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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> that's the fare of a young girl who was sexually assaulted on thanksgiving day steps from her home. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. her father is speaking to news 3. it's our top story. antonio castelan joins us live near west lake mead and buffalo with the father's message to this sexual predator. >> reporter: reed, the sexual assault happened at this gated condo complex. the father says he never imagined this happening at a place he thought was safe. to find him. you know, god forbid it happens again. >> reporter: through his pain, this father named travis speaks to the importance of the capture of a sexual predator. on thanksgiving, around 1:30 in the afternoon, police say the man sketched here sexually assaulted his 8-year-old girl. >> we had the window open. you could hear the kids playing outside. he snuck in and was able to lure one away. >> reporter: police say the
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condos off west lake mead and buffalo. the mother said she was cooking thanksgiving and her daughter and 5-year-old son played outside. detectives say the man told him to go inside the home and sexually assaulted him. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's the best thing that could happen is to turn himself in. he's ruined -- he hasn't -- he's ruined a lot of loves. >> reporter: this woman lives right n happened. she said she will never let her kids play outside. >> i've been here three years and the area has been safe. >> reporter: police describe the suspect as white, with a thin build. he may have had pepper hair. >> it's gut-wrenching. anyone that would victimize a child like this is absolutely one of the worst of the worst offenders be. >> reporter: travis says his daughter is in counseling.
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all, actually. >> all right. if you know anything about this, you are urged to call crimestoppers, 702-385-5555. remember, you can always leave an anonymous tip. a clark county school bus filled with children involved in a hit-and-run crash this afternoon. it happened near bonanza and nellis. we're told none of the 44 students on board were hurt. according to metro, the bus and a white van collided and the van's driver took off. it happened before afternoon. the spokesperson for clark county said the students on board were from east career technical academy. a blow so severe his intestines ruptured. that's what a judge is told about a 7-year-old boy murdered. now the attorneys are arguing about what role, if any, the mother played in the role. do denise rosch is live at the justice center where a preliminary hearing for roshaun malone is underway.
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death, including the mother. the prosecutors don't believe she delivered the fatal blow, so instead of murder, malone faces child abuse and kidnapping charges. medical evidence shows the death of 7-year-old richard findley junior was not an easy one. tied up and beaten to death inside an apartment at the budget suites at boulder and flamingo. according to the medical examiner, bruising andat marks evidence at the autopsy. now the child's mother, roshaun malone, faces child abuse and kidnapping charges. police believe she did nothing to stop a second defendant, kenneth robinson, from murdering her son, even helping out, they say, by tying up the victim herself. >> i think from the outside looking in, ice easy for people to be angry. they should be defending. >> reporter: this man subpoena
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second victim,ive willing in fear of her roommate kenneth robinson. >> i think there's haste to blame. that can be overridden by fear. >> reporter: we also learned the autopsy report on findley is not yet complete because of a severe head injury, brain tissue has been sent out of state for further analysis. but this doctor f office says the blow to the abdomen could have been a fatal injury. the boy's intestines, ruptured. the question for the court, is the mother culpable. and this hearing is expected to cone later in the week and while malone is not expected to testify now, her attorney says she might have plenty to say on the stand if the judge determines this case should go to trial. denise rosch for news 3.
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very difficult story to report. two nevada inmates are in more trouble tonight for a prison brawl that involved 40 inmates. the department of corrections says these two started the trouble at the conservation camp up in northern nevada. prison staff had to use a spray to break up the fight. extra law enforcement responded, including the s.w.a.t. team from the elko county sheriff's offices. no corrections officer today is the busiest day of the year at the dmv. we hate to break it to you, tomorrow is not looking any better. kelsey thomas is at the dmv office on sahara. >> reporter: people didn't find it empty. this place was packed. the good news, a permanent solution is on the way.
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cars single the parking lot like a merry go around. >> no worse than the irs. ever stood in the line at the irs? >> reporter: yes. there is a line of people out the door. >> we're getting close. >> reporter: victor bringing his 1-year-old daughter raven along for the adventure. >> she's good. her mother has her well behaved. >> reporter: that's good because wait times are 80 minutes. >> the first two days after thanksgiving are always the busies >> reporter: if you get stuck in fine, you can take the hassle in stride with good eats or beats. >> '80s rap. >> reporter: shawn moyer has the right idea. >> i have nothing else to do today. the dmv is going to take all day. >> reporter: when you have all day, there's time for that all-important catnap. >> come on. oh. >> reporter: it turns out little
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luckily, dad made an appointment. that's your best bet if you have to go to the dmv. >> if you make an appointment, you have zero wait. >> reporter: soon you will have to go next door, this old office will close for good starting saturday. >> it opened in 1972. we outgrew it. >> reporter: a new location to get people in and out a little bit faster. >> never give tardy a hard time. >> reporter: the new location next door is bigger and better and opens in three weeks. we're reporting live from sahara near eastern, kelsey thomas, news 3. back to you. >> all right. thank you for that. major road projects are underway it seems like all over town. that includes, guess what, some brand-new restrictions on the 15. your traffic authority, tom hawley, is here to tell. >> reporter: this is a big
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this is where craig road is the dividing lane between urban where there's no median island. so the department of transportation wants to turn it all into urban freeway all the way up to the speedway which makes it much easier for the speed way events that we have, particularly nascar in march. for the next couple of weeks that involves restricting i-15, both directions from here all that's sunday nights through thursday mornings. that started last night and continues from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. be prepared for restrictions. there will be more restrictions over the coming years. but those are the ones we're looking at right now, the completion of the entire project is set for 2018. but just expect for the next couple of weeks overnight restriction, i-15 from craig to the speedway, 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. sundays through thursdays. tom hawley reporting. >> thank you.
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incident went before a judge today. you may remember this video showing 32-year-old gina demarco exposing herself and screaming profanities after a crash on the 95 in june. she pleaded guilty to april tempting to use someone else's identity to buy a car. charges for that indecent exposure inkent and leaving the scene of an accident were in dropped. that's because the family that captured the video never showed up. gina demarco blamed the family who took the video is wrong. >> they didn't show up because they know they are wrong. >> what did they do? did they crash in you? >> yes. they did crash unusual me. gina demarco is expected to be sentenced march 28th.
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>> and flames seen shooting from one of the engines. hear from passengers ahead in the case. >> reporter: hi, everybody. jeff gillan. how did you spend cyber monday? i'm at zappos. i know how zappos spent it. pretty quiet wind-wise. that won't last. we have a bumpy ride. we've got the forecast -- coming called a possible terrorist who went on the attack on the campus of ohio state university today and we'll have an update on the people injured.
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chances are a lot of you watching us right now did some shopping at some point today
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>> don't tell. 122million americans right here in nevada also took part in cyber monday. that's the online shopping holiday that adds billions to retail's bottom line. jeff gillan spent part of the day at one business where cyber monday means everything. >> reporter: good evening from zappos. this online shoe and shop has a lot riding on today. >> thank you for calling zappos. >> reporter: she and everyone else in this call center will be busy. >> apparently we have had 109 on active calls and 59 waiting for calls. we have 59 on active chats. >> reporter: take zappos and multiply it by thousands of companies. cyber monday 3.4 billion sales
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here in nevada, the retail association says 80% of us, 80%, shopped online today that's music to the ears of kelly teemer. >> it's our biggest day of the year. it's our largest call volume and has the most traffic. it's huge for us. >> reporter: up to tens of thousands of calls they tell me, which is why you have to keep people fed and happy. outside, pet adoptions in a program zappos sponsors nationwide. >> we've had 120 employees that have adopted pets. >> reporter: like her. >> so cute. yeah. >> reporter: back inside, today was pajama today. things may have been soft and cozy but zappos deals in cold, hard numbers. tyler williams, hat and all, is one of the executives. >> cyber monday gives us a temperature on how we're going to do for the entire year. >> reporter: in other words, will it be just a good one or a
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thanks to help from zappos, more than 250 shelters animals have forever homes. >> they sponsored a weekend promotion to try to get the animals at the shelters into homes at no cost to the families. it worked. adoption fees were waived through today. we checked with the shelter this afternoon. they tell us there's still about 30 animals left. nationwide, zappos has helped more than 9,000 anima f homes. >> all right. you didn't need too big of a fur coat this weekend. but it was still a cooldown, right? >> yeah. yesterday got interesting. >> the winds kicked up. >> not quite st. bernard or chihuahua. maybe a la bra -- labrador. yeah. >> somewhere in between. cold is relative but in las vegas, we have a lot of
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check this out. this is i-08 going owner donner summit. they had up to 8 inches of snow between reno and sacramento. look at that piling up with those large flakes. that system, part of the same one that's kicking up our wind and bringing down the cold air. and those clouds hugging our spring mountains earlier today, here -- this is a great shot from our camera at the lodge. love that. that cloud didn't last long once the sun came out -- it didn't burn off. but you can see the snow melting off the green roof. not quite the same story. watch this quick splash of snow in the afternoon. this is yesterday. falling at lodge level, 7700 feet. back to today, here come the clouds working their way across the las vegas valley sky. intermittent sunshine. a lot of personality out there. look how the valley is sparkling, crystal clear, thanks to the weekend winds. in mesquite, the clouds are
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rain to cause puddles. but that has cleared o now the story is going to be the wind trying to blow a little bit up in centennial hills. not having a lot of luck. they did recently have a gust to 37 currently blowing 39-degree air. pecos and warm springs, green valley, hardly blowing at all. that will change by the way and dug and blue diamond down at mountain's edge. they are calm for the moment, that, too is expected to change. so currentnd factor. not that anybody is complaining but less than 6 miles per hour valley wide. we had gusts close to 30 up in northern parts of the valley. later on tonight through tomorrow, those winds will give us round 2. outside of the valley, same story. the strongest winds have been up there in nye county. they gusted to 38 miles per hour. blowing around some november cool desert air. high temperature, 57.
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but most of them have been in the last week. air quality, you saw that picture, crystal clear. not even pollen to be concerned about for the time being. mid-40s for your saturday tomorrow. we'll get to the mid-50s, maybe upper 50s in some valley neighborhoods. the story will be wind. these are the sustained breezes. they will gift at 25 miles an hour and then back off later in the afternoon. look at that air coming straight down from the north. we had the front push thr a through northeastern parts of the county. a couple of clocks. that's moved through. no longer a factor but the big push of air from the north will kick up the winds yet again tonight and tomorrow. this will be breezy, not as bad but more action up the stream. get ready for another bumpy ride as we get toward the end of the week. teens on the mountain. 39 in overton. high temperatures tomorrow, sandy valley 53. boulder city, 54.
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for the las vegas valley, 42 tonight. breezes pick up late, 5, 15. gusts over 20 miles an hour. tomorrow, early the first half of the day until 1:00, 2:00, we expect a few gusts over 30 miles per hour. tomorrow's high, 56. we're backing off another degree but with the breezes blowing, it will feel colder. wednesday the winds are gone. 54 will be the high. next wind bag comes in. that one could blo 40 miles an hour. first half of friday and then they will start to trail off friday night into saturday. we should be able to get through most of the weekend without a lot of wind. >> all right. >> back up to 60. >> that's a goal. >> now we're talking early december. >> you can pull out the convertible. >> turn on the heat. performer with the cirque du soleil taken away on a
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what american airlines says about this incident where you can see an exclusive video, flames coming from the engine of a las vegas-bound flight. where it made an emergency landing -- up next. ?? ?? nobody likes a dog with bad breath.
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we have positive breaking news. we love it when that's the case. it's coming in. you may remember the story we brought you last week. we have just received word that a local homeowner in southern highlands is going to get there lawn ornaments back after thieves were caught on this video stealing them in broad daylight. metro officers tell us they are returning the ornaments right now. they were find inside a car. we don't know if any people were caught or arrested.
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more. we'll have reaction from that homeowner coming up at 11:00. >> great followup there. well, american airlines says an engine surge caused one of their flights heading to las vegas to make an emergency landing overnight. that's fire coming out. the flight from dallas landed safely in albuquerque and all 178 passengers and six crew members made it off without any issues. russell crider, the passenger who shared the video with news 3, coming out. >> it was probably burning for six, eight minutes before they got it shut down. i think they were talking to another passenger who was sitting in front. it sounded like they were trying to get the engine going or something like that. >> he says despite seeing the flames, everybody stayed calm. passengers were given news vouchers while waiting for another plane. a plane bound for japan had
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the flight landed back to san francisco airport. it went out over the water, dumped fuel. the airline said one of the jet's four engines had to be shut down. the plane was headed to tokyo with 222 passengers and 15 crew members. there's been notable relations between cuba american. >> that's next at 6:30. and we'll have the latest on the attack on the campus of ohio state university today. now being called possible terrorism. the investigation into what motivated the 18-year-old to crash into a crowd and start stabbing people. it's just beginning. we'll tell you what we know --
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it's not real. you go numb. not supposed to happen. sorry. >> obviously a lot of shock and shock over what happened on the campus of ohio state university today. the suspect, abdul razak ali artan, drove his car into students. >> then he got out, started stabbing people in what police now suggest may have been an act of terrorism. ten people are wounded tonight. here's more. >> reporter: tonight, university police naming the suspected attacker as osu student, abdul razak ali artan. a federal law enforcement


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