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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 30, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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president-elect donald trump's transition team today. his foishgz cabinet positions and what will become of his business. >> michelle: what the upcoming i party and red event is all about and how you can work up a sweat while fwinting aid -- benefitting aid for aids of nevada. happening this weekend. we'll have more coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. the officer after that man was accused of trying to run the officer over with his car was in court for the first time today. >> kyndell: news 3's craig fiegener joins is live from the regional justice center with more. craig? >> craig: the preliminary hearing in this case was put off until early next year. the reason somewhat unusual. this is a case we first began to cover mid-november. it involves an allegation that a teenager tried to run down a metro cop who was approaching that teenager's vehicle during a
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and we did see him in person in court morning. his attorney told the judge that he does know the attorney knows the officer, scott hinkley, who pritchard is accused of trying to harm. the incident happened mid-november near las crus court. pritchard was speeding and had expired registration when officer hinkley approached his car. the officer ended shooting at the car when he allegedly raced toward the officer in what the officer down. the judge decided there's the appearance of a conflict, not an actual conflict, but the appearance since the previously court appointed attorney to represent pritchard knows of the officer who fired the shots at pritchard. because of that and in an abundance of caution she appointed a new attorney. and because of that set a new preliminary hearing date in this case. so pritchard returns to court here at the regional justice center on january 12th for a preliminary hearing.
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new attorney time to review the evidence. remember a preliminary hearing is for the judge to determine if there's enough evidence to hold a defendant over for trial. a very important part of the case that if successful, if the judge rules there's enough evidence, that moves that defendant closer to an actual trial. craig fiegener reporting live, news 3. >> michelle: two crooks caught on camera breaking into a parked suv in summerlin and stealing a gun and it was caught on tape. the owner says he only left it unlocked for five minutes but that was all it guys to get in and get out. you can see both of them rummaging through the car after the break-in one of them comes back on screen and seems to look directly at the camera. so we've paused this here. these still shots of these guys. i know it's blurry but take a good look. if you think you recognize them let metro know. you can also call crime stoppers. the number on the scene. >> kyndell: caesars says it will start charging for parking.
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better experience for you the visitors in the long run. starting late next month eight properties will start charging for valet anywhere from eight to $18. then in 2017 you will start paying for parking also. the good news which mgm will start charging nevada in a few months. parking your car at the garage at any caesars properties will still be free if you live here. caesars says there reasons for the change. >> we're doing this because parking on our property is becoming increasingly scarce. we're hearing from loot of our highest spending customers they can't park anymore. so we feel like the paid parking program will address that serious customer service issue. third thing to point out is the revenue we're learning from the program will go towards upgrading our parking facility. adding l.e.d. guidance to make the experience more pleasant for customers. >> kyndell: parking upgrades
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with caesars that will not start charging for parking. >> michelle: six people arrested during those protests that happened yesterday in our valley. this one last night. so they had one in the morning that we covered. then they went back out there last night. it started at carl's junior on las vegas boulevard near the stratosphere and they walked to the mcdonald's on paradise. some of them blocked an intersection while they were protesting. you can see they were taken away in handcuffs. the whole reason they're out here is for the movement. they want higher minimum wage in the state of nevada. a similar protest was held earlier that morning on the strip but nobody was arrested in that one. let's take live pictures on the roadways because we have a warning for commuters today. we are your traffic authority. things are looking good but this could change come tonight. n-dot is going to be shutting down a lane in each direction along north and southbound u.s. highway 95. this is going to happen between
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evening and it will go on until 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. crews are demolishing the center median. this is part of project neon. so as we've been saying pack your patience. maybe if you can try to find an alternate route but be prepared for backups especially during the resh hour hours. >> kyndell: democrats in the house of representatives re-electing california congresswoman nancy pelosi as the minority leader today. tim ryan. ryan won 63 votes from the 198 member caucus. that happens to be 20 more than pelosi's challenger got the last time her leadership was contested in 2010. pelosi has led the party since 2002. her election is seen as a vote of confidence in her leadership following a demoralizing election for democrats. >> michelle: on the republican side, president-elect donald trump has announced that
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business owner to focus on the presidency. >> kyndell: tracie potts in washington, d.c. with more on that plus more cabinet positions confirmed today. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: president-elect donald trump says he is holding a news conference december 15th to detail how he will completely leave his business to avoid conflicts of interest. the presidency is a far more important task. he tweeted this in seeing that the leadership and the energy that our president-elect is going to bring to the white house on january 20th. >> reporter: two more people confirmed this morning they've been offered cabinet positions. >> can you gentlemen confirm that this has happened? >> we can indeed. >> reporter: goldman sachs alum and campaign finance chair stephen mnuchin as treasury secretary. >> our number one priority is tax reform. >> reporter: and billionaire wilbur ross as commerce secretary.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: still up in the air? secretary of state. >> my sense is he's narrowed it down to a very small group of people. >> reporter: including mitt romney. he had dinner with trump last night. >> the people he has selected as members of his cabinet are solid, effective, capable people. >> reporter: candidates and advisors are swarming trump tower. >> we talked about secretary of labor and something i'm going to >> reporter: vice president pence met with leaders on capitol hill. we've learned that president-elect donald trump is kicking off his thank you tour in ohio tomorrow. a state that he won. he's got a rally in cincinnati. he'll also be in indiana to talk about a thousand factory jobs that will not be leaving the united states. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> michelle: think about this. would you be willing to go to the total stranger's funeral? >> kyndell: why these people packed a church for someone they
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>> michelle: get your zumba shoes on. because we're about to dance. where you can get in a good workout. zumba is a great workout. also helping a really important cause here in our community. we're going to have a little zumba party coming up after the break. >> kelly: it was definitely cold this morning but it's about to get a whole lot colder.
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>> kelly: it is 12:41 sunshine right now. man was it cold this morning. here is a look at some of the lows that we saw. mesquite, you went down to 31 degrees. you were included in the freeze warning last night. pahrump got colder. so did primm. we're not really included in the warning because you had below freezing temperatures already this season. pahrump 27. that was the morning low. primm 23 degrees. boulder city falling down to 34 degrees. here is a time-lapse of pahrump
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there. clouds starting to roll in. we're expecting more high, thin clouds as we head throughout the afternoon as the storm system is really passing more to our north. that's where most of the precipitation is going to be out of this system. the current temperatures have warmed up quite a bit but they're still below normal. mesquite 55. boulder city 52. pahrump you are coming in at 56 degrees. las vegas valley low to mid-50s. downtown 55 degrees. mountain's edge 52. aliante looking at 52 degrees as here is a look at what's going on across the west. where we do have this weak system that's dropping it's way through. a little snow in the northern portions of our state. high, thin clouds locally. where they're really seeing the active weather is out east where they got hit hard last night in parts of alabama getting hit hard again. atlanta has been seeing some of these thunderstorms. and some rain moving through the smoky mountains national park. that is good news. we want it to try to come down a little bit lighter.
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scars. here's a look at what we're expecting for those highs today. pretty much where we are right now. overton 55. primm 52 degrees. temperatures below normal. overnight tonight, it's going to get cold again. not quite as cold as last night though. pahrump 26 your low. mesquite 33. boulder city 36 tonight. as we take a look at the 7-day forecast. 56 tomorrow. a little warmer. breezy conditions on friday. 53 degrees. again. sunday it's going to be 60. that's nice right? but we've got another system moving in monday into tuesday. this one's really going to have an impact on the temperatures. we're talking only 49 on tuesday. factor in the winds and it's going feel even colder. >> michelle: that's winter by our standards. >> kyndell: time for trending today. hundreds of people in wyoming gather together to say goodbye to a homeless veteran many of
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but touching. the large crowd attended this funeral service for stephen ryeman in wyoming at the veterans cemetery because nobody was there for him when he died. he was a vietnam vet and a new resident of the area and he died november 17th. the coroner had said he had ubl -- she had trouble locating his family. so she started asking people in the community if they would be interested in being there to say goodbye to him. nobody came and visited him in the hospital. peopleur his story went viral and that prompted people from all over the place to come. she eventually located his sister diane. she was the one who received his flag at the service. and the entire veterans cemetery was packed with people. many of those who attended were vets themselves. and they say they wanted to be there to pay their respects to this man and support his cause and remember his life even though hey didn't know him. his sister diane says she is
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you know, when they said goodbye to him. touching story. >> kyndell: it is. >> michelle: president-elect donald trump has been spotted wearing something new on his head. but don't write off the old make america great again hat. >> kyndell: cnn's jeanne moos tips her hat to the old and the new. >> reporter: the donald has donned a new hat. the hat used to say "make america great again." but lately the president-elect has elected >> usa! usa! >> reporter: usa on the front and on the side 45 as in donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. it's not for sale yet on trump's website. though fans are clamoring for it for christmas. must have that hat! but there's no need to feel sorry for the old make america great again hat. it's still getting the royal treatment. on election night in addition to
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there were two make america great again hats inshrined in glass cases. displayed on stage like holy relics provoking one critic to tweet... in case of america not being great, break glass. but the sun has not set on the hat that even has its own acronym. maga, make america great again. if you are looking to hang your hat somewhere, how about the tree? the $149 red c finished in gold. over on amazon it attracts mocking reviews from trump opponents. all i said was that it wasn't as bright as the other orn amount amounts and the dorn thing -- darn thing exploded. >> negotiate down the national debt. >> wrong. >> reporter: no matter which branch i try it's wrong. >> he's either not that rich. >> wrong.
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called mary a nas woman. told joseph to go back to where he came from. built a wall around the maker. and when you press it it sings "i'm dreaming of a totally white christmas". when trump decides to sport the maga hat or the usa hat, even a president-elect can't veto hat hair. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> kyndell: you can follow us on social media. whe twitter, facebook. you can find all of us here at news 3 including michelle and myself. krystal allan of course i'm filling in for her. for all the social media platforms, twitter, instagram, facebook. >> michelle: if you follow me on social media you already know that zumba was my other job. e i was a zumba instructor so i have a lot of my friends here today. we're here to talk about a really important cause. this is something we've been doing for the last five years
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and raising money for a very important cause and very important nonprofit in our community. i want to start with you. talk about the event. >> the event is called i party in red. happens every december very close to the world aids day which happens december 1st. they do amazing things for people that live with this condition. it is a very dear and we've been doing it for five years. it's going to happen this saturday at 5:40 p.m. at the gram arsy las vegas. >> michelle: you started this event five years ago. did you ever think it would be going strong five years later? >> i had a good feeling about it because everything you do with a passion and something that you believe in goes a long way. so zumba community and all the
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goes a long way in doing everything for the community is important to everybody. >> michelle: zumba-a-thon is what we call them. very good raise to raise money. talk to people about afan what it does and why it's so important to have something like this to support it. >> we're fortunate to have community members partner with us especially around the holidays. world aids day is tomorrow. so this is a great time if you are un afan is the state's oldest and largest support services organization for anyone living with infected or affected by hiv/aids in the community. >> michelle: i want to point out all the money that has been raised from the event stays locally of course. i mean, this is going to be helping people here in our community. it doesn't go to, like, national organizations. >> correct. it stays local. it helps community members infected, affected. and that money doesn't just help now during the holidays. we incorporate that into expanding
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so everybody that jumps in and supports this event is supporting us into next year. >> michelle: before we get to a zumba demo because everybody wants to see what it is, raising money is important because it's a nonprofit. i mean, otherwise how would you, you know, do this? >> yeah. we're very fortunate to have community members that come up with creative ways to fund raise. this is one of those events where if you don't make it out to our black and white party or the aids walk this once of our smaller events that has a following that's growing and bigger. >> michelle: one thing about the zumba community just give it enough time and it will take over the world right. >> especially all that holiday weight you will be working off. >> michelle: i'm going to step out of the way. marcel is going to lead the group. you are going to do a zumba demo. take us to break. for more information on the event go to our website, and you and i are going to step
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for those who think it lassie isn't a u.s. problem think again. 25 percent of american children grow up not being able to read. that inspired los angeles resident diane lang to ache action use -- take action using poetry to inspire young people to get an education. >> the power of poetry brought them to broadway. >> this is a way i found my voice. >> reporter: get lit is the possible. >> i started personally teaching it in three schools. now it's taught in over 100 schools. >> reporter: founder diane lane decided she would be the catalyst for change. >> some of my proudest moments are working with young people who didn't like coming to school now they want to come to school. >> reporter: now they're going tour in support of their first book to inspire the next great poet. >> don't leave me here alone. >> waiting in the wings. >> it's about the good writing and the friends that you make.
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>> kyndell: taking a look at today's top stories. caesars entertainment says it will soon start charging for parking. resort officials say the extra cash will make a better experience for visitors in the long run. parking your car in the garage at any of the caesars properties will remain free at least if you live here andav house of representatives have re-elected california congressman nancy pelosi as the minority leader. this happening today. pelosi defeated ohio congressman tim ryan. >> kyndell: four people killed and more than 20 others injured in wildfires burning in tennessee. more than 150 structures were either destroyed or badly damaged as winds up to 87 miles per hour fueled the flames near the resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge.
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"news 3 live at three" today. >> kyndell: a new program called revolutionary is helping kids with autism or down syndrome read and write better than many other classmates. see how it works ahead. >> michelle: and it's video vault wednesday. this is formula one racing on the las vegas strip. tom hawley is going to take us back to the early '80s and the caesars palace grand prix. tell us how the name got started. those stories and more coming up on " 3 tomorrow at noon, the talented men of human nature launching their new show joouk box which will be throwing in some of the holiday favorites. they'lling here with a live performance. you are not going to want to miss that and so much more here on "news 3 live at noon." that will be tomorrow. ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in clark county. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs,
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>> steve: here you go, man. >> rafe: thanks. >> steve: wow. you look like you could use something stronger. should i break out the bourbon? >> rafe: no. not yet, anyway. >> steve: tell me what i can do to help. >> rafe: i want to hire black patch to get hope out of prison. dig om or even trask. anything. could really use all the help i can get. >> steve: i hear you. >> rafe: and justin, he's working on an appeal, but... well, considering that hope admitted she killed stefano, i find it highly unlikely that a court is gonna want to hear an argument for a more lenient sentence. >> steve: so that's where the dirt/coercion comes into play? >> rafe: yeah. >> steve: that's called


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