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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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she'll spend behind bars for having sex with a 14-year-old student. we'll tell you the maximum amount of time she could spend behind bars coming up. >> kim: more fees. another major casino company on the las vegas strip says they are going to start charging to park and we have a live report with what it means for you headed your >> dana: happy hump-day. it is 6:00 on this wednesday. it's 7-degrees celsius. 44-degrees fahrenheit. >> kim: we're the wagners on this wednesday morning. we have a jam packed hour. while most of you were sleeping donald trump took to twitter, a
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alarming but big news coming out of the tweet he sent out. hasn't had a news conference in more than 100 days but he has one headed your way on december 15. >> dana: talking about a lot of stuff. we appreciate you joining us. we're the wagners on this wednesday. >> kim: we have a team of people to get your day started. we have kelly getting you up to speed with what you need to wear today. we have jeff looking at travel let's go skyward and expect in with tom right now. >> tom: we have an issue on 15 where a car spun around backwards. it is blocking off the exit lane for i15 south. southbound i15 is going to be a slow spot as you start out the 6:00 hour and we continue our
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>> jeff: hopefully that gets cleaned up quickly because we're already seeing an impact. the backup is extending past the bowl to washington. if you are approaching harmon we have an accident there. it's small there. not a lot of traffic that direction. this is the concerning area 13 minutes from the bowl to tropicana. rest of the freeways are looking slow. >> kelly: it is cold. we have many locations around freezing. at least around freezing. the sun will be coming up in a half an hour and then temperatures will start to rise. 45 at 9:00 a.m. 52 at lunchtime. it's going to be below normal today. and we have cooler temperatures in the forecast. we'll talk more about it coming up. >> kim: metro is investigating another homicide this morning.
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place. it was last night near top on durango. a man shot another man in the parking lot. this is near the spanish trails community. once we have more information, we'll pass it on to you. a local dad is waking up behind bars after shooting and killing his son and then telling local police about it. happened just before 10:00 last night. metro detectives say two when they heard gunshots coming from that location. when police got to the scene a man comes out and tells them he just shot his son. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. this is metro's 15th homicide investigation in city limit this is year. as this investigation continues we'll have continued updates.
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to be sentenced for having sex way teenage student. craig reports live from the regional justice center. >> good morning. the teacher's name is nicole and she was a teacher at the , jr. high school. she avoided trial by pleading guilty to having improper sexual relationship way 14-year-old student. with very video of her in court. she's wearing blue in this prison and a fine of $15,000. she originally was charged with nine counts related to a sexual relationship with a opportunity. a relationship that police say started in june of 2015. she was a teacher and she met the student when he was in the seventh grade. sexual conduct is prohibited at any time between a teacher and a student even if the student is above the age of consent.
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not. pled guilt to avoid the trial. we're expecting sentencing today. >> kim: thank you for that update. what is going on here? look at these great images of something not so great happening on the far west side of town. these crooks just opening the door. this is why you should always lock your vehicle. what did they take from inside? a gun. stolen that fast. the owner said he only unlocked for five minutes but that was more than enough time for the guys to get in and get out. you see them rummaging through the car. these are good images. after the break in one of them comes back in screen and he looks and points. we see you. he's looking right at the camera. here is where you come in. if you recognize these two at all, call crime stoppers. >> dana: six people arrested
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valley, protestors. they were sitting down in the street after they gathered at the carls , jr. they walked over to paradise and sat in the roadway. they are fighting for 15, the minimum wage, they want it raised to $15 an hour. these are protest we saw play out not only in las vegas but across the country. the day of disruption began yesterday morning with a protest outside mcdonald's on las vegas boulevard near flamingo. workers walking off the job joined by airport workers, home care, higher education, child care employees who don't make $15 an hour, even uber drivers
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>> kim: after more than six decades paper at unlv is seeing big changes. that paper's name is rebel yell. some thought that name was insensitive. students and staff got together to make a change a few months ago. we told you about this some time ago. new information this morning. the paper's name is going to be the scarlet and gray free press. we're hearing from the people it lawmakers expressing their support for the change. >> unlv being one of the most diverse campuses in the united states, i definitely think the name should have been changed. >> harry reid did say on facebook this morning that being proud of us is an understatement so being that he supports this name change is really nice. >> kim: they do have problems here in the future. finance issues. the weekly paperer is running
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some groups are stepping forward to help out including the las vegas review journal. >> dana: cesar's entertainment will soon start charging for parking. it will make a better experience for visitors in the long run. eight of their properties starting next month will start charging for valet parking anywhere from $8 to $18. next year you are going to start paying for self-parking. charging nevadaens in a few months to park their cars at all mgm properties. at cesar's they are not going to charge locals as long as you can prove it with identification. there are two reasons for this change. >> we're doing this because parking on our property is becoming increasingly scars and we're hearing from our highest spending customers they can't park was anymore.
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earning from the pay parking program will go towards upgrading our parking facilities adding led guidance to make the parking experience more pleasant for our customers. diet no dates have been announced yet. the rio is exempt from these changes. parking still free at the rio. >> kim: michelle joins us live later in the program about we take you live to the trump tower and president elect donald trump says he's leaving his great business so he can focus on the nation's 45th president presidency. he took to twitter last night. we have that tweet from early this morning he says legal documents are being crafted to take me completely out of
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far more important task. donald trump has been under fire of late for exposing himself to potential conflict if he kept a role in his global businesses while being president of the united states. more from tracy potts in the next half hour of the program. still to come cirque de soleil cancelling multiple shows and this is because of a deadly accident just hours ago. where this happened and what happened is headed your way. >> dana: and in the early 80's the world's greatest race car the las vegas strip. tom cracking open the video vault to remember the grand prix. >> toni-marie: this car didn't make it so well on southbound 95
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>> kim: cirque de soleil had to consle a show in san francisco because an operator was killed. the accident happening just before 7:00 last night. the worker actually was rushed to the hospital and that is
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saying the worker was hit by a lift. the show cancelled because of this untimely death. they are gathering more information about this tragic accident. they had an accident where an accused crooked hillary bat fell nine to 16 feet. >> dana: the wildfires continue to burn in tennessee. we're learning that at least three people have been killed as firefighters are working to contain all of this. more than 150 structures either destroyed or badly damaged. they had winds close to 90 miles per hour fanning these flames on monday night.
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fire. is the flames came close to oh dollywood. more than 14,000 residents and tourist were forced to evacuate. the fires have burned an estimated 15,000 acres so far and they believe this is human caused. >> kim: we're hearing from the former police officer. he's testifying in his own murder trial in south carolina. you have seen the v p screen. he was worried because he was behind in child support
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showed the incident. just that cell phone video from a bystander showing the moment when scott was fatally shot. he says he has nightmares every night. this no injuries reported. pipeline owned by louisiana based product partners and
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midwest. roper will intervention program and if he doesn't play ball for three years he could serve a so year sentence. >> tom: we got a problem with cars putting their noses into the wall this morning this. is on southbound 95. this one not causing a delay unlike the accident where the
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southbound i15 just past southeast harrah. this is blocking the exit lane. that is going to be a little bit of a problem with traffic slow on i15. account for extra time. we'll take a look at the travel time in a moment. traffic ahead coming in from henderson a clear shot from downtown. >> kelly: we've got clear skies and cold temperatures. take a look at these numbers. summerlin you are 36 right now
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areason 36. nellis at 33. one degree above the freezing mark. i think a lot of neighborhoods will be dropping down to the 32 for a brief period this morning before we start rising again when the sun comes up. here is a look at what we're seeing on the radar. it's not a lot. we're looking at a lot of sunshine to start. a system moving to ouror later today. mainly sunny skies for us. 54 for the high. that is six below normal for today's date. tonight 37 for a low. again another cold one. no freeze warning for tonight. our seven-day forecast showing cool temperatures continuing. tomorrow's high just 56. gusty winds thursday night into friday. friday's high only 53. we have another storm system next week.
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here is tom with this week's video vault. >> we are just three months out from the premier motor sport when nascar comes to town. go back 33 years we got attention not at the motor speedway but on the las vegas strip. >> and we're under way. >> the town has seen nothing like it. a track on the north side of cesar's palace. >> i got goose bumps the first time i saw this. it's wild. >> it is fun. >> the course was a challenge because designers had to build something to attracts world class racers. >> it's good.
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very good job. >> las vegas is all act the glitz and the track was promoted by stars like joe rivers as well as the city's ever smiling mayor. on the down side drivers weren't used to our desert heat or the clock wise turns. >> they don't have their muscles built up to do that kind of thing lap after lap. the biggest complaint is the helmet becoming too heavy. >> the country was in a recession in the 80's and grand prix provided a welcome economic boost. >> it's wonderful. bring a lot of people here.
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>> it didn't stay long. four years tote trillion 1981 through 1984. today the course is the site of cesar's shops. >> kim: we have details of a special tonight that will get you in the holiday weekend i did mood.
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>> tom: a tow truck is on the scene i15 but this will take a little while to clear. result. >> kelly: it is a cold one out there. grab the hat, grab the gloves. you'll notice it when you step outdoors. pahrump and primm both 27-degrees. look at this. 32-degrees. calm winds. i'll let you know what we can expect for the afternoon in about 10 minutes. >> kim: the nba players comedians.
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game. >> dana: not sure paul pierce was laughing when he missed the dunk. he missed the dunk. they call him cp3 giving cpr to paul pierce. he's only played 17 minutes all season. last night he played 29. maybe father time is catching up on him. the clippers toss loath nets last night. >> kim: live pictures from the talking on behalf of the united states. you're waking up to serious news this morning there is a new report that within four years north korea maybe able to send nuclear missiles to seattle. it is something that is very scary. it is something being talked about live right now on our screen at the u.n. and the today show goes in depth when this show ends. >> dana: something donald trump will have to address.
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they were in the bottom three. two of them going home. it's this performance that has people talking this morning. we'll tell you why dolly parton was on the stage be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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>> i want >> kim: we have heard from this local mom before. what the suspect accused of taking her son's lives said in
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>> dana: welcome in. the last day of november. sky 3 providing these pictures of people marching close to the las vegas strip. >> kim: we have a team of producers trying to figure out what was going on. yesterday was dubbed a national day of disruption where we saw local fast food workers that took to the street in wage. as we welcome new, that is something new we are now currently investigating. >> dana: we saw interstate 15 on the right side of your picture. welt come in. let's find out what we are looking at. what is that? >> tom: i think we're looking at a 5k run this. was not announced but sometimes
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runs for specific conventions in town. looks like it is closed southbound for the moment. i'm sure it will open within the hour or. so looks like we got a few hundred runners making their way southbound down frank sinatra and they have police on the scene as well. we have an accident on the southbound 15 causing problems as we continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: another one to add to the list. blue diamond at 15 southbound is still in the works. you are looking at speeds of 20 miles an hour. looking at travel times the slow spot 15 southbound everything else clear. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. hopefully the runners are bundled up. >> kelly: here is a look at what we expect as we head throughout the day. lot of sunshine.
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freezing. by noon 52. that is well below normal. 54 at 3:00 with a few high thin clouds working their way n. we're going to take a look at the temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. >> dana: cesar's entertainment announcing they are going to start charging for parking. michelle joins us live on the strip. we figured this would happen after the mgm started charging properties would follow suit and that's what we're seeing. >> michelle: that is indeed. and we're at a spot that is a must stop for visitors when they come to las vegas. now when they come they are going to be paying extra for parking. we were wondering would it happen. cesar's and mgm own most of the properties on the strip. you are talking about majority of the buildings on the strip we're going to have to pay for
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first. anywhere from 8-$18. then in 2017 they are going to start charging for self-parking. the good news for all of us locals unlike mgm which will start charging nevadaens very soon for all parking. parking the car in the garages will stay free at the cesar's properties for people who live here in nevada. just have to show your i. d. the perks of being a something that we all really appreciate. now it's starting to change. cesar's is saying there are a couple of reasons why they are doing this. >> we're doing this because parking on our properties is becoming increasingly scars and we're hearing from our highest spending customers they can't park was anymore. we feel this program will address that customer service issue. the other thing is the revenue we're going to be earning from the pay parking program will go
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make the parking experience more pleasant for our customers. >> michelle: this will not affect the only property that will not be affected by this is the rio off the strip. we want to know what you think about this, all of the local people watching. reach out to me on social media. let me know what you think. so far from what i've seen on social media not surprisingly people are not happy kite i wouldn't be surprised if some say this is how the rich get richer. the teacher accused of having sex with a student is going to be sentenced. she pled guilty to having sex
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she was originally charged with nine counts related to a sexual relationship way student that started in june of last year. she could face up to 16 years in prison and a fine of $15,000. >> dana: the man accused of driving drunk and killing two brothers in the valley getting emotional in the courtroom yesterda apologized to the mother of these two young men that were killed. he admitted to drinking before the crash more than two weeks ago. officers say he was driving 115 miles an hour on that side street when he got into that accident with those two young men. >> i'm looking at him and his family and i don't think that he's a bad person and that's so
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for my boys, i'm going to have to push that sympathy to the side and stand up and i want justice. >> dana: the two boys on their way to get her a birthday present when they were struck. he's expected to face several years in prison for what happened there if he is convicted of t >> kim: the vegas golden ninths, that name already coming under fire. it was just days ago we found out the name and now we're learning the army could have an issue with it. golden knights is the name of the par shoe team. they are reviewing the use of that name. the team owner is also a proud graduate of the army's west point academy and he copy
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in his full legal right of using it for the local nhl team. we take you to the heart of new york city. there is the lobby of trump tower. we speak with tracy potts about donald trump taking to twitter while most of you were sleeping talking about a big announcement headed our way december 15. details coming up in minutes. >> dana: the question is would you go to a funeral for a man you didn't know?
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>> kim: black box versus been recovered from that charter plane that crashed this week. authorities are investigating all the recorded data as we speak. search and rescue operations are still under way at the site and pope francis is paying tribute today to those killed in that crash and urging all the faith to feel pray for them. all but six of the 77 people on board were killed. time to check out a local
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>> tom: we've had problems on the freeway this morning. this involves a car spun around. traffic is slow rainbow through jones. car with nose into the sound wall. let's get your weather kelly. >> kelly: i'm sure a lot of drivers have their heat blasting this morning. it is a cold one out there. here is a look at some of numbers. crestwood elementary school 31 this morning. bunked it will kids up on the way to school. on the way home 54 but plenty of sunshine. >> dana: some celebrating castro's death with ice cream. there is a new ice cream flavor out there.
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>> kim: happening today a former teacher here locally c teenage student. let's check in live with craig who is covering this story. what can we expect today in court? >> reporter: that teacher pled guilty to a sexual relationship way 14-year-old. a seventh glared. we're expecting today in court that the probation and parole report will come back and make recommendations which the judge
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maximum sentence for her would be 16 years in prison and a fine of $15,000. her sentence could be less than that or could be the maximum. we'll find out at 9:30 this morning. >> dana: time to take you live to our nation's capitol. tracy potts joining us live in front of the capitol building where we could find out late they are mng keeps her leadership position for the democrats in the house. donald trump was tweeting out early this morning that he's going to hold a news conference on december 15 with his children to announce that he is going to divest himself of all of his businesses while he is president of the united states. >> that pelosi vote is going on right now as we speak. donald trump wants to explain
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organization after so many years when he becomes president. he has not had a news conference in 126 days. we've been counting. it was this summer. so now he announced sort of without expectation this morning that he is going to start the legal process to extract himself from the businesses. he says his kids are going to be with him that the news conference because he said in the past that his kids will the business which some argue isn't necessarily a blind trust if he doesn't have someone independent of his family running it. what we already know is that two new appointments are official. they have been confirmed. steve as campaign finance chair is nominated as treasurely secretary. and will burr ross as commerce secretary.
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night. things seem to be going well. romney had a lot of complementary things to say about donald trump. that was different. after this dinner. certainly different than what we saw a few months ago. we don't know who is going to get that spot because there are several people in the running. >> dana: we saw pictures of them dining last night. we understand that on the menu the three men dining in manhattan last night. >> kim: investigators say they feel blind sided by a new development related to that california mom that was missing for three weeks. there is a picture with her husband. her husband described to good morning america what his wife's condition was after she was found. in a statement he said her face was covered in bruises, her hair
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only 87 pounds and she was branded. investigators did not want that much information released to the public yet. the husband saying that he wanted to dispel rumors starting to pile up after she was found. she disappeared while jogging on november 2. she was found on the side of the highway some 140 miles away on thanksgiving day. investigators have only said they were looking for two women anyway dark colored s.u.v. who were reportedly armed. >> dana: a theme park in australia will reopen more than six weeks after four people were killed on a ride there. the c.e.o. of dream world says they are going to open at least portions of this theme park on december 10. however thunder river rapids ride where four people were killed will never reopen at the site. they have people doing a safety
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make sure they are safe for visitors. >> kim: the memorial park honoring the firefighters who died fighting the yarnell fire in 2013 is set to open today. the hot shots memorial park was dedicated yesterday. a trail with plaques placed every 600 feet with a picture and story of each fallen hot shot. visitors will be able to view the site where the brave men lost their lve the yarnell fire burned 840 acres and wiped out more than 100 homes in the year 2013. the 19 firefighters who lost their lives, that was the largest loss of firefighters since the terror attack on september 11, go 2000 one. >> dana: would you attend a funeral of a man you had never met? hundreds of people in wyoming did it this week.
6:51 am
he had just moved to wyoming recently and he passed away november 17. the coroner had trouble locating his family there so she put out the word. we have a vietnam veteran who just passed away will you come to his funeral and they did. eventually they did locate his sister who received the flag at the service. many of those who attended are vets themselves and they say they wanted to pay their respect for somebody who fought for our country. >> kim: happening tonight right here on channel 3 it is a favorite holiday tradition. it takes to us rockefeller center. live pictures of the tree there on your screen. they are going to light this thing up in primetime tonight. they are going to flip the switch. it will be lit and on display until january 7. the first tree at rockefeller center was put up by construction workers in 1931.
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location was 1933. the tree lighting will be here on channel 3 tonight. you can start watching all of this by 8:00 tonight. that is right before dolly parton's christmas of many colors circle of love. >> dana: al roker may be slipping the switch. tom flying around looking for issues this morning. it's chilly out there my >> tom: it is chilly. i wish i could bring holiday spirit but instead bad tiedings on the roadways. this is putting the hurt on the morning commute. the one on the shoulder here by the sound wall is blocking off the exit lane for southbound 95 and jones. watch out for that backup through the rainbow summerlin interchange. >> jeff: in addition to 95 southbound at jones which is
6:53 am
saw, we have that issue working 15 southbound has the accident is cleaned up from earlier this morning. the effect we're seeing, 40 minute commute from speedway to downtown. 95 is a 19 minute commute from 215 to downtown. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's get a check of what is going on outside with kelly. >> kelly: many locations bottoming out at or below the freezing mark. we have a lot of conditions below freezing this morning. we have clear skies. light winds. perfect recipe for cold temperatures. summerlin at 36, mountains edge you are 40 right now. nellis 33. downtown 34. thisth sun is up, the temperatures will start to rise. we've hit our morning lows and will start improving.
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up. a disturbance off to our north and west is producing rain in california, oregon and washington. starting to make its way into idaho. for us clear skies around the area this morning. a few high thin clouds later in the afternoon. winds remaining light. high temperatures today will be below normal. boulder city your high temperature today is only 52. sandy valley 52 as well. these are pahrump you are going down to 26 for a low. mesquite 33. our seven-day forecast showing continued cool temperatures for the rest of the week. 56 tomorrow, breezy and 53 on friday. it gets colder next week. a high of 49. >> kim: speaking of numbers, let's check out how your 401k is doing. a live look at the big board. up 80 points in early trading.
6:55 am
monday is over, giving tuesday is over and it seems like wall street continues to give because the oil prices , the dow now at a record high. this is on the heels of president elect donald trump's big victory. >> dana: time for the water cooler. we went from 10 to eight contestants on "the voice." two were cut from the program last night. it's the special performance between miley cyrus and her god mother that has people dolly looks good. she has not aged at all. aaron gibbson in the bottom
6:56 am
miley going crazy after that. this guy hanging on by the skin of his teeth again. the death of castro has been marked by jubilation across south florida. there is a new ice cream flavor. a flavor called burn in hell fidel. it's chocolate with loads of cayenne pepper. it's probably more souvenir. they are selling out of this. they are making more. i imagine people are going to have it as a keepsake. we have met the newest powerball millionaires. a group of 20 coworkers purchasing the winning ticket. $420 million they will split. they are going to take the one time fee.
6:57 am
person. they are not going to quit their jobs right away. they want to give their employer a chance to replace them first. >> kim: that shows they love the owner of that company. they are going to stay in place until they can be replaced. thanks for hanging out with us. kim and dana here. "the today show" is next on this channel. we want you to flip the switch to 33 and hang out with these two. >> krystal: good morning. >> jeff: happy wednesday. we told you about to charge for parking. what does that mean for locals and the future of parking on the strip. >> krystal: and a video set up. when they saw that had them
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good morning. breaking overnight, powerful storms sweep across the south. a string of tornados touching down in four states. at least five people killed, dozens injured. a day care center destroyed. while in tennessee, the fight against those ragingil enters a third day >> it was apocalyptic almost. >> this morning a firsthand look at the damage and devastation from the worst fires there in more than a century. state dinner? despite their rocky past, mitt romney emerges from a late-night meeting with donald trump and heaps praise on the president-elect. >> enlightening and interesting and engaging. >> but is romney any closer to


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