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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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enclosure. >> michelle: impress your guests without the hassle of course. chipolte is here to show us its catering services. a new service they offer and it will make any festive gathering a hit this holiday season especially if they bring their guacamole >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you so much for joining us. schools and government buildings are closed in cuba for another day as people honor fidel thousands will gather at revolution square for a memorial service. nbc's sarah rosario reports. >> reporter: with tears in their eyes and flags in their hands, thousands wait in line for hours to pay respects to the former communist dictator fidel castro. >> you see soldiers crying, old ladies crying, men cry. >> reporter: at the top of each hour the boom of a 21 canon salute sounds during this official nine days of mourning. tonight many of those people
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revolution square. in power now for ten years his brother raoul will speak tonight reflecting on castro's life and legacy. >> we all are very sad with the loss of our commander. >> reporter: as the line snakes to get a glimpse of the memorial with castro's remains government and state workers asked mourners to sign oaths pledgeing loyalty to his ideal. >> love him or hate him he was incredible man. cuba. >> reporter: after tonight's service castro's ashes will travel on a three haf day journey across cuba. now looking ahead for many lies an uncertain future with loosened u.s. trade restrictions and embassy in havana. >> we grew up always thinking the president has all the answers. now i don't think anyone can say what's going to happen. >> reporter: as cubans in miami celebrate castro's death hoping
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in the homeland wait to see what happens. sarah rosario, nbc news. >> michelle: colombia's civil aviation agency says at least six people surviveed a plane crash that killed more than 70 people including almost an entire brazilian professional soccer team. only three of those men survived. this is video of them at the airport just moments before they boarded that plane. the team was on its way to the finals of a south american championship when the plane went down. it declared anr 10:00 local time. we learned that was because of an electrical failure. rescuers worked through last night trying to get to those people but their search was hampered. at daybreak they got back to it. dozens of bodies were quickly collected into white bags as rescuers scavenged through the wreckage. >> kyndell: fast food workers taking part in a day of disruption to demand higher pay.
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on the strip across from the mirage. they're demanding $15 an hour. workers are expected to protest this evening with airport, home care, child care and other workers with elected officials expected to join them. this is a video from new york city and chicago. workers at chicago oi hair's airport -- o'hare's airport as well as fast food restaurants and healthcare establishments in -- protests. in new york 26 people have been arrested after blocking traffic. >> michelle: if you would like to take part in the local one here tonight it starts at 5:00 p.m. at the carl's junior by the stratosphere. a local father speaking out after the unthinkable happened steps from his home on thanksgiving day. his eight-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by a stranger at a condominium complex off lake mead and buffalo and detectives say this is the man they believe is responsible and that he lured her away from
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little brother to a se excluded area. the girl's father has a simple message for that man. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's -- i mean, that's the best thing that can happen is to turn himself in. because he's ruined -- i mean, he hasn't ruined my -- he's ruin add lot of lives. she's had nightmares. she is not doing very, very well at all actually. i just, you know, just we need to find him. you know, god forbid it were to >> michelle: police describe the suspect as a white man from 20 to 50 years old with a thin build. he may have gray or salt and peppered hair. if you know anything about this man contact police. help us catch him. you can call crime stoppers. the number on the screen. >> kyndell: bail denied for the man accused as the getaway driver in the tammy meyers murder case. derrick andrews and erich nowsch has been held without bail since they were arrested.
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nowsch now wants to withdraw the plea. both are due back in court on december 9th. police looking for a suspect in connection with a half dozen convenience store robberies. lamar griffith is accused of holding up three stores on november 8th and three more just a few days later. if you know where he may be call crimestoppers. that number on your screen. 702-385-5555. >> michelle: last week we showed you video of a pair of thievesal christmas decorations and today we're happy to report that those decorations are back. this is the video captured on doorbell security camera which caught these guys midday, broad daylight stealing a pair of inflatable lawn decorations. so there you see them taking them away. the story went viral. more than 200,000 people shared it and the tips to police came flooding in and a week to the day after the mickey and minnie inflatables were stolen, police
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she posted that video that it would get this kind of attention. >> i didn't really think it was going to get this big. but i guess, you know, it's christmas and it's principal. why do you steal holiday decorations? >> michelle: police have not charged the two teens in question. happening today. wait times at the dmv expected to be really long. we just want to warn you. we stopped by the office on sahara and eastern and the lines were out the door. so what is the offices were closed for the thanksgiving holiday and that means four days of not being able to get anything done leads to this mess. dmv officials say you can skip the wait by making an apointment online before you go. there was an extra issue this year at the sahara eastern location which is in the middle of moving. so they're extra busy right now. the old office closes on saturday. the new sahara and eastern facility will open on the 19th of december.
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way point. , do so. chick-fil-a fans the news you have been waiting for. an official opening date. officials have confirmed that the chick-fil-a on eastern near st. rose park wi will be open by thursday january 26th. starting today that location will begin hiring around 150 employees. you can apply in person at the restaurant. chick-fil-a will open restaurants on stephanie and warm springs along with sahara and rancho sometime next year. >> michelle: las vegas doesn't have a zoo but we do have the lion habitat ranch which is located just south of the city near the m resort. one of the more popular animals there is ozzy the giraffe. and there's a problem right now because ozzie who has been there nearly two years is in need of a new enclosure because he's literally out grown the one he is in now. he is 13 feet tall and expected to grow at least another three
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did build a new barn but they say it still needs work. >> we had to buy the barn and, fortunately, peta group constructed it. then we had the concrete floor put in. >> michelle: the habitat ranch is a nonprofit organization and is open to the public. so if would you like to go see it it is there. if you would like to help ozzy there's a way you can do so. go to ande' instructions on what you can do to help them. >> kyndell: today is giving tuesday which is an important time to support those in need throughout our community. tonight is the fourth annual night out with news 3 emceed by gerard ramalho. we're proud to partner with the rape crisis center for a night out. the event is marquee night club inside the cosmopolitan. it will start at 5:30 p.m. tickets are available. they'll be 45 in advance and $50 at the door. all the information including
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of course that's >> michelle: if you are a fan of chipolte we have good news. they're here right now. >> kyndell: and getting in the holiday spirit. coming up we'll look at their catering services along with their gift card specials that can leave you taking home a burrito for free. >> michelle: a new publicity stunt by domino's pizza getting all kinds of attention. we showed you this guy yesterday. this poor reindeer trying to deliver a pizza. now they're saying it is a publicity stunt. jeanne moos puts her twist on it. we'll have more. >> kelly: and have you turned your heat on yet? does it work?
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>> michelle: i was just telling her here from chi poeltet krystal allan is going to be so mad she is missing this segment. i happen to be a big fan of chipolte. you are going to make the famous
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but you are here to talk about something that not a lot of people know. i thought it was a new service. you guys do catering. but you say, no, you want to make sure people know it's out there because so many people like me had no idea. >> we offer everything that, you know, that you need to basically set up a mini-chipolte at your party. whether you are having a small get together of six people all the way up to a big party of 200, we can -- we will supply that. it all comes in this kit. super easy on set up. we give you -- when i say everything we literally mean everything. >> michelle: so you do all the work too? so is it kind of like when you go to chipolte and have the whole spread and go through the line and make your burrito. you basically do that at your party. >> absolutely. >> michelle: it must be fun for a lot of people. one of our most popular ones is the big spread where you get the entire choice. a choice of three proteins including chorizo.
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rice. both black and pinto beans. all the salsas, et cetera, et cetera. then we give you the napkins, the bowls. we give you even the matches to light the fuel. so we really do make it as easy as possible. >> michelle: and, you know, i'll tell you i just had my first party. my son's first birthday party having somebody there to do the work for you is definitely worth it. let's talk guacamole. you've got some avocados mashed up here. what do you guys put it in that >> honestly people are like wait you give out your recipe? there is no secret. we just use whole, fresh ingredients with classic cooking techniques and all the flavors really do pop because of that. you start off with ripe haas avocados. one of the tricks is to -- one of the classic cooking techniques is masser ateing. so you put everything into the lime juice here.
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some salt. then just mix that up. that really gets all those flavors popping. then pour that in. let's got the rest of our avocados in here. onions. >> michelle: jalapenos. cilantro and salt and lots of lime juice. >> the second trick is in the mash. so you have to be certified masher at chipolte. [ laughter ] it's all in the technique right. certified masher otherwise you are not going to get the job done. thank you so much for coming on. i am going to try this. i'm going to toss it back to kyndell who is going to talk about domino's pizza which has nothing on this guacamole. oh the gift card? let's talk about that real quick. >> basically you just buy $30 or more in gift cards. you bring your receipt back from now until january 31st and get a
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card for your husband and take home a free burrito. >> that's a hypothetical situation. >> michelle: that is a great way to end the segment. thank you for coming on. kyndell over to you. >> kyndell: some burritos to pizza, domino's pizza in japan appearing to get in the holiday spirit. jeanne moos reports on the possibility that the pizza delivery guy could show up sporting a pair of antlers. who needs reindeer? ? [music] ? to deliver presents when they domino's in japan says it's training reindeer in a driving school to deliver piece na one of japan's coldest, snowiest regions. if a reindeer runs properly he can go as fast as 80 clom taernz hour. it's especially fast on snow as though it's equipped with snow shoes. >> reporter: well if reindeer ever deliver pizza at 50 miles an hour domino's should expect lawsuits.
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? [music] ? . >> reporter: the trainers seem to be having trouble reigning in their pizza delivery reindeer. which would be equipped with gps devices so customers can check on their progress. how do you say publicity stunt in japanese? >> publicity stunt. send inquiry. >> reporter: domino's is no stranger to marketing ploys. take the edible box dreamed up for april fools. just last month domino's in new zealand demonstrated the pizza delivery drone that flew to the appointed address and lowered a pizza. company officials say in the next couple of years drones could make up 25 percent of deliveries. and before the drone domino east in australia presented. >> the big day arrived. >> reporter: the pizza delivery robot with a top speed of about 12 miles per hour it can't take
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but it can chat with customers and dodge obstacles. from high-tech to low tech. is that tomato sauce making rudolph's nose red? ? rudolph the red nosed reindeer ? >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> michelle: news 3 is your weather authority. let's talk frost. it's going get cold tonight. >> kelly: here is a look at the boulder city camera. this is the time-lapse so far today. we've seen a lot of 25, 30 miles per hour wind gusts. those winds are going to start diminishing this afternoon and clear skies and light winds, that's a recipe for cold overnight lows. here what's we're looking at right now. tonopah right now at 34 degrees. two degrees above freezing. pahrump coming in at 53 degrees. boulder city also at 53. the las vegas valley low fifties in most locations. henderson at 55. downtown at 57.
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morning north las vegas and the lakes 27-mile-an-hour gusts. green valley 19 miles per hour gusts reported. winds will start to diminish and we've got clear skies across the area as you can see on the satellite composite here. clear skies, light winds. yep those temperatures are going to fall. so a freeze warning in effect the entire area here shaded in the purple. that includes the las vegas valley. so freeze warning tonight as temperatures will be dropping close to or even below that freezing mark. we're going to remember those four p's. people, pets, plants, pipe. keep them warm, bring them inside. check on your friends and neighbors make sure their heat is working too. indian springs 49 for the high today. boulder city 54. laughlin 60. not going to get a whole lot warmer than right now. check out these overnight lows. overton freezing mark 32. mesquite 31 for the low. pahrump 28.
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many neighborhoods in the las vegas valley will be dropping to that freezing mark, 32 degrees. some neighborhoods below. again, freezing conditions tonight. tomorrow's high only 54. so you are going to want to bundle up and we're not done. we've got overnight lows in the 30s for the rest of the workweek. highs in the 50s. more gusty winds friday and saturday. highs finally getting back up to at least 60 degree mark for sunday and monday. >> kyndell: thank you. time now for >> michelle: so today you may have heard this. people talking about giving tuesday. this is something that we've seen over the last couple years pick up. after the long holiday weekend of craziness and people out shopping and fighting each other for the deals giving tuesday is a day where we're urged to give back, volunteer, make donations. you can do so at a local or national or even international charity. the one day charitable giving promotion launched in 2012.
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since most charities generate a vast majority of contributions at end of the year, giving tuesday has opened the door to a more organized effort on a specific day. a quick thinking police detective credited with saving a man from a burning car in pleasantville, new jersey. you see that unfolding behind us. >> kyndell: the officer's show of bravery came the day before thanksgiving when he ran straight towards the burning car with the man still inside. moments earlier police say apparent medical problem and crashed his chevy into another car in the parking lot. both cars burst into flames and the accelerator jammed. a passing motorist tried unsuccessfully to remove watts from the burning car but officer brownly managed to get the car stopped and rush watts to safety. watts says he is lucky to be alive. meanwhile detective brownly is said to retire in a few weeks and the city plans to honor him with a life saving reward.
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at&t is going after cord cutters in this next one. >> michelle: the company launching three new streaming services that start tomorrow. direct tv and preview and full screen. direct tv now customers will be able to get more than 60 channels for $35 a month. and more than 120 channels for $70 a month. addition al options include early sign up offer of more than 100 channels for $35 monthly. the service is at&t bought direct tv last year and is counting on mobile video to generate new revenue for the company. coming up tomorrow at noon, get ready to dance. >> kyndell: the annual red zumba party is coming up. don't miss that and more right here on "news 3 at noon."
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>> michelle: taking a look at today's top stories. local fast food workers and other service industry workers taking part in a day of disruption. that's what it's been called. to demand higher pay today. this was 6:00 a.m. this morning in front of a mcdonald's on the strip where workers walked off the job and stood there and they plan to protest again later this evening. >> kyndell: colombia's civil aviation agency says six people survived a plane crash that killed more than 70 including many members of the brazilian soccer team. the team was on its way to the finals of a south american championship when the plane crashed. >> michelle: the driver in last week's tennessee school bus crash that left six children dead made his first appearance today. there he is. 24-year-old jonathan e. walker.
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vehicular homicide. his next court appearance is scheduled for december 15th. >> kyndell: here is what we're working for on news 3 live today at three. >> michelle: we have a story about a man who used to be a runner. now he is fighting a deadly lung disease. you are going to meet this man who completed a lifelong goal in the face of absolute adversity. >> kyndell: a customer's rant is caught on camera. what she is yelling about and how it could have been fixed with a single dollar. >> michelle: oh boy. people seem to forget that days. if you are doing something that's going to get a lot of attention it's probably going to end up on facebook. you know,? >> kyndell: then get passed around. >> michelle: then go viral. that's all we have for today. days of our lives is up next and we'll be back here tomorrow at noon. >> kelly: bundle ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in clark county. now is the time to review your cucurrent medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs,
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>> victor: only reason we have that damn cranberry concoction is because sonny likes it, and he doesn't even show up. >> maggie: his mother is facing a major life decision. and depending on said decision, his parents might reconcile, so he decided to stay with them instead of his grumpy great-uncle. justin and lucas is not an earth-changing decision. it's a no-brainer. it's like trying to choose between beirut and the bahamas for a fun weekend. >> maggie: victor just loves thanksgiving. it always brings out the best in him. >> philip: it's easier to be mad at sonny than scared about brady. >> victor: oh, don't try and analyze me. >> maggie: even if he's right? i'm worried too. >> victor: he should be with his family. he's grieving.


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