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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> dana: good morning. >> kim: we're opening up over this local live picture because minutes ago president elect donald trump took to twitter like he often does. this time he's going on the record saying he's stepping away from all of his businesses. handing things over about this morning. december 15 he will make it official. it will be his news conference he's going to hold where he's going to announce this publicly. he hasn't had a news conference formally in more than 100 days. this news just broke. >> dana: dinner with mitt romney last night. they dined along frog legs among other things. welcome in. >> kim: we're hanging out with
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you were saying the pipes, the people, the pets, anything that has to do with cold weather needs to be attended to this morning. >> kelly: that freeze warning in place until 8:00 this morning. the valley in the mid to low 30's. temperatures could still fall. it is going to get colder before it starts getting warmer. here is a look at what we expect throughout the day gloves and warm coat. at 9:00 a.m. 45. lunchtime 52 low to mid 50's for highs this afternoon. we're going to take a look at what the temperatures are like in your neighborhood coming up. >> dana: president elect donald trump's cabinet taking shape. more announcements coming today. tracy potts reports. >> the american people are
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is going to bring to the white house. >> two more announcements are expected today. goldman zach alum and will burr ross. still up in the air secretary of state. >> he's narrowed it down to a small group of people. >> including mitt romney who had din we are trump last members of his cabinet are effective people. be. >> we talked about secretary of labor and something -- >> the senate says they are ready to quickly confirm trump's cabinet. in zincon governing but not flag burning. >> we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech. i support the supreme court's
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>> mr. trump suggest punishment, jail or loss of citizenship. >> kim: per usual, we will talk this out with tracy live in our 6:00 hour. right now we're going local with this one. metro investigating after a man tells officers he shot his own son. this happened last night at this apartment complex. you saw it as breaking news if you were up late last night. officers say they were on their regula gunshots. they went to an apartment where they say a man came out and told them he had just shot his son. they found a 20-year-old man who had been shot. that father was then taken into custody. we don't know exactly how this whole thing went down but as the investigation continues we'll give you updates. >> dana: this is a thanksgiving crime in summerlin.
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and then a minute later you see this young man go into the same parked car. the owner said he left his car open for five minutes but that was plenty of time for these crooks to get inside his car. he had a gun in there as well. this happened all the way up the hill this. is about a mile up the hill from the high school. we're hoping that you recognize one or both. look at the end. surveillance camera thinking i might be caught on tape here. pretty good shot of both young men. if you have any idea who they are, please call crime stoppers. >> kim: this next story you'll be talking about. cesar's entertainment going to soon start charging for parking. resort officials say the extra cash is going to make it a better experience for all the visitors in the long run.
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month. eight properties are going to start charging for valet marking. then 2017 you are going to pay for self-parking. the good news for us locals unlike mgm which started charging in a few months, when it comes to cesar's properties it will be free of charge if you call nevada your home state. cesar's says there are two >> we're doing this because parking on our property is becoming increasingly scars and a lot of our highest spending customers can't park was anymore. we feel that will address that issue. the revenue we're going to be earning will go toward upgrading our parking facility to make the parking experience for pleasant
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>> those upgrades will happen over time. for all of us locals the rio hotel and casino is exempt from this change because it is not on the strip. we are just getting started on this story. in 25 minutes we check in with michelle with additional details. >> dana: we know that the student newspaper on the campus of unlv changing their name and many students seemed happy about it. it's called theeb that is going away. they are changing their name to the scarlet and gray free press. the rebel yell associated with the soldiers during the civil war. the rebel yell is simply insensitive according to some we talked to. >> unlv being one of the most diverse campuses, i think the name should be changed. >> he said this morning being proud of us is an understatement
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>> harry reid has talked about changing the name for a while now. they have other problems on their hands. they are running out of money right now. they don't have enough money to operate the student newspaper so some groups are stepping forward to help out including the review journal. >> kim: speaking of helping out. is this nba player helping or hurting? it ends up being a funny moment on the court. you see we're sharing it ahead. >> dana: investigators say they feel blindsided after the husband of a woman who went missing issues a statement about her condition.
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>> dana: the clippers hosting the nets when this happened. >> that is priceless. >> dana: chris paul was the dunk. he gives him heart to heart. is that hand to heart. cpr. at least he didn't give him mouth to mouth. heart to heart is better than mouth to mouth. that is pretty funny. paul pierce is laughing. that's the first dunk he's ever missed in his career. >> kim: still to come this morning that man who was driving
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has pled guilty. does the plea mean he's not going to prison? what are those conditions that will keep him from behind bars? we have it headed your way. the donald dawns a new hat. the making america great hat again has a little different spin on it this morning. the old one getting the royal treatment from jeanie most.
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>> kim: we have dire news because of the fires in gatlinburg. three people have been killed in the wildfires that continue to rage this morning. a lot of buildings have burned following these fast moving wildfires. many people losing their homes but pulling together. hurricane forced winds fanning flames and sending residents away from the area in droves. some of them running on foot
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officials say the resort and spa west gate in this area with more than 100 buildings they think it's likely entirely gone this morning. three people losing their lives. if live pictures come from the fire line we'll take you there on the broadcast. >> dana: more nasty weather expected in the southeastern united states today after a string of storm knocked down trees, damaged homes there yesterday. in alabama roads were blocked crews worked overnight trying to clear the streets. homes in the area were damaged by fallen trees in monroe county. high winds knocked vehicles off the road. tipped over a bus on the side of the highway. >> kim: i am a weather authority weather buddy since i share the studio with two meteorologists.
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a freeze that can go on record since february of last year. >> kelly: it's been a long time since we've seen temperatures that cold. not quite freezing in many locations but it is cold enough. have your hat and gloves as you are stepping out the department this is the las vegas day school camera. a lot of sunshine but we were dealing with breezy conditions. the trees dancing there a little bit. the cameras shaking. high thin clouds working in later. skies this is what we're looking at right now as you are stepping oh duty door sunrise, downtown 34. two degrees above the freezing mark. green valley 39, summerlin 36, 32 is the freezing mark. we're going to see these temperatures drop a couple more degrees before sunrise this morning. winds light, not going to be an issue for us. we're looking at a lot of
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a few high thin clouds will start working in later in the day so mainly sunny skies. the afternoon high six below normal. we're only going to top out at 54 today. winds will be light. chilly again tonight but i don't think we're going to see freezing temperatures. 37 will be our low. our seven-day forecast temperatures tomorrow 56 for the high. breezy conditions return friday. that's going to knock temperatures down sunday sunny and 60. look at next week. we have another storm system coming in and we're talking a high of 49. >> dana: all right. one person has died after an accident as they were setting up for a cirque de soleil show in san francisco. this happened at at&t park where the giants play. an equipment operator was killed during the setup for this show. he was struck by a lift.
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cancelled of course. cirque de soleil says they are currently gathering more information about this tragic accident. >> kim: investigators say they feel blindsided by a new development this morning related to this california mom you see over my shoulder. she was the one missing for three weeks. her husband released a statement and thanked the public for all their support detailing her injuries. he described that within the statement he says sherry's face was covered in bruises, her hair chopped off, her weight only 87 pounds and says she had been branded. investigators say they didn't want that much information released to the public yet. >> there is unique information
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hoping to keep a tight reign on as far as what we were going to release to the public. it's not the first hurdle in this investigation that we've had. we've overcome many of them, not just in this case but there are surprises in all investigations. this is just wasn't good timing. >> that's the official word from the officials on this case. but the husband said he was just tryingo that were out there. sherry disappeared while jogging near her home only to be found on the side of the highway 140 miles away on thanksgiving day she was found. investigators saying they were looking for two women in a dark s.u.v. who were reportedly armed. as this investigation continues we'll have continued update ! pope francis has paid tribute to those killed in the plane crash
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faithful to pray for them. you might remember that plane crashed while transporting the brazilian soccer team to a regional tournament. all but six of the people on board were killed. it is possible they ran out of gas. >> kim: that truck driver who slammed into ao ago carrying tracy morgan pled guilty to avoid prison time. he was driving that truck in june when he slammed into morgan's limo on the new jersey turnpike. morgan as you are well aware suffered very serious injuries in that crash. his very good friend was killed. it was just yesterday he pled guilty.
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intervention program. if he completes that 36 month long program and satisfies other conditions the charges will be dismissed. if he doesn't comply the charge carries a 10 year prison term. >> dana: this theme park is going to reopen more than six weeks after four people were killed after a ride malfunctioned there. the that the park will reopen to the public will rides operating on december so. that river ride in which four people were killed is never going to reopen. they are doing safety checks on the other rides to make sure everything is safe for their visitors. >> kim: severe weather is a top story today. >> coming up on a wednesday on
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powerful and deadly storms including a tornado that swept across the south overnight. a look at president elect trump's second meeting with mitt romney. this morning romney's surprising comments after that face to face. something all parents should see. our candid conversation with a group of teenagers opening up about what their lives are really like and the pressures they face every day. that and more >> kim: we opened up with the breaking news of donald trump taking to twitter minutes ago. we're focusing on the president elect because he has been spotted wearing something new on his head. >> it wasn't the old make america great again hat. >> the donald has dawned a new
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elected to show case this. >> u.s.a. on the front and on the side 45 as in donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. it's not for sale yet on trump's website. fans are clam moring for it for christmas. must have that hat. >> there is no understood to feel sorry for the old make america great again hat. it's still getting royal treatment. on election nht the sea of hats in the audience, there were two make america great again hats enslained in glass cases displayed on stage like holly reallyics. in case of not make america great break glass. maga -- make america great again. if you are looking to hang your
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the tree ornament on amazon gets mocking reviews from trump opponents. all i said was it wasn't as bright as the other ornaments and the darn thing exploded. every time i try to hang it on the branch it yells wrong. >> negotiate down the national debt. >> wrong. >> no matter which branch i try, it's wrong. >> one joker gave the ornament one star. called mary a nasty woman, told joseph to go back where hi came from, build a wall around the manger. whenever trump decides to sport
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support the hair. >> more about helping the goat. why would that help the goat?
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dresses it up like a duck. the owner says that polly has a severe case of anxiety. nothing helped until one day she put a duck costume on polly. the next thing she knew the anxiety was gone and polly was happy. the woman posted a picture online and it's gone viral. >> everyday i get messages from people saying i'm battling depression o one and i look at your feed every day and see these little goats and if they can do it, i can do it. >> that's the owner. she happens to own a farm with more than two dozen goats. all of them have special needs. now she plans to expand her sanctuary that she calls the goats of anarchy to host
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>> dana: i didn't know there were goats out there that had special needs. >> kim: we learn something new every day. >> kelly: like the dogs with the thunder shirts. it's going to be cool all day. bundle up. freezing right now. highs only in the low 50's. we know that some people drive too fast on the strip. it was encouraged in the 1980's. it is a video vault wednesday. tom talking about formula one on the las vegas strip taking us back to the grand prix. new in our 6:00 hour here is a question that we want to you try on for size. would you go to a funeral for someone you didn't know?
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showed up to this one.
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>> kim: chilly start to your wednesday morning. you'll hear from our weather authority with what to expect today. >> dana: pay up. another major property on the las vegas strip is going to
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more ahead in a live report. >> kim: cirque de soleil death. we'll let you know what investigators are saying about it this morning. we do begin with breaking news. we have a live look at trump tower here in las vegas because president elect donald trump says he's leaving being the nation's 45th president. he took to twitter just a couple of hours ago very early this morning that legal documents are being crafted to take him completely out of business operations adding that the presidency is a far more important task. >> dana: this has been expected. he talked about this during the campaign he could not run the country and his businesses at the same time and there would be


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