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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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with a knife. >> dana: we're hearing the moment right after a man drove into a group of people on the sidewalk and attacked them with a knife. what police are saying about the man who did it and the possible motive behind the attack. >> kim: taking to the streets locally and in major cities across our great nation. it has been dubbed a day of disruption. michelle explains in a live report >> dana: good morning. it is 6:00 on this terrific tuesday morning. the final tuesday of november in 2016. >> kim: as we see all the lights on the las vegas strip, you are going to see people lit up with passion about wanting to make more money. people are expected to walk off the job wanting more money. we'll take through in moments. we're the wagners on this
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>> dana: we're going to check travel times in a second. we have a report on the cold forecast for us. it could be freezing at your house soon. we'll talk about that with kelly. >> tom: you can see it's already getting a little busy here on southbound i15. that's what you are looking at from right to left on your screen. the overnight hours last night and again tonight you'll see restrictions over this area here on bowl. they are doing restriping and it will be slightly different when they are done. no major changes just follow the lines on the road and you'll be ok. >> jeff: just one incident so far on this tuesday, 15 northbound at russell. everything is in the clear both
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>> kelly: a little bit cool this morning but it's going to be colder tomorrow. temperatures right now in the valley in the mid 40's. lots of clear skies out there. winds gusting up to 50. 54 at lunchtime so dress warm. really going to want the warmer clothes tomorrow morning. we'll talk about the freeze warning coming up. >> kim: an update to the breaking news we started and you are seeing the wreckage right now. this is in columbia. has to do with a plane that went down with a soccer team on board killing 76 people. minutes ago we got a report from cnn that a sixth survivor has been found. when we started the broadcast there was only five survivors, now we're at six. that sixth person found alive under the fuselage.
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first division soccer team went down last night while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament killing 76 people. five people found alive. now within the hour a sixth person found alive. authorities say the plane declared an emergency at 10:00 local time last night because of an electrical tom does a fabulous job this morning on "the today show." check out his reporting in about an hour from now. >> dana: we're hearing the 911 call made after a man drove his car into a group of people and went on a stabbing spree on the campus of ohio state university. >> this guy ran through the
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knife. >> dana: this man drove his car on to the sidewalk full of pedestrians and stabbed 11 people. one in critical condition. he was killed by an osu campus police officer. officials say he was a so moll i can't refugee who moved to pakistan states as a permanent resident a couple of years ago. the motive remains unknown although on his facebook page he talked about attacks against muslims across the world. some are calling this an act of terror. >> kim: this takes to us thanksgiving where most of us were giving thanks. not a local dad. he was enraged. he is talking about it because on thanksgiving day at his home
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right there at that can doe complex. the predator lured the little girl away from where she was playing with her brother to a secluded area. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's the best thing that can happen is to turn himself in. he has ruined a lot of lives. she's had nightmares. s actually. we need to find him. god forbid it happen again. >> kim: you are seeing the artist rendering taken from the little girl. he could be 20 years old and could be as old as 50. he has a thin build and has gray peppered hair. if you know anything that can
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call that crime stoppers hot line. right now this is absolutely the number one priority case. everybody is working this from patrol officers on the street to every detective and crime scene investigator. they are going on record saying this is top priority this morning. >> dana: a local mother will no longer face murder charges after a 7-year-old son was found clear. 7-year-old richard finally's battered body was found late last month. finley found tied up and beaten so severely they believe his intestines ruptured. his mother is not going to face murder charges but her roommate is.
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custody. prosecutors say she's the one that tied her son up. her defense attorney says she's also a victim terrified of this man accused of beating her son to death. she's still facing charges of child abuse and kidnapping. the man accused of murder in this case will be in court next week. >> kim: happening today the local man accused of driving drunk and slamming brothers who were out buying a birthday present for their mom is expected to face a judge again. he has a preliminary hearing today. a local judge will hear the evidence against him and decide if the case should go on to trial. last month police say he was racing down rainbow at 115 miles an hour right before slamming into those brothers how see pictured with their mom. the arrest report indicates that
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see before this horrific accident. have you heard the mother in her own words. it is heartbreaking. we will have a camera in the courtroom today. continued coverage here on news 3. >> dana: this was the flash seen around our fine country. gin ma demarco lived here in the fall i have. sheriff's flashing the family after they got into a fender bender recently. she was in a yesterday facing the charges for exposing her breast to that local family. she's not going to face any charges for exposure because the family didn't show up in court yesterday. and then after the court hearing she talked to kelsey and told her that it was the family's fault the entire thing. >> it was all them. they didn't show up to court for a reason because they know their in the wrong.
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did they crash into you? >> yeah they did, they did crash into me. they didn't have kids in the car. it was all crap. >> she's not out of the woods yet. she was charged and pled guilty to one count of identity theft. she tried to buy a car with somebody else's identity. while she won't face charges for exposing herself she will be sentenced for identity theft on >> kim: a day of disruption. early on in the broadcast we took to you chicago where fast food workers have already walked off the job. from what we understand some fast food workers are supposed to be walking off the job. have they done so yet?
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started their protest. we're not sure if any of them are in this mcdonalds. they are on buses expected to arrive here in minutes. you can see there is a large metro presence out here as they prepare for these protestors. have you security guards here blocking the entrance and now i want to bring in laura martin. she's with progressive leadership aligns of newfoundland nevada. you are one of the ones what is this about and what can we expect? >> today is the fourth anniversary for 15 strikes. even on election night when we elected donald trump four states passed raises to the minimum wage. we've seen california, new york raise their wages to 15. this is something gradual. over time people are going to
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house we're still going to be fighting. >> michelle: you have two buses. you were kicked off by metro at your offices. >> metro came to greet us today. they are just making sure it's safe. we have a right to protest. we're on a public sidewalk. they were here to greet you and now keep everybody safe. we're going to wait for the protestors to get down here. we'll be bring you live updates. you can follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram and we'll keep you updated on what is going on out here. >> kim: tom will show us an aerial view from sky 3. that's the only perspective
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>> dana: couple of teenagers stealing somebody's micky and mini off the front lawn. we showed you this last week for the first time. the good news is they are back. micky and mini are back to their rightful owners. this was a flood of social media that helped crack this case. police were able to identify the teenagers. they were able to get the the teenagers involved in this haven't been charged, at least not yet. >> kim: happening as we speak check out the live footage from cuba as cubans pay their final respect to castro. new this morning we learn something about his final resting place. after his rebels took power in 1959 castro went on a victory
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coverage of this historic event. "the today show" as andrea mitchell reporting from that location. still to come, thousands evacuate as wildfires continue to burn. this is near a very popular tourist destination. we're going to take you to the
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>> dana: jury selection resumed in the case against dillon roof who is accused of killing nine black selection was halted after lawyers questioned roof's ability to understand the case against him. they held a competency hearing and ruled he was competent to stand trial and the judge granting roof permission to act as his own attorney. he appointed the defense team to stay on as stand by counsel. >> kim: that tennessee school
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there is his mug shot. he is charged with vie hick cue hook largergroup homicide. he was on on his designated they don't believe drugs or alcohol was a factor. they were not found in his system anyway. >> dana: wildfires raging through portions of tennessee. the fires breaking out yesterday. they've had strong winds to deal with as well ahead of a cold front. winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour. the tennessee mountain resort
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orders last night. getting out of all this was difficult because the smoke was so thick, i heard from a couple trying to drive to safety but they couldn't tell if they were on the roadway or not because it was so thick outside. >> kim: maybe the reason you didn't see a ton of fast food workers last time we checked in because michelle said they were boarding buses and dropped off as we spoke. >> tom: there was a few more than a few minutes ago. more arriving as we speak. that is michelle at the bottom of your screen in the white jacket. they are growing if in numbers a little bit. it's sort of blocking off that
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negligentable. you see metro as a vehicle blocking on the right side. there is not that much traffic on the strip this time of morning. we'll keep on top of this. >> jeff: we have an accident at buffalo and blue diamond. you're not going to see much in the way of you can become a member of the waze team. download it. >> kelly: we're starting to get that dawn glow going on. clear skies. different picture from what we saw yesterday.
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green valley 45 and it's going to be a lot cold they are time tomorrow. we've got a freeze warning in effect tonight. mainly clear skies . the wind will start to i diminish later this afternoon. clear skies and light winds equal cold remember the people, pets, plants and pipes. keep them warm tonight. looking at 56. that will be our expected high today. tonight mainly clear, cold. 35-degrees. many neighborhoods will get down to the freezing mark 32 or below. tomorrow's high 54 and more gusty winds friday into saturday with temperatures staying in the
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>> kim: we have pictures out of chicago. talking about the national day of disruption. we'll have continued coverage here on channel 3. those are the pictures from earlier this morning. this was about an hour ago. this has been dubbed a national day of disruption. workers want $15 an hour. they a in protest. >> dana: an ice skating couple causing controversy with their routine. we'll tell you why so many people were upset with this. >> kim: if you love the waffle fries from chick-fil-a, you're going to love the news. three locations opening up in
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>> tom: this is where you have the protestors lining up. the talk is about wages. they'd like to see the minimum wage upgraded. they are getting a few more out here in terms of numbers. looks like the number has
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out there as well. it's blocking the sidewalk. not having much effect on the strip except cars having to swing wide around that one metro vehicle. >> kelly: temperatures. it's cool right now but it's going to be colder tomorrow. primm 36. mesquite 37. highs this afternoon only in the mid 50's. gusty winds on top of that. we'll talk more about anytime 10 >> kim: this russian ice skating couple causing controversy because of what you are taking in. >> dana: you see the out fits looks like something they would wear in a concentration camp. this was a holocaust dance routine on ice. this based on life is beautiful. that movie tells the story of a
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his son from the holocaust. those dancers wearing the uniforms they would wear in the concentration camps and some people not taking too kindly to it. >> kim: live pictures on the las vegas strip. fast food workers participating in a national day of disruption walking off the job because they'd like to make more money per hour. checking as we speak because 12 airports are experiencing disruptions today as a part of this nationwide protest. >> dana: speaking of airports. here is something you don't see everyday. the plane just landed. the woman couldn't wait. she got out of the airplane on to the tarmac and started
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>> dana: a plane crashes killing
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happened and what investigators say happened right before the plane came down. >> kim: facing a judge. that man on your screen accused of killing two brothers here in town while driving drunk expected in a courtroom yet again. with i know who will be there to face him. we have the story headed your way. >> dana: these protest happening across america including these pictures from the las vegas strip. we have a live report you what these workers are asking for. welcome in on this terrific tuesday morning. live pictures of that beautiful wheel on the las vegas strip. >> kim: it's called the high roller. you see pictures of people not looking to be a high roller just wanting a fair wage in our
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here in the news 3 studios. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. >> kelly: we're checking out foot traffic in this case on the strip. a few people holding signs over there. not sure how difficult it is for regular pedestrians to get through. you don't have a lot of food traffic this time of morning on the strip like you do in the afternoon and evening. we have a lot o media out there as well. michelle is gathering information on the ground. we'll hear from her coming up. this is now out in full force here. we had metro blocking off a lane. they've moved back a little billth bit. >> jeff: just another surface
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list the freeways are looking good on this tuesday. fur coming in on summerlin parkway eastbound that is clear and also inbound from henderson. let's get a check of the forecast. >> kelly: we've got clear skies outside. chilly temperatures but it's going to get colder tonight. here is a look at our day planner. by lunchtime today sunshine and 54 is the temperature we expect. hour through much of the day today. as the winds diminish the colder air will settle in. we'll talk about a freeze warning coming up. >> kim: we have an update to the breaking news we first started reporting on last night. this is the wreckage of a plane that went down carrying even heat squad of soccer players out of brazil.
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confirming their goal keeper passed away. he initially survived the crash. we heard within the past couple of hours he lost his life. columbian officials say it was a chartered plane with a soccer team that went down last night while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament killing 76 people. when we first started the broadcast we had five people that survived the crash, then it went up to six a under the fuselage. now with broken hearts reporting that the goal keeper who initially survived has lost his life. the plane declared an emergency at 10:00 local time last night because of an electrical failure. >> dana: the man police say was driving drunk as he crashed into killing two brothers set to stand before a local judge just hours from now.
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buy their mother a birthday gift. >> that man accused of these crimes faces a preliminary hearing today and a judge will hear the evidence against him to decide if this case will go to trial. the evidence said he was going down rainbow at 115 miles per hour. that is over three times the posted speed limit there which is 35. the brothers were hit as they pulled out into the road. first responders found them both they were heading out to buy their mom a birthday present. worthments admitted to drinking four shots of hen see. witnesses report seeing him racing a pickup truck moments before the crash. >> flying down a residential street. it's 35 miles per hour. and they took my best friends
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over two weeks ago. we'll continue to check in with their mother on how she is coping and we'll be in the courtroom with the latest on his case. >> kim: police have named a suspect in a half dozen convenience store robberies in the southeast section of town. here is the person's mug shot. he's accused of holding up three stores on november 8 and three e where he may b police are asking you call crime stoppers. that is not for the current string of crimes we're talking about. please call that hot line number. >> dana: expected to be long lines at the local dmv office today. this is news why? >> kim: longer than normal.
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yesterday people waiting for hours to get through the long lines yesterday. they were shut down for four days for the thanksgiving day holiday. get there early today. here is what we recommend. you can make a reservation for a time. just go online to the dmv website. if you do that, that is going to cut down your wait time dramatically. get a reservation today >> kim: we take you to the las vegas strip where michelle has been reporting on fast food workers who have walked off the job in a national day of disruption. workers have walked off the job and here in our own backyard. you saw the footage from sky 3 and the ground view with
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they are demanding 15 bucks an hour and union rights. fast food workers not the only ones. look at airports nationwide. this is out of chicago from earlier this morning where peopling walked off the job. 12 airports are supposed to experience a disruption in this day of disruption. we're finding out if mccarron is on that list. we will see the live pro from sky 3 before this broadcast ends. >> dana: this is the news that chick-fil-a fans have within waiting for. we have an opening date for one of the three they are going to open here in the valley. they have confirmed the location on eastern is going to be open by january 26. starting today they are going to begin hiring about 150
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restaurant. >> kim: we're taking you to cuba for this one. we have new information about his final resting spot. they are going to take the revolution path after the rebels took power in 1959 ashes will retrace that journey. just another reason you need to wake up early with us because we had amazing live pictures out of havana this morning thousands in line to pay respects to castro. still to come an airline beginning a new route to las vegas and it's going to a place
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we'll explain ahead. >> dana: how about super bowl tickets for life? yes please. how bud ligight i i be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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>> kim: investigators are looking at whether the attack on the ohio state campus was an act of terror or if it was something random and isolated. the today show goes in depth when this broadcast southern nevada. >> tom: we're checking out the protest on this strip where workers in fast food restaurants want a wage increase up to 15 miles per hour. have you this overlooking the whole thing. they formed a semicircle around here not sure why that is. we have michelle gathering details on the bottom of your
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this. looks like they are not completely blocking the sidewalk. they have metro on the street here blocking one lane and another vehicle parked in the left turn lane keeping an eye on everything. everything very peaceful over here. we'll continue to keep an eye on it as well. >> kelly: the sun is up. here is a look at what you are experiencing this morning. a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow. >> dana: pictures out of cuba.
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passed away at the age of 90 on friday. while we've seen celebrations in this country, especially in miami, in cuba it's a much different story as they are mourning the loss of their former leader. delta airlines taking an unusual step punishing a passenger. this guy stands up during the flight. we're going to tell you what he's ranting about and what the
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>> kim: cutter airlines is going to start flying to las vegas. part of an eight city expansion just announced. people have been asking for a direct flight to the middle east for some time. we know once it is airborne it will be the first nonstop flight from the middle east to las vegas. >> dana: happening right now local fast food workers claiming a the job at a mcdonald's restaurant off the las vegas strip. they are demanding $15 an hour. they walked off the job about 45 minutes ago. fast food workers expected to protest again this evening with airport, child care and other workers. officials expect to join them.
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this broadcast that tom price has been tapped to be the next [indiscernible] . >> a number of important announcements tomorrow. >> that was mike pence from nbc news in our nation's capitol who is here to discuss all of this. he was giving ace -- us a teaser. >> with that announcement tom price came the architect of the medicaid program in indiana. someone that mike pence would know very well. she's been named as the center for medicare and medicaid services. those two announcement this is morning official. we're waiting to see if there
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trump tower telling us it's going to be a busy day. they have more than half a dozen people coming in including mitt romney who is supposed to have dinner today with president elect trump. that will be the second meeting and despite the fact there has been disagreement on the inside about whether or not he should be secretary of state, looks like there is more to discuss. they are going to sit down again today. rudy still on that list. the senatorro on that list as a possible secretary of state. he's coming in for an interview today. we're hearing a number of people there yesterday. trump tweeted the interview with petruszkowski was impressive.
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>> kim: by tomorrow morning do you think we'll have this nailed down or what? >> you had this from mike number of very important announcements. that's the way he put it. all we heard is center for medicaid and medicare services which may not be considered top of the list and human and health services. you think maybe a number of important announcements, you might think something else is coming today. >> kim: whatever happens you will have dynamite reporting on it tomorrow morning. i'm already looking forward it
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>> dana: here is something you don't see every day. inside the fuselage of a commercial aircraft somebody decided to get out early. the plane was on the runway at this airport in texas. woman opened up the emergency door, went out on the wing and slid on to the tarmac and started running away. this was a giant no no. the f.b.i. was investigating for a time. they are no longer investigating saying this woman however the woman has been taken into custody and currently they are giving her a mental health evaluation. >> kim: there has been so much talk about the gilmore girls and their big revival and the cast is getting together this morning on today. >> finally be able to talk about it and we were so excited when
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many years to finally have it out there is really fun. >> kim: you can catch the cast and expanding belly of savannah who is going to give birth at any moment. >> dana: something is in the wear at "the today show." tom is up in sky 3 above the protest this morning. >> tom: it's foot traffic we're looking at where they have mcdonalds just at the top of this escalator protesting. i believe last time i said they were looking to get 15 miles an hour. they are looking for $15 an hour. looks like this gesture is handing out money in an ironic approach. they are gathered in a semicircle here. tourist are walking by. they have a metro vehicle block a lane each direction. that's enough to let cars by.
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but it's not causing a disruption on the strip right now. >> jeff: not much of a disruption elsewhere in terms of freeways. all we've had on this tuesday is surface street accidents. another popped up on bonanza and lamb. not a lot of traffic on the roadway this morning. >> kelly: it is chilely and going to get colder. we have beautiful blue skies but it is freezey. sunrise at 43. paradise 19. gusts to 25 up to 30 possible. plenty of sunshine across the
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the wind. because the winds will diminish and skies will stay clear it's going to get cold. a freeze warning in effect for all the area shaded in purple including the las vegas valley. remember people, plants, pets, pipes, bring them indoors and keep them warm and cover them up. high temperatures today alamo 48, primm 50 for your high temperature. pahrump down to 28. our seven-day forecast showing a high of 56. 35 overnight. 54 tomorrow and more gusty winds for the end of the week. >> dana: time for the water cooler. we are down to the final 10 on that hit show "the voice." last night mcdonald blowing away
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mcdonald finds out if she makes it into the final nine tonight on channel 3. how about super bowl tickets for the rest of yes please. you see that golden can. there are 37,000 of those being distributed across the country you have to take a picture if you find a golden can and post it on social media. >> kim: i'm going to start drinking beer now. >> dana: if you do that, they
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super bowl tickets for the rest of your life. >> kim: it's in houston in february. >> dana: first week end in february. this flight from atlanta to pittsburgh guy stands up in the middle of the aisle chastising people for voting for hillary clinton. this is a giant trump >> dana: this guy the plane was at the gate. wasn't kicked off the plane however delta has banned that dude from ever flying on a delta flight for the rest of his life.the next thing he talks
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>> kim: no more delta for you. "the today show" is next. they go into the breaks news about the soccer team that went down on that plane last night. kelly reporting how many resorts being evacuating. 14 fires in the gatlinburg area. >> dana: more on the cw. >> jeff: that's i didn'tlw workers wants higher wages. michelle is following the latest developments on the strip. >> and a rap artist is raising
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81 people on board, including a professional soccer team. this morni pulled from the wreckage. tennessee burns. wildfires raging out of control in the great smokey mountains. at least 100 homes damaged or destroyed. mandatory evacuations ordered in two resort towns. flames now at the edge of the famous dollywood resort, and this nearby hotel where guests appear to be trapped inside. officials believe arson is to blame. we're live with the latest. is he a terrorist? new images emerge of the man behind the attack at ohio state university. >> there's a guy crashed his car


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