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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 30, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- recruiting attract potential terrorists. how donald trump's new stration plans to combat it. pot of gold. see a brazen thief commit a 24-karat crime in broad daylight on a busy new york street. and why this little girl plans to give away all of her birthday gifts. well, no direct link between
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are saying today as they continue to dig into the attack at ohio state university. >> but they caution that terror influences may have inspired abdul razak ali ali artan. police say he rammed his car into a group of people, got out, and slashed at them with a butcher's knife. though isis claims responsibility, fbi officials are saying today they aren't concluding this as a terror attack. >> it's too soon to draw any type of conclusions, whether or not this is terrorism. we have a long road to go in the we have a lot of evidence and a lot of digital media to go through. that could uncover a trobe of information for us. >> officials are investigating to determine an exact motive. moving ahead, what will the trump administration and other officials face when it comes to combating terror online? >> we take a look at an evolving battlefield of stopping online radical ill station. >> reporter: s suspect in the
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he read online. isis is claiming responsibility. calling abdul razak ali ali artan a soldier of the state on its knew agency. also, justin sullivan, he pled guilty this week in north carolina. his plan was to commit a mass murderer in the name of isil. >> he researched weapons, ammunition. he was communicating and ideas from them in syria. >> reporter: the question is how to make it more difficult for online recruitment to take place? >> i think we need to devote more resources to the ideology, but also engage the private sector and twitter, facebook, google, those companies to deal with the content on the internet that's driving it. >> it's not a question of freedom of speech at this
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>> reporter: but even if government officials crack down, other means of communication are popping up in a battle field that often begins online. >> we want to know what you think with our question of the day. do you think the government is doing enough to prevent terror attacks in the u.s.? head to to weigh in. well, discoveries of more planned terror attacks in europe while efforts a heavy toll on those living there. here's more from the terrorism alert desk. >> i'm jonathan elias. documents captured from isis while retaking the city of mosul show the terror group is planning more attacks in europe. the deputy commander of u.s.-led operations against the terror group says there are explicit threats that they've uncovered. he did not disclose any information. the plans, he said, are going to be shared just with those in
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growing humanitarian crisis there. it says the limited supplies of food and water are run out. water was cut to about 40% of the residents in the city, when a pipeline was hit during fighting. the offense to retake the city is in its sixth week. a north carolina plan accused of murdering his neighbor and plotting a terror attack in the name of isis has pleaded guilty. federal investigators say that justin sullivan was plotting to kill as many as 1,000 people. sullivan was caught trying to recruit members to join was an undercover agent. he faces life in prison. from the trim alert desk, i'm jonathan elias. a man steals more than 1.5 million worth of gold and it's all done in broad daylight in a crowded new york city street. surveillance video shows the man hanging around an armored truck. the bucket that he grabs is full
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pounds. even with that heavy lead, he -- load, he got away without anyone notices. this woman just returned from taking her kid to the suspect and police say two men broke into a kitchen window. one man attacked her while the other started to steal things from the apartment. an equipment operator at a traveling cirque du soleil show lift. the show was canceled. fans who arrived were told they could either refund their ticket or reschedule for a later show. cirque du soleil said they are gathering more information about the accident but don't believe any foul play was involved. one of two inmates who escaped from a jail in northern california is back in police custody. loran cam bem was found at his sister's home. he and another inmate escaped
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sheets to get down to the ground. the second inmate is still at large. >> there are few things more satisfying than taking desperate violent people back into custody and bringing them so they can -- into custody so they can face justice and they at times will go to extreme means to avoid capture. >> campbell faces life in prison or on a number of charges. police also arrested campbell's harboring her brother. pope francis calling for what he says is responsible behavior to prevent the spread of a.i.d.s. ahead of world a.i.d.s. day. he said millions are living with the disease and only half of them, he says, have access to life-saving treatment. world a.i.d.s. day is tomorrow. it's a program that some are
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autumn a voice through a unique teaching tool. the founder says the results have been nothing but positive. >> we teach people pairing the sounds with a closeup of the mouth. we have children who are 6 years old reading phonetically with down syndrome at a higher level than their typical classmates. >> wow. well, the system is web-based with videos readily available at you want. a rule is being proposed that will require for automakers to place instructions on visors about filing complaints about cars leading to safer vehicles out on the roads. two women are working to bring the joys of christmas to the kids of the holiday.
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they plan on giving them to children whose parents are in a difficult situation or cannot afford christmas presents this year. even though each toy takes hours to create by hand, they are more than happy to donate their time and hard work. >> it has to come to little kids. just has to. >> i know in many instances, it doesn't happen. so i thought -- i kept thinking what can i do? >> well, so far this year, the two created more toys to donate to local charities and centers. a little girl fighting cancer only has one christmas wish this year. >> she's not letting cancer stop her getting what she really wants. >> reporter: this 9-year-old tyra loves christmas. >> good time to give. >> reporter: it's not only the most magical time of the year, it's also her birth day. she will be 10 on
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be for her because tyra is collecting stuffed animals and toys for sick kids in the hospital. >> she's gotta be the sweetest person i've known. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014. she got the idea to help other sick kids last christmas. >> she wants to give and it was particularly important to her birthday in the hospital. >> in the hospital, i did not feel good and a lot of people brought me stuffed animals and that helped. >> reporter: last year, she collected more than 200 stuffed animals to give to others. >> made me feel good because i was helping. >> reporter: so this year, tyra wants to double that and spread more christmas cheer.
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bad -- feeling bad and i want to give them stuffed animals. >> there are new ways you can connect to santa claus. >> apps allah san taupe clause to call those kids even those who are naughty. parents can give santa a few details about their kids. children can also leave a voice mail for santa. many of these phones. gentlemen, start your engine. >> it's the site of the foreign shops in ceasers. in the early '80s it was the grand prix. and a police station is stuffed with donations. now they need to give them all away. how they plan to do all of that after the wreak. right now, temperatures outside are in the low 50s. now we're starting to forecast
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we're over three months out from the premiere motorsport in southern nevada, when nascar comes to town. if you go back 33 years, we had big-time racing here not at the las vegas the las vegas strip. >> 10,000 revs. go! and we're underway at the ceasers palace grand prix. >> reporter: the town has seen nothing like it. >> i got goose bumps the first time i saw this. it's really wild. >> it's beautiful. >> exciting. >> it's fun. >> i could watch them all day. >> reporter: the course was a challenge because they had to
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worldwide. >> did a very good job. >> he's poking his nose right behind him and the pass is made. >> reporter: las vegas is all about the glitz and the track was promoted by stars like david brenner and joan rivers as well as the mayor. on the downside, drivers weren't used to our desert heat or the many count kerr clockwise turns. >> so they don't have their muscles built of a thing lap after lap. i get the biggest complaint about the melt met be -- helmet being too heavy. >> it's just wonderful. las vegas. just wonderful. been a lot of people here. hope it stays here. >> reporter: it doesn't stay long. four years total from 1981 through 1948.
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now for the good stuff where we shine a lot on people doing amazing things in our word. >> a grocery storeowner opens his door to a man stealing from the place. he first foe tied hill stealing through surveillance video. he saw someone not taking random things but mill -- but milk, bread and eggs. instead of calling police, he posted on >> i don't want to get any credit. i just want -- i know this individual is in need. he needs help. and we want to see if we can help him out somehow. >> we don't know yet if the man on the surveillance video has returned to the store but the owner's generosity keeps his doors open to the man for free food when he comes back. >> i love that. a favorite holiday tradition tonight as the rockefeller christmas tree lights up.
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rockefeller center in new york city. once lit, it will stay bright through january 7th. the only exception is on christmas day when the tree is lit around the clock for 24 hours. now, multiple performers were make the ceremony one to remember. >> it's special to perform tonight. i have to say this is kind of a tradition that a lot of people know about. >> youan lighting ceremony right here starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight. you can never have too much of a good thing, especially if that involves stuffed animals. police in wisconsin are getting so many donations, they can't keep up with giving them away. they normally give them away to any child involved in a crash. since it doesn't happen that often in this town, the officer says any kid that comes into the
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a great experience. we can turn something that can have that negative, long-lasting fenthion the children to turn around and make it a positive. >> officers are not sure if this will help them mush give away all of the stuffed animals. a world war ii pilot's ring returns to his family after 3 louisiana was fighting when it crashed in christmas eve in northern italy. he was rescued. he was actually taken prisoner by the germans. before he was captured, they got the -- the ring. time for a look at what's ahead at 5:00. improving the performance of
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got a much-needed shot in the arm. plus -- a disturbing trend for a woman fighting breast cancer in southern nevada. the results of a new unlv study. and a celebrity visit at one local school today. who was there and the gift he brought all of them. we've got all of those stories and your traffic. if you thought this morning was cold, just wait. >> all right. keep those tips coming to me, how i can convince my kids to wear a dar watching. >> oh. santa guilt. that always works. >> that's what i would do with my brothers. i would say santa is watching you. you better clean my room. just kidding. [laughter] >> and make me dinner. >> yes, make me dinner. you will want to didn'tle up because we -- bundle up because we have another shot of cold air. wait until next week. i don't want to tell you those numbers. but we have to. outside, it's a little cloudy.
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thinking, yep, jacket weather. we were in the teens at mount charleston earlier today. calm conditions at lake mead. looks beautiful. a few people out on the water today despite the cold weather. also, a lot of sunshine at sky canyon. you can see the clouds strolling in. and continuing this evening. it will clear out overnight, though. 54 degrees at pecos and warm springs. in the upper 40s near desert inn and the 15 and we're buffalo and cheyenne. so quite a nice variety of temperatures across the area. nice look. you can see 54 degrees for henderson. 53 for paradise and the upper 40s for blue diamond. like i said it's calm out there. it will stay calm. coming in at 54 for pahrump. 52 for boulder city and 55 degrees for overton right now. also seeing very calm conditions
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second. but for the rest of the evening we'll be in the low 50s by 5:00. as you are traveling home, mostly clear skies will continue. 43 degrees by 9:00 and really just a cold temperature is what we woke up to this morning and the clouds increasing across southern nevada. like i said we'll clear out later on this evening. you can see the movement and now we're bracing for the next storm. this one coming out of the north and you can see the progression of chilly weather and also some strong winds into friday. already prompting some wind advisories across the area. overnight tonight, it will feel like last night. mostly clear, lows in the 30s. bund youle up tomorrow morning. we'll drop down to the 20s for mount charleston. 26 for pahrump and upper 20s for indian springs. highs tomorrow will be like today. maybe a degree or so warmer. it feels weird saying that when
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we will take up to cold temperatures. at lunchtime, the mid-50s. layer up in the afternoon. highs, 56 degrees. below normal for this time of year. we're bracing for the colder weather in the week ahead. that first storm, going to bring the numbers down for friday and kick up the wind speeds 20, 30 miles an hour then. after that, it will be a wonderful weekend, something to celebrate because we're going to need something to celebrate about considering you are looking at monday, the n bring us high temperatures in the 40s and even colder, overnight lows tuesday into wednesday. so if that doesn't tell you to wear a jacket, i don't know what will. netflix fans, rejoice. there is a new feature launching today. >> how it will help you binge watch your favorite shows like
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you can celebrate. netflix is allowing you to watch some of their shows offline. >> members have the option to download movies and shows. you can catch up on your favorite shows while you are on a flight or stuck in a place without wi-fi or a cell phone signal. the feature is free with all netflix memberships and this feature is not available for all >> guys, try "the crown" on
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: what's up, fellas? [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you all? i appreciate it. thank you, folks. thank you all. thank you now. well, welcome to "family
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and we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of $20,475, from raleigh, north carolina, it's the champs. it's the thornton family. and from san francisco, california, it's the hundal family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly driwa let's go meet the hundal family. man: how are you? steve: all right. ok, sunny, what's happening? sunny: ha ha ha! steve: harj. harj: harj in charge. steve: harj in charge. harj: there you go, steve. steve: oh, that's it? harj: that's it, baby. steve: good, good, good. harj: yep, yep. steve: harj. well, harj, introduce everybody. harj: sure. so, um, introduce my family real quick. these are all


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