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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> michelle: wait until you see what he put in those boxes for those crooks. >> dana: scam alert. what you need to know this cyber monday before you do any online shopping. good morning. it is 5:00 on this monday november 28. >> michelle: i can't believe it's already almost december. >> dana: we hope everybody ha h a great thanksgiving. we're going to talk to our traffic and weather team this morning. tom, unlv lost that game over the weekend. i'm sure tom will have something to say about that. kelly begins this morning.
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i guess the winds aren't done for the rest of the week. >> kelly: several more rounds of windy weather on the way. we're dealing with precipitation in parts of the area especially along 15 between las vegas and mesquite seeing light rain showers. i don't know if all of that is reaching the ground. i'm sure that snow is in the higher elevations. we'll take a look at a cool time lapse of mt. charleston in about 55 at lunchtime. going to be cool today. we'll take a look at the forecast for the rest of the week in 10 minutes. >> tom: rebels lost over the weekend. it's on to basketball right now and the marvin era they are 4-2 getting off to an ok start. we'll see what happens on the hardwood. looking good on the roadways.
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green. no worries on the freeway to start out this monday morning. >> dana: a man has been arrested in the valley. police say he barricaded himself inside his parent's home for hours. this is writ happened. give us some details. >> this is where it happened. i'm standing on the lane where police were yesterday evening had the homeowner and his wife reported that their adult son came to the house. their son is in his fifties and is a suspect in a firearm theft that happened on the 26th. he's on probation for felony charges. the officers arrived and the son barricaded himself in the house and refused to come out. that's when police made the move to call swat.
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home and asked surrounding neighbors to evacuate to a nearby school. >> whenever someone demonstrates an unwillingness to exit either a vehicle or a house and could be what is called an open barricade, there has to be certain elements that are met and in these theaters in case those crime elements were met. there was a firearm being involved. >> officers did manage to get the suspect out of the home and he was taken into custody around 1:30 this morning and no injuries were reported. >> michelle: to a crime alert that metro is asking your help with to find a man that they say sexually assaulted a little girl on thanksgiving day. this happened as the man approached the brother and
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he sent the brother away and molesting the little girl. he's an older white man with thin build, white or salt and pepper hair. if you have information on this crime, please call crime stoppers. >> dana: breaking overnight a very scary flight from dallas to mccarron as we saw some flames coming out of one of the engines airport. that plane is finally in las vegas early this morning. but this is video that one of the passengers shot. this thing was going from dallas to las vegas but they diverted to new mexico when they noticed flames shooting out of the general engine. how stair would that be.
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nobody injured in all of this. as we approach the holidays, an estimated 1 billion packages expected to be delivered to homes across the united states. thieves are lurking to steal goods left at your doorstep. they have been targeting a central valley neighborhood in recent weeks. one local man taking matters in his own hands baiting those thieves with a fake package full of dog poop. that package courtesy of his german shepherd. >> i stuffed it full of reprocessed dog chow. >> hopefully these people will realize we're tired of them. >> we'd love to see the faces of these guys in the green car when they eventually open the package. if you recognize the guy with
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driving. somebody might recognize him. if you recognize that guy, call metro. experts say the holiday prime season for the porch pirates. they have some suggestions for protecting your purchases and presents this time of year. thieves often strike during working hours in broad daylight. have your items delivered where they can be received in person. a friend, neighbor, relatives house. take advantage of delivery alert so you know when your boxes arrive. you can ask for signature confirmation to avoid having packages left on your doorstep. tell the courier the safest place to leave your box. you could put decoy packages on
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>> michelle: a warning for those looking for deals online. criminalscould try to take advantage of your cyber monday shopping. experts estimate 80% of nevadaens will take advantage and shop online and many will use phone apps to do so. the trend sparking a slue of fraudulent apps that look identical to the real thing. they steal your personal and financial information and the fakes are so convincing even apple has them out. >> when there is a void, it's easy for the hackers to write an app and the first one that pops up when you search for that store. some advice for safe shopping online. go to retailer websites first. check credit card statements and read reviews of apps before you download them. a lot of times you'll get good information from reviews and
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>> dana: bourbon street in new orleans usually a place where it's fun. in this instance one person was killed after shots rang out on sunday morning. the 25-year-old was killed. nine other people taken to the hospital where w nonlife threatening injuries. the two people they think involved in the shooting they did leave the scene but police have names here so they think they know who they are looking for. police b stemmed from an ongoing argument between the two suspects and none of the victims were intended targets. >> michelle: one suspect dead and an officer in the hospital treated for minor injuries after a shooting at a wal-mart in kansas. officers following up on a call of a armed suspect at the store. police encounter a man holding a blunt object and refused orders to put it down.
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the officer shot that man and he died. the officer struck by the suspect was taken to a hospital and is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. >> havana planning to pay tribute to castro. just a beautiful morning there with people in mourning. the leader who turned to communism and defied 11 u.s. presidents died on friday at the thousands expected to visit the plaza starting today to honor the late leader. he chose cremation. his ashes will be taken around cuba until the funeral on sunday. >> jill stein calling for election recounts in several states. which states could be tallying up all of the votes all over again.
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immediately -- >> dana: colin kaepernick getting booed by the crowd in miami. not all of it was over his refusal to stand for the national anthem. we'll tell you why some people were booing coming up. >> michelle: thousands of
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>> dana: a teenage boy was shot and killed inside a fire station in pen. the evening. fire department officials confirmed the victim was a 16-year-old , jr. firefighter who was a sophomore in high school. officials haven't released his name yet. the death hitting that community hard.
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man. >> michelle: the shooting happened just before 7:00 last night. a man threaten aid security guard saying he had a gun and was going to shoot him. no gun was found on the man. he was transported to a hospital. he has nonlife threatening injuries. the theater evacuated as a precaution. >> dana: happening today expected to meet to discuss a possible time line for a recount of the state's presidential election. this recount comes at the request of green party candidate jill stein. hillary clinton has recently come on board this recount as well. stein says it's important to determine whether hacking affected the results and the states with tight election results got it right. officials say there is no evidence that voter results were
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compromised. in addition to wisconsin jill stein expected to request a recount of pennsylvania's election. stein has until 5:00 p.m. today to file that request. stein says it's important to investigate that every vote counted in states with tight election results. she's going to have to pay for the recount. they will probably not have any impact on the recently concluded election morning. >> tom: a week ago the airport connector 215 area was shut down completely over the weekend. one girder didn't get in place so one more closure is needed. it will be eastbound only tonight 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 tomorrow morning. you will be able to get into the airport by if 215 but won't be able to continue east. take las vegas boulevard and
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it looks great right now with no delays. travel times all look great right now with everything running in the green. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> kelly: we're going to start out with a time lapse look yesterday morning. started out with a little bit of snow. as the sun came up a lot. >> amy: melted. we get that replaced quick here. quick burst of snow everything. we could see a little bit more today as we have this system working through right now. temperatures a little warmer this morning because of the cloud cover that has been hanging around. summerlin 46 right now. green valley 48, sunrise 48 as well. temperatures are not going to be climbing a lot today either. you sigh the showers working through the ample we are seeing
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of it so light not making it to the ground. these will be out of here within the next hour or two. dry innocence las vegas expected high. could see more precipitation today in parts of lincoln county. tonight 41 for the low. those where i understand kicking back up. gusts to 30 and our seven-day forecast showing more gusty winds tomorrow. sunny but still very cool. temperatures below normal this week 65 on wednesday and we're going to have to contend with more winds friday and saturday. >> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq.
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morning and productivity across the country going way down today. >> i have a feeling there will be slow wifi today. 122 million americans expected to take to their devices and scoop up bargains. the national retail federation says that's up by 1 million from a year ago. they expect 3.3 billion will be spent today. wal-mart and target intent on coming from the internet and hoping to beat amazon today. >> dana: cyber monday on the heels of black friday, how did it go? >> there were a lot of shoppers out but they spent less. about 154 million people made purchases over the holiday weekend. average spending per person was $289 down from 299 last year.
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season. what are they? >> retail areas cross the country have begun combating fast growing return fraud. this cost the stores about $2 billion in losses last holiday season. they will be looking for the hot exchange where a thief returns a stolen item for money. the inside falsify a return. >> you know someone is going to return their dress because they keep itching the back of their neck because they won't take the tags off. >> michelle: you know how many holes i have from trying to take
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teddy bear toss to benefit local charities. this is a tradition. these fans bring the teddy bears and throw them on the highs after the hitmen score their first goal. flew 24,000 stuffed animals. those will go to children who may not have anything for the holiday weekend dates they have collected more than 323,000 stuffed toys for charities. >> dennis: take a look at your screen right now. can you figure out what this is? this is a replica of wrigley
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1908. the whole something edible. took him and his chefs more than 70 hours to build this reply chasm. >> michelle: sunday night football wrapped up just hours ago. it was we'll have highlights. >> dana: colin kaepernick in the news again. yesterday they were booing him
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>> tom: nothing in the way. yesterday was a rough day. monday the day after the thanksgiving weekend is a great day if you want to go to southern california or coming the other way. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door this morning grab a raincoat. we have a few light showers in the area. some snow showers as well in our local mountains. this system quickly dives to the south and east.
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or. so temperaturesas you head throughout the day it is going to be a cool one. pahrump you are at 39. primm you are coming in at 37. highs today only in the upper 50's. 57 is it in las vegas. dress warmly. we'll talk about the rest of the week in 10 minutes. >> michelle: colin kaepernick booed before this game inmi yesterday. >> dana: this is typical. we know he won't stand for the national anthem. fans boo him for that. yesterday in miami he got booed for something else. >> you hear the crowd immediately letting their feelings known on colin kaepernick. >> dana: kaepernick who plays for the 49ers praised castro during an interview last week. kaepernick says it was taken out
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>> what i said was i support the investment in education. i never said i support the oh progressive things that he did. >> dana: kaepernick once wore a t shirt showing castro's meeting with malcolm x. causing controversy refusing to stand for the national anthem. if anybody is used to the criticism, it's probably colin kaepernick. that was the final play of the game. kaepernick tried t running it into the end zone but got stopped at the two yard line. dolphins looking good winning six games in a row. >> michelle: people in miami celebrating the death of castro. probably in cuba as well but quietly. we've heard there is a lot of mourning going on. they are in a period of mourning. these are live pictures out of
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at the age of 90. check this out, a skating rink closed doors not because teddy bears were thrown butera something was frozen into the ice. >> dana: it's weird. that story coming up. we're talking about how people
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> dennis: a swat team responds to a barricade situation here in the valley. why officers say two parents called the police on their own son. >> hopefully these people will realize we're tired of them. >> michelle: bait package. a local homeowner fed up with people stealing packages off his front porch so he takes matters in his own hands. you won't believe what he puts inside one of those >> dana: game of the year so far and it ended just hours ago. and tending is bizarre.
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any troubles early on this monday? >> tom: a little. we have a fender bender just past the bowl. i saw a guy walking ashed here so that may be officer checking out what the damage may or may not b. not affecting the flow of traffic which looks great right of the precipitation. we are seeing some of that right now. once this band of precipitation passes through, we'll see dry conditions for the rest of the day. decreasing clouds as well. today's high is going to be cool, 57-degrees. that is below normal for this time of year. we'll take a look at the temperature trend for the rest
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>> michelle: a man arrested after police say he barricaded himself for hours inside of his parents home. as we understand it was actually his parents who called police. >> that's right. police showed up just after owner and his wife called police saying their son came home. their son is 50 and on probation sand a suspect in a firearm theft on saturday. when office areas received the suspect barricaded himself in the house refusing to come out. police called in swat and set up containment around the home and asked surrounding neighbors to
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>> whenever someone demonstrates an unwillingness to exit either a vehicle or house, that type of thing and it could even be an open barricade, there has to be certain crime elements that are met and in this case those crime elements were met. there was a possibility of a firearm being involved. >> officers did manage to get the suspect out of the around 1:30 this morning. they did take him into custody. no injuries were reported. >> dana: we do have an update tie story we brought to you over the weekend. this is a crime alert. metro needs your help finding a man who police say sexually assaulted a young girl on thanksgiving day. the man approached a brother and sister at lake mead and buffalo. that is when he sent the brother
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little girl. this is the man police are looking for. it is some sort of a police sketch. he doesn't look that old in this sketch however they are saying he is an older white man with a thin build and white or salt and pepper colored hair. if you have any information call crime stoppers. >> happening today the local mother charged in the death of her 7-year-old son is expected back in malone played a role in the beating death of her 7-year-old son richard finally. police were called in october where they found that boy unresponsive and showing signs of abuse. malone and her roommate who has already been arrested are the ones who beat him. they say that malone tied her son down with a t shirt and held
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robinson was arrested the day of the child's death and is facing an open murder charge. >> dana: it is the road rage incident that has been seen around our finnegan friday and now this woman expected in a local courtroom this morning. she got into a dustup at 95 and flamingo and the person that she hit with her car took this cell phone video of her as she flashed him andle obscenities. she's been anyway local courtroom before. expect there had again this morning where it's possible she could enter a plea. she's facing five charges including indecent exposure and identity theft because of some evidence that was found in her car. >> michelle: an estimated 1 billion packages are expected to be delivered across the u.s. and that means thieves will be out trying to steal those
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our community. one local span fed up baiting the thieves with a decoy package full of dog poop. the package courtesy of his german shepherd. >> stuffed it full of reprocessed dog chow. >> hopefully these people w >> michelle: the folks living in this affected neighborhood hope unpleasant package will help deter thieves. if you recognize this car or these two men, call police. >> dana: may have been the nfl
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hours ago. wait until you see how it ended that is bizarre. >> michelle: also frozen controversy. a lot of people upset about what this japanese ice rink did to its ice. what is frozen that has people so upset.
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? >> michelle: welcome back n. a
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online because it froze fish into the ice rink. nearly 5,000 fish that were bought at a local fish market were frozen into the ice along with bigger fish like a sting ray. the event kicked off at the theme park and the idea was to give visitors a sense of skating over the sea. the backlash began soon after. online criticism and comments the plug on that initiative. the park manager apologized for upsetting the public. it will reopen as a normal rink sometime in the future. >> tom: i'm not a skater but that would creep me out a little bit.
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looks like nhp has things in hand. one fender bender southbound on the 15 just past to bowl. watch out for that on the right shoulder. >> kelly: looks like we're seeing light rain through the valley right now. here is a look at the radar where most of this activity is light. it's going to be quick, short lived. mountain snow coming down out of this as well. now the temperatures as you head out the door this cool. because of the cloud cover not as cool as it's going to be later this week. winds light right now but they are going to kick back up late tore night. clouds decrease through the rest of the day. highs in the upper 50's. >> dana: a winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold this weekend. where that ticket was purchased and how much the winner can
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wish monday on the program today.
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>> michelle: police in the philippines detonated a bomb. nobody was injured. you can see the bomb team as they detonated this device. a street sweeper called police
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attached to a cylinder with wires connecting the device to the phone. it was found about 65 feet away from the u.s. embassy. >> dana: a march held in our nation's capitol to support the pipeline fro test tosser say the pipeline would threaten drinking water on the reservation. these protestors claiming they
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>> dana: tokyo will host the 2020 games. the experience of the rio should be applied by tokyo to make sure that the up coming games in tokyo are successful. >> michelle: a winning ticket for saturday night's $421 million powerball sold in tennessee. one ticket. a single winning ticket matched all six powerball nums. the ticket $721 million. it's going to be around $250 million if they take the cash option. that person or maybe group of people has 180 days to claim the prize. the winning numbers 21, 17, 37, 44, 19 and the powerball was 16. >> dana: we take to you sunday night football which ended hours
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being played in denver. seconds to go in regulation. the two point conversion tied it. he scored on a kick return, a reception and a run. the first time that's happened since 1965 in the nfl. at the end of overtime there is the miss from denver. that was the long miss at the end of regulation. nd overtime it's goes right off the left up right and in. so the chiefs win it on the final play of the game. the battle for the freemont over the weekend. unr embarrassing unlv and they
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>> you see traffic flow getting busy as you get into this. it's on the shoulder so it's not in the flow of traffic nevertheless people are slowing as they pass by. new work in the overnight hours along the 15 from craig road to the speedway. that is where they are wide it can freeway. watch for that nightly sunday through thursday for the next couple of weeks. travel times all looking good in general. watch out for that little slow down in >> kelly: we have a band of snow showers in the area. they are probably going to see a little bit more in the afternoon today. temperaturesout right now are
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green valley 48, north las vegas 45. mountains edge 46. let's take a look at the precipitation. clouds in the area during the overnight. the short wave moving through. we are seeing light rainfall coming down in the valley. snow in the spring mountains. diving to the south and east quickly. still looking at light rain er slow down, take it easy on the roads this morning. could be a little slick. it is mainly light rain though. high temperatures will remain below normal. boulder city 56 for your expected high. primm you are going down to 30 for a low. mesquite 36. our seven-day forecast for las vegas showing a high today of 57. the winds kick up tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow's high 56.
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forecast and gusty winds friday and saturday. >> dana: live pictures out of new jersey. this is the calm before the storm. this is a live picture inside an amazon fulfillment center. it is cyber monday. 122 million people expected to get online and order stuff for christmas. they are starting to fulfill some of those orders as we speak. >> michelle: what are the new names for some of trump's
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>> dana: as we head into the christmas season. reindeer are delivering pizzas to people in the northern most island in japan. you can seedom knows pizza is part of this. we're guessing this is a
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michelle feels bad for the reindeer. >> dana: this is normal for them to be outside. you can see trump tower has been renamed to dump tower. somebody went into the system in name of trump tower to dump tower. it has since been changed back to trump tower. amber speaking out about domestic violence. the actress appearing in this new announcement telling women you don't have to do it alone. you are not alone. in may she accused johnny depp of physical abuse.
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withdrew the allegations of physical abuse before they settled their divorce case. the winnerover america has got talent is performing coming up. >> dana: the green party is challenging election results in three states and how the clinton campaign is joining live pictures out of cuba on this monday. >> michelle: you see news crews out there as the news of castro dying at the age of 90. >> dana: they are going to have a nine day mourning period in that country.
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>> michelle: an hours long standoff comes to an end just hours ago in our valley. why one mans parents called the cops to come and arrest him. >> they probably wouldn't enjoy
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it. >> dana: local man getting his revenge against thieves stealing packages. you are not going to believe what he put inside that decoy package. >> michelle: a flight to nevada forced to make an emergency landing after this happened. this is video taken from inside the plane mid flight. how long it took passengers to finally get to las >> dana: welcome in. it is 6:00 on this monday. we hope you had a nice long holiday weekend. >> michelle: we are happy to be here on this monday. i get many of you are starting your day off on the computer. >> dana: an estimated 122 million people on the computer getting stuff in time for the holidays. we got you covered, traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. kelly is talking about wind that


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