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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 28, 2016 12:30pm-12:59pm PST

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learning more information this afternoon. >> jeff: a scare in the skies. flight bound for las vegas makes an unscheduled stop after fire shoots from one of its engines. we're live from the airport with what the airline is saying about what caused this. >> michelle: and day in court. the local mother charged in the death of her 7-year-old son was in court today for a preliminary hearing. we're live from the regional justice center with an update on whatp news 3 news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm michelle velez of course and jeff maher filling in for krystal. thank you for being here. a federal law enforcement official has said there was one suspect involved in this attack that happened on the campus of ohio state university this morning and that suspect is dead. >> jeff: witnesses say the suspect used a car to run over people and a knife to carry out
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te the suspect of was of somali descent and they're looking at whether the attack was related to terrorism. >> michelle: the local mother charmed in the death of her seven-year-old son was in court for a preliminary hearing. >> jeff: news 3's denise rosch joins us live from the regional justice center we latest this case. denise? >> reporter: this case goes back to the end of october when 7-year-old richard fibdly junior was et highway. two people are charged in this case including the boy's mom roshaun malone who was in court today. she was originally arrested on open murder. but after looking at the case prosecutors do not believe they could prove she delivered the fatal blow. they are however moving forward on lesser counts of child abuse and kidnapping. prosecutors say her son was beaten to death by kenneth robinson but her mother did
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malone's defense attorney says she is a second victim in this case living in fear of robinson. i think from the outside looking in it's easy for people to be angry of course. however i think there's this haste to race to want to blame someone and we think the mother's duty to protect. not only do we recognize that morally but legally. the problem that is can be overrid be by fear. you can b able to defend yourself or your children. >> reporter: this hearing is scheduled to be continued later this week. at that time the judge will decide if there's enough evidence to take malone to trial. meantime the other defendant, robinson, he will be back in court next week. reporting live, i'm denise rosch for news 3, back to you in the studio. >> michelle: now to a news 3 exclusive. an american airlines flight ta
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an emergency landing in albuquerque because of this. this morning too. it was several hours before they got here. this was flight 1693. it was diverted because of engine trouble. this is video that we got from a passenger taking this video while mid-flight as you see flames coming out one of the engines. one passenger says he heard a >> we're already in western new mexico and there's kind of this loud pop, pop. pd i see flames out of -- or fire ball out of the back of the engine. it was probably burning six or eight minutes. >> michelle: all the 178 passengers and six crew members are okay.
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from phoenix. maintenance team is looking at that plane. a local man is behind bars after is police say he barricaded himself for hours. police were called out to his home just after 7:30 p.m. when the homeowner, his mom and dad, say their son came to the house. now their son is in his 50s and currently a suspect in a firearms theft that happened on the 26th of this month. of last month. wait what day yeah on the 26th of this month. he is also on probation for felony charges. when officers arrived the son barricaded himself inside the home renewsing to come out even after officers made contact with him via telephone and that's when police made the move to call s.w.a.t., set up containment around the home and ask surrounding neighbors to evacuate some did. they went to a nearby school. nobody was hurt. >> jeff: president-elect donald trump claiming voter
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clinton on twitter for backing recount efforts in key swifrng states. >> michelle: to the question here: is there any legal or any proof of illegal voting? at this point does any of it really matter? nbc's halle jackson has more. >> reporter: his elections allegations unsubstantiated and unproven. the president-elect undetoured. tweeting he, quote, won the popular vote if you deduct the a claim spread by some websites without evidence. donald trump claiming voter fraud nationally and in three states specifically -- virginia, new hampshire and california. the president-elect's transition team has not clarified but it is clear why he is talking. irritate bid an election recount set in motion by the green party candidate jill stein in wisconsin and maybe two more battlegrounds soon.
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joining in. making clear they didn't start the battle nor do they expect it to change the results. clinton's campaign lawyer tweeting overnight... we are getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by the man who won the election but thinks there was massive fraud. the president-elect trying to use clinton's own words against her. in another tweet citing this moment from november 9th. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. >> it is a total a hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president-elect donald trump not concedeing are people conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. >> reporter: one of the president-elect's top aides in an implicit recount rebuke referencing a 45 minute conversation between donald trump and president obama this weekend. >> there is a respect for the
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this recount by the hillary people is confounding and disappointing. >> reporter: kellyanne conway also making an unusual public push against mitt romney. a former never trump leader now one of the contenders for secretary of state along with rudy giuliani. >> i'm also party unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> michelle: the president-elect has more meetings planned at trump tower later >> jeff: helping those in need during one of the most difficult times imaginable. >> michelle: coming up what the rape crisis center has planned tomorrow for giving tuesday and how all of us could take part. >> jeff: get ready for nbc's next big live event. how you can see hairspray right here on channel 3. a sneak look at the musical. >> kelly: we've been tracking rain and snow showers in parts of the area this morning. some places are still going on. we're going take a look coming
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>> jeff: we are following break plugs into our atill yat in san francisco as a united flight with a possible engine problem prepares to land in san francisco. this is aerial footage of that plane making its way in. we don't know exactly where it was heading to. all we know that is it was it did. but during the flight some sort of mechanicalish you was reported. this is the aircraft about to make landing. not sure what kind of engine trouble we're talking about. i'm trying to figure out how far they are from the airport. >> michelle: that's the san mateo bridge. so they are just seconds away
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if they pull out from this live shot you will see that coming up. so they're about to touchdown wm would that be a plane that's guideing the other one in you think. >> jeff: looks like it might be. it's pretty close formation. they may be trying to figure out if it was the aircraft because they're fixated on a wide shot of the horizon. if we know for sure which plane is coming in and if this is the plane that's experiencing the engine trouble we will pass it along. looks like they're just trying to figure out which plane it is. we know it's united. >> michelle: we'll monitor to monitor live pictures. we'll bring them to you if anything does happen. tomorrow giving tuesday. that's what it's called. which is an important time to support so many people in our community who are dealing with something that many of us can't even fathom. i'd like to introduce you danielle and then we have breanna. both from the rape crisis
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the annual night out with news 3. we're proud to be part of this. before i get to you to talk about the event i'd like to start with you. just give people an idea what the rape crisis center does for people in this community. >> we've been serving the las vegas community for over 42 years now providing crisis intervention services and services to victims of sexual assault and sexual stages of the life cycle. men, women, children. we also in the last several years have gotten more involved in prevention and education and outreach because we feel like there's a lot pee can do to stop this from happening. it is a matter of getting the conversation out there and making great efforts which we have been working on. >> michelle: we do have a lot of resources in our community to help people who are dealing with
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dealing with rape. and this is a place for them to call after the fact or as you were talking about maybe prevent it. this is so important to our community. without this there would be so many people lost. >> absolutely. we've seen our numbers go up. we're approaching that's because of out reach and awareness and not that more sexual assaults are happening. but our calls, our visits to our website, and the number of stlaimz we're seeing at the hospital as well as those that we're serving in our counseling dramatically last couple years. >> michelle: so let's talk about a night out with news 3. this is so important. one of the big fundraisers to raise money to help support this nonprofit. >> this is a major event. we're happy to be partnered with news 3 as well as child cares, child group at cosmopolitan. it is a fun, elegant cocktail party. tickets are $45 in advance and
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we're really, really excited to have our fourth annual night out with news 3. >> michelle: if people would like information go to and we'll link everything up. if you want to help out the cause take time to do research to see what the rape crisis center does and why it's so important. ladies thank you for coming on. we look forward to the pictures from tomorrow night. back to you jeff. >> jeff: thank you. nbc's next big live musical is just over a week hairspray was a cult classic movie that became a tony winning broadway show then a movie musical. now it is a going to be a live tv event. >> hairspray live promises to be a musical flurry of big hair, bright makeup, loud wardrobes, heart thumping energy. >> cast is amazing. everyone is funny and happy.
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the cast features jennifer hud sn, ariana grande, and derrick handcuff. >> they kept naming the cast and i was like what? that's amazing. then what? >> reporter: they offered up a sneak peek at the macy's day thanksgiving parade performing you can't stop the beat. this group has so of crowds whether on broadway or in concerts but this is one night, one show live with millions watching. >> anyone nervous. >> not until you kind of spoiled it for us. [ laughter ] >> what makes it so special is that it is live. i think any imperfections the audience might see will enjoy. >> joining these familiar faces. newcomer maddie who just a few
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who answered an open casting call. >> the role of tracy in hairspray live will be performed by maddie. >> do you feel like you're dreaming. >> oh my gosh every day i wake up and i can't believe i'm here. >> maddie's mothered is played by harvey firestein resurprising his tony winning role from broadway and his total faith in the newcomer. >> he said i just have to say that i think maddie was born that's what he said about you girl. now i'm telling you. >> thanks for telling me that. keep it coming. [ laughter ] >> it's true. >> which one is maddie? wow. martin short plays maddie's day which also makes him firestein's husband. absolutely. i was going to do it in this voice then i realized harvey had that voice. [ laughter ]
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rethink the entire character. >> reporter: ariana you are a self-pro fesd theater geek right. >> yes. very much so. >> reporter: so this must be an incredible opportunity. >> it's such a dream. it's truly, like, inspiring and exciting and electrifying. it wakes you up. >> seeing one of the biggest pop stars in the world be excited about theater is so cool for me. >> reporter: hairspray is set in 1960s baltimore and for all its upbeat music and l racial segregation. >> you said on social media just the other day: blows my mind how relevant this story is today. >> it is. you know, like even in this we are marching u. are petitioning. trying to find a way to come together. go against the odds of diversity
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>> we've been rehearsing and moved to tears every single time. it's going be so hard not to cry. >> what's the message you hope everyone gets out of this. >> i think that understanding that we're all different and that's what makes us brilliant as a race as a country. >> i hope people remember that the art has the power to change lives and that's really what the message is. >> powerful ideas wrapped in a spectacle. for today joel fryar nbc news los angeles martin short is always so funny. looking forward to that. be sure to follow us on facebook. search for jeff maher, michelle velez news 3, @news3lv las vegas and be sure to like us while there. you can also follow us on twitter. >> we're also on instagram.
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authority forecast because it's cold outside. >> kelly: it is. we are still tracking rain and snow showers moving southeast through the area. the bulk of activity is in parts of utah and arizona. we're going to zoom in closer where we have been seeing showers around moapa these showers all moving their way to the south check out this time-lapse. this is from the overland hotel camera in pioche this morning where you are waking up to a light dusting of snow then another round coming down this morning. they're seeing a little bit of blue skies. and we're seeing clouds on the virgin valley high school camera in mesquite where we've got spotty sprinkles around the area as well. temperatures are definitely cool out there.
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southeast coming in at 54 degrees right now and nellis also at 54. temperatures will not increase a whole lot more today. we're only look at highs topping out in the mid and upper 50s. pahrump your high today just 55. mesquite also looking at a high of 55. searchlight 54. overnight tonight. beatty 30. overton 39. primm 30. take alo forecast. the winds are going to pick back up tonight. they're already gusty especially on the spring mountains today. but those will increase tonight and tomorrow. expect breezy conditions. tomorrow's high only investigation. morning lows into the 30s. we're staying below normal all week long. not going to get back up to
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nike has gone back to the future just in time for the holidays. >> michelle: it is the first self-lacing shoes, the hyper dap 1.1 and they're now available to a very small select group of nike plus app users. on thursday these shoes will be available in new york by appointment only. to experience and purchase the footwear. in december the shoes become available sorry through the nike plus app and select stores. and they're only going to cost $720. that's it. >> jeff: wow! so it took this long? from back to the future till now. it is a cool shoe but i don't know about seven bucks. >> michelle: they're only a year late e. in the movie it was 2015. $720 we all have that sitting around for a pair of shoes.
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winner does. >> jeff: coming up tomorrow at noon let somebody else do the cooking this holiday season. chipolte will be here to tell us about their catering services. don't miss that and more here on "news 3 live at noon" tomorrow.
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aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. or visit one of our unitedhealthcare walk-in locations. ?? >> jeff: taking a look at today's top stories. a suspect is dead, ten people hospitalized after an attack on the campus of ohio state university. police say the suspect plowed his vehicle into a crowd then began stabbing them. one of the victims is in critical condition. and the attack is being investigated as possible terrorism. >> michelle: this is video you are only going to see on news 3. an engine malfunctioned on board an american airlines flight on its way to las vegas from
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albuquerque last night. passengers and crew were put on another jet and they arrived early this morning here to las vegas. >> jeff: metro needs your help finding a man who sexually assaulted a young girl on thanksgiving day. they say it happened in the northwest valley outside a condo complex near lake mead and buffalo. metro plans to hold a press conference concerning this today at 1:00 p.m. and we'll be there. >> michelle: and we also have a lot more coming up on "news 3 live at 3:00" today. a couple of teenage girls in hot r and the frosting was designed with a swastika. this was brought to a jewish party. you are going to hear from the family who hosted that party. >> jeff: a little girl gets a halloween do over. how a community comes together to help a girl beating the odds. >> michelle: those stories and
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>> kayla: who are the other flowers from? >> roman: from ma. she brought them out earlier. >> kayla: well, she shouldn't even be out of bed, not with that cough. >> roman: hey, come on. you know ma. she won't take no for an answer. she insisted i bring her to out here visit her son on this first year anniversary. >> kayla: i can't believe it's been a year already. >> roman: i know. amazing. you know what i try to focus on, was just how lucky we were that we had him back for a while, even though it was... way too briefly. >> kimberly: thank god he had that time with his family, huh? that you all were here for him when he really needed you.


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