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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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for krystal allan. the man accused of driving drunk and hitting two brothers who were out to buy a birthday present for their mother was in court this morning. >> kyndell: an emotional willie worthams facing the judge with a message for the mother of the victims. kelsey thomas with the latest. >> reporter: a very tearful willy worth a.m.s saying he is sorry to that mother who is preparing to bury not one but two sons. that funeral hapng courtroom in a blue jail jumpsuit with his hands shackled worthams was crying as he came face-to-face for the first time with the mother of sean jermaine asher and robert sean roberts. police say worthams admitting to drinking four shots of hennessey before the crash two weeks ago. according to officers he was driving 115 miles per hour, more than three times the posted speed limit racing a pick up
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apologized to the mother of the victims and here is what she told us outside of the courtroom. >> i am looking at him and his family and i don't think he is a bad person. and that's so sad. his life is gone because of this. but for my boys, i'm going have to push that sympathy to the side and i'm going to have to stand up and i want justice. sorry just don't cut it worthams was racing another driver the night of the crash. the mother, she really wants to hear from this driver. she wants to know what happened in the moments leading up to the crash. she thinks that whatever happened could be crucial to this case. we'll have much more from her coming up on "news 3 live at six." reporting outside the regional justice center, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> michelle: unbelievable that mother can stay so composed and say those things when she is
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unbelievable. local fast food workers planning a day of disruption. that's what nair calling it. and their demands are higher pay. the demonstrations are part of a nationwide protest to mark the four-year anniversary of the fight for 15 movement. >> michelle: news 3 was there this morning. i was there as well. we were talking to people who say they believe they deserve more than nevada's current minimum wage. >> reporter: temperatures dipped into the low 40s tuesday morning but protesters from gathering on the las vegas strip to fight for higher wages. >> this is the fourth anniversary of the fight for 15 strike. the first strike in new york city where workers came together and decide nod more working poverty wages for billion dollar corporations. what was once an idea has become a movement from california to new york. >> reporter: the group consisted of minimum wage fast food workers, child care providers and retail workers.
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to be there. >> i have a two-year-old daughter and i just want to provide a better future for her than i had growing up. just because i am not a doctor it doesn't mean my daughter doesn't deserve the same things that a doctor's daughter deserves. >> reporter: the so-called day of disruption includes protesters from across the nation. >> in other states there's uber drivers, airport security guards. you would be surprised people who make minimum wage. sustain with so many of these new jobs being created are minimum wage jobs and people are forced to pay for their basic goods with public assistance. >> reporter: the group will be back at it tuesday night for another demonstration. a cause they say they will never give up on. >> this is a movement that is not slowing down any time soon and we're hear to say, you know, whoever is sitting in the white house we're still going to fight. >> michelle: those people are going to be back at it tonight.
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next to the stratosphere and they're going to march down to the mcdonald's on paradise road. as we also mentioned this is happening nationally as well. this is video from new york city. we also have video from chicago. workers at chicago's o'hare airport as well as chicago area fast food restaurants and healthcare establishments took part in this protest. in new york city at least 26 people have been arrested so far because they were blocking after the unthinkable happened just steps from his own home on thanksgiving day. his eight-year-old little girl was sexually assaulted at a condominium complex right there off lake mead and buffalo. that's where the family lives. detectives say the predator who we're seeing a sketch of here lured her away from where she was playing with her little five-year-old brother to a secluded area. we spoke to the girl's father and he has a simple message for that man. >> he needs to turn himself in.
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himself in. because he's ruined -- i mean, he hasn't ruined my -- he's ruined a lot of lives. she's had nightmares. she is not doing very well at all actually. i just, you know, just we need to find him. you know, god forbid it would happen again. >> michelle: that's the important thing he is out there somewhere and that's why we all have to be vigilant and keep a lookout. this is a sketch that we have. police describe him as a white man anywhere from old with a thin build and they say he may have gray or, you know, salt and pepper colored hair. if you know anything that can help police catch him, contact police or call crime stoppers. the number on the screen. >> kyndell: good news if are looking to buy a home in the valley. experts are predicting the rise in housing prices is going to slow down. currently buyers face big competition because home values are on the rise and the amount of homes up for sale are
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here in the valley is more than $212,000 which is higher than the national average. >> michelle: today is giving tuesday. it's an important time to support those in need throughout our community and this is a perfect night to attend this event. the fourth annual night out with news 3 emceed by our very own gerard ramalho. we're proud to partner with the rape crisis center and support the work they do. thising a big fundraiser for them. it's at the inside the cosmopolitan. tickets are available if you are interested. $45 in advance. $50 at the door. all of the information including how to buy tickets on our website, again, this is a really good cause. it's going to go and support the rape crisis center which helps so many people in our community. >> kyndell: and federal investigators are trying to figure out why an ohio state university student went on a rampage yesterday that left nine people hurt. >> michelle: say they shot and
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he mowed down a crowd and attacked bystanders with a cleaver. first drove into the car with a car then pulled a knife. nbc's chris pollone has more. >> reporter: mid-morning calm then chaos at one of the nation's largest college campuses, ohio state university. >> i was going to class and saw people running. i was nervous. >> reporter: it was originally reported as an active shooter situation but witnesses say a fire alarm caused a crowd to gather outside an engineering building. jumped the sidewalk and plowed into them. >> someone came through hitting them with their car. >> reporter: police say the man got out of the car and attacked bystanders with a butcher knife. >> we heard the chaos. shouts, screams, shots. that kind of thing. >> reporter: an officer confronted the attacker then shot and killed him. >> he engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell nbc news the attacker was an 18-year-old
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abdul ali artan. police were seen searching a home not far from campus. they believe the attack was intentional. one clue might this facebook rant artan posted before the attacks saying attacks on muslims around the world, quote, led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. >> this was done on purpose. to go over the curb and strike pedestrians then get out and start strike them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> reporter: all victims are expe emotional wounds might take longer to heal. >> not real. you go numb. not suppose to happen. >> reporter: officials warn they're long way from determining what set artan off. chris pollone, nbc news. >> kyndell: breaking news right now at noon. a man is missing and today his family and metro are asking for your help to find him. this is 24-year-old christian harned. he suffers from asperger's and
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this is a type of autism and one symptom is difficulty having social interactions with people. his family says he was last seen yesterday afternoon near fort apache and farm. he was last seen wearing a dark brown jacket, jeans, black and white jordan tennis shoes and carrying a gray backpack. if you have seen him you are asked to call police. >> michelle: let's take a break from news and talk weather. i saw we are expecting our first freeze warning? >> kelly: if you thought it was chilly this morning, it's going get a whole lot colder tonight. but today what we're dealing with are breezy conditions. this is the las vegas day school camera right now. you see those trees shaking. the camera shaking as well as the winds picking up. gusts to around 25 miles an hour across much of the valley as we speak. the temperatures. currently nate mac 55 degrees. looking at gusts to about 14-mile-an-hour.
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here's a look at what we expect for the rest of today. the high? just 56 degrees. it is going to be a chilly one. look at these temperatures drop. 49 by 6:00. 43 at six. the freeze warning goes into affect at 2:00 a.m. we're going talk more about it and just how cold it's going get tonight. that's coming up. >> michelle: just in time for when we wake up for work. it's going to be cold. >> kyndell: coming up, many members of a goes down in colombia. >> michelle: this is just awful. coming up, what we know so far about the moments leading up to that crash. >> kyndell: a man has a heated exchange with a judge and the whole thing is caught on camera. coming up, what that man had to say to the judge that got him in a whole lot more trouble. >> michelle: how about just let somebody else do the cooking for you? if you are a fan of chipolte you are going to be happy for this segment because we have them live in studio and they are
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guacamole oh yes thank you. we're going to have that coming
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>> kyndell: ut-oh. it started as a routine court hearing but ended with new criminal charges an jail time for a man who threaten add kentucky judge. michael ray was in court for a bond hearing on charges of second degree assault. when he scoffed at the county's request for a $25,000 bond the judge raised it to $50,000. that's when ray laughed, gave her the finger and threatened to physically hurt her. that prompted the judge to hold him in contempt of court which led to yet another expletive laced outburst and more threats of physical harm. he now faces a total of ten criminal charges and the judge ordered him to serve 100 days in
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agency says only six people survived a plane crash that killed more than six people including almost all the members of a brazilian professional soccer team. the team was on its way to the finals when the plane crashed. this is video at the airport before they boarded that plane. that's what the plane looked like after it crashed. the plane declared an emergency and lost radar contact just before 10:00 last night local time. because of the rescuers worked through the night at the crash scene but their search was hampered because of bad weather and at daybreak dozens of bodies were quickly collected into white bags while rescuers scavenged through the wreckage. again, three members, only three of that entire team survived. >> kyndell: the driver in last week's tennessee school bus crash that left six children dead made his first court appearance today. 24-year-old jonathan e. walker
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november 21st crash in chattanooga. he has been jailed since the accident on 100,000 bond. today walker's attorney asked that today's proceedings be rescheduled. the judge agreed and set a new court date. that will be on december 15th. >> michelle: president-elect donald trump announced this morning two more new picks for his cabinet. he will nominate georgia congressman tom price to head the department of health and human services. price is an most outspoken critics. if approved by the senate, he is expected to dismantle the affordable care act and help republicans implement their own blueprint for healthcare reform. he is also chairman of the house budget committee. trump has also named elaine chow as transportation secretary. chow served as deputy
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>> kyndell: a fast moving wildfire in tennessee. hundreds were ordered to leave homes and resorts. the community at pigeon forge and gatlinburg is under evacuation orders. fire officials believe there may be a case of arson. officials say 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts fueled the out of control flames. no structures inside the damaged but staff and dozens of guests were evacuated as precaution. >> michelle: let's switch now and come back here locally and talk about our weather. so we are certainly feeling that winter weather. it is starting to feel like the season. >> kelly: remember when it was 80 a week-and-a-half ago. >> kyndell: we passed fall and went right to winter. >> kelly: we didn't get that
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thrown right into it. so today we are dealing with cool, below normal temperatures and also breezy conditions. we can see that here on our clark county wetlands camera. you can see the grass blowing on the bottom of the screen. a lot of sunshine. clear skies out there. current temperatures. centennial you are only 50 degrees. spring valley 53. green valley at 55. sunrise coming in at 56. we're dealing with the winds. that makes it feel gusts have been reported. spring valley 23 miles per hour. the winds are going to start diminishing as we get into the afternoon. as we take a look at the satellite radar picture we've got mainly clear skies. clear skies and light winds are the perfect recipe for cold temperatures. so we are looking at a freeze warning for all of this area shaded in the dark purple. why other places to the north don't have it?
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this is usually a one-time kind of thing. the las vegas valley is included in this freeze warning. temperatures are going to be getting close to or below that freezing mark. let's remember those four p's. people, pets, plants and pipes. you want to check on your friends and neighbors. make sure their heat is working. your pets. bring them indoors tonight please. plants. if you want to keep them alive longer, cover them up. and your pipes. wrap them to keep them from breaking. today still looking at breezy conditions. the winds will gradually diminish. 56 degrees our overnight low. gusts to around 25 miles an hour. tonight, 35 degrees. that's the low at mccarran. now a lot of neighborhoods are going to be seeing those freezing temperatures. right around 32. some places getting even colder. get ready. turn that heat on. make sure it's working. bring pets inside. our 7-day forecast?
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highs in the 50s. morning lows in the 30s. and we're dealing with more wind friday and saturday. relief coming in the form of highs in the 60s for sunday and monday. >> kyndell: thank you. if you found yourself in a dangerous situation would you have a dependable way to communicate? >> michelle: about your children even more importantly. there are wearable safety devices out there that can help if something goes terribly wrong. >> inhe always worried something bad will happen. >> reporter: mom emily does everything she can to protect eight-year-old giuliana and 11-year-old margaret. too young for cell phones but old enough to walk to a friend's house they wear a tin tel. >> you press this button then it says a name >> after it says the name of the person she wants to call she hits call. >> hello.
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babysitter to say i'm there. >> it has a gps tracker so i can use my phone to see where they are. >> reporter: the tini tell costs $149 to buy and $10 a month to operate. >> it definitely helps my sense of security. >> reporter: but kids aren't the only ones who need protection. walking alone can be scary especially for women. there's a new wave of wearable technology that makes you feel like someone is with you at all times. it might not prevent a possible attack, but it will always notify your loved ones when you are in >> reporter: it offers personal security with a custom look. the charms which start at $179 can transform any necklace or bracelet into a call for help with a simple press. a computer will talk to 911 for you. the makers are preparing for their first manufacturing run. kathy romo could only use her voice when she was brutally attacked 15 years ago. >> stabbed three times into my heart. it happened in a safe neighborhood in the light of
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with a hidden panic button that will alert anyone you designate. she is taking pre-orders on the nim. i showed the wear safe tag to mom niche. it attaches to almost anything. like similar devices it sends alerts to designated contacts but it also sends live audio from the scene but additional audio from the 60 seconds prior to activation. >> that is definitely something people especially the necklace, at least it's not detected and you just automatically put it on in the morning. >> michelle: and you have a way to call for help when you are all alone. i think it's genius. a passenger on board a flight arrested after pulling up the emergency exit door and jumping out of the plane. >> michelle: people have been acting so crazy on planes. i don't know what is going on. but we'll tell you what police are saying about the incident
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medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. or visit one of our unitedhealthcare walk-in locations. ?? >> kyndell: a passenger on board a united airlines flight is in police custody after pulling open the emergency exit
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plane. they had just arrived at the airport in houston. the security video shows the woman running across the tarm ago. video from inside the plane shows the aftermath and the missing door in the emergency row. it's still unclear why the woman jumped out of the plane in the first place. >> michelle: strange behavior. that's a hefty fine. you can face jail time for that went on the rant cussing out people who voted for hillary clinton. he was banned from, was it delta airlines. >> kyndell: for life. >> michelle: okay. coming up, cubans preparing to pay their final respects to fidel castro. >> kyndell: coming up, how cubans are reacting to the death in ub coulda and here in -- cuba and here in the u.s. >> michelle: we'll have more
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>> michelle: right now on news 3 live at 1230, saying goodbye. cubans preparing to pay their final respects to fidel castro. how they're reacting to the death in cuba and here in the u.s. >> kyndell: a local giraffe in desperate need of a new place to
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enclosure. >> michelle: impress your guests without the hassle of course. chipolte is here to show us its catering services. a new service they offer and it will make any festive gathering a hit this holiday season especially if they bring their guacamole >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you so much for joining us. schools and government buildings are closed in cuba for another day as people honor fidel thousands will gather at revolution square for a memorial service. nbc's sarah rosario reports. >> reporter: with tears in their eyes and flags in their hands, thousands wait in line for hours to pay respects to the former communist dictator fidel castro. >> you see soldiers crying, old ladies crying, men cry. >> reporter: at the top of each hour the boom of a 21 canon salute sounds during this official nine days of mourning. tonight many of those people


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