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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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dead in their mini-van. the victims are identified as jennifer labor, her three-year-old son adam and five-year-old son ethan. all three died of gunshot wounds. police found the mini-van parked next to the loading dock of a closed sports authority store on lone tree south of denver. labor was last seen picking up her sons from bear canyon elementary school tuesday afternoon. the sheriff's office says the woman's husband is cooperating with investigators. we'll keep you posted on this developing story. >> michelle: let's go to london where we havee london's major train station, kings cross, has been evacuated. these are pictures posted on social media of that. the daily mirror is reporting some passengers say the evacuation was because of an unknown emergency or overcrowding. so far no official word on why this happened. of course it is a developing situation. we're going to be monitoring it and we'll be bringing you more as soon as we get anymore updates. good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. kyndell nunley filling in again today for krystal allan.
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junior high school convicted of having an inappropriate relationship with a teenager who was a student at that school was in court today and she has learned how much time she will be behind bars. >> kyndell: news 3's sergio avila is live from outside the courthouse. this relationship began back in june of 2015? >> reporter: that is correct. we first brought you the news on my twitter feed that nicole wilfinger will spend six-and-a-half years, a minimum, in prison after being convicted of two counts. she was originally charged with nine separate counts for having this inappropriate relationship with a student at molasky junior high school but it was negotiated down. she pleaded guilty to two counts. again, like i said, will spend a minimum of two-and-a-half years in prison. very emotional for her as she pleaded for leniency.
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accepts responsibility for what she has done and acknowledges the fact what she did caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. on the flip side of that, the mother of the victim, did get up as well and speak to the judge, telling him she has had to deal with her son going through this pain and this trauma. she says there have been nights where she's had to console him as he cried in her arms about what happened. so the end result here, again, six-and-a-half years in prison for this teacher. the judge did himself start about the case saying this is happening too frequently in our community. saying this case was sickening before sentencing here. we'll have more on this story coming up tonight on "news 3 live at three" and 6:00. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. >> michelle: the preliminary hearing for a teenager accused of attempting to run down a metro police officer has been delayed. daniel pritchard was also in court today as his attorney told
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hinkley who pritchard is accused of trying to harm him. the incident happened in mid-november near las cruc court. pritchard was speeding and had expired rels station when officer -- registration when officer hinkley approached the car. the officer shot at pritchard's car when he allegedly raced toward the officer in what police say was an attempt to run the officer down. judger was the appearance of conflict here and appointed a new attorney. and set a preliminary hearing. that has been scheduled for january 17th. >> kyndell: caesars entertainment says it will soon start charging for parking. and resort officials are adding the extra cash they make will make a better experience for you the visitors in the long rub. starting late next month eight properties will start charging for valet property anywhere from eight to $18. in 2017 they'll start paying for
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unlike mgm which will start charging nevadans in a few weeks working in the garage will still be here if you live here. >> we're doing this because parking on our property is becoming increasingly scarce. we're hearing from loot of our highest spending customers they can't park. so we feel like the paid parking program will address the serious customer service issue. the revenue that we're going to be earning from the paid parking program will go towards upgradin facilities, adding l.e.d. guidance to make the parking experience more pleasant for our customers. >> kyndell: the parking upgrades will happen over time. the rio is the only property which will not start charging. >> michelle: one man is dead after a shooting near rainbow and robindale last night. police have arrested this man. 49-year-old michael after allegedly shooting or he is
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metro detectives say two officers were on regular patrol when they heard gunshots coming from the covington apartments. when they got the apartment complex they say he came out and told them he had just shot his son. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. metro also investigating another homicide. this one overnight. it happened late last night on durango near tropicana. that investigation is spilling into the morning hours. police say a man pulled a gun and shot another man in a the man was taken to umc where he died. so far no word yet on the identity of the victim. and still looking for more information on that suspect. >> kyndell: after more than six decades the student run newspaper at unlv is making big changes. gone is the paper's name the rebel yell. some felt the title was insensitive and reminder of america's confederate past. students and staff decided to make the changes a few months ago. the paper's new name is the scarlet and gray free press.
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support for the change. >> unlv being one of the most diverse campuses in the united states, i definitely think the name should have been changed. >> harry reid did say on facebook this morning that he -- that being proud of us is an understatement. so seeing me supports this name change is really nice. >> kyndell: despite the name change the student paper still has another problem on their hands. financing. the weekly paper is running out of money after the university cut their forward to help out including the review journal. the vegas golden knights are coming under fire for their name. last week they found out their name and now they're learning, we're learning that the army may have a problem with it. golden knights is the name of the army parachute team. the "washington post" reports the army is reviewing the use of the name with a goal of protecting their proud history. bill foley is a proud graduate
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anybody who is going to be commuting today. we are your traffic authority. we want to let you know that n-dot will be shutting down a lane in each direction along north and southbound us highway 95 and this will be happening as we look at live pictures between rancho drive and the spaghetti bowl starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight all the way until five saturday morning. crews are demolishing the center median as part of project neon. drivers are advised to, as we've been saying, pack your patience, slo route if you can, or just leave early because you are probably going to be in a bit of a hold up. >> kyndell: four people dead and more than 20 others injured after wildfires burn in tennessee. more than 150 structures were either destroyed or badly damaged as winds up to 87 miles per hour fueled the flames near the resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. the high winds quickly spread the fire last night. the flames came extremely close to dollywood but the theme park
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more than 14,000 people forced to evacuate. the fires have burned an estimated 15,000 acres so far. >> michelle: at least five people are dead and four children in critical condition after a tornado outbreak hit several southern states overnight. >> kyndell: among the hardest hit is northeast alabama/tennessee border. >> reporter: a flash flood warning is still in affect in several counties in tennessee. a tornado ripped through the and businesses. right now we're in a community that is at a standstill. power is out everywhere in benton, tennessee where this convenience store got hit hard. power lines were ripped down. the roof was torn down and thrown across the parking lot. debris is blocking several roads and shutting down major highways. we spoke with the chief of police and he tells us the majority of the damage is near the ocoee river.
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fatalities. a shelter is open for those displaced from the tornado at the local high school. the national weather service says that they expect the flash flood warning to last through early afternoon. back to you. >> michelle: so we are also your weather authority. we were just chatting about this, kelly, that's the same state at least where those massive fires have hit. will the rain help? >> kelly: it can help and it can hurt. you want rain, you don't want tr s burn scars because that is going to lead to flooding and possibly mudslide situations there as well. we've got more thunderstorms moving through. a new line. i want to take a look at the radar here as the storm line moves through alabama, georgia, even parts of tennessee starting to make its way in to north and south carolina. here is that line right here. this is the great smoky mountains national park so they're seeing some of the rain much needed there. through georgia and alabama, that's where we're getting
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tornado warning east of atlanta. that goes through 12:15 hour time. the darker orange? those are severe-thunderstorm warnings. here at home we've been dealing with pretty chilly weather. 52. coming up we're going look at just how cold it got this morning and what we can expect for the rest of the week. >> michelle: i can tell you this much. it got cold enough to see my breath when i was trying to report live. it's chilly. a large pipeline explodes in missouri. the ama look at those flames. >> kyndell: coming up, what officials are saying about this explosion. >> michelle: dolly parton's christmas of many colors is airing here tonight on news 3. we have a little sneak peek coming up after the break. >> kyndell: get ready to dance. the annual i party and red zumba fundraiser is back.
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>> michelle: fire crews responded to a large pipeline
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this is in missouri. it was last night when this started. fortunately nobody was injured. and the identity of the operator or the owner of the pipeline is unknown at this time. you can see massive flames just lit up the night. according to the kansas city fire department that pipeline carries ethane and propane. >> kyndell: democrats in the house of representatives re-electing nancy pelosi. she defeated tim that's actually 20 more votes than pelosi's challenger got the last time her leadership was contested. that happened in 2010. pelosi has led the party since 2002. her election is seen as a vote of confidence in her leadership following demoralizing elections for the democrats. ryan had argued the party needs to be better reestablished as the party for the working class. >> michelle: president-elect donald trump is vowing to remove himself from business.
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his favorite form of communication. making this announcement this morning. he said that he's going to hold a news conference with his children on december 15th in new york. he went on to say legal documents are being crafted to completely remove his involvement in his business operation so he can, quote, in no way have a conflict of interest. he has added two more people to his cabinet. campaign finance chairmannd wall street banker stephen mnuchin has been nominated for treasury secretary. and billionaire investor wilbur ross tapped for commerce secretary. >> kyndell: former south carolina police officer michael slager takes the stand in his own defense accused of gunning down an unarmed african-american man last year. the bystander's cell phone video last year appears to show walker-scott being shot in the back multiple times. slager says he pulled him over
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writing him a warning. he says he bolted from the car and grabbed the officer's stun gun before he shot him. the jury is expected to start deliberations later this week. criminal charges will not be filed against a police officer who shot and killed an african-american motorist. the district attorney announced that officer wilson will not be prosecuted. the shooting sparked protest, riots and demonstration. it was captured on police shooting on her cell phone. police said the officer -- the officer saw scott with a handgun and marijuana before they even approached him. >> michelle: the pilot of that chartered plane carrying a brazilian soccer team and bunch of journalists and other people told air traffic controllers he had run out of fuel before that deadly crash. this development was uncovered in a leaked recording of the final minutes of that doomed flight.
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team, were the only ones that survived after that charter plane hit a mountain en route to a match in colombia. brazil declared three days of mourning. you can see distraught fans gathered at the team's stadium. they hung banners and signs and placed flowers at a makeshift memorial. the investigation into the plane crash that killed 71 people is underway. let's talk about our local weather. because everybohi i have to tell you, i was live at the las vegas sign and you can always tell who the locals are and who the visitors are. because they're like wearing a long sleeve shirt and we're bundled up like it's snowing. >> kyndell: it's only going to get colder. >> kelly: it is. so this is kind of a precursor of things to come. get ready. make sure you find those hats and gloves. let's look at where we started out this morning in the las vegas valley. these are our lows.
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degrees. looking at this saying nothing is freezing except for blue diamond. well some neighborhoods did get to freezing and did get below freezing. we had a couple of those that we did show. a few neighborhoods did make it below. some neighborhoods staying above. summerlin 35 degrees for the morning low. let's look at the time-lapse video from today where we have had abuntdant blue sky. that's good. of bottomed out right before sunrise. then they quickly started to rise back up above freezing because of all the sunshine. high, thin clouds starting to work their way in. as all that thanks to a system that's mainly going to be staying to our north. the current temperatures? they are still cool. but because the winds are light and because we have a lot of sunshine it's pretty comfortable out there. las vegas at 54. green valley 53.
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winds, like i said, nice and light. a lot of sunshine earlier. we are starting to see clouds. we do have precipitation in the northern part of our state. it is colder the farther that you head north. here's look at what we're expecting for the rest of the day. highs? mid-50s. 54 degrees what's we're looking for at the airport. mainly sunny skies. winds have shifted east. they're nice and light. not an issue for us. tonight mostly clear skies. it is going to get cold again. dropping below freezing. we're going see lows in the mid and upper 30s tonight. still want your hat and gloves especially if you are getting out early around sunrise in the morning. here is a look at the 7-day forecast. tomorrow's high is 56. 53 on friday. breezy conditions expected for us around the area. that makes it feel colder. the weekend? relatively comfortable. i mean, sunday is 60 degrees. but another storm system is coming for monday and tuesday.
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and the wind is going to make it feel even colder. >> kyndell: no. >> michelle: [ inaudible ] is starting and it's going to go through next week. it's usually cold but extra frosty. >> kyndell: getting back at us because it was so warm through the majority of november. >> michelle: no fall. just straight to winter. dolly parton is as popular as ever. she appeared last night on "the voice." and is scheduled to perform at the christmas tree lighting a rockefeller center which is happening tonight. >> kyndell: after that she gets her own show. here is raphael with a preview of christmas colors of many colors circle of love. >> daddy please i love this thing it's all i want to do. >> reporter: the aspirations of a young dolly parton begin to be realized in "christmas of many colors circle of love". olivia allen once again plays the young dolly.
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buy her mom a special christmas gift. >> i could never afford to buy your mom a wedding ring. >> it's a story about sacrifice and what are the kids willing to do so their mom and dad can have a nice christmas. >> reporter: the story and the message may strike some as old fashioned. >> it's supposed to be about love and forgiveness and tenderness. >> they just don't make movies like this anymore for network tv. >> reporter: this special picks up six months after last yea haunted by nightmares. >> what is god saying to me daddy? why would he give me such terrible visions. >> reporter: those visions come just before her husband takes a dangerous job in a coal mine to buy christmas presents for a family but another more radiant vision takes place. >> do you dream. >> some women say im'their worst nightmare. >> reporter: dolly parton share as scene with the actress who
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she was thought to be trashy but i thought she was beautiful. so i am playing her in the movie. >> reporter: proving once again that one person's trash can be another's treasure. raphael seth, nbc news. >> kyndell: you can catch the movie tonight at 9:00 p.m. after the christmas tree lighting in rockefeller center which is at eight of course right here on news 3. >> michelle: let's go on now to that $420.9 million powerball. the winners -- i office pool of people -- they've come forward. >> kyndell: coming up how many times these co-workers say they've played the powerball
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ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple >> michelle: we have breaking news out of raleigh, north carolina, where we're getting word that an officer has been shot. we don't know a lot about what happened but these are live aerial pictures of the ambulance which has just arrived to the hospital. according to the abc station there they say this officer was shot in an apartment complex on
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the police department has not confirmed any other information. so that little detail just coming out. we're looking at live pictures. we do not know how serious the injuries are to this officer or how the whole thing unfolded. we're going continue to follow live pictures out of north carolina and will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> kyndell: the newest powerball millionaires went public this morning. >> michelle: the group of 20 co-workers purchased the winning ticket worth lafayette, tennessee. this group says it plays twice a week and spending about $60 each time. and boy did that pay off. all of them are employees of the north america stamping group in portland, tennessee. saturday's prize is the 12th largest powerball jackpot. they said they are going to donate some of their money to help the victims of the f ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in clark county.
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>> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," day in court. the suspect who was shot at by a police officer after he is accused of trying to run over that officer with a car was in court for the first time today. we were there in court and we'll have a live report with more on what happened. >> kyndell: trump transition.
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president-elect donald trump's transition team today. his foishgz cabinet positions and what will become of his business. >> michelle: what the upcoming i party and red event is all about and how you can work up a sweat while fwinting aid -- benefitting aid for aids of nevada. happening this weekend. we'll have more coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. the officer after that man was accused of trying to run the officer over with his car was in court for the first time today. >> kyndell: news 3's craig fiegener joins is live from the regional justice center with more. craig? >> craig: the preliminary hearing in this case was put off until early next year. the reason somewhat unusual. this is a case we first began to cover mid-november. it involves an allegation that a teenager tried to run down a metro cop who was approaching that teenager's vehicle during a


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