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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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locals? >> demanding higher wages, leading to arrests, tonight. >> news3 starts right now. >> want to get right to that breaking news. one person is dead after shots were fired in the southwest part of town. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan, in for marie mortera, christy wilcox joins us, what can you christy? >> about 30 seconds ago, metro homicide spoke to us and just to give you an idea where we're at, we're off rainbow and robindale, the community of covington. two officers were off another call and they heard two shots. that's when they came over here to find out what was going on.
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apartment with his dog and he said, he shot his son. that father is taken into custody, that 20-year-old is dead. that's what we know right now. very few details coming from metro. very early on in this investigation but one 20-year-old man is dead tonight after being shot by his father. that is coming from metro homicide. right now off of this community, covington here and robindale. reporting live out here christy wilcox news3, i'll send you back to the studio. >> thank you christy. one story we broke earlier
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the news. this has to do with valet parking. >> that's right, that is the caesar's valet. you toss keys sneak them a tip and move on with it. that move soon will come on with a bill. there are things in life you can always count on, death taxes and free parking on the las vegas strip but that last one it seems to be yes, caesar's partnering has announcinged that park for no one will any longer be free. charging from 8 to $18. then in 2017 you'll start to pay for self-parking. mgm, parking your car in the garage at any of the caesar's properties will still be free if you live here. the perks of being a local.
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fold. >> we're doing this because park on our property has become increasingly scarce. we feel the paid parking program will address that serious parking issue. the revenue that we're going to be earning from the paid parking program will go towards upgrading our parking facility, led lighting to make the parki >> if you are visiting rio the off-strip resort is exempt. paid for parking it's coming but we cannot reiterate this enough. local parking is free. caesar's has no thought to charge locals. in the distance future not in the works.
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the full list of properties, and more importantly, when this all begins. >> treanor gets to be the hero. thank you for that john. >> suddenly everyone likes john. temperatures continue to plummet. >> will they go below the freezing mark? here is kevin janison with the expelled lows. >> we haven't had lows that low since ground hog the freeze warning for first time this season in fact for most of the county, including northeastern parts of clark county. however, it looks like most neighbors will stay barely above freezing. better chance in anthem, mud 30s, 30, 31 degrees, possibly north las vegas, here is another question mark, 41 right now around 42.
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at mccarran we expect the temperatures to be in mid 30s, 5 to 7, or up to 34 bouncing up quickly once the sun comes out. we'll spell it out, how long this nap is going to last, in the seven-day forecast, coming up, gentlemen. >> you won't reach the treanor status yet with that found inside stolen, the owner said, he only left it unlocked for five minutes, time for these gentlemen to get in and out, rummaging through car. one of them comes back and look at that seems to look and actually point directly at the camera. if you recognize these guys call
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702-382-5555. >> planning a terror attack in india, providing materials and resources to terrorists. seeking 15 years in prison. >> now to a major developing story tonight, fierce winds fueling wildfires here, at least three people haven hundreds of homes and other buildings absolutely gone as you can see. news3 la toya stillman is here. >> trying to clear roads preparing for what could be a very long night. flames swept through eastern tennessee, the wildfires fueled by dry brush and strong winds.
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strength. >> when you see that wind pushing fire it's a scary sight to see. >> the flames came dangerously close to a hilton hotel. flames threatened but spared the dollywood theme park. >> those movies that you see about apocalypse, that's what we >> firefighters admit they haven't been able to reach certain areas. >> we haven't been able to get in all of the areas. we pray that we don't experience any more fatalities. >> reporter: fires destroyed or damaged hundreds of businesses. some entire neighborhoods were destroyed. >> this is the largest fire in the last 100 years in the state of tennessee. >> reporter: and authorities are now investigating the cause
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>> it's unbelievable the scale of this thing. >> it seems every moment more things pop up on social media. la toya thanks. the man who be drove the van crashing into tracy morgan pleaded guilty. earlier he pled guilty to aggravated assault. under the terms of his pretrial deal he will enter into a are monitored program. >> news3 was honored again this year to participate the rape
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mced bigerard ramalho. how to spot warning signs that trouble may be coming. tonight's event was part fund raiser part just fun, honoring community partners some staff and volunteers. >> our fourth annual with news3 and tau group. we're proud to be here. partying with a purpose, part of giving tuesday. >> if you want to find out more about the rape crisis center, it all there. >> coming up a protest near the las vegas strip ended up with some in handcuffs. >> their fight for higher wages up next. >> the major league sports team has a name but there may be a problem with that, amber has
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> just to the right of that
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three people for blocking that intersection while protesting for minimum wage. >> christy wilcox talked to some of those protesters, in the so-called fight for 15. >> a right to have a better right. >> metro police arrest protesters, for protesting >> a single mom like i am. >> reporter: dozens of protesters say they are in a fight for 15, that is dollars, for minimum wage. she says $10 an hour isn't enough for what she does every day. >> we take care of the patients in their homes. we do the job of a therapist, a made. >> reporter: eric cheves
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here. >> it really is ridiculous. if you take what workers are paid right now even those who are paid $40, $50 a week. >> ar increase in local minimum wage standards. nevada assembly woman olivia dee arizona. >> we can't wait to implement the local minimum wage. you have to. we cannot make it on $10 an hour. >> christy wilcox reporting. after years, unlv paper will make some changes. gone is the name, rebel yell. students and staff decided to make that change a few months ago. the paper new name is the
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their support for this change. >> unlv being one of the more diverse campuses. the paper name should change. >> being proud of you us is an understatement and seeing that he supports this name change is really nice. >> despite the name change, the student paper still has another problem on their hands. that's money. the weekly paper is running out of cash after the university cut theirun to step out including the review-journal. >> as this giving tuesday comes to a close it is a reminder that the holidays really are a season of helping others. walker furniture is seeking nomination letters by the way for their 23rd home for holidays program. the deadline is december 4th. that's this sunday. so if you know a family that could benefit from this please
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walker furniture will donate a houseful of furniture for one who wins this contest. >> i cancelled the rule about no dogs on the bed tonight. >> two-dog night or maybe a three-dog night? >> three-dog night. >> that's how the band got their name. that's a whole different nasa and the astronauts of the international space station, to fly over the station, during our 6:00 broadcast. justin was able to dial this in. that thing is going around at 17,500 miles an hour. they are able to calculate the exact moment when sunlight reflecting off the space station would be visible in a specific
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evening. meanwhile, that freeze warning remaining in effect for knit, including a good portion of clark county. including the las vegas valley, one of the ingredients to cause the cold or help aid the cold will be the clear sky. light winds also. we just had a couple of fair weather cumulus clouds. they are long gone now. let's check in. beginning of the newscast southern they will have a freeze. southern, and tarntd edges a ar. mountain, oh my, lundy elementary is at 16?. i'll have mine higher if possible. downtown las vegas at 39, around
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some were just merely above treeing but that's cold enough. indian springs, 32 and pioche, 30, and at mccarran we said 56, tack on another $100 for the nevada partnership of homeless youth, we are kicking in a lot of money for the 3? guaranty. that is a new that makes this a below-normal day. air quality, recent winds crystal clear clean not a problem at all.the temperature-wise in the morning this is what we expect for mccarran. remember around the edges we think it will be a little bit colder. 35, 36, official low, maybe 33?. we're not expecting any breezes into late thursday, friday,
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from because this pattern is going to continue. just as we try to warm up a little bit as we get towards the weekend another system is going to come down and that's going to kick up the winds. two weather systems within the seven day period. we're paying the bill for first half of november. indian springs 27, 16 las vegas valley tonight we're going down to 34, again even colder around the edges of the valley, possibly north las vegas as well. tomorrow's high 54. plenty of sunshine although cool sunshine. do remember the temperature's taken in the shade so 54 in direct sunshine might feel a slight bit warmer. we're looking at the glass half full there. friday will be windy that will taper off late in the day to
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60 on sunday, look out another windbag, that will be tough to even get into the 50s, first week in december there. got your cold update beginning at 4:30 a.m. and i imagine our fine morning friends will be bundled up as they come into work. we'll be under blankets and half a dozen dogs, another log on the fire. >> thank you >> when you can jump around
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? music: it's a small world after all ? come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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>> well, new at 11, some of your favorite video games are coming to life. >> universal studios announced they're teaming one nintendo. they will feature special attractions and restaurants and
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>> like playing your favorite video game in real life. they just jumped over frogger and went to yoa. remember that? >> mario. remember that? >> i do. >> coming up, the hockey team for unlv. >> amber has some highlights and
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>> unlv's hockey team scored an important goal, bumped up to division 1 in the american college hockey association. the team compe skating rebels one step closer to their game winning goal playing ncaa division 1 hockey. the team assisted by new leadership and recruiting. >> in the last two years we've had probably the best success we've had this program. >> vast majority of our kids are throughout the state. >> canada minnesota, all over
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turning into a hockey town. >> indeed it is. golden knights is also the name of the army's parachute team. the washington post reveals, team owner bill foley is also a proud graduate of the academy. to graduate from unlv, mo tulale, was named all mountain west, leading a squad of 1:17 total tackles. all las vegas senior running back mel pumfrey was named offensive player of the year. this season he surpassed the
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to college hoops now, tomorrow they'll face former interim head coach todd symon when they play at southern utah. unlv nine and a half point favorite, however those programs share the struggle of rebuilding. symon has led thunderbirds to a 2 and 4 record. before unlv hired new head coach >> first head coach in the state. we built our relationship, we have the family, we all love the same game, we are trying to compete at the end of the day.
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rivers angry over a call would get ejected in what was a double overtime loss. have you ever seen such fury out of a basketball coach? >> veins were popping. >> hopefully not exploding. >> thanks. still here
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>> finally tonight, it's been a while since that theater inside the anopolis shut down.
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inside las vegas. >> gas officially opening tomorrow. pretty nice. barkoloungeer, dinner and a drink on sale with your movie ticket. >> yep, tickets will run you a little more than your typical movie theater. about $16 for a matinee, a couple bucks more in the evening, you do have to be 21 or older to get in but it's been fun with this keeping up with the joneses with the theaters they're amazing right? >> how do you stay awake? you recline -- >> have a burger right? >> wake me up after [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- natalie portman.


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