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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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store. >> a lot of screaming going on there inside a craft store. the woman saying, she was discriminated against because she voted for donald trump. two men break into a parked car in summerlin. they stole a gun that was kept on the inside. thank you for staying with us. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. one of the victims here is concerned top story tonight. >> reporter: it was thanksgiving night just past 9:30. robert covel had just returned to a friend's house and his unlocked suv was parked out front. >> we went out to dinner and came home and within five minutes-us walk -- minutes of us walking in the door, the truck was broke into.
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until the next day. he checked his friend's surveillance video and saw this. >> violated. >> reporter: why was the suv unlocked? well, after dinner, they attempted to stop back at the home briefly before heading back out. they were inside the house for five minutes and the burglary took far less. >> yes. i should lock my vehicle every time. i was in transition of going in and coming out. i was within that time of getting back in the car it happened within four minutes. >> reporter: these two men are seen on surveillance video rummaging through covel car. after the burglar, one is seen coming back on screen and seems to look directly at the camera. covel says this burglary has rattled his friend. >> apparently there's been multiple break-ins around the area, and she's definitely concerned. >> reporter: other neighbors in the community were also hit.
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into with watches and screens taken from inside. >> all i would like to do is get them caught. >> reporter: the suspects' images are broadcast all over social media. the gun has been reported stolen. covel is hoping the pair is brought and thrown in jail. if you have any information on who these two men might be. you are urged to call police. sergio avila, news 3. >> all right. thank you for that. a man accused of driving drunk and killing two brothers, in court today. willie worthams was the victims. police say willie worthams admitted to drinking before the crash more than two weeks ago. officers say he was driving 115 miles an hour, more than three times the posted speed limit, racing a pickup truck. >> i'm looking at him and i'm looking at his family and i don't think he's a bad person
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lives are gob -- gone. i'm going to have to stand up and i want justice. so sorry just don't cut it for me. >> willie wortham the case was continued and he is expected to be back in in court in january. this is 24-year-old christian harned. he was asperger's. he was last seen yesterday afternoon near fort apache and brown jacket, jeans, black and white jordan tennis shoes and carrying a gray backpack. if you see him you are asked to call police. detectives on the hunt for a serial robber. >> they say a man has been holding up businesses terrorizing half a dozen of them. antonio castelan has more. >> reporter: business owners say the robbery suspect worries them. one victim we spoke with said
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>> i start shaking. >> reporter: it's the reaction she had when she said this man pointed a gun at her inside her business. this robbery happened early november near sahara. >> they came, three guys with the guns and i gave the money. >> reporter: detectives say this suspect hit five other businesses during a five-day spree. officers say two 7-elevens on maryland parkway and other stores on nellis and spring mountain were hit. police say they were able to identify through images as lamar griffin. the store robberies have business owners on edge. this woman's store is next to salvador's hair salon. >> he's definitely scary. it's good to know you need to be aware of who is around and lock the doors. >> reporter: detectives say griffin is armed and dangerous. they say he's robbed businesses mainly in the southeast valley. salvador says she has this taser
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she says she's very cautious of her surroundings. >> be alert. be aware of, you know, your surroundings. make sure, you know, who is coming into the store. >> reporter: the suspect is described as standing 6'1" and weighs about 140 pounds. if anyone has any information you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting near sahara and 3. >> thank you. well, wife watch continues in tennessee after at least three people died in this tragedy. the fire suddenly raged out of control. they were fueled by wind gusts up to 87 miles an hour. the hardest-hit town is the resort area of gatlinburg where visitors had no choice but to run and find shelter somewhere else. >> the power went out. it was very dark. the smoke was so thick we couldn't breathe. our eyes were stinging.
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took off running. >> she and her family, among the 14,000 people told to get out of gatlinburg quickly. some evacuees made it out on their own. they drove thru roads choked by smoke and flames. others were escorted out on foot by troopers of a -- after downed trees blocked roads. landmarks and businesses have been destroyed by a fire erupted into an all-out inferno. >> it's difficult to go out to a community and try to protect and serve others when your property is burning down. >> one firefighter said he lost his house. firefighters are fearful once they get back in, they will see that the death toll was bigger than anyone thought. we'll continue to track the devastating fire on the cw news at 10:00 and also news 3 live at
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that he thought he had lost everything, too. >> they have a shared loss in that community. i know a lot of people from tennessee. they will rebuild and rise. >> strong people. >> yes. the coldest temperatures we felt this season are here tonight. >> we are your weather authority. here's chloe beardsley. she's wearing hey yers and a blank -- layers and a blanket. >> they are right outside of the studio. very cold weather we'll be dropping in the 30s. most neighborhoods in the low to mid-40s this morning and it will be a little bit colder overnight tonight. so there is ayour warning. 42 degrees for indian springs. low 40s for the southern highlands area. a little bit better. you can see southeast career and tech in the 50s, they not the case -- that's not the case for all neighborhoods.
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continues across the region. we have a freeze washing in effect for central and northeastern clark county for temperatures that are expected to dip near the freezing mark and some neighborhoods, mostly on the edges, could see the temperatures falling in the upper 20s. we won't see that kind of cold weather in the heart of the valley but still, mid-30s waking up to that will be pretty chilly. i will let you know how long this cold streak will last coming up. >> see you then. thank you. an 10:00. six people survived of a -- survived after a carrying a brazilian team. the team coming 0 of a fairytale season in the brazilian premiere league was on the way to the finals of an important south american championship. the plane lost radar after
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canceled all scheduled matches. and the colombian club that would have been the team's opponent has asked that brazilian team be awarded the title. one day after an attack at ohio state university, the campus bustled almost like a normal day. students feel far from normal after the attack. students feeling uneasy and they are more aware of their surroundings than they were before the attack. >> dni going through me when i was walking back. kind of making sure my surroundings were okay. a little more cautious than normal. >> several students are relieved to see the increased police campus especially since the news that isis has claimed responsibility. they say the administration and other students and professors are being very supportive. that suspect shot and killed on the spot by police. police looking for a
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different kind. >> how they reacted when the surprised visitor showed up.
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caught on camera, a ferris wheel caught fire in western japan. this amateur video shows flames leaping from one of the cars. six people were on the ferris wheel but in separate cars. no one was hurt. police and fire officials still investigating what caused those flames. >> police in kansas put up cameras in a park to check for dangerous animals and that's not exactly what showed up. what is that? well, what they found were more like harmless, funny and -- let's hope they are fake -- creatures. this wolf in high high schools didn't look scary as she pranced along the trail. had the surprised visitors gave police a good chuckle on their facebook page. the police department thanks
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there is a youtube video that's gone viral. a shopper is upset with an employee who said she tried to purchase her a one-dollar reusable bag. our reporter tells us how a customer who witnessed the confrontation is now trying to raise money to help the abused employee. >> reporter: in the crush of holiday shopping, tempers can flare. >> i don't appreciate you screaming at me across the store. >> reporter: it happened across the che >> you discriminated against me twice. >> reporter: this confrontation laced with racial overtones occurred when a customer was asked to buy a larger bag by the cashier and manager, both african-american. >> the things that she screamed, nobody should be subject to that abuse. >> reporter: this shopper felt compelled to record the incident. >> i don't know how she could
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never raised her voice with this woman. >> reporter: getting over 150,000 hits on youtube wasn't her intent. >> i felt like i needed to do more. >> reporter: see started a gofundme. goal, a $400 gift card. >> it's going up 100 every five minutes. >> reporter: at last check, donations totaled more than $12,000. >> i don't feel like i do that the big lesson is in all of this? >> just be kind to people. >> reporter: haven't we been told about that for christmas? >> just be kind. the shopper said she was discriminated against for being white and because she voted for donald trump. in fact, she said very many times in that video i voted for trump. well, michael says they don't tolerate discrimination and are investigating. breaking news to report to you. ceasers entertainment is
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program for guests. here is a live look at the strip where five properties will start stat paid program. they include ceasers palace, harrah's flamingo, and the paris. >> self-parking there will remain free until the equipment is installed. as for locals with proper i.d. and total reward, members it rated platinum and above will continue to park in their garages for free. we'll have much more on this breaking news story and 11:00. the unlv student newspaper getting a new name. some have been calling for the rebel yell to be dropped for years. they see it as a reminder of america's confederate past. with yesterday's final edition, i the student-run paper announced the new name, the scarlet and gray press. this woman is the paper's new
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university but also everyone know that we are independent. we want to remain independent and we won't let anyone take control over our editorial context. >> unlv being one of the most diverse campuses in the united states, i think the name should have been changed. >> other students we spoke within were not bothered by the name scarlet and gray. the paper is facing an issue biggeran it has enough to last next semester thanks to budget cuts. private organizes may step in to help the paper. good news for the unlv's men's hockey team. bumped up to division 1. the rebels have been playing so well, some think a national championship is not out of the question. the so today we caught up with the team as they practiced at the las vegas ice center on west
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their region. that's a school first. of course, right now hockey is still a club sport at unlv. but plans are in motion to move and with hockey expanding here the future is looking bright. >> i think it will drag attention to it and help grow the sport. i think it's already growing. >> college hockey contributes about 30%, 35% of all players playing in the nhl. for college hockey to grow. >> go, rebels. they will play saturday at the las vegas night at 8:03. bone-chilling temperatures in the forecast tonight. news 3 is your weather authority and chloe beardsley is here with more on how cold it's going to get. >> tell us the three ps. people, pets. i forget the third one. plants. >> plants. if you have your tomatoes out
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trying to grow those right now, but bring those inside. they will probably be damaged. e. very cold weather is going to settle in. we're looking at lows, the coldest we've seen will be tomorrow morning. so yeah, layer up for your wednesday. clear clear skies outside. some of the temperatures in the low 40s near the southern rye hands, rampart and hill point coming in at 44. on the warmer side in 53. the rest of us, mostly in the 40s right now. we mean it when we say it's going to be very cold. talking lows dropping down in the 30s. so be prepared. calm, wind-wise right now. mid-40s for overton as well as pahrump. winds are also fairly calm as well there. here is a recap of today. we made it to 57. temperatures below normal for this time of year and that trend
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days. already this evening -- excuse me, tomorrow morning we have a freeze warning in effect. it goes into effect at 2:00 a.m. but was issued by the national weather service yesterday for portions of central and northeastern clark county. temperatures hovering between the upper 20s to the 30s across the area. it looked like we'll see the temperatures in the 20s on the far outskirts of the valley. as we get in closer to las vegas, this area won't freezing mark. it will be right around the mid-30s overnight. so still very cold temperatures. you will still want to bring a jacket in the morning and maybe double up on the socks as well. today, not too much to talk about. we had a few breezes in the morning. calming down by the afternoon. overall, fairly nice weather. we're tracking the next system that's going to bring us strongest winds later on in the week. this is it. here's how it will play out. you can see the trough moving
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same kind of pacific storm. you can see it bringing widespread showers across portions of northern california and also northern nevada. we'll stay fairly dry. it will be just a wind event for us. overnight tonight, cold and for the most part fairly calm. clear skies. temperatures dropping down in the mid-30s overnight tonight. regionally we'll be at 32 for overton. 20s for indian springs and pahrump. highs tomorrow won't be impressive. in the 50s for 52 for boulder city. low 50s for sandy valley and mid-50s for pahrump. tomorrow, like i said, maybe two pairs of socks when you start off. 36 degrees by 7:00. if you are commuting by 9:00, mid-40s. you will still want to keep the sweater on when you are grabbing lunch tomorrow afternoon. even at the end of the day when temperatures are in the mid-50s it will feel cold outside we're normally in the low 60s for this time of year. that trend, like i said, below normal temperatures continuing
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days. that second storm kicking up the -- the winds into friday and it will bring us another cooldown and be rewarded with the 60s. well, thursday is the last day to submit an entry for walker furniture's home for the holidays contest. this is the 23rd year walker will furnish 30 homes to families in need. if you know someone who deserves this prize, write a letter and a panel will choose the winners on december 12th. >> such a great program. cyber monday 2016 definitely one for the history books. >> the record-breaking dollars we spent with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. and the new attraction gives
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black friday sales hit a record-breaking $10 million, five times more than what the outdoor clothing company expected to earn but this company is not keeping a single penny after promising to give the earnings away to charity. the $-- the $10 million will go to 800 environmental groups in the world. consumers spent $3.45 billion online yesterday. that's a lot of clicks.
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cyber monday last year. it makes this the largest online sales day in history. black friday, it generated only 110 million less in online sales. time for a look at what's coming up at 11:00. new developments in this case against the man who hit a limo carrying tracy morgan. plus, mario and the rest of the nintendo game expanding their reach. where you will be able to games. those stories and breaking news as it happens tonight. finally here -- an egyptian oasis adds a new attraction for thrill seekers. >> a waterslide off the sand dunes. it's organized by desert adventures. now, the company's owner says that the area was the perfect spot for the waterslide because of its magical scenery, safety and existing lake. >> well, they really can get
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attracts 20, 30 people every week. there he goes. backflips. the organizers help to promote egypt's tourism industry which has struggled following the 2011 uprising.
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katy perry's secret engagement? showing off a giant ring on that finger. e.t. has the exclusive shots beaming with orlando. onny we can tell you about the ring. then dollywood in danger. >> go, go, go!
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frightening flames inching closer. what she's telling us today and she reveals never before told stories of childhood trauma. >> we thought we were going to do. behind the scenes with natalie portman's jackie kennedy transformation. will playing first lady win her another oscar. >> it's very scary to take on someone that people know so well, and we are in new orleans with hgtv's hottest hunk, the property brothers. >> what's sexier? popping your pecks. >> no. or slapping your keg >> now for november 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> a raging fire threatening to destroy dolly parton's beloved amusement park. would you take a look at this? it's crazy. we'll have the full details in minutes. we begin with katy perry flaunting some brand-new bling in new york. i mean, did orlando bloom put a ring on it? ?? ?? >> first, let us give you a


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