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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: i'm latoya in for marie it happen on the 7800 block of south rainbow in the southwest valley. >> jim: we are live from the clark county center with the story. >> reporter: now behind bars at the clark county detention center. many say it is hard to believe he would murder his son. >> he seemed to be remember him. metro police say on studies in in apartment off rainbow. he shot and killed his adult son. as he walked his hit bull. when i heard it shocked me. >> reporter: two officers were in the apartment complex on an unrelated call when shots were fired. those officers went to the
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lieutenant say its is unclear what sparked the shooting but explained this violence did not have to happen. >> if you are having emotional problems go out. take a drive and walk. and whatever occurred tonight somebody did not have to lose their life. >> neighbors say they were heard argue at the apartment. knight find its difficult to understand those arguments lead to murder. >> as a dad and my son again. i can't see it. but sometimes in those split seconds when you make a decision they are not the best choices. >> reporter: he is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow. as for his son the coroner has not released his name of >> reporter: police investigating a shoototh we side that left air man dead it
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anxietyo and peace way. the suspect and victim were arguing. suspect went to the car and get a gun and shot the victim. if you know anything you are urged to call crime stoppers. >> day after caesar's entertainment announced at this time charge tourists for parking nguyen is filing suit for parking services in mid december. a couple weeks valet will cos $13 for for pour-24 hours. there are self parking garages will offer free parking. ism reached out to other properties the very well nearbyian will not charge for park the cosmopolitan says at this time they don't have news to share. >> reporter: parking on the strip always sparks chatter online. we have a pole question on our
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visit a site to share your opinion. >> jim: news 3 is your traffic authority if you go to summerland a project is about to begin. the busiest roads gets out well. >> tom hawley is live in sky 3 to fill us in. >> there main closures lasting for among this is is one here. loop ramp from northbound buffalo to west bound that shuts down on sunday. motor who is want on head west will have to detour to vegas drive to reenter. that is so a lane can be built on the westbound 95 in between dur anxietyo and rampart you have new capacity built there. the hov bridge will have lanes extended to the west. murder to do that the city will shut the ramp completely. that will reduce capacity for
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in the afternoon and eastbound in the morning. this bridge will not be open and all starts on sunday and lasts to july whchl it is done you will have more lanes available to you. for the next several months starting sunday night you will have less. tom hawley reporting from sky three. >> jim: thank you, give you an over view of the rest of town now. we can see real traffic times posted on our map and -- big li seven miles per hour as you approach the spaghetti bowl from the east and the slow down on the 15 north from sahara to spaghetti bowl. we are your weather authority we had to bundle up today. >> reporter: we'll have to keep the sweaters and warm weather gear hand e. here is kevin. >> kevin: it is chilly even though we have temperatures straddling the 50 degree mark
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as last night. mountains 28. bottomed the mid 29s. boulder city 49. the difference tonight a couple the more significance different a blanket of clouds with us for several hours. it will take longer for the temperatures to start falling your low will not be as cold. we are going to the upper 30s. we and the wind bags set to blow in. that is coming up. jim and latoya? >> thank you for that update. they need the rain in the drought plague southeast to help against the fight of wild fires. a rare and nasty severe weather system spawned 10 tornados across five states the twisters are blamed for killingly five
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the rough weather is the noover. as for the wild fires three more bodies recovered after the fire in the smokey mountains the death toll is now seven. officials believe that 400 buildings and homes have been damaged or destroyed. 14,000 people forced evacuate. they are now in shellers. more than 200 firefighters are trying to slow the flames as they make progress more problems come up. the main fire over night. >> >> jim: no fuel and electrical failure pilots of the brazilian charter flight in columbia said before it went down. >> reporter: we are joined with an update on the transgender deal that killed 71 including members of a brazilian soccer team. >> the images are humbling we have nations that are heart seck. investigator are combing through
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plane's black box. >> pilot radioed the tower. lack of power and lack of fuel. supporting the theatre the jet was out of gas but why. >> one consideration they will lock at if the plane was too low on fuel and because it was right at the maximum range. >> the black box is in good condition. >> once that recorder isd if this is a fueler range issue or the plane had other problem. >> reporter: lack of fuel indicates problems a leak, internal i'm goings, fuel pump or gauge failure or crew error it is rare for a commercial aircraft to run out of gas. >> meanwhile pope francis paid tribute to those killed. the soccer jerz is held up in
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memorial in the stadium where the team was supposed to compete. >> to add to that, this flight was five miles away from the airport. when it went down five people survived. >> almost made it. >> jury deliberations started in the month long trial of michael slagger the form are north charleston police officer recorded by a bistander you remember this, shooting an unarmed man run traffic stop. he had malice on his mind when he shot walter scott. video does not tell the whole store and he slagger had no way to know are scott was not armed. 55 witness took the stand. everyone wath the jurors deliberated for an hour before going home. >> reporter: today nancy pelosi
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leader tim ryan of ohio got 63 votes that is the largest number scene since she start in the 2002. when congress reconvenes democrats in the minority in house and senate. trump tweeted he is drawing up documents that will take him out of business operations benefit the inauguration. he will hold a news conference with his children to detail trump says heal focus on running the country and it is important as president to have no conflicts of interest with his cutches. the president elect's last conference was 126 days ago. >> jim: heard about vote recount in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania now add nevada to the list. election officials will recould you want in five counties including here in clark county. inspect presidential candidate
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thousand dollars to cover the costs. saying he wants to counter balance the reground green party candidate jill stein requested in other states. if the new count shows a discrepancy of 1% our more or hilary a full state wide recount will be launched. >> reporter:kenye west is out of the hospital after the police were called to his home. times reports he was release friday the medical cte details why he was hospitalides. source don't know if he was returning home or going somewhere else. preschool sets the table for success. >> jim: nevada children lagged behind get nothing preschool for years. today a step toward changing that. >> reporter: fight against breast cancerful evidence that winning that battle is tougher for people from southern nevada
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>> jim: nevada sees few are case
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cancer suburban vile rates here in southern nevada. news 3 joins us live from the campus with results. nathan? >> reporter: women live nothing nevada are the much greater disadvantage of surviving breast cancer. 5% less than the average. here there is another divide with north and south in souther >> we met jet mitchell after her regular chemo treatment. >> i think you have to have the warriors. breast cancer survivor battling her second bout. >> it is emotional incredibly emotional diagnose and treatment. treatment is well to save our lives >> she is one of thouz annualeds of women in nevada fighting. >> spotlight does not plant on
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additional doctors in nevada and more research. >> a study released by unlv finds troubling news for breast cancer patients >> southern nevada is at a disadvantage of women in southern nevada 16% less likely to survive than counterpart in northern nevada black women and filipino women were worse off. low survival rate is due to late doctors they don't have the insurance or medical doctors are not recommending or refusing the screenings. report report screening that is allowing jet to get her treatment. the battle against breast cancer is a battle fought on multiple fronts >> when you talk about the fight been in it once and in the middle of the fight it is important ton that's where we are fighting for our lives and you have to do that.
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>> reporter: folks here hope that with a new medical school coming online that will help solve our doctor shortage and create better access for screenings and treatment and possibly save more lives in the future. live at unlv. news 3. >> reporter: thank you for that nevada is one of the 18 states that will get federal grant money to develop early learning program for preschool from low to our state is getting 14 million dollars. nevada is among 12 states not meeting preschool achievement targets the money aimed for better teaching expanding full day preschool and rugs class sizes. >> jim: we are your weather authority. kevin is an author of childre 's books. blue sky this is morning?
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we have colored pictures leak the doppler radar. we will start with the color of the sky and here is how we began the day. much of the day blue skies, sun. cold sun by las vegas standards and here committee clouds. actually lit up. look at that sunset. clouds down south. camera out of boulder city. not as thick down south at least in the afternoon they will have hours worth of clouds, too
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i mean a smidgeon above the freezing mark. the next time we get close, next week zeal a freeze warning issued. once have you a freeze everything that will not make it is gone. 28 on the mountain. 51 in mosquite. low temperatures the mid teens. 14 our high today maxed at 55. with the sun was not four degrees below normal. we have been on a role and highs of 55 just like you expect. it was warmer today in new york city, cleveland and detroit. are you kidding? the last day of november and they are warmer than us? unacceptable. it will take time. air gall in green. clear air. you see across the valley. no pollen.
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mid to upper 50s for a high and tomorrow not much wind that will change come friday with stronger winds friday and early afternoon. we have the thin blanket of clouds that will keep the temperature from dropping too quickly and the drop we have over night will not be a that you had as what we had this morning. that was the next thing overnight top it will whip us with a front. here come the wind out of the north. strong wind friday early afternoon and mountains 21. caliente 18. low temperature pahrump the 20's tonight and tomorrow a high of 59 at lake 53. sandy valand he 62 in laughlin. for the valley tonight, we will have the clouds this evening. clear late. low temperature 38. then tomorrow mostly sunny, expect a high of 56 degrees. pretty much in the neighborhood
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afternoon we expect the stronger wind slow to back off by saturday mid day they should be gone we will have breezes saturday morning. sunday sun and he 60 and mixture front early next week highs in the 40s. lows in the 30s. dogs and cats are going to live together. [laughter]. the end. >> jim: i like that one. >> reporter: when you thought it was getting better it gets worse. >> jim: when you have the 40s if i >> jim: there is a moral. thank you. big nascar award show come back on friday some drivers are already in town. today students at dooral academy got a visit from jimmie johnson the driver of the number 48 lowes car won his 7th championship. the guy is good. johnson took questions from kid and ended the visit with a surprise. brought ice cream for everybody.
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chilly for ice cream. you are not thinking like a kid they loved it. >> i bet they did. >> a guy who helped put mc donalds on the map. >> remembering the man who invented the goldenasms signature sandwich >> space invaders and pack man are the games jim used to play. how the biggest site plans to use them to keep people online. >> our newscast the of the doomed plane that carried the soccer team. >> trump will save jobs and about to head to mexico what was the trade off.
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>> jim: teacher sentenced for raping a 14 year old student. how long she will spend in prison and hear from the victim's mother. >> reporter: an accident before a cirque du soleil show kills a technician. he was the son of the company's founders. we will have that coming up. the man who created mc donald's signature burger 50 years ago died. he was 98 yearso. he of a franchise owner outside of pittsburgh. burger. get this mc donald executives resisted the big macmenting a traditional burger. it is safe to say his idea worked out well in the end. >> reporter: it did. facebook is going back in time bringing classic video games like pack man and space invaders.
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and free feature called instant games users play video games solo or challenge friends the goal is to keep people on facebook as long as possible lobing they need help with that. those games seem intricate and amaze whenning they came out now they are silly today. >> i know pack man i don't know the other. >> running a marathon in any weather is tough. try doing it in the cloeld >> jim: 50 of them participated they finished the antarctic ice marathon temperatures below zero. it is summer thyme there. the run are says conscience were ideal sun, wind. before the start, check this out hay all froze in place on purpose for what is to be the southern most mannequin
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>> reporter: a boy got himself good talking to after a big no-no during a basketball game. ran on the court disrupting the play and corraled by a player and hand back to a woman. it was kid's day at the nba developmental league game. only one did that. >> jim: that will wrap it up.
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tonight, double disaster -- a rising death toll as wildfires, then tornadoes explode across the south. new threats, new warnings as a big part of the country gets hit with wild extremes. no charges in a fatal police shooting that sparked days of protests. why prosecutors say the officer was justified in using deadly force. frantic final rds from the pilot of that doomed jetliner, repeatedly telling air traffic control his plane was rapidly running out of fuel. how could this have happened? art of the deal? donald trump turns a campaign rallying cry into action, saving jobs at carrier from moving to mexico. what did it take? and making it work -- the big american company where every day is take your child to work day. and employees couldn't be happier.


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