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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> chaos outside ohio state university this morning. 60,000 students warned by school officials to run, hide or fight. this is as the 18 year old struck out in violence ranking about america's treatment muslim in social media. >> mid morning, calm hen chaos at the largest college campuses ohio state university. running. and nevertheless. it was reported as an active shooter situation. witness say a fire alarm caused a crowd to gather. a man in a car jumped the sidewalk and plowed into them. >> someone came and hit people with the car. >> man got out of a car and attacked with a butcher combooif. >> we heard the chaos. shouds. screams and shots.
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attacker and shot and killed him. >> reporter: law enforcement says the attacker was 1818 year old refugee live negligent u.s. illegally. he posted a ran on social media saying he reached a boiling point and read, america stop interfering with other countries we are not weak. our town expressing concerns about attacks on strike pedestrians with a car and then with a knife. >> all victims are expected to survive the wounds may take longer to heal. >> it is not real. you go numb. that asailant was interviewed in august who said as a muslim he was worried how he will be
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propaganda including combooif and car attacks. >> reporter: thank you, now to the news three weather authority. brace yourself another round of storms. >> kevin is here to hell us how the wind will affect our attaches. >> reporter: they will drop again. good news this wind bag not as strong as the one over the latter part of the thanksgiving weekend. some in double digits as far as wind concerned and chilly air by las vegas standards. the low 50s and the 40s shortly. wind will ramp up over night. and while 10 miles per hour is not a big deal. that is the foundation and the base. the gusts will be stronger by tomorrow we'll get gusts around 30 miles per hour. we are watching doppler returns as this front worked down to clark count tefizzled. there is more energy upstream
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details on when to expect that and how strong those winds will blow a few minutes away. >> now at 5:00 the case of a mother charged in the death of her seven year old son. >> she remains in jail tonight. prosecutors are beginning to layout her case. >> denise, this boy, richard was beaten to death the >> jim the prosecutors say it is a horrible death the seven year old was beat so severely his intestines were ruptured. his mother is not facing a charge that does not mean she is in the clear. >> had is a haste to race want to to blame someone. the defense attorney says his be client is a victim.
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beating her seven year old ton son to death a crime she said she did nothing to stop. >> i wish i could say i was more than an attorney i need to be a social worker or psychologist it is traumatic for her. the case goes back to october 30 when finally's battered body was discovered at budget suites at boulder highway immediately malone's roommate -- was taken in custody. autopsy was complete that police arrested moore as limp she is the one who tide up her son. medical examiner describing some injuries. enlarged bruise on the back [inaudible]. report report the doctor found hemorrhages under the child's if anything are nails consistent
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his contrains. hes mother faces charges of child abuse and kidnapping while the defense main tains another side to the story. >> problem is that was over ridden by fear. can you be abused not to defend yourself or your children. >> this hearing will condition on thursday. after that the judge will decide if there is evidence to send malone to trial. as for the other victim heal be in c n news three. back to the studio. >> thank you. flashing a family in a road rage incident makes a plea deal. we have cell phone video exposing herself and yelling after a crash on the 95 back in june. in exchange for charges being dropped for that incident she pleaded guilt tow trying to use another identity to buy a car. she blames the family for what
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man who was shot and killod a wal-mart may have been trying to defend himself in a fight that started with road rage. shot on thanksgiving night and police say it was not related to the robber for early black friday deals at the store. 33 year old matthew mc gradual may have hit the gunman's car with a piper bat before he was shot. police are looking for that shooter tonight. the >> man charged with killing nine in a south carolina church will today the judge ruled dylan roof can access his attorney calling the request to representative himself unwise. in 2015 they say roof shot and killed the nine in the ame church. he faces 33 charges and they're seek the death penalty. three states demanding vote
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michigan three states where democratic clinton and stein are asking for recounts. michigan election officials say trump officially won that state. trump tweeting earlier today a legal voting caused him to lose the popular vote. clinton is ahead in the popular vote by 2 million votes the president elect trying to get his administration in order. possibility of him names mitt romney is battle. a new name in the search. director david patraeus. >> with him for an hour. he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of challenges out well and some of the opportunity as well. >> reporter: the challenge for patraeus he was was forced resign after having an affair with his biing on rafr.
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cuba relations cubans mark the death of fidel castro. trump using twitter telling cube saying if they are unlegal to make a deal he will terminate the deal. obama said the death is unlikely to have an impact. >> reporter: after a bomb is found near the u.s. embassy in the a was the sama a bomb in november. authorities think an islamist group is responsible. >> jim: syrian troops taken control of half of their rebel city. the deadly combination of air and ground strikes pounded the city a push to finish off the
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new orleans. sparked panic on crowd burbon street. the violence erupted on sunday morning when an argument with two men sending people running for lives. a fwif year old man was killed and nine were taken to the hospital. policer look out for two suspected gunman in the case. >> jim: when the crowds are cleared there are new troubles coming on the 95. >> repr: near the spaghetti bowl. tom hawley will tell us the latest. >> tom: you are looking at an area, we got used to restrictions the detours under way. the latest motors will have to suffer is 95 years southbound between rancho and the spaghetti bowl. four lanes tonight and tomorrow
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alternate route just patience. department of transportation says they'll have more restrictions but those are the ones now. watch out over night 9:00-6:00 a.m. down to two lanes 95 southbound to the spaghetti bowl. there are more restrictions to come the next couple of years before we see this first phase complete. tom hawley reporting. >> jim: something f shift viewers. thank you. >> reporter: couples around the world come here to say, i do. next why a group of americans is sounding alaerm before getting hitched. >> jim: a flame from the engine of a plane headed to las vegas. >> reporter: a windy change into
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>> jim: scare in the air forced emergency land. >> reporter: an engine caught
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>> reporter: this video showing a frightening sight. flames shooting out of an engine a plane headed to las vegas. >> we are in western new mexico. and then there is this loud pop, pop. and i see this kind of flame coming out at the back of the engine. and i knew something was not right. 134 apparens when russell took this video. shortly afternoon leaving dallas. people bracing for an emergency land nothing albuquerque, new mexico. >> it was right as it went out. it was probably i knowledge it was burning for sick-8 minutes before they got it shut down. they were talking to a passenger in front. it sounded like they were getting the engine going and were not able to do so.
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inside the plane people remained calm not knowing how this flight would end. >> there was no screaming or yelling. no paneck. everybody was kind of calm. pilot keptis calm. the plane was flying fine. the plane landed safely. a video shot by a passenger showing the relief of the people on board. >> brave people the were eventually placed on another flight. they landed safely here early this morning after an eight hour delay. >> jim: another emergency for united airlines plane headed from san francisco to tokyo after its four engines failed shortly after take off. plane flew overnight ocean to dump fuel before returning you seat landing here. it was carrying 202 passengers and a crew of 15. chances are you have been
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point today by the time this cyber monday is over. 120 million americans are expected to shop online. one in 3 people amazon is hope to pop the 23 million order its took on this day last year. wal-mart and target reporting a boost in online sales. cyber monday will be big are than black friday bringing in 3 billion dollars in sales. >> time for a look at our weather kevin is here, it is windy outside. >> kevin: we are getting ready for round 2, significant wind over the weekend. these are practice breezes. later this week, that one means business again. we could see more stronger gusts and reenforcement of colder air. how about this view. thick this out. love at this time mountains taller. low clouds hugging the mountains after the snow.
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quickly and what snow did fall is light and weakened. to the weekend fast. here is a view frr yesterday. watch the snow. a big hour and look at that:back to today we go. and you see the various clouds that were cross the las vegas valley. they push through made for a nice sunset. that did not stop to mosquite where we had clouds. they rolled through the las vegas or the mosquite and produced showers and darkness took over. a couple of neighborhoods. temperature 50 degrees. what we have been watching is the wind. gusts at 21. next stop across the valley to anthem. not as breezy. temperature 50. don't worry that is coming and
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bananza 20 blowing at three and blowing 53 degree air. i think our weather head line over night through the first two thirds of tomorrow to tomorrow afternoon. we will stay breezy. wind will ramp up. they will be 10-15 sustained gusts get up to 30 miles per hour. we have seen that up in centennial hills closer than that in caliente at or 20 miles per . the lake at 11. strongest gusts so far up around 40 miles per hour in baity. not as strong as anywhere else. temperature wise in mc carron. and now another below normal day. that is five so far. obviously november will go down as a warm month but not as warm as we were on pace to. air quality is good.
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thanks to wind. cool tomorrow. 40s and 50's by lunch that is where we will plateau. a couple of neighborhoods close to 60 and sustained breezes ramping up through mid day and back off through the afternoon. it is a couple of piece of energy from the north. we are getting the air from the north we are getting flakes up there in lincoln county. this fizzled quickly and the clouds. we'll coolut hour. with the energy coming from the north and active. get ready for one more wind bag this week before we start to moderate. 19 on the mountains. pahrump the 20s. highs tomorrow boulder city 54. 53 in sandy valley and mid 60s in death valley. tonight a low of 42.
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stronger gusts. tomorrow breeze the wind will back off late in the day. highs of 56 degrees and here is your 7 day forecast. we will give you a break from the winds on wednesday. picked upon thursday. the first half of friday could be windy and the wind will trail off to breezes friday night and saturday when i say that is the difference with a 35 and 45 miles per hour gust early on friday and early saturday. but what you are blowing around cold air will take the decrease of 10 miles per hour. >> exactly. >> jim: thank you. now we will show you the sign of the season in the nation's capitol. this is the christmas tree that will be put up by the u.s. capitol. you see laying on its side in the big truck. came from idaho the capitol tree lighting ceremony is set for
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>> how can you win tickets to the superbowl for life. >> ahead for us the late information on the suspect in that bloody attack in ohio state university. was it terror? emotion in havana as cubans wait for hours to pay respect to castro. and delta takes action over a
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>> jim: a girl sexually assaulted on nothing day walk with her brother.
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from her father what he did when he found about the attack. this guy is out there. >> reporter: lines at the dmv out the door what changes on the way to ease the congestion for your next visit. at 5:00 millenials are saying sign prenumb. a survey shows more want a prenumb. they make up americans who are between 18 and 34. nearly a third of that group say they are putting off getting married and postponing having children. and 71% of them say they will put off getting married relocate for a job. >> jim: at 5:00 after the hype the back to the future nike self lacing sneakers are on sale. the pipe of the 1.0 are available. they are sold by appointment only at 2 nike stores in new
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they are $720. my gosh. all right. the hype adapt 1.0 are available. they're sold by appointment. we said that. only. move on now from what will they think of next file. we have video from northern japan. >> jim: dominos testing reindeers to deliver pizace. they are unruly. japan is known for b customers can track the progress. you gotta keep the reindeer from eating the pizasm at 5:00 how would you like to go to the superbowl every year notoriety rest of your life. budweiser is offering with 37,000 special golden bud light cans. if you find one post a picture
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the golden cans are out there >> reporter: you know i could see people rush to the stores to find that golden can. that is a nice deal. >> i i was going to have a beer look what we could winful justification. [laughter]. that will wrap it up. thanks for having us in tonight. ?? ?? nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help
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ask your vet about oravet chews.
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tonight, campus attack horror at ohio state. a driver slams into a crowd, then goes on a terrifying stabbing spree. we have new details on the suspect, as the fbi investigates. were there ties to terrorism? with no evidence, president-elect trump pushes baseless claims that millions voted illegally, in an plus, palace intrigue. are there warring factions inside trump tower? we're live from havana where thousands are lining up to bid farewell to fidel castro. what's next for cuba? banned for life. delta reverses course after a video of a belligerent passenger, screaming at women onboard, sparks an uproar. and football to farming. an nfl star who walked away from millions and then found new success


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