an accident at lake mead boulevard. was blocking two lanes, now it's only blocking one lane. that's enough to cause a backup. that is your trouble spot with an accident on the inside that happened about a half hour ago. still causing problems from the northeast. let's go to team traffic and jeff. >> jeff: that accident not the only one we're seeing on this went. we have one approaching jones. for travel times on this thanksgiving eve 15 southbound slow 10 minutes from craig to the bowl that. could get worse if they don't get that accident cleaned up quickly. a clear commute for the rest of the freeways. >> kelly: fur planning on driving today heading to your holiday destination, it's looking good. a lot of sunshine this morning.
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working in. winds will be increasing. we're going to talk more about that in 10 minutes. >> dana: just hours ago a house fire on the east side of the valley near sand hill and flamingo. the homeowner not hurt but unfortunately the family dog killed in this house fire. they are still trying to figure out what caused it. >> kim: we are your travel authority this morning. we have a team of people in your destination safely. we are tracking the airports locally and beyond. it is one of those things where you are going to have plenty of company no matter where you are traveling. >> dana: michelle is along interstate 15. that is going to be very busy. diane is going to report live from reagan national in our
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>> >> it is dark and early here outside of washington, d.c. if you take a look behind me we are already having travelers trickle in. these are the smart people because it's only going to get busier as the day goes on. >> it's that time again america, traffic, trains, t.s.a. and turkey too. aaa predicts 2016 thereby busiest thanksgiving travel week in nine years with 46.8 million people getting out of town for turkey day. while the road trippers wie than last year gas prices are shaping up to be the second lowest since 2008. flying will not likely be cheap they are time around. aaa projects that fares will be 20% higher than 2015, that
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history. >> with 3.5 million americans flying the head of the transportation administration says you shouldn't see extra long security lines from last spring. >> we brought on just shy of 1400 new security office they are summer. we converted 2,000 from part time to full time. added another 50 or 60 canine which is allow us to rapidly move people through the line. traveler this is year. >> no matter what there are going to be a lot of people at the airports, on the roads anywhere you go. the busiest time between mid-morning and late afternoon. pack patience. just make sure you are prepared for delays. they are going to happen. be careful on the roadways and get to grandma's house in one piece. >> kim: kill them with kindness this holiday travel day. thank you for that.
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by. >> michelle: good morning. so far we've been watching the roadways here. we are standing near the i15 and you can see traffic is flowing smoothly. however we expect the heaviest traffic to hit the roadways this afternoon. if you plan on heading towards california we recommend you leave now while traffic is good. this is going to be a busier thanksgiving weekend than usual. we expect more people to descend on las vegas according to ndot. about 318,000 people are expected to visit the las vegas valley over the next five days and 60% of those people are expected to drive here. it's going to be busy on the roadways and not just the areas going in and out of the city.
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neon at the bowl. for those of us staying in town, it's going to be busier on local roadways. pack your patience. we've done that because of project neon. expect a few more delays and everything is looking good. we're going to stay out here and watch traffic and visit a local gas station not far away where i saw people fueling up for their trip. we're going to talk to people about how they are feeling on this thanksgivng an expert with or bits in our 4:30 half hour. we'll post that. you don't want to be on the roads between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. thank you. we're just getting started on this. we have live pictures coming in from the airport in our own backyard.
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in 25 minutes we're going to check in with her to see how things are running at our local airport, 1.2 million travelers expected to pass through our airport during this business si week of holiday travel. continued team coverage headed your way. >> dana: police looking for a murderer who gunned down a man in the middle of the street in our valley. a dark colored sedan sped off heading west toward nellis after the shooting. they could use your help. hopefully you were a witness to this shooting. the victim pronounced dead on the street on the east side of the valley. if have you any information that can help police, please call crime stoppers. >> kim: developing as we speak an unusual shooting that led to an hours long standoff inside of a hotel in downtown las vegas and ended quite unexpectly.
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because not a single person in custody. >> reporter: not a single person under arrest or in custody that is correct. this was a downtown standoff that lasted several hours and when it was all said and done it appears as though the suspect did manage to slip away. this all started with a report of a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon in the area of 11th street and charleston. this is on freemont but not the busy part o one man shot at another man was the report. that missed. detectives thought the suspect was at the sterling gardens hotel on freemont. here is what one stunned visitor had to say who is in town for comic-con. >> we thought something was going on serious because when we opened up our doors they had
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>> everything back to normal because the swat team didn't find anybody last night. we don't know what may have provoked this shooting. nobody was injured, nobody under arrest. that's the story for now. >> dana: weird one for sure. you'd think police had that thing surrounded but he was able to slip through their fingers. last night at the t-mobile an estimated 5,000 people came out to see a name and logo. >> three, two, one, and there you go. the vegas golden knights. >> dana: they dropped the las. it's not the las vegas golden knights. it's the vegas golden knights.
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anytime. they sold items last night associated with the logo and quickly sold out. we hear they have more to sell today. if you want to buy a vegas golden knights t shirt or sweater you can head down to the t-mobile arena today. >> kim: breaking news to share that is president i our nation's capitol. there is the white house there. just a gorgeous live picture this morning. it has been confirmed that nikki haley has been picked as the united states ambassador to the united nations. the first woman placed in a cabinet position under president elect donald trump. his team has not only confirmed this news she was offered the job but it's confirmed she has
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a lot of people say the irony is thick because she was critical of trump during the campaign process endorsing a couple of his rivals. she started with marco rubio and then ted cruz. the two term governor out of south carolina, the first woman to hold that position in south carolina and now the first woman picked as a cabinet member for president elect donald trump. speaking of presidents, the current comer of freedom just hours ago. and talk about too tall jones or too tall kareem, that is one of the moments we have headed your way. >> dana: and the skim. if you haven't lived here for long you may not be familiar with that term. 30 years ago if you lived here you would have been. it involved the mob and the skim was illegal big time.
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>> kim: this it was scene in tennessee. we're talking about the five
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awful bus crash accident this week. as they continue to investigate the driver and his poor track record "the today show" goes in depth concerning why safety belts are not installed on buses across our great nation that. continue this is morning on today. >> dana: police have arrested a person of interest in the shooting of a police officer in the state of michigan. officers say this man was riding a mountain bike when he was police say that man shot officer rose in the head. he is currently fighting for his life. a canine officer 29 years of age hired in march five years ago. >> kim: it is the last time he'll do so while president of the united states. handing out the medals of freedom.
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abdul-jabbar. he had to take a dip to make sure the president could get that medal around his neck. coming up later you're going to see ellen get emotional and also a picture that was taken before she got inside the white house. that is still to come. >> dana: the runnin rebels taking on northern arizona. rebels scored 100 points for the first time in the marvin era. if have you the 3 on your jersey you are probably good from beyond the arc. rebels blow them out. taking on t.c.u. friday night. >> kim: the biggest runnin rebels fan we know is up in the
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day. >> tom: that game was fun last night watching the rebels blow them out. we have a problem here with a right blocking lanes and on the left on the shoulder went up on the sidewalk. you got the police talking to the drivers. not a major traffic tieup. accident here at lake mead boulevard on the left side of the road. a lane is blocked. let's continue with jeff. >> jerry: once you get past that didn't on 15 southbound you are looking at a decent commute. running a little bit slow. fur heading to mccarron you shouldn't have too much in the way of delays in the next half hour. that route is 7 minutes between the bowl and top can n. 95
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we have a waze user telling us about a disabled vehicle. you can join the team, download it from the app store and give us updates on your commute. >> kelly: it's beautiful to get things started. take a look at this shot. high thin clouds making for a spectacular sunrise. temperatures on the cool key today. it is going to warm up quite a bit in the afternoon. here is a look at what we're seeing locally. if you are heading down into arizona looking good. southern california as well. we have snow showers in the sierras and up in seattle, northern california seeing rain and mountain snow there. a big storm system in the great lakes area right now.
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parts of louisiana and arkansas this morning as well. that storm will continue to track eastward. travel locally not a problem. mainly sunny skies. 67 will be our high. the wind will increase to 25 tonight. the low around 43. thanksgiving day will be cooler. 62 is our expected high. tons of sunshine for us. we're looking at another storm system onhe weekend. >> tom: if you've ever seen movie casino you were treated to an accurate representation of the mob. we're looking not at the characters but what happened to the mid level mobsters that made
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property. let's go back 30 years to to the november of 1986 and a report from news 3. >> on friday these former star dust hotel executives were convicted offals fewing tax returns by not reporting the millions of dollars they pocketed from the casino. >> casino managers had been filling out false fill slips and sending the difference to their midwest bosses. >> these rob figures linked with the star dust skimming operation. they refused to testify in this case. >> they elected to go to prison ratherrer than to testify. they did in fact go to prison. >> federal prosecutor went into private practice and retired just last year. >> prosecutors say they've spent more than 12 hours a day working on what has turned out to be a
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>> you have now a 10-year record or so in prosecuting skimming cases. there has been in the past quite a bit of skimming going on. >> many owners later is now planet hollywood. >> you had it at the mob. >> they are seen here a few years earlier opening the sundance which is now the d. >> they had to sell the hotel when the skimming charges surfaced. it's owned by the same owner of sames town. >> tom: we are passing above the former site of the star dust
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>> dana: nice job, tom, thank you for that. live pictures of interstate 5 close to portland expecting rough weather in seattle for today. you might have delays flying in and out of there. >> kim: still to come this morning gigi how is she responding to all the haters on so night? going after our incoming first
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>> tom: this accident we had on lake mead on this is no longer a factor. good news on i15 southbound and lake mead as we do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> kelly: it is chilly. 30's in some locations including pahrump. boulder city you are 48. this average will be warmer. lay 76ers key. a front making its way through
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changes. >> kim: we have a top 10 on the
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>> dana: airports and roadways expected to get crowded today as people head to their thanksgiving destinations. we have live team coverage and travel times and a live report from the airport in minutes. >> kim: suspect search. it continue this is morning. local police still looking for a person who slipped through their fingers as they were in the middle of a standoff. we'll take you to the scene ahead. >> dana: responding to criticism. gigi did her best melania trump impression and now she's taking heat for it. what she's doing in response coming up. >> dana: well come in on this
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>> kim: we're the wagners coming to you live from the ksnv studios. kim and dana on this business si wednesday morning. >> dana: almost 50 million americans will be on the move today through the weekend. tom is up in sky 3 this morning letting us know if we have any issues early on this wednesday. >> tom: we've got an issue on charleston. just a little bit to the west of the 95 and one on the right. looks like they got a hard impact here with one of them up on the sidewalk as well. this is just to the west of 95. going to take a while to clear this up. we're concerned about the freeways with all the extra traffic coming in from california today. >> jeff: the only freeway issue we saw was 15 southbound at lake mead. that has been cleared.
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times one slow spot 15 southbound and the bowl. that is an eight minute commute. the other freeways are clear and looking good coming in and out of california. let's see what is going on outside with kelly. >> kelly: still a little bit chilly out there. it's going to warm up nicely this afternoon. our high 67. a front will knock those temperre we'll talk about your thanksgiving day forecast in a few minutes. >> kim: team coverage of your travel continue this is morning. we go to the airport. i was reading on this getting prepared for this morning's live report and the experts predict 1.2 million people will be traveling through our local airport in a 7 day period.
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monday. patience is key. you are advised to pack patience if you are going to be coming down here to the airport. the ninth busiest in the country. it is pretty calm down at baggage claim. if you look at t.s.a. those lines are starting to pile up and get longer throughout the day. this week through monday 1.2 million travelers will pass through last year. las vegas is one of the top destinations for thanksgiving weekend. whether you plan on heading to vegas or grandma's house, have a happy thanksgiving. travel safely and give yourself two hours before the flight to give yourself enough time to make sure you get through the
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that's the latest from mccarron international airport. >> kim: just curious because of the people watching right now before they head out the door, let's focus on parking for a moment. have you heard anything about the garages, specifically the economy lot will set you back $10, long term will set you back $16 a day. they are not full yet are they? >> no, they are not full yet. we know that typically the long term lots fill up if you are going to be parking and heading out of town, give yourself time to do that to make sure you are able to get in and get a spot. if you are going to be picking up someone there is a cell phone lot where you can park for free and wait to get that cell phone call to go pick them up at passier pickup. when it comes to the long term lot pay attention and get here
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team travel continues. michelle is out live at that location and we're going to catch up with her concerning road travel in about 15 minutes from now. >> dana: a developing story. an unusual shooting leads to an hours long standoff at a downtown hotel and ends unexpectlily. it happened yesterday. one thankfully he missed. detectives thought the trigger man was at the sterling gardens. they called in swat and surrounded the place. 10 hours later they decide to go in. they discover he wasn't there. maybe he wasn't there all along. if you have information on where this man might be this morning call crime stoppers. >> kim: las vegas is welcoming the golden knights.
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arena where the national hockey league team will be playing. the commissioner said he has never seen a turnout like he saw hours ago for a team announcement. >> i have never seen a turnout like this to name a franchise. we are at home in las vegas. >> kim: there is all the pomp and circumstance. they estimated 5,000 people were there at the that announcement last night. the team owner and nhl commissioner both on hand not only announcing the team name but showing thus, the new logo. fans are thrilled they have a hometown team. the golden ninths will first drop the puck next season at the t-mobile arena. >> dana: i like the logo. we want to see your pictures as you get ready for thanksgiving.
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the turkey prep begins with garlic herb butter rubdown and blanket of fresh sage, rose mary mar and thyme. >> kim: we have live pictures on your screen of interstate 75 in miami. people on the move throughout ou aaa is estimating 50 million americans take to the roads or skies. our live team coverage continues. we have to check in with michelle concerning the best and worst time to hit the roads locally. that is coming up in a matter of minutes. still to come the dow hit a historic high in our great nation. if you have a 401k you're going to love the news we have headed
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>> tom: downtown typically you don't get a lot of traffic before 7:00 a.m. and these two
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other. everything went sideways here at 4th street. this is one way northbound only. a little accident there but obviously not much traffic. >> kelly: outside right now a lot of sunshine. chilly temperatures to get things going. 42 is what we're seeing right now. as we head into the afternoon temperatures warming up today. thanksgiving day it's going to be cooler. we're >> dana: live pictures out of miami this morning. heading home down to the final 10 on "the voice." we're going to tell you who is
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>> kim: developing as we speak an unusual shooting that led to an hours long standoff inside of a hotel in downtown las vegas ended quite unete in custody. let's take you to the scene where craig is standing by. did this guy really slip through the fingertips of local authorities? >> reporter: that is the way it looks right now. there was a shooting that happened near the sterling gardens motel here on freemont. this is a nice motel where people were staying. there were people here when there was a shooting reported yesterday afternoon.
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didn't end until 10:30 last night. they thought the person who fired a shot at another person for a reason unknown informs that hotel in one of the rooms. after swat surrounded the place nobody was there so the swat barricade situation called off without anybody under arrest. no reason why the shooting happened in the first place so for right now nobody under arrest and not exactly case closed but something kind of like >> dana: a place you may not want to be this afternoon interstate 15 heading in and out of las vegas. michelle standing by along the busiest stretch of roadway in our state and that is expected to get very busy later on this afternoon. >> michelle: around 2:00 you can expect traffic to pick up. right now the i15 looks pretty
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it should pick up this afternoon and we expect around 318,000 people to come to the las vegas valley during this five day holiday weekend which begins today and according to ndot about 60% of those people are going to be coming by way of car. so roadways are going to be busy not only in and out of the city but also within the city. remember we're also in the middle of project neon at the bowl. for those of us who live here expect more congestion on the roadway and make sure you are safe when you are driving. we're going to watch traffic and see nitpick up. not expected to do so until around 2:00 today. >> kim: i'll let people know in our 4:30 half hour we interviewed a travel expert where we were specific about local travel whether on the roads or in the air.
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live to west palm where donald trump is wake up this morning to celebrate with family. we are hearing reports about his first sitdown interview with "the new york times" ed to recall board. >> these are inspiring meetings for him because not everyone will end up in the government and most of them are not seeking that. >> let's talk it out live edward. >> kelly: nikki haley tapped for a cabinet position within the trump administration. the first woman to accept the position. she's going to be ambassador to the u. n. >> exactly. i thought we were going to talk about the golden knights. nikki haley accepted that position about two hours ago.
6:48 am
initial 30 minutes ago. she's going to remain governor until south carolina until the senate confirms her to the ambassadorship of the united nations. donald trump said he picked governor haley because she had a unique ability to bring people together. you mentioned the first woman that he has put into his cabinet or transition team there. this is also the first minority he's putting in. her roots trace back to ia. with her family there. a lot of folks are encouraged by this news. i want to read a statement just released by governor haley. when the president believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of the nation and nations standing in the world that's a calling that is important to heed. that's the reason she decided to accept this job and lead the lee
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carolina. >> chris: i'm hearing his son-in-law, hiss grandparents holocaust survivors possibly he's looking to his son-in-law to be a special advice son or the middle east. are you hearing that in d.c.? >> i don't know about the middle east but he's looking to be an advisor. they have inquired about getting security clearance for jarred kushner. there is an issue with family government positions. but the president is allowed to hire somebody as an outside counsel. dr. ben carson wanted to be that position be an outside counsel looking n. dr. carson has been asked to be the secretary of housing and urban development. he's going to mull that decision over through the thanksgiving holiday. he wanted to be the that outside advisor nongovernment employee
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is looking at being a nongovernment employee advising the president. >> kim: thanks so much. happy thanksgiving and i'm sure you will see a golden knights game when you are in town next time. >> dana: happening today the president is going to spare a turkey's life. these are the turkeys we're talking about tater and tot both coming from the state of iowa. the inspiration for this may go
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>> kim: if you have a 401k you'll love the news we're sharing. the dow jones hit an all time high yesterday. we're taking a live look at the big board. the historic milestone yesterday was reached shortly after the markets opened like right now. the dow up 4% since trump defeated clinton. and the market fell for nine straight days leading up to the prices along with strong quarterly earnings for why we are doing so well these days. in early trading right before the holiday we know there will not be any trading tomorrow. we're unable to show that to you. stick with news 3 for continued coverage on how the markets are
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the host himself. >> this is one of our new breeds that we'll be introducing. if you mated a cawall la bear with a piece of carpeting this is what you end up with. charlie is a black lab and that is the most registered dog. he's best inw perform at the win hotel here in las vegas back in the day. we know him from his seinfeld days. you can catch that full interview plus the dog show in its total coolness. it's going to be coming up on today the interview. but the national dog show airs here on channel 3. >> dana: time to do traffic and weather together. tom up in sky 3.
6:53 am
>> tom: just to the west of u.s. 95 or the 515. got a guy sitting on the curb here not happy about the situation. and the car being loaded up on to the truck. that is in the westbound lanes. on the other side of the street have you this car where city public works will have to come up with a new sign for june street. watch out for that one on charleston. not that bad on the freeways. >> jeff: we have an eastbound this. is approaching rainbow. airport connector both directions in the green. no delays but the traffic in that area is going to be picking up later this afternoon most likely. 215 eastbound is looking good over the next hour.
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the door grab the sunglasses and coat. chilly temperatures with lows in the 40's this morning. a lot of blue sky out there. here are the current temperatures. paradise 47. lakes 46. we're starting to warm up a little bit out there. across the southwest it's looking good. southern california for our area it's all dry. and up through seattle, northern california looking at a winter storm system blowing through there. we'll see increased wind tonight and that's about it. louisiana seeing thunderstorm this is morning. for us dry ahead of this storm. boulder city 67 your high temperature.
6:55 am
and in las vegas we're looking at a high today of 67. a little warmer. breezy overnight and cooler tomorrow and friday. 62 and breezy conditions. another storm system this weekend. >> dana: time for the water cooler. top 11 on "the voice" down to the top 10 hours ago. darby walker and aaron gibbson in the bottom two to sing for the twitter in the end aaron gibbson saved for the second week in a row. darby walker heading home. the top 10 will perform live on monday here on channel 3 starting at 8:00. 21 famous people receiving the
6:56 am
getting a lot of attention. >> again and again ellen degeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, open loving place so long as we just keep swimming. >> dana: just keep swimming. she played the voice of dory in finding nemo and a video of her getting emotional as she accepted the medal twitter and facebook. she almost didn't make it to the ceremony at all posting this on a bench outside the white house because she forgot her i. d. she had trouble getting in. took her about an hour to get inside the white house. gigi hosting the american music awards over the weekend. her impersonation of melania trump has gone viral but now she's apologizing for this saying that i apologize to anyone i offended and have only
6:57 am
into the thanksgiving holiday with an apology. tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. here on channel 3 the 70th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. and also local news continues with our buddies on the cw. >> krystal: happy early thanksgiving. >> kim: safe travels. i know you are going home to kansas city. >> krystal: i am. thank you for that. reports. we're watching the roadways and our airports to see how things are looking for you. >> jeff: metro looking for a suspect who got away during a standoff last night. we have a live report straight
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good morning, ambassador haley? donald trump picks his first female cabinet member, ambassador nikki this as trump acknowledges he won't be following through on some of the proms he made during the key to the campaign. promises like this one. >> i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. disturbing past, authorities are learning more about the 24-year-old driver who crashed his bus in chattanooga, killing


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