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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: the robbery suspect is one of the victimings said he thought the robber was going to kill her. >> reaction from the owner had when she says this man pointed a gun at her in november near sahara. >> three guys with a guns and i gave the money. >> this suspect hit five businesses officers they two 7/11's were robd and others on spring mountain were hit. through surveillance they identified the loan suspect as lamar griffin the store robbery had owners on edge. her store is next to salvador's hair salon. >> it is scary. you know and it is good to know you need to be aware who is
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is armd and dafrpgs. he robbed businesses mainly in the southeast valley. salvador says she has a taser ready in case the robber come back. she now is very cautious of her surroundings. >> be alert and aware of surroundings. keep the eye and cameras of make sure you know who is coming in the store. >> lamar griffin stands 6-1 and his where abouts you are asked to call crime stoppers. reporting live antonio, news three. >> jim: all right, thank you for that. >> reporter: weather authority team watching the temperature. >> jim: kevin tracking a possible freeze on the way tonight. >> kevin: going to be close, i think most of the valley will not get down below freezing the
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lot cold are than that. that is cold enough and the freeze warning occupying a good portion of clark county. here are the temperatures. some of the neighborhoods northwest part of tunnel in the upper 40sch the wind are a very important factor because as long as the breeze is blowing that creates friction. there is snot a lot of wind two, three and four miles per hour. as we gollow the night the . 30 and 6. . 30 a.m. they could get to the mid 30s. the numbers are from mc carron the other neighborhoods say anthem around summerland and mount zej. they could wind up with the 31 or 32 and those other areas where you want to cover up and tend to plants and brick in the pets more information on the low and the seven day forecast a couple minutes ash way. >> jim: we will see you then, thank you.
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sky three. demonstrators starting a walk now to protest the current minimum wage. >> reporter: like to see the wage up to $15. we are live with details. tom? >> tom: we saw this, this morning at the mc donald his is larger. in addition to fast food workers they want to engage childcare workers and higher ed and health care workers as limp a few dozen people here the idea is to match om donald at paradise and sahara. march is schedule to start at 5:00 they have not started yet. they are rallying here. you see through the distance that police are making presence known. they're going by the protesters. they have a lane blocked off and the lane blockage continues st. louis to paradise and mc donalds. now they are staging but
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food area to another in the heart of the resort corridor. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> thank you. breaking news firefighters in kansas city, moin dealing with a massive fire possibly caused by a gas explosion here are pictures of the flames across the kansas city airport there is no word on what caused the explosion or if there are injuries. >> jim: hope they can k contained deadly wildfires through eastern tennessee. throw have been killed. hundreds buildings destroyed. >> reporter: fire is burning through gastlinburg. news three watching those developments. >> the pictures tell a horrifying story the wild fires are so intense many ran for their lives in the night. flames
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authorities just announced they were caused by people. >> devastation around tennessee handleds of hopes and businesses destroyed or damaged by a fast moving fire that e rutted over night in an inferno. >> this is a fire for the history books. because it is unlike anything most have ever seen. >> reporter: churches destroyed. wildfire in east tennessee fuelled by wi rage off control and spread. gusts reaching 87 miles per hour. >> that is hurricane force that is nowhere to be to fight a fire. >> reporter: flames close to a hilton hotel. over all, 14,000 people evacuated. >> i'm glad they did because them flames were on us and we know us. we couldn't see it.
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driving through roads choked by smoked and flames others taken by troopers. homes and businesses and churches lost. lives forever changed. >> to see that disappear it may appear to be a blink of an eye. >> so sad the blue ridge mountains are a treasure. dolly parton who's theme park spare side heart broken. fire broke out a day after the park service with dolly urging people to issue careful and prevent fires. >> jim: thank you for that. national heart break tonight in brazil a plane carrying a soccer team crashed killing 71 people. we brought this to you last night. six survivors now we are hearing one of them has died. journalist and invited guests of
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in the first round of the south american cup finals in columbia. investigators recovered the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder and both are in perfect condition. >> isis now claiming responsibility for inspire thanksgiving attack on the campus of ohio state university. 18 year old student shot and killed by police after plowing ace car into people getting out with a butcher combooif to stab the injured. attack. three are in the hospital tonight. detectives say the attacker was inspired by terrorists, propaganda and a cleric for gayed al-quaeda. teen posted on facebook angry how he perceives muslims are treat in the america. victims recall the moment terror struck one of america's biggest universities. >> within 15-30 seconds i heard
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i did not look around. i saw a student hit by a car and flipped. he was lying on the ground and -- i didn't seat people who were stabbed. >> jim: the method of the attack using a car and a knife was encouraged by isis in an online magazine. >> reporter: authorities investigating hate letters sent to mosques from anaheim to san jose getting all rights better way. making reference to donald trump saying that he will cleanse america. all right calls those of muslim faith the children of satan. >> a group of media companies asking a judge to release the names of the jurors who aquitted the people involve instead armed stand off in oregon.
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they are is an important part of the open court system. bundies and father head to court in february in las vegas for the armed stand off that happened two years ago near the bundy ranch. >> a white police officer took the stand in his own defense in the shooting death of an african-american man. slagger second degree of gunning down scott after pulling him over. he was in fear after scott he said he acted according to training as a police officer. face the possibility of life in prison if he is convicted. president elect trump setting off a new twitter controversy over this form of protest that is absolutely difficult to watch burning the american flag. trump tweeting nobody should be allow to burn the flag if they do they must face consequences like jail or losing citizenship.
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burnt flack has been afirmed by the u.s. supreme court twice as a forum of the free speech the flag stands for protected by the u.s. constitution. trump's opposition is putting him at odds with leaders including mitch mcconnell. >> we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech. i support the supreme court's decision on that matter. >> the w the right to burn the flag saying the symbol of expression is the speech tyrants try to suppress. president elect is adding two known names to his team. tagged georgia congress man to be his secretary of health and human service in an opponent of bom00 care kwhomentes to privatize medicare. changed that could affect a
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president elect named e lane ciao to be his transportation secretary. she is married to mitch mcconnell. we want to look how the evening commute is shaping up. a look at realty traffic times on the freeways. which, well, its good we have tom. he can tell us about that. >> that's right. he can tell us everything happening. we don't have tom but guess for the first professional sport's team the vegas golden knights. people love or hate the name. tonight the u.s. army might have an issue with it. the golden nights reviewing the las vegas name and enlisted the they the day after bill foley
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protect the history of golden nights. we are the power -- can be life changing. next. how the press. >> the student newspaper isset going a major make over.
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>> jim: change its name. now a new one and an uncertain future. denise has the news room to herself on this tuesday morning. the paper's final edition came
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>> starting in january the paper is dropping the name its held since 1955 a name some said was a reminder of america's past. it is about time say this is senior. >> unlv the most diverse campuses in the united states. the name should have been changed. reexamination picked up steam after the hate crime murder of 2015. nine african-americans killed. level reconsideration. reid applauding the paper for what it did. >> harry reid said on facebook that he -- proud of us is an understatement. he supports the name change. >> reporter: name may not be the head lean. this paper is rung out of money the university funding has been cut its future. >> kind are hard to say.
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unlv school of southernism on the scarlett committee. >> we are really gratified that a lot of people from the community stepped forward and can it is person that the newspaper stay viable and offering support. >> money that can't come soon to help students tell their story. new name and all. >> jim: back live at unlv we are forward would be the rj green spun group running the sun and society of professional journalists. why that was the level, jeff news 3, back to you. >> best to them. >> news three is your weather authority. a possible freeze tonight and also a tip on the cool to see it go over head. >> a brat path the brightest
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and 16 seconds. tell not be long. should last 3-1/2 minutes in the western sky and if you don't want to go out and find it and brave the chill. we will show it live. we are going on the roof. with a live camera. that will be after our sick:00 p.m. newscast gwens. if all goes well we'll show it to you at 6:05. how about the freeze warning. this is the first time we will be close to a season. last time we had temperatures this cold. that groundhog day was the last freeze in the valley. not only includes las vegas and northeastern parts of the county. we will keep a close eye on the temperatures for and you suggestion to check back at 11:00 tonight we will know where we are and the chances for a freeze. today a couple of clouds and i do mean just a couple out there. not much at all. one-two popping up there.
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you see across the valley from the east side to the spring mountains. temperature wise not glorious. boulder highway at 53. not much wind. they had a 20 miles per hour gust this morning. buffalo and make mead 48. and one more stop takes us to eastern park way 50 degrees and 25% relative humidity. wind not a factor. 5 miles per hour or less that is down from where they were per hour gust in summerland and a couple of neighborhoods close to that. outside the valley. cool wind wise and will hold until thursday before they come back they will come back noticeable as we get to friday and saturday. temperature wise, interesting the high of 57, three below. morning low was four above if that number does not change between now and mid night that
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air quality in the good category. and sparkle. we don't have problems as far as pollution or pollen. the over night lows the be i gotta change that. tell not be sunny at 5:00 a.m. 35 degrees. we will stay around the mid 30s in the morning. it is around the edges of the valley we can seat attaches get down to or below the freezing mark. no wind. that holds off until late in the day on thursday. flow out of the north it calming i should say. next system will be another wind bag as it moves to southern nevada. here we blow the end of the week. going down to 17 on the mountains. pahrump may find their way to the upper 20s. heise boulder city 52. laughlin 60 and 52 as well in sandy valand he indian springs an even if he felt.
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the coldest we will see in the valley. highs tomorrow 54 officially. and that qualified fur cool sun. there is moderation there but don't get used to it. here come the winds. they will blow friday and saturday. somewhat breezy. highs in the 50s. sunday the jump to the 60's. another wind bag next week and down guess the temperature again. that is now we are talking tuesday december will feel like. i'm against that but you can't get out of the way of that. >> bound to happen. >> thank you, kevin. >> it is beginning to lock like christmas at the white house. first lady obama revealing her decorations for the final time. theme is inspired by her let's move campaign. highlighted with fruits and veggies to represent the gift of good health. on the other side attention
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the chain's first store in the valley. >> the one sign that letting us
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>> jim: tears in court from the man accused of hear from the victim's mother after the suspect tried to apologize to her. >> 2 guys break nothing a parked car and stealing owner's gun. we hear from the owners who said it happened in minutes. now at 5:00 the las vegas strip getting a win from gap blers. strip casinos collected 563 million dollars a 14% increase
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gaming a win for downtown las vegas and north las vegas. reporting gains of 29%. that is according to the state gaming board. the state brought in 60 million dollars in taxes on the winnings that is an increase. of 14% from last october. >> the help wanted sign is out at the soon to open chick filet in henderson they are lock to hire 150 people on eastern and st. rose. they open on january 2 followers will open on stephanie and warm springs and sahara next year. >> jim: a study showing the power of faith makes you feel u foreic. >> reporter: checked brain scans of moron mission easier and found the brain lit up. the same area of the brain activated with romantic love and great food.
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>> kickoff a season and every where you go you are urged to volunteer or make donations. >> giving tuesday is the brain child of a cultural center in new york. facebook is promising to match any donations made through its website. >> jim: pick a cause and consider giving at least some of your time to help. >> reporter: that is something
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