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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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it's not real. you go numb. not supposed to happen. sorry. >> obviously a lot of shock and shock over what happened on the campus of ohio state university today. the suspect, abdul razak ali artan, drove his car into students. >> then he got out, started stabbing people in what police now suggest may have been an act of terrorism. ten people are wounded tonight. here's more. >> reporter: tonight, university police naming the suspected attacker as osu student, abdul razak ali artan. a federal law enforcement
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18-year-old somali citizen who lived in the area. a u.s. official said he was a legal, permanent resident. investigators are still working on determining motive and can't room out terror at this -- rule out terror at this point. >> we have to consider that it is that possibility. we had an attack earlier with a man with a knife causing multiple injuries. we're always aware that that's a potential and we're going to continue to look at that. that's why our federal partners are here. >> reporter: police say the attacker deliberly a group of pedestrians. a federal official says the car used in the attack was registered to a family member. >> around 9:52 a.m., the emergency dispatch center got a report that a vehicle had struck pedestrians. >> reporter: he then continued to attack, slashing people with a knife. >> he exits the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> reporter: less than a minute later, the attacker was confronted by a police officer.
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eliminated the suspect. he's doa. >> reporter: and a campus-wide alert went out reporting an active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. a federal law enforcement flip says the gunshots reported may have been of the police officer shooting the attacker. on campus, faculty and students blocked doorways and hid. >> our teacher ran and hock locked the door. and we all saw -- we heard a bunch of sirens and like cop calls started flooding to the area. >> it's scary. it was really scary. we barricaded ourselves in our room like we were taught. turned off our lights and just hunkered down. >> reporter: at least ten people were injuries. knob of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. dylann roof the man charged with murdering nine parishioners in south carolina will act as
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a judge making that ruling today and adding that roof's decision to represent himself is unwise. he will have lawyers standing by to advise him along the way. jury selection for his trial is underway right now. roof could face the death penalty if convicted. a cirque du soleil performer fell during a performance in australia. she lost consciousness after calling emergency officials say she was treated at the scene and taken away by ambulance. skinner represented australia in the gymnastics at the olympic games. caught on video, a woman using the emergency exit to jump out of a plane as it was waiting to taxi to the gate. this happened at bush international airport. someone caught the whole thing
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not clear why she jumped but the fbi determined she was not a threat. almost three weeks after the presidential election, it's official. donald trump wins michigan's 16 electoral votes. the secretary of state there made the announcement. he won michigan by just under 11,000 votes, earning 37.5% of the vote. hillary clinton got 47.3% michigan was the last state left to call the race because the vote was so close. the closest presidential race there in more than 75 years. president-elect donald trump continues his meetings with potential cabinet members. well, today, david petraeus met with trump for a national security position. he's today to be considered for secretary of state. he's scheduled to meet with mitt romney again tomorrow. he, too, is reportedly being
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director under president obama. he later pled guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. he talked briefly with reporters after this meeting. >> the meeting went very well. i was with him for about an hour. walked us around the world. showed us the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. so very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. >> all when asked if he was offered secretary of state, he said we'll see where it goes from here. rudy giuliani is also being considered for the same position. take a look. that's tens of thousands of cubans passing through three rooms inside a monument paying tribute to fidel-castro. in a different part of hun,
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flowers and images of castro at the main staircase of the university. castro died on friday at the age of 90. and this raises questions about what president-elect donald trump will do when it comes to relations with the island nation, just 90 miles south of miami. during his campaign, he promised to overturn president obama's recent efforts to reopen ties with cuba. so will president-elect donald trump keep that companro here's jeff barn. >> reporter: when the fidel-castro death celebrations are over, our president-elect donald trump will have some work to do with how he deals with cuba and its government. >> it's a huge change for a community and it's a lot of things -- good things are coming for us. >> reporter: but a lot of uncertainty surrounds the president-elect. >> i think we can expect president-elect to undo some of the executive orders that
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somewhat. >> reporter: recently, the trump camp criticized the efforts to normalize relations with cuba, calling it a very, very weak agreement. cuba was greatly benefiting from the deal while the u.s. was hardly getting anything in urn are. trump insiders say cuba would need to release prisoners in cuban jails and give meme more economic and religious freedoms. this man says twi >> if we revert back to the idea that the united states can have a major change with cuba, i think we'll meet with the same results, little to nothing. >> reporter: one lawmaker says if anyone can deal with the cuban government, it's pred trump. >> the cuban government will be held accountable. american interests will be put
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still ahead an april musement park attraction is getting attention for all of the wrong reasons. >> the unattractive images that sparked a backlash on soaks media and led to an apology by
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welcome back. health officials in texas confirm a locally transmitted case of the zika virus. it's just the second state in the continental u.s. with this kind of transmission. lab results confirm the virus in a woman living in brownsville. that's the southern part of the state down near border. she's not pregnant, which is good, because this causes severe birth defects. she's not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. the only other u.s. state where the virus has been transmitted from person to person is florida. an apology from a japanese theme park, space world, for freezing 5,000 fish in a skating rink. the images sparked a lot of angry response on social media. the park closed the attraction
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fish, crab and other shellfish. the manager said the park will remove the fish and hold a religious service for them and reuse them as fertilizer. a new study could treat alcoholism in the future. researchers at southwestern medical center in texas found a genetic virryians that suppresses the person's thirst for alcohol. they say findings could be used in the development of consumption. time for a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> chaos at a convenience store when dozens of people ransacked, robbed the place. how much damage they caused and who is in custody tonight. free hugs cost one man a lot of money for just doing this, spreading joy. those stories and breaking news as it happens. there's black friday, small
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today is cyber monday. tomorrow is giving tuesday. >> i like that. it's created as a day to encourage your generosity. last year giving tuesday raised $117 million online from 700,000 dopers in 71 countries. there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations out there. just be careful. maybe check them out. scammers also compete for those charitable contributions around this time of year. news 3 is your weather authority. kevin is gng >> giving winds. >> not a very nice guy, am i? [laughter] >> what a thug. >> don't give winds. >> and here he is. justthe messenger. we've turned on winter. but we do get pleasant vistas. check out this picture of the sunset colors this evening over
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fresh blanket of snow. big difference when you look to the west. valley is sparkling tonight. the clouds that we had earlier are gone. we did have some clouds earlier this morning. a few splashes, sprinkles. even some areas of light rain on the west side of town. that was the story in northeastern parents of the county. you could see some of those clouds from our camera way down south, southern part of the valley hooking off to the -- looking off to the north. great view all the way across the entire valley. right now near ramar we expect the winds to pick up later this evening. that neighborhood has gusted to 34 and is growing around 53-degree air. next stop, to henderson. no wind at the moment. temperature at 47 and sahara and sloan on the east side, coming in at 51. we're starting to see more pockets of 40-degree air. that will continue over the next few hours.
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thing. it will pick up. centennial had a gust up to 30 miles an hour. that's mount charleston's charleston. -- temperature. as you match out your tuesday, it will be a cool day. temperatures will start in the 40s. find our way to the 50s at lunchtime. moment likely will peak in the mid-50s. not too significant as far as the winds are first half of the day. we're thinking, 10, 25 sustained. look at all of that air from the north. that's never going to warm things up. it's active following the track of the upper air flow. as that continues to roll we'll have these periodic breezy to windy periods with a breezy one tomorrow and a stronger wind event expected at the end of the week. salt lake, 31. highs tomorrow, phoenix at 62.
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44 up there in the biggest little city. mountain is going down to the teens as it caliente. mesquite will bottom out at 36 overnight. then high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. sandy valley at 53. boulder city will tack on a degree. they will be at 54 while laughlin maxes out at 60. for the las vegas valley, 42 degrees. breezes pick up later on tonight. tomorrow, look for a high temperature. it will stop at 56. we will be breezy the first half of the day. by late in the afternoon, i winds will back off, if not gone already. that will happen tomorrow night. by wednesday, a cool, but sunny and calm day. breezes return late thursday. thursday night, friday the first half of the day could be downright windy. maybe a few lingering breezes into saturday morning but just saturday morning. by saturday afternoon we'll be much more tranquil. by sunday, sunny, 60. we start warming back up.
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>> thank you. >> okay. time for sports. amber is here to give us a preview of rebel basketball hitting the road this week. >> yes. both men's and women's teams play their first road games of the season this week and those lady rebels are on a roll. yesterday, the team beat ole miss, 64-57 to claim their first championship in their own thanksgiving tournament since 2005. with the win, they 5-0 but that undefeated record faces some significant threats. the rebels head to hawaii where they will open the maui classic against byu on friday. on december 19th, they face oregon state at the t-mobile arena. >> we love it, actually. we're very excited to be playing a higher level. the higher competition allows to
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are. >> that's such a cool thing to be part of having such a positive atmosphere. to college football where the atmosphere at local sportsbooks was hot on saturday over the michigan/ohio state game. william hill reports only four nfl games had bigger game day handles. michigan's coach is going to have to get a handle on his temper if he wants to avoid fines like the $10,000 one he got. harbaugh for violating its sportsmanship policy. he harped on officials and criticized their calls after michigan's double overtime loss which may have ended the team's playoff hopes. we'll find out sunday. michigan lost by 3 points. but harbaugh's feelings were best summed up by two words.
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officials. maybe how fans are describing packers' season. at last check, green bay is leading at the half in monday night football. the eagles are favored by four points. you never know which way the ball will bounce. wilson dropped this touchdown pass in this game. kicked the football and that end of a security worker. good thing it wasn't an official. and he apologized to that worker afterwards. there's a kicking problem in the nfl right now. >> apparently. >> guys not making their field goals. some thing he should try out for the position. that would only make sense if he was intentionally aiming at that rear end and i don't think he was doing that. or if he was, that's a bigger problem. >> thank you. coming up -- young turtles lose their way.
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putting them on the move in the
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we're cooking breakfast tomorrow morning. we will want to do it over a warm fire because the temperature will be in the mid-40s. the breeze will blow. windchills in the 30s, maybe down around freezing. i'm against that.
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winds die down in the afternoon. warm being a relative term, into the mid-50s for the high. kelly has your update on "news 3 today" at 4:30 a.m. look at this little guy. he looks lost. call him the wrong-way turtle. the city of florida has had a bunch of wrong-way ones this season. >> turn around. you are going the wrong way. they are confused this year in panama city. 70% of the hatch sea turtles went in the wrong direction, toward the land, not the water. turtle experts say they are going toward the light attracted by all of the new development along the beach. >> that heard there was a good bar and restaurant. grant money is available to obtain the proper lighting so the turtles go the other way to
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the turtles like a little nightlife. >> i think so. >> that will wrap it up for us at 6:30. thanks for having us in. >> coming up -- a special contest for football and beer fans ripped from the pages of a children's book. with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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a possible act of terrorism at a major u.s. university. a student plows his car into a crowd of students and then starts stabbing them. a young girl sexually assaulted on thanksgiving outside of the safety of her
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and robbed by a mob. vandals destroy a convenience store and it's all caught on camera. it's not something that you think is going to happen until it does. not knowing where they are, what they are doing. >> calm turns into chaos at ohio state university as a man hits people with his car and then stabs them. investigators say it may have nine hurt. the suspect, be a 18-year-old somali man, dead. thanks for staying with us. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. fortunately, none of the injuries are life-threatening. this attack is our top story at 7:00. here's the latest. >> reporter: midmorning, calm and then chaos at ohio state university. >> i was going to class and saw people running and was nervous. >> reporter: it was originally


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