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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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it happened this morning on the campus of ohio state university. and that suspect is dead. witnesses say the suspect used a car to run over people and a knife to stab people during this attack. >> jeff: ten people were taken to local hospitals but all are expected to be okay. osu's main campus in columbus is one of the largest in the u.s. the university has more than 65,000 students enrolled across the state. all academic classes have been canced the day. >> michelle: all right. welcome in everybody. we're happy to have you on this monday. we're going start with a news 3 exclusive. this video that you see behind me showing engine trouble on board an american airlines flight. this flight was going from dallas to las vegas when it had to be diverted. >> jeff: it was diverted to albuquerque where passengers had to wait a few hours before another plane could pick them up and bring them back to las vegas. news 3's faith jessie is live at mccarran international with
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frightening for those who looked out the window and saw it? >> reporter: absolutely. and you can only imagine now relief filled the airport this morning as those passengers finally made it to las vegas. after something went very wrong on their flight last night while they were in the air. this exclusive video was taken from a passenger inside of a american airlines flight 1693 flying from dallas surge caused this prompting an emergency landing in albuquerque. the passenger who shared this video only with news 3 describes what he saw. >> we're already in western new mexico and then there's this kind of loud pop, pop. and i see kind of flame coming or fire ball out of the back of the engine. and so i kind of knew something
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passengers and six crew members on board the airbus a 321. >> the right engine went out. it was probably i think probably burning for six or eight minutes before they got it shut down. i think they were talking to another passenger who was sitting in front. it sounded like they were trying to get the engine going and were unable to do so. >> reporter: he says despite the issue everyone was calm. >> no one really panicked or anything like that. we just kin instructions and weather was clear and we made it back to albuquerque just fine. >> reporter: passengers were given meal vouchers as they waited replacement flight in albuquerque. that flight came from phoenix bringing them all here. they arrived the morning. i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> michelle: metro needs your help finding a man who sexually assaulted a young girl. this happening on thanksgiving day. >> jeff: this happened near
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antonio castelan. we understand there is a police presence out there today. so what are police focused on? >> reporter: jeff, metro detectives, they have been out here all morning trying to get clues. we've seen investigators speaking to parents. they're trying to get information to the sexual assault that happened on thanksgiving. here is a sketch of the man police are looking for. the suspect is described as a white, older man with peppered gray hair. he shirt. metro detectives say on thanksgiving this man sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl outside her condo. this happened at a complex off westlake mead and buffalo. the assault happened just after 1:00 p.m. on thursday. the mother of the eight-year-old girl tells me her daughter was playing right outside the front door. she says the sexual predator lured her daughter away from the condo. the victim was with her five-year-old brother. the suspect told the boy to
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>> fearful for my children but also i think the big thing is that clearly there's an issue that we have so many people that are, you know, sexual offenders and that they're out and about. >> reporter: again, metro police, they are looking for a white man who is said to have peppered gray hair. he has a thin build. if anyone has any information on this sexual predator you are asked to call 702-385-5555. today at 1:00, metro police, they will have a news conference on the sexual assault that happened at this condo complex. that's the very latest reporting live antonio castelan, news 3. >> jeff: what a scare for parents. thank you. a woman accused of flashing a family in a bizarre road rage incident faced a judge in a las vegas courtroom today. it's hard to forget this cell phone video showing
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obscenities after a crash on the 95 in the middle of crush hour in june. de marco pled guilty to attempting to use someone else's identity to buy a car. also charges of indecent exposure and leaving the scene were dropped. her lawyer says that's because the family who captured the video never showed up to court. outside of the courtroom de marco blamed the family for what happened. >> it was all them. so they didn't show up to court for a reason bec t so i don't have anything to say. >> what did they do that day. >> they crashed into me and they didn't have kids in the car it's all crap. i don't want to talk to anybody. >> jeff: de marco is expected to be sentenced on march 28th. >> michelle: a local mother charged in the death of her 7-year-old son was also in court today for a preliminary hearing. police say roshaun malone played a role in the beating death of
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siegel suites near boulder highway and flamingo and that's where they found the boy unresponsive showing signs of abuse. the police report says malone and kenneth robinson accused the child. detectives say malone tied her son with a t-shirt and held him down as robinson hit him. robinson was arrested the day the child die. he faces an open murder charge. cubans paying their respects to forr today. >> jeff: nbc's andrea mitchell has details from havana. >> reporter: preparations for ceremonies today where fidel castro will be honored before his remains carried through the island's provinces more than 500 miles to their final resting place sunday. in a mausoleum built for this day. at the university of havana students held their own memorial. >> i think fidel castro was a good man. he always fought for the rights of cuban people.
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dramatically different point of view. human rights protesters known as the ladies in white saying state security police warned them to stay home this week instead of holding their weekly march. >> so will things change under raoul now that fidel has gone? or is everything the same? >> she says nothing will change. the dictator raul castro will continue his war. having to fight presidents. fidel castro's passing was noted in strikingly different ways. by president obama and president-elect donald trump. obama praising castro. saying... history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him. trump blasting castro as a brutal dictator with a legacy of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. the white house sees obama's
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of his legacy. for decades congress has refused to lift the trade embargo to president obama's opening to havana was done through executive order. president trump can reverse that once he takes office. he is sending mixed signals as to how much he wants to roll back. >> michelle: in other news regarding cuba, the first commercial flight from the u.s. to cuba departed this morning. this is the american airlines plane that took off from miami 7:30 headed to havana. he first commercial flight to the communist nation in half a century. president barack obama resumed the flights as part of his plan to renew relations between the two countries. american airlines plans to have four flights daily from miami to havana. so this brings us to our question of the day. what do you think. should president obama attend fidel castro's funeral? this is something people are talk about.
12:09 pm and click on question of the day icon. >> jeff: another question that people have i'm sure is what's going on with the forecast kelly because it started off with some rain and cold and now the sun's out. >> kelly: a little bit of rain and snow going on this morning. i want to start things out with a time-lapse look. this is the mount charleston lodge camera this morning where we did wake up to some clouds, some snow showers up there. but those clouds burned off, we got a little bit of sunshine. you can see the snow on the roof of that lodge starting to clouds rolling in. a mix of those on and off today. let's look at the current conditions. right now southern highlands prep school which we have a fantastic group of kids from that school in here this noon hour with us watching the show. 53 degrees, that's the current temperature. winds northeast about ten miles an hour. gusts up to 23. those gusty winds, they're coming back later this evening as well. kay carl elementary school 53 degrees, winds north ten miles
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afternoon and evening. high today? only 57 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. this is below normal so you want to bundle up today. 52 degrees by six and look at this 48 degrees at 9:00. we're going to talk about just how cold those temperatures are going to get overnight and when we'll see warmer weather, that's coming up. >> jeff: a cirque de soleil performer recovering after a bad fall. >> michelle: coming up what went wrong and where this happened, what show was affected. >> jeff: plus new developments in the case against a man accused of shooting and killing african-american church goers in south carolina. what the judge had to say about the suspect choosing to represent himself. coming together for giving tuesday. what the rape crisis center is doing tomorrow to support victims of sexual assault in our community. and how you can take part. that's coming up at 12:30. "news 3 live at noon" will be
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ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. or visit one of our unitedhealthcare walk-in locations. ?? >> jeff: united airlines jet forced to make an unplanned stop last night in tokyo because of an unruly american passenger. police and the airlines say that
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heading from chicago to hong kong and tried to enter the cockpit. the man was quoted as saying he did not remember the incident and was taking several kinds of medication. police are continuing to investigate the incident. >> michelle: ab acrobat fell nine to 16 feet while performing at a cirque de soleil show. this was in australian yesterday. former olympic gymnast lisa skinner was treated at the scene before she was taken to the hospital. she remains in stable condition. e gymnastics at the 1996, 20,002,004 american games. >> jeff: donald trump is claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote. this just hours after hammering hillary clinton on twitter for backing recount efforts in swing states. in a tweet trump said... the president-elect's transition team has not clarified exactly what he is talking about. the recount was set in motion by
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candidate joel stein in wisconsin and michigan who is also pushing for recounts in pennsylvania. >> michelle: we have breaking news to bring you. staying with donald trump. we have just learned that donald trump is the winner of michigan's 16 electoral votes with a recount request expected. this comes of course almost three weeks after the election. trump's win in michigan gives the republican votes to democrat hillary clinton's 232. so donald trump wins obviously. but this is the first respect nominee to win the state of michigan since 1988. the man charged with killing nine african-american parishioners inside a south carolina church will represent himself during his federal trial. the judge ruled that dylann roof can act as his own lawyer while calling roof's request to represent himself unwise he is
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jury selection resumed today. after the judge's ruling last week that he is competent to stand trial. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> jeff: syrian state media reporting that government forces have captured ab eastern aleppo neighborhood putting much of the northern part of aleppo's besieged rebel held areas under state control. government forces captured the neighborhood today in the latest blow to rebels in syria's largest city. televisi f scored of syrians reportedly fleeing into government controlled areas. >> michelle: it is so hard to watch that video of poor little kids and families. spanish police arrested four people suspected of involving of being involved in a migrant network with connections to isis. officials say isis is believed to have used the network to smuggle militants into europe via turkey among migrant's
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migrants trying to get out of syria. this include people involved in the paris attack. four are also under investigation expected -- they think they have links to two people detained in australia last year with connections to the paris attackers. spanish authorities have detained 168 people on suspicion of involvement in islamic mill dant activity since spain raised it's national security threat back in have released video of damage caused by two towns, landslides in two towns. the landslides were triggered by floods that hit northern italy in two dpamz roads were cut and many homes inak esible. firefighters and volunteers are trying to contact families living in homes that remain under threat. >> michelle: news 3 is your weather authority. boy, do we have weather to talk about today. we woke up this morning it was
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see the snow. >> kelly: even some rain showers made their way through the las vegas valley early this morning. we're talking pre-dawn. most of that has moved out of the area but some parts of our viewing area are still dealing with precipitation. here is a look at the bigger picture across the region. we've got a lot of cloud cover going on across the southwest. scattered showers, snow showers too in the northern portions of our state. those are diving their way southeastward. so here's where we're showers mainly contained to parts of lincoln county and far eastern clerk county. around the mesquite area seeing spotty light showers then further south. bulk of the activity is in to parts of utah and arizona. the showers all moving to the south and east. you see at the higher elevations it is coming down as snow. so i'm sure our diean camera going to -- zion camera is going to have amazing footage. here is a look at the southeast career and technical academy
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clouds. we're seeing little bit of blue sky starting to mix in as well. temperatures, it is still below normal. summerlin at 52 degrees right now. green valley 54. remember when these were our morning lows? sunrise 55 degrees, that is the current temperature. highs this afternoon not going to rise a whole lot more. we're only looking at about 57 degrees in the las vegas valley. partly sunny skies today. with winds about five to 15 miles an hour. now as we hours, in fact as soon as the sub goes down those winds are going to start kicking back up. we're talking gusts to 30 miles an hour. 41 degrees, that's what we're looking at for the low temperature. breezy conditions continue into tomorrow. we're looking at a lot more sunshine but we'll be even cooler those winds out of the north. 56 degrees that's it for the high. on wednesday we've got morning lows in the 30s. high only 54 degrees. and temperatures staying below
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breezy conditions expected friday and saturday. if you haven't gotten the hat and mittens out yet, probably should because i think you are going to need them pretty much all week. >> michelle: we had somebody in studio saying they saw very faint snowflakes in the summerlin area. it happens here. it's cyber monday. many of you are probably well aware of that. shopping for the holiday picks up now. this is the reason where we really get that theme going as we head into christmas. including preparing to process millions of orders today alone. as nbc's joe tells us, not everything on sale will be a great deal. >> reporter: 122 million americans are expected to log on and shop today. making it potentially the biggest online shopping day in history. according to the adobe digital index. it comes after a record setting black friday. topping the $3 billion mark. a 21 percent jump over last
12:21 pm
99 million shoppers headsed out to the store while 108 million shopped online. unlike last year retailers preparing for a wave of spending on mobile devices. wal mart and target already reporting that 60 percent of online purchases were made with smart phones and tablets during thanksgiving weekend. some of the deepest cyber monday discounts today? wal mart offering the apple iphone5 at target 40 percent off bedding, rugs and throw pillows. old knave bri -- navy and jay crew 40 percent off everything. a busy mom of two plans on doing all of her shopping online this year. >> i don't have to deal with the crowds or the chaos. i get to sit in the comfort of my home in my pajamas and do all my shopping. >> reporter: experts say if you are planning on splurging today
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stack the savings by searching the internet for coupon codes to get an extra percentage off or free shipping and always be skeptical. >> do your research ahead of time to know which item is the best possible quality for the lowest possible price. that doesn't mean just going for the cheapest item you find. >> jeff: a lot of cyber monday sales are stretching through the entire week. that's because of a tradition where the traditional brick and mortar res like -- retailers like target and grip. >> michelle: you better get on it today because all the good stuff is going to be out of there. it doesn't matter for this powerball lottery winner because they are $421 million richer and can buy all they want. >> jeff: wonderful timing for them.
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>> jeff: you can smell it in tennessee. a powerball lottery winner is a whole lot richer there ands there a good chance people in this town know it is. >> michelle: because the town only has 5,000 people in it and
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drawn saturday night. it's worth nearly $421 million. and it was sold in lay fayette. the winner has not come forward yet but according to lottery rules that person or maybe it is a group of people, they have 180 days to claim the prize. lottery officials are advising the winner to sign the back of the ticket and oh my gosh you better find the safest place you can think. i'd put that in a lock box in a bank until i was ready. >> jeff: i just did divided by 5,000. that person can give $84,000 to every person in the town. but they won't. >> michelle: they won't. >> jeff: if you didn't win the lottery perhaps you can take a shot at this. a gold can in a bud lite pack could win you super bowl tickets for life. >> michelle: oh my gosh it is the golden ticket. >> jeff: like willy wonka.
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>> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," shelter in place. that's what an entire university campus was told after multiple people were injured and a suspect finally killed after hitting people with a car and stabbing people at osu. we have the latest from ohio
12:30 pm
learning more information this afternoon. >> jeff: a scare in the skies. flight bound for las vegas makes an unscheduled stop after fire shoots from one of its engines. we're live from the airport with what the airline is saying about what caused this. >> michelle: and day in court. the local mother charged in the death of her 7-year-old son was in court today for a preliminary hearing. we're live from the regional justice center with an update on whatp news 3 news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm michelle velez of course and jeff maher filling in for krystal. thank you for being here. a federal law enforcement official has said there was one suspect involved in this attack that happened on the campus of ohio state university this morning and that suspect is dead. >> jeff: witnesses say the suspect used a car to run over people and a knife to carry out


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