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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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well. we'll take you to the scene for an update in moments. >> she's had nightmares sand not doing very well at all. >> dana: a father talking about what this man did to his daughter. what message he has for the attacker coming >> kim: day of disruption here locally and beyond. a lot of fast food workers walking off the job protesting how much they are making. they want to raise the minimum wage. with very live events happening as we speak and we're going to take you there ahead. >> dana: 76 people are dead after a chartered plane crashed
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81 people on board including a top brazilian soccer team. mixed reports of how many survived. five to six people survived this. the pilot declared an emergency because of an electrical failure on >> kim: welcome in. as that story continues to develop we'll have continued updates on this program. one of the survivors, one of the star players from that soccer team. stick with us throughout the broadcast for updates on that developing story. speaking of developing stories, that affects our local traffic and weather. >> dana: we got you covered every 10 minutes on the program.
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and travel times. right now we check out the forecast and it's going to be cold tonight. >> kelly: it sure is. it is a little bit chilly out there this morning but it's going to get a whole lot colder. we're dealing with winds across the area. 54 at lunchtime. winds gusting to 25. we're going to talk about a freeze warning coming up in 10 minutes. >> tom: nothing too much wrong going on t freeways running at the speed limit. we had an overnight closure on the 215 for work and everything is looking green right now and green is good when it comes to traffic. >> kim: this is a story you're only going to see here on channel 3. we focus on a local dad sharing
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unthinkable for most parents to wrap their minds around this. this happened just steps from his home on thanksgiving day. that is the predator they are looking for. his daughter sexually assaulted at lake mead and buffalo where he lives. detectives say the predator lured the little girl away from where she was playing with her brother to a secluded area. now that dad has a message for the predator. >> he needs to turn himself in. happen is to turn himself in because he has ruined -- he hasn't ruined. he's ruined a lot of lives. she's had nightmares. she's not doing very well at all actually. we need to find him. god forbid it happen again. >> kim: the artist rendering on your screen fairly generic. you can identify some of the features to get a decent look at
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they are thinking this man could be anywhere from 20 to 50 years old. he has a thin build and gray peppered hair. if you know anything don't keep it to yourself. they want to hear from you. call that crime stoppers number. >> dana: this was the flash seen around our country. that is gina demarco after a fender breasts, yelling obscenities to a local family after this happened. the entire incident caught on camera. she's not going to face any charges for this. she was in a local courtroom yesterday with her attorney. she's not going to face charges for exposing herself on u.s. 95 because the family didn't show up in the courtroom. however gina is not out of the woods yet.
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toises someone else's identity attempting to buy a car. >> kim: the man accused of driving drunk and slamming into two teenagers who were out to buy a birthday gift for their mom is expected to face a judge. this is from a former court appearance facing a preliminary hearing today. a judge will hear the evidence against him and decide if the case should move forward to trial. last month he was going down rainbow at 115 m brothers. here you see them pictured with their mother who is heart broken. he had downed four shots of hen see before the crash. we will have continued coverage throughout the day here on news 3. >> dana: classes will resume on the campus of ohio state university today. this after a man rammed his car into a group of people and got out of the car with a knife in
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we're hearing some of the first 911 calls. >> what is your emergency? >> i'm at ohio state and there is a guy crashed his car into a bunch of people and ran out with a knife taking out people. >> it was an 18-year-old student that drove his car on to the sidewalk full of pedestrians and students on that campus yesterday. they say he stabbed several students way butcher k. one with critical injuries. he was finally shot by a campus police officer. shot dead on the scene. he was a so mali refugee and he lived if pakistan for a while and then moved here in 2014. they discovered disturbing images on his facebook account talking about attacks on muslims around the world.
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terrorism. >> kim: happening today local fast food workers expected to walk off the job? what is being dubbed a day of disruption. they want higher pay. it's not just happening in our community, it's happening across our great nation. let's go local with this one. michelle is standing by. i don't know exactly where you are because i know that you and the crew were forced to change location because someone was upset with where you first set up, i understand there is a know workers are expected to walk off the job today. >> michelle: that is supposed to happen at 6:00. we were forced off several different locations. it's hard to find a spot to park your car and set up for a live shot on the las vegas strip. this is happening at the mcdonalds right down the street right across from the mirage tucked in there. workers are saying that at 6:00 they are going to risk their job and later on today risk the possibility of arrest because
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important cause this. is part of that nationwide protest we've been seeing go on where fast food workers are demanding higher pay. $15 an hour is what they want and union rights and so forth. this is not only fast food workers, this is going to be airport workers at o'hare, uber drivers in two dozen cities are going to be joining the protest. here in las vegas at the job at 6:00 this morning hand then tonight they are going to join others and protest again late own this evening and they say that they are going to have elected officials joining them and other community members and this is something they say they
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for. >> dana: we have breaking news out of new york. trump announcing he's going to nominate the georgia representative to head the department of health and human services this. is a cabinet level pick so that means he's going to need senate confirmation and one of obama's biggest >> kim: he was a strong critic of obama care. as he's being looked into by the nbc news sources as more comes out about this man who many are not aware of, we will have continued coverage for you on this broadcast. >> dana: a couple of airline passengers making headlines this morning for their bad behavior.
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upset? >> kim: an airline not happy with this one. she jumps out of a plane that was in taxi movement. she's on the tarmac. why would she pull the emergency exit and jump out? we have the story headed your way, at least what we know so far. >> dana: a new airline about to start flying into las vegas. about to fly nonstop to a city never served from here before.
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>> kim: welcome back to the program. we're f we're talking about south korea. she's just made the announce that want she is resigning if parliament comes up with a plan for the safe transfer of power. she's going to let the parliament decide the schedule of her escaped rig nation to minimize any connings fusion that could come about because of the transfer of power.
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confident and aid saying it is still her fault as she failed to carefully manage those close associates. she's been facing calls to resign over this scandal. >> dana: the ashes of the former cuban president honored yesterday by his brother and current leader, the tribute will continue today. schools,ov tomorrow castro's ashes will begin a three day march across eastern cuba retracing his march of his army to the cab toll of havana in 1959 when his small rebel army was able to overthrow
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>> kim: this is wild. you see this woman just kind of doing a slow jog on the tarmac. she hospital out through the emergency exit. the plane was kind of in taxi mode too. the plane just arrived from new orleans. it was waiting for the final taxi into the gate whether she was out of there pulling that exit door jumping out. doing a slow jog on the you are the mack. you saw video from inside the plane as well. unclear why very pulled this move. initially the f.b.i. was called in. they are no longer involved this morning because as the latest investigation has it she is not determined to be a threat to national security. we do know she's being evaluated at a local hospital.
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are on fire. and the weather playing prominent in this as well. this is gatlinburg, tennessee. we had winds gusting to 70 miles an hour at one point fanning these flames. rain showers moved through that helped a little bit. they are worried about lightning that area as well. some people running their lives, driving for their lives as well. scary situation as the smoke was so thick. i heard a out of the flames and they were not sure if they were on the road because the smoke was so thick in that area. "the today show" will have more on this coming up. >> kim: dollywood is under attack and so is an aquarium. people are very familiar with that portion of tennessee we're talking about. >> tom: here in the valley we are looking good with all our freeway times running in the
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closures of lane restrictions on i15. for the next two weeks every night during the overnight hours you'll have restrictions along here but right now it looks fine. >> kelly: i want to start out with this awesome yesterday they had a fresh dusting of snow. it started to melt and then cloud moving back in. there is still a pile of snow there. looking forward to the ski season getting started and seeing more snow up there. today temperatures in the valley in the low to mid 40's. paradise 46, nellis 43. but it's going to be a lot
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we have a freeze warning in effect. gusty winds is what we're dealing with today. north las vegas 27-mile per hour gusts right now. clear skies and diminishing winds leads to that freeze warning tonight. take care of people, pets, plants and pipes. bring the animals inside, wrap the pipes, cover the plants as breezy winds gusting to 25. tonight windy minutishing. it's going to get cold. 35 is what we're looking at. many neighborhoods will drop below freezing. temperatures stay cool all week with morning lows in the 30's, highs in the 50's and more wind friday and saturday. >> kim: let's take you live to the floor of the nasdaq where jane king is standing by.
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a chinese billionaire is broke and it has implications for us. >> it comes from the nevada state treasurer. he told china daily that the tech mowingle behind the silicon valley is having trouble meeting his obligations. is the plant had production stalled for let's focus on the positive. there is another option to get from here in las vegas to the middle east. >> cutter airlines adding las vegas as a destination. las vegas is included as part of an eight city expansion announced yesterday. people have been asking for a las vegas direct flight. they didn't give an exact start
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>> kim: direct tv has a new streaming service that launches tomorrow. do tell. >> they made this announcement a couple of months ago. direct tv now and now we know details about this new streaming video service. it will kick off at a price from $30 to $70 for 120 channels. at&t will offer free apple tv seeming devices and the fire >> well done, especially with the chinese billionaire's name which i wouldn't attempt but you nailed it. >> my kids take chinese so i'm around it a little bit. >> dennis: quick thinking police detective credited with saving a
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jersey. the show of bravery came the day before thanksgiving when he ran straight toward this morning car with someone inside. the driver suffered an apparent medical problem and crashed into another car in that parking lot. both cars burst into flames. a passing motorist tried unsuccessfully to remove the driver from that car. the officer was able to get the highs set to retire in just a few weeks. could have talk it easy, decide not to and now the city plans to give him an award for his bravery. >> kim: we have more bad behavior that concerns the airlines. delta taking an unusual step because of this ranting raving lunatic on board one of their planes caught on video.
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he's insulting fellow passengers who voted for hillary clinton. the video doesn't capture is events that led up to this incident. this flight to pittsburgh was still at the gate in atlanta when it happened. passengers were upset saying they could have kicked him off already. the c.e.o. apologized, offered refunds to every person who was now this guy is no longer ever ever going to fly delta again. >> dana: never talk politics at cocktail parties or on board an airline. a local giraffe looking for a little help this morning. look at his face. coming up how you can help this guy get a new home tall enough for his neck. >> kim: a man being rescued from
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there for hours.
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>> tom: 215 was closed in the overnight hours. it is reopen and everything looking good. travel times look good.
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great. >> kelly: bundle up. pahrump at 42. boulder city 44. highs today only going to make it into the mid 50's. we're going to be dealing with gusty winds out there. a freeze warning coming up. >> kim: speaking of falling in the drink. this is a 12-foot sink hole and a guy did get trapped down below. >> dana: h c somebody heard him. >> 911 where is your emergency? >> did they alter voice there is? this happened in north carolina area. we have no idea how the guy get down there in the first place. emergency crews came to his rescue and he's doing just fine now. >> kim: still to come, you're
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something a police officer said was put in his drink. what was floating in the soda? we have the full story headed your way. >> dana: i don't know fy want to
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>> chris: we have breaking news to share with you. it has to do with a plane crash,
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>> dana: a local man accused of killing two brothers when police say he was driving drunk is going to face a judge. more on this case ahead. >> kim: opening date set. dying for waffle fries. we know when the chick-fil-a's in town will be opening >> dana: good morning. welcome in. live pictures out of chicago this morning. >> kim: it is a national day of disruption that includes our fine city here in las vegas. if you are just waking up with us, we checked in once with michelle on the las vegas strip in front of the mcdonald's where the workers plan on walking off the job in a half hour from now.
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and our own city here in las vegas. >> dana: welcome in. thanks for joining us on this terrific tuesday. we're the wagners and time to check out a traffic situation. we've had some issues out there early this morning. >> kim: when you go up in our 6:00 hour i'm looking guard to seeing what it looks like from the aerial view when we have all the protestors walking off the job in mass. >> tom: we'll be checking that out for sure. in may have experienced a delay from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 this morning. that is part of project neon. happens again tonight. that area looks fine. the barrels pulled over to the shower. not affecting the travel times. looking good for the moment. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, bundle up, a little chilly but it's going to get colder.
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sunshine. gusty winds though. 25-mile per hour gusts a possibility. the wind will diminish overnight but that will allow the temperatures to plum met. we'll talk about a freeze warning coming up. >> kim: more on that breaking news situation involving a plane crash. a chartered plane with the first division soccer team went down last night while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament just 15 minuteles ago cnn confirmed there was a sixth survivor found. a sixth person found alive under the fuselage. they are still coming the wreckage. the plane declared an emergency last night because of electrical failure. as we continue to get more news,
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tom with nbc news on "the today show" this morning talking about this breaking news event. that is coming up on channel 3. >> dana: the man police say was driving drunk as he crashed into two brothers killing them is set to stand before a judge today. the young men both in their early 20's on their way to buy a birthday gift for their mother. kendall joins us live with more details on this one. > crimes faces a preliminary hearing today. a judge will hear the evidence against him. that evidence said he was going down rainbow at 115 miles per hour. that is over three times the posted speed limit there. the brothers were hit as they pulled out on to the road. first responders found them still in their car.
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workers admitted to drinking four shots of hen see. he was racing a pickup truck right before that crash. >> you are flying down a residential street. it's 35 miles per hour. and they took my best friends from me. >> this all happening just a little over two weeks ago. we'll continue t their mother with how she is coping and we'll be in the courtroom for the latest on this case. >> kim: heartbreak from that local mom on full display. now a different sort of heartbreak from a local dad. he's speaking out talking about atrophic day which was supposed to be a day of celebration and giving thanks. we're focusing on thanksgiving this.
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neighborhood and assaulted his eight-year-old daughter according to the 8-year-old daughter and her brother. she was sexually assaulted at that condo complex. that predator lured her away from where she was playing with her brother to a secluded area nearby. the dad has a simple message for this predator. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's the best thing that can happen is to turn himself in because he ruined a lot of lives. >> she's had nightmares. she's not doing very well at all. we need to find him. god forbid it happen again. >> kim: this rendering is based on what the little girl remembers from this traumatic event. he's a white man but iffy on the age range.
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his hair is gray peppered hair. if you know anything about this crime don't keep it to yourself. local police need your help with this one. >> dana: that is metro's number one priority case right now. it's all hands on deck for that one. this local mother no longer facing murder charges for the death of her 7-year-old son. look that the adorable face. c death according to police. this happened last month. finally was found tied up and beaten so severely they believe his intestines ruptured. malone's roommate kenneth robinson was taken into custody facing murder charges. that's the one that beat up the 7-year-old boy. malone the mother facing charges
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the hearing is is going to continue on thursday. the person accused of murder is going to be in court next week. >> kim: happening today another heads up if you see local fast food workers walking off the job today, today is dubbed a day of disruption. it's all to demand higher pay. at 6:00 this morning we know at the mcdonald's on the strip across from the mirage employees will walk off the job. they want $15 an ho those workers expected to protest again by tonight. not just fast food workers.
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people memorializing the death of castro. after he took power he went on a victory tour and now his ashes are retracing that journey. we're talking about the final track for castro and his final resting place traces the revolution's path. live pictures of people trying to pay their respecto leader who lost his life just a day ago. we'll have continued live coverage of this event as it's unfolding. >> dana: what is in there?
5:39 am
we'll tell you about it coming up. >> kim: pope francis and stephen hawking, these two hanging out.
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>> kim: pope francis getting together with theoretical fizzist stephen hawken.
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>> dana: that is fascinating. both sides of the aisle represented right there. >> tom: everyone talking it out. we have restrictions in the overnight hours here. this continues through late february. it is for work on that giant sign. eventually it will be torn down and replaced. travel times looking good right now. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door it is a little bit chilly. temperatures in the 40's right
5:43 am
the 30's. as the kids are heading off to school bundle them up. 54 at lunchtime and 16 our high. >> dana: thousands of birds at two poultry farms have been killed and they are not going to end up on your dinner table. we'll tell you why they had to kill them coming up. >> kim: an ice skating couple has people fuming. check out what they are wearing. '
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>> dana: you know we don't have an official zoo but we have a lion habitat ranch. one of the most popular animals there is the giraffe. he's been there nearly two years. he foods a new enclosure. when he arrived testifies eight feet tall. now he's 13 feet tall and if you'd like more information on how you can help ozzie the giraffe or find out how to visit the place, we set up a link on >> kim: the best waffle fries you can order are coming to las vegas. chick-fil-a fans we have an opening date for one of the locations opening up here in town. officials confirmed for us that
5:47 am
open up thursday, january 26. starting today that location is going to start hiring people. they are looking for 1450 employees. you can apply in person at the restaurant. chick-fil-a is going to open up restaurants at stephanie and rancho. we don't have an exact date yet but as well continued coverage here. >> dana: the nuclear reser in southeastern washington is probably the most toxic place in america. it began during the manhattan project in the 1950's during world war ii. they were building components including plutonium for the second nuclear bomb dropped on japan. government spending $2 billion
5:48 am
weapons. much of the waste is leaking into the local ground water, at least that's the concern. many workers there are sick. >> i've been diagnosed with pretty bad nerve damage. sometimes the pain gets so great i just pass out. >> losing my memory. can't >> can't do stuff with my family. they didn't tell us. >> dana: for 50 years this site was involved in nuclear production. now for the last 25 they have been trying to clean up the waste. you can see more of that exclusive report coming up on "the today show" after this newscast.
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situations where the guy said i didn't do it buzz he does not work there anymore. here is what he's accused of. they fired this employee accused of putting mustard in a police officer's drink. police are investigating this as a crime. a police officer found mustard in a dr. pepper when he went through a drive through last friday night. the owner said the employee no longer works for that organization even though the employee says he didn't do >> dana: time for traffic and weather. what is going on out there? >> tom: there is a new connection from western avenue opened up a couple of weeks ago. the first tangible results from project neon. there are still orange cones in the area but this is where western connects in where it did not before. traffic times looking a little busy southbound on i15.
5:50 am
for the moment not bad. let's check weather kelly. >> kelly: i want to start out with this time lapse look from yesterday. they woke up to dusting of snow and more of it coming down before the skies starting to clear out. temperatures dropping cool there overnight. here we're looking at lows in we're dealing with gusty winds. plenty of sunshine around the area. the winds will diminish tonight. that is recipe for cold temperatures. freeze warning in effect all the areas shaded in purple, that includes the las vegas valley for tomorrow morning.
5:51 am
gets cold. bring the pets inside, cover the plants and wrap the pipe and check on people. pahrump 55 today. boulder city tonight you're going down to 33. indian springs 27. in las vegas a high of 56. breezy conditions today. tomorrow's high 54. >> kim: still to come this morning the live performances continued hours ago o channel. we're focusing on the hit show "the voice." one of the competitors taking a shot at covering the headliner. we're going to show it to you. >> dana: free super bowl tickets for life. we'll tell you how you can win
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>> dana: time for the water cooler. aaron gibbson is barely hanging on. saved the last two weeks in the final second. singing rocketed man from elvis presleyton >> see if he can hang on for another week tonight here on
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life? yes please. bud light offering that. find one of the 37,000 gold bud light cancel. take a picture with the can and post it with the # sb ticks for life. they'll have six winners that will get season tickets to their local team and then they'll pick th tickets for life. >> kim: coming up in our 6:00 hour we are focusing on that woman who jumped out of the plane this. informs houston yesterday. it was in taxi mode. this is highly unusual. we have new information concerning this event. then live pictures of the white house on your screen.
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>> kim: new information about the survivors on board that plane that crashed carrying that soccer team. >> i'm at hoe state. a guy crashed his car into
6:00 am
with a knife. >> dana: we're hearing the moment right after a man drove into a group of people on the sidewalk and attacked them with a knife. what police are saying about the man who did it and the possible motive behind the attack. >> kim: taking to the streets locally and in major cities across our great nation. it has been dubbed a day of disruption. michelle explains in a live report >> dana: good morning. it is 6:00 on this terrific tuesday morning. the final tuesday of november in 2016. >> kim: as we see all the lights on the las vegas strip, you are going to see people lit up with passion about wanting to make more money. people are expected to walk off the job wanting more money. we'll take through in moments. we're the wagners on this


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