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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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with. >> you are waking up to multiple breaking news events. we have gatlinburg tennessee on fire, closing in on the aquarium and that dollywood resort that so many people are familiar with. we'll take you to the if you know of anything to get this suck tore stop bleeding send me a social media post to help me out. we're the wagners here on this tuesday morning. >> dana: breaking news here too. we have a freeze warning in effect for tonight. >> it's going to get cold and we're going to talk more about the precautions you need to take coming up.
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50 by 9:00 a.m. we're going to talk more about the freeze warning coming up. >> more on that breaking news that has to do with the survivors of that columbian plane crash. it was a charter plane with a brazilian soccer team that went down on its way to the finals of a regional five people survive this crash including a man identified as alan a member of that team. they thought it was an
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>> dana: classes will resume today in about 24 hours after police say a student went on a rampage leaving nine people injured. police are calling it an act of terrorism. a student everything happen. >> i saw everything happen right in front of me.
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wearing? >> i think he's dead. >> did we shoot him? >> i ran away when it all happened. >> dana: everybody who was injured in this attack is expected to survive. the man who went on the attack is a somali national who is in our country legally and as for a motive they came across a facebook rant that said attacks on muslims around the tie boiling point. i can't take it anymore. >> kim: we're expecting announcements from the trump team. we have nbc news sources confirming one cabinet position will be talked about today. mitt romney back for a second critical meeting today and then dinner with donald trump tonight. tracy potts reports.
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congressman tom price as secretary of health and human services. he's an orthopedic surgeon and he's the person to rewrite the affordable care act. 7 people are scheduled to meet with the trump team today. he's a contender for secretary of state adds insiders clash over mitt romney for that position. the recount is on >> i'm confident that president elect is going to win. >> it's going to cost $3.5 million. jill stein who requested the recount said they raised the money over night. >> almost 140,000 donors stood up to say we deserving an election system we can have confidence in. >> recounts in wisconsin,
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unnecessary. >> it was clear fraud was not a part of this. >> dana: happening today a man accused of driving drunk and hitting two local men in the valley who were out to buy a birthday present for their mother is expected in a local courtroom. willie facing a preliminary hearing today. a judge will hear the evidence against him and decide if the case goes to trial. last month police an hour right before hitting asher and roberts who were making a u turn near rainbow and smoke ranch. willie worth which downed four shots of hen see before that crash. >> kim: also happening today look for fast food workers across our great nation to go on protest. they are calling it a day of disruption. they are demanding higher pay.
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throughout our great nation focusing on this mcdonald's here in las vegas where we're getting word at 6:00 this morning workers plan to walk off the job at the restaurant right across from the mirage demanding $15 an hour and more union rights. those workers expected to protest again by this evening. when we talk about workers looking to make $15 an hour, it's a variety of jobs whether it's in the airport, home care, elected officials are expected to join in on some of the protest. we're going to have a lot more live coverage of what is expected today when we check in with michelle in about 25 minutes from now. >> dana: wait time at the dmv expected to be really long. and that is news why? longer unanimous normal wait times at the dmv today. this is the office yesterday.
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worse than normal. here is y. the office is closed for the thanksgiving holiday so they had four days where they didn't see anybody. you can skip the wait by making an appointment online before you go. make an appointment before you go. if you do that, you are going to cut your wait time by dramatic portions they are going to move to a new building. that office closes saturday. the new office opens on decembe. >> kim: still to come this morning we have video that you are going to be talking about. a woman bolts from the plane, even in motion as she's doing it. you are seeing the outside view of her on the tarmac.
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way. >> dana: a local woman caught on cell phone individual joe flashing her stuff at a local family will not face charges for flashing that family. why she says the guy involved in
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>> kim: welcome back to the program. we have one of the take a look at this moment. a woman caught on camera pulling open the emergency exit on the plane at an airport in houston. not only do you see the outside portion but here is the inside portion of what i'm talking about. people on board are wondering
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>> there was no noise like hearing a door open, there was no aharm. there was no indication that door had even been opened. the attendants told everybody stay seated and leave their seatbelts on because we were not at the gate and that sort of thing. it was kind of surreal i guess would be a good word. >> she was an eyewitness to the whole thing. the woman was taken to a hospital to be the f.b.i. was involved initially but no longer now because she's not a threat to national security. maybe something going on with mental health. once we get word what was going on with this woman we'll pass it on to you. >> dana: we have a car crash, the cargoes up in flames and somebody goes inside the car to save the person. we're going to tell you who risked their life to save a man
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>> kim: people around the world talking about dominoes trying to
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>> dana: you can see a crowd of people in front of that to the top portion of their screen. these people protesting for $15 an hour minimum wage. this is happening across our fine country today. >> kim: we now take to you gatlinburg, tennessee. all you see is flames. 14 fires have been reported within this small community. and a lot of people forced to
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the scene and i'm looking at this footage for the first time along with you. you can see how intense it is. wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. roads in and out of these small communities packed. residents urged to use mobile phones only for emergencies and they are saying unless it is an emergency make sure you everything up. we will continue to pay attention to this developing story throughout the broadcast. i'm assuming because nbc news is so good about this we'll have live pictures from the scene before it's all said and done when we end at 7:00 this morning. >> dana: they had 70-mile an hour wind gust ahead of a cold front, then they had rain and now they are worried about
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>> kim: the windy weather maybe woke people up earlier than normal. i didn't need the alarm because the wind woke me up. >> kelly: the wind is blowing. it's going to continue through the morning hours. as the wind dies down the freeze warning kicks in. this is the red rock visitor center yesterday morning. tons of clouds in the area. we had a few rain mountain snow showers as well. we'll take a look at time lambs later on. as we got into afternoon hours the skies clearing out. currents temperatures stepping out sunrise at 40, wait until you see if morning lows we'll be dealing with tomorrow morning. here is a look at the wind gusts.
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hour. those will diminish as we get into the afternoon. tons of sunshine around the area. forecast high for today 56. gusts 25 miles an hour in the valley. tonight the winds die down, mainly clear skies. that will allow the temperature to plum met. many neighborhoods will drop down to that freezing effect tomorrow morning. pets, plants, people and pipes keep them warm, bring them indoors. 50's all week with more breezy conditions friday and saturday. >> dana: local mother will not face murder charges in the murder of her son. attorneys are arguing what role malone played in her own child's death. malone facing child abuse and
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murder charges. police say she didn't stop her roommate kenneth robinson was from abusing her son. she even participated in tying her son up. an attorney says she's also a victim living in fear of robinson. >> i think there is haste to want to blame someone. we think of a mother's duty to protect. not only do we recognize that morally but legally. the problem isha overridden by fear. >> this is tough to hear. a judge told yesterday in this preliminary hearing this adorable 7-year-old boy was hit so hard that his intestines ruptured. a doctor said a blow to the abdomen could have been a fatal injury to this adorable young boy. the preliminary hearing will continue on thursday. >> kim: tough to hear.
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channel 3. a local dad says his daughter is not doing well after being sexually assaulted on thanksgiving day at this condo complex on lake mead and buffalo. the predator lured this little girl away from where she was playing with her brother to a secluded area. now her dad is talking about it. he has a simple message for this person. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's the best thing that can he's ruined a lot of lives. >> she's had nightmares. she's not doing very well at all actually. we need to find him. god forbid it happen again. >> kim: there is the artist rendering of the person they are looking for. it's pretty generic but this is all we have. take a good look at what the
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police. he could be from 20 years old up to 50. gray peppered hair could be a distinguishing feature here. if you know anything about this predator, don't keep it to yourself. local police want to hear from you. call that crime stoppers number. >> dana: this it was flash around our country. most of you have probably already seen this. this happened on u.s. 95 from flamingo after a brief fender bender they had at this location. she's not going to face charges for that flash. no charges for indecent exposure after she exposed her breast, yelled obscenities at that family. here is the reason she's not going to face charges. the family she got into the fender bender with didn't show up in court yesterday.
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they are in the wrong. >> what did they do that day? >> they crashed into me. they didn't have kids in the car. it's all crap. i don't want to talk to anybody else. >> watch out. she's not out of the woods yet. she pled guilty to one count of identity theft. they accused her of trying to buy a car with somebody else's identity. she's expected to be on march 28 for that. >> kim: a quick thinking police detective is credited with saving a man from a burning car. this case takes to us new jersey. happening the day before thanksgiving. and he ran straight toward a burning car with a man inside. the man suffered a medical problem and crashed his chevy
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after the accelerator stuck apparently. the officer manages to get the car stopped and rush to his safety. he's lucky to be alive. the detective set to retire in a few weeks and the city plans to honor him with a life saving award well deserved. numerous breaking news events you are waking up to this we're covering them this morning and today is picking up the reporting on this one. here is what else to expect this morning on today. >> good morning. coming up on a tuesday here on today we'll have the latest on that breaking news a plane carrying 81 people including a professional soccer team crashing in columbia. then was it terrorism? developments on the investigation into that flight ang tack on the campus of ohio state university.
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portman will be here talking about the oscar buzz she's getting. and the stars of the gilmore girls revival nearly a decade in the making. >> kim: my husband is saying this dominoes pizza out of japan is not just in the holiday season. >> they using reindeer. >> who needs reindeer to deliver present when is they can deliver pizza? dominoes in japan says it's training reindeer at a driving school to deliver pizza in one of japan's coldest snowiest regions.
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it can go 80 kilometres per hour. it's especially fast on snow. >> if reindeer deliver pizza at 50 miles an hour. dominoes should expect lawsuits. >> the trainers seem to be having trouble reigning in their pizza delivery how do you say publicity stunt in japanese? >> dominoes is no stranger to marketing employs. take the edible box dominoes dreamed up for april fools. last month dominoes in new zealand demonstrated the pizza delivery drone that flew to the appointed address and lowered a
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drones could make up 25% of delivery. before the drone dominoes in australia presented the pizza delivery robot with a top speed of about 15 12: miles an hour. it can't take to the highway but it can chat with customers and dodge obstacles, from high-tech to low tech, is that tomato sauce making rudolph's >> kim: that was something to laugh at. this not so much. that suspect facing a judge
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>> dana: that guy facing 10
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$75,000. >> kim: a plane crash has killed so many people it's hard to keep track. here is an amazing part of the story.
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well. we'll take you to the scene for an update in moments. >> she's had nightmares sand not doing very well at all. >> dana: a father talking about what this man did to his daughter. what message he has for the attacker coming >> kim: day of disruption here locally and beyond. a lot of fast food workers walking off the job protesting how much they are making. they want to raise the minimum wage. with very live events happening as we speak and we're going to take you there ahead. >> dana: 76 people are dead after a chartered plane crashed


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