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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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breaking news. a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed overnight. late details on the 81 lives aboard. >> tennessee wildfires threaten residents and cause them to flee near >> was it terror that motivated the man behind the ohio sta university rampage and the hero cop that saved lives. >> president-elect donald trump will choose one of obamacare's most outspoken critics to lead health and human services. >> banned for life. delta airlines banned an passenger who went on a tirade against passengers who supported hillary clinton.
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>> i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. we begin with breaking news. 76 people have been killed in a charter plane crash in a mountainous region of colombia. it was carrying 81 people, including a professional brazilian soccer team. also 21 journalists covering the team. authorities say six people were pulled alive from the wreckage, but only five survived. local media reports the survivors include three players, a flight attendance and also a journalist. the plane declaredn because of an electrical failure. it was about 18 miles from its destination, the city of medellin. they could only access the crash site by land. the efforts would continue after sunrise. >> overnight, thousands in tennessee are under mandatory evacuation orders. multiple wildfires are burning in several counties. people captured these images
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and pigeon forge. around 100 homes in the area are threatened and 30 structures have been impacted by the flames. wildfire reached the edge of dolly parton's theme park, dollywood, but a spokesperson said it has not been damaged so far. according to authorities, the original wildfire which grew rapidly throughout monday appeared to be human caused. some rain rolling in from the east should help firefighters in their efforts. >> this morning, new details in the horrific a state university that left 11 people injured. after the suspect, 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan attacked students, ramming his car into pedestrians and getting out to attack them with a butcher's knife. >> i'm at ohio state outside of watts hall and a guy crashed his car into a bunch of people and ran them down. >> he was shot and killed by an officer on the scene, and this morning, the officer,
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hailed a hero as investigators look into what motivated artan to attack, zeroing in on two key questions, was it terrorism or did something else push him over the edge. they're searching the suspect's home for clues while law enforcement officials say they're a long way from knowing what motivated the attack. shortly before artan caried out his attack, messages on what appeared to be his boiling point. america, stop interfering with other countries, especially muslim community, we are not weak. we are not weak. remember that. and just two hours before that, a cryptic post appeared on the page. forgive and forget. love. now, the osu community grapples with the attack, holding vigils for those still recovering from their injuries overnight. >> we're 52 days away from
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trump's inauguration platform right across from his future home. and this morning, the trump transition team wakes up on the verge of major cabinet announcements. >> a very productive day. back at it first thing in the morning and a number of very important announcements. >> the pending cabinet news comes on the same day a high-profile dinner between donald trump and mitt romney will take place. this as kellyanne conway goes to twitter to defend her own working relationship with the president-elect after msnbc reported trump was furious with conway for her attacks on romney. meanwhile, political reports romney is increasingly unlikely to take on a role inside the administration, that as we get information from georgia congressman and budget committee
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secretary. an interesting choice given that price is a former orthopedic surgeon by trade and has been staunchly opposed to obamacare even offering a bill to repeal it. seema verma has been announced to become the administrator for the medicare and medicaid. that's another marquis face in trump tower with david petraeus meeting with trump himself and what the general had to say following the meeting. >> how did the meeting go? >> meeting went very well. was with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world, showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there, and some of the opportunities as well. >> well, even with that, the embattled general is thought to be up for secretary of state, but the multitasking president-elect also went on yet another twitter tirade, this one
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not finding evidence for trump's baseless claim of voter fraud. at one point, even given a 16-year-old a prominent place on his twitter feed. he said cnn is so embarrassed by their total 100% support of hillary clinton and yet her loss in a landslide that they don't know what to do. he continued to bash the cable network this morning with yet another post. that came as michigan's board of elections certified results with trump as the winner. even as jill stein continued her pursuit of a recount. following wisconsin's announcement it could begin its recount as early as thursday. stein pushed back against critics of her efforts with thomas roberts. >> what i said whenever i was asked would i call for a recount if there were doubts about the credibility of the results, i always said yes. this is not about helping one
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this is also not about advancing my own career. my campaign is not going to win. >> you may recall this video that has gone viral. delta airlines has taken the unusual step of banning a passenger for life after unleashing an obscenity laced rant at passengers. >> donald trump, baby. that's right, this man knows what's up. we got some hillary [ bleep ] on here? come on, baby. trump! >> the flight to pittsburgh was still at the gate in atlanta when it happened. delta says it should have removed the passenger rather than letting him fly. in fact, the ceo apologized and offered refunds to customers onboard. >> on a separate flight, united airlines 747 bound for tokyo landed safely back in san francisco after one of its four engines failed after takeoff. one passenger reported a loud bang and flames coming from the
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flight is under medical evaluation after she pulled open the emergency exit door and jumped out of the plane as it waw taxiing in houston. the woman got out on the wing, jumped to the ground, and ran toward the terminal before she was taken into custody by officials. >> still to come here, star wars fans are having deja vu, but it's excitement for the rogue one release is gist as high as the force awakens. yesterday was the first day of preticket fandango's ticket site went up at 12:01 eastern time. fans flooded the server. within just a few hours, the website crashed. customers took to social media complaining about long waits and the site going down. fan tango acknowledged the trouble in this tweet, telling customers a digital wait room had been created. i'm sure that's little consolation. >> we may have to do it the old
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line. >> that's fun. you can anticipate it, talk about it. >> fun if it's not pouring down rain. >> after all the shopping, it's time to give back. today is giving tuesday. we'll tell you about that ahead. first, bill karins on some severe weather out there today. what should we be looking for? >> the first thing, we just had high wind warning dropped for the gatlinburg area and the fires we showed you earlier. that's good. when we get daylight, it's not going to be a pretty scene. still watching the in. had about a half inch of rain. that's going to end sthortly. then another batch of rain this evening. that's good that they'll get additional rainfall to help the firefighters. then severe weather in the south. 13 million people at risk.
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idaho falls alt 33. cold air to be had in the inner mountain west. severe weather, tornadoes. fire, a lot to watch. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead, an unusual development in the charleston church massacre case and then an incapacitated driver leads to a hairy rescue from this, that and more caught on tape. "early today" is back in two. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ? harry's meeting clients from far away.?
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through social media. take a photo, tag it with #givingtuesday, and #unselfie. upload it to support the campaign. a great part to forget the whole it's all about me. >> a nice thing to do. we focus on shopping during the holiday season but it's important to remember to give back as well. >> leading the news, the white house warns of significant blow to cubans if donald trump untangles the administration's deals between the countries as he vowed to do so. even as cuban people line up to pay their respects to the deceased leader. >> important for the cuban people to be here. and everybody is here, because we are sad. >> you see soldiers crying. old ladies crying, men crying. >> he was an incredible man. you can agree or not with him, but he was incredible. he did many things for cuba.
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recent death won't slow their efforts towards a more harmonious effort with cuba. >> now to this unusual development in the charleston massacre case. dylann roof requested to ask as his own attorney. the judge reluctantly accepted the request, calling it, quote, strategically unwise. while roof's lawyers can still stand by and help if he asks, he faces charges for shooting nine people. south carolina prosecutors also plan a second death penalty trial for him. >> in australia, a 4-wheel drive spins out of control with a passed-out driver behind the wheel. traffic came to a halt in both directions when the driver lost consciousness with his foot on the gas pedal while the vehicle ozin reverse. now, several drivers chased the suv until one of them was able to reach into the car, pull up
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condition. still no word yet on what caused him to black out while driving. >> those brave other people stepping in like that, knowing that car is out of control. >> just ahead, last year, over 23 million people never got their packages. details on a growing trend. they're called porch pirates. i call them scrooges. we'll tell you how to avoid them, too.
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fast forwarding today. u.s. lawmakers are expected to vote on the 21st century cures act this week. the bill provides funding for alzheimer's research and popular initiatives like joe biden's cancer moonshot, but it's also criticized by for some easing standards for new drugs and medical devices. >> the south korean president announced she would resign if parliament comes up for a plan for the safe transfer of power calls for her resignation over a corruption scandal. >> and michelle obama welcomed u.s. military families to the white house to view the 2016 holiday decorations. >> this morning, oil prices are on the move and also a warning for online shoppers who rex pkting package deliveries. beware of porch pirates. landon dowdy joins us now. good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right. oil prices are dropping today.
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austria for a meeting tomorrow, and they are growing doubts that the cartel will agree to cut production in an effort to reign in a glut in global supply. goldman sachs predicts if they reach a deal, oil prices could rise above $50 a barrel. meanwhile, at&t will launch its directv now streaming service tomorrow. customers can get channels for $65 a month and more than for $70 and it's available on all internet-connected devices. at&t and counting on mobile video to generate new revenue. >> and a warning to holiday shoppers expecting packages. watch out for porch pirates. police are seeing a rise in thieves stealing packages off doorsteps and they recommend you have your packages delivered to a secure location such as work
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request a text message when your packages arrive. >> real life grinches. >> if there ever was a silver lining living in a tiny apartment, you have a doorman where they can be delivered safely. >> with movember coming to an end, a look at this guy's face hair. >> and the cone of silence. it's a real thing, believe it or not. you're watching "early today." gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on!
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well, november is movember. millions around the world growing mustaches for health. they're raising awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. i joined the movember movement as you can see. it has been 29 days ans a razor touched my face, cutting down prep time and raising awareness for the cause. and here's a look at the "today" show men who took part. you're supposed to save the money you would spend on razors and shaving supplies, donate that at the end of the month to a good cause. it can add up to a couple hundred dollars. >> the big day, shave? >> tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon. >> going to be a whole different ayman. >> the morning meeting at work
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place in one of these here. look at this and watch what it does. this is made by m.i.t. and google. they created the cocoon like cubicle. you pull dedpoun from the ceiling and there it is, instant office and perfect for privacy. >> better not be claustrophobic. >> it can hold six to eight people and is about eight feet tall. when we talked about this this morning, we were reminded of this from the '60s tv show "get >> we can talk under the cone of silence. >> the cone of silence? >> well, this is a magenta alert, isn't it? >> the cone of silence. >> i am deeply concerned about the conference room. >> what? >> i'm concerned about the conference room. >> how's that?
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the weather story of the day is what happens this afternoon in mississippi. the potential of tornadoes. in the west, pretty calm today. a little chilly. 67 only in los angeles. 58 in san francisco. tomorrow, we watch a weak storm, late tonight into tomorrow, light rainin with showers. could produce some wintry stuff around boise. so we'll have to see. mississippi is the concern as we go throughout the day today. tornado threat in late november. >> thank you. contra costa county health officials are investigating a deadly illness from this past holiday weekend. three people died while five others were sickened after having thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall. none of the other 827 people who ate there got sick.
4:27 am
instead at the assisted living facility where they live. health officials are waiting for test results and interviewing those recovering from the illness. >> president obama is signing a bill that looks to improve veterans' access in times of crisis. the bill would look to insure all telephone calls and communications made to the v.a. suicide hotline are returned in a timely manner by a qualified professional. the bill was signed yesterday and comes afteren allegations that some calls into that very hotline's voice mail system went unanswered or weren't immediately returned. >> texas health officials have announced the first case of locally transmitted zika in the lone star state. the woman lived in brownsville. she's had no recent travel to mexico or anywhere else with ongoing zika transmission. testing indicates the virus can no longer be spread by the woman. texas is now the second u.s. state with mosquitoes spreading zika.
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anxiety has found a strange and adorable way to calm her fears. a duck costume, believe it or not. look at this video. a 6-month-old goat named polly who suffers from a neurological problem. a group found the costume and dressing her in the full outfit from bill to webbed feet. as soon as she's snug inside, her anxiety is calmed and she's instantly relaxed. she can rock other costumes a well, but the duck is definitely her favorite. that's a nice little uplifting story there. >> just a matter of being cuddled. i think anybody with anxiety, you give them a nice hug. >> i wonder how they came up with that idea, let's try a duck costume. they know what they're doing to take the time out. >> putting a smile on people's faces given the things we have been hearing in the news these days. >> thanks for being with us on this tuesday. i'm francis rivera.
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we'll see you right back here >> dana: deadly crash. a plane has crashed in south america killing most of the people on board although there are reports of some survivors. a big clue into what went wrong coming up. >> there is a guy that crashed his >> kim: call for help. classes will be held at the ohio state university. this is a day of police are calling an attack on campus that is being investigated as a terror attack. >> dana: big announcement expected. secretary of state announced by the trump team today.
4:30 am
with. >> you are waking up to multiple breaking news events. we have gatlinburg tennessee on fire, closing in on the aquarium and that dollywood resort that so many people are familiar with. we'll take you to the if you know of anything to get this suck tore stop bleeding send me a social media post to help me out. we're the wagners here on this tuesday morning. >> dana: breaking news here too. we have a freeze warning in effect for tonight. >> it's going to get cold and we're going to talk more about the precautions you need to take coming up.


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