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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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former teacher. today that teacher tearfully took responsibility. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. nicole wilfinger will spend at least two-and-a-half years in prison for those crimes. news 3's sergio avila has our top story tonight. >> i accept my responsibility. i know this is my mistake. >> reporter: she was shielded from our cameras by her attorneys. during sentencing a tearful nicole wilfinger apologized to the community for 14-year-old student. >> i make no excuse for my behavior. there's nothing i can say or do that can change what happened or the fact that it happened or the fact that people were hurt. >> reporter: the relationship began in june of 2015. wilfinger was a family friend and acquaintance of the 14-year-old victim. >> she made our family believe her and trust her. her evil ways only not hurt my son but our whole family. >> reporter: that teen's mother testified her child hasn't been
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i've seen him scared watching out the windows looking to see if she was around because she's driven past his bus stop. >> reporter: district judge also had harsh words for the former teacher. >> this is sickening. >> reporter: the judge explained how disheartening this is because he rather sees academic matters in his courtroom. when it comes to teachers having sex with students the judge was your care for more time than they probably even see them. >> reporter: wilfinger was sentenced to a mib much two-and-a-half years -- minimum two-and-a-half years. she was immediately taken into custody. will finger will serve a minimum of two-and-a-half years, a maximum of six years. once she is released she will be required to register as a sex offender. sergio avila, news 3. >> reed: news 3 is your weather authority. as kevin janison mentioned at
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>> kevin: if you have been outside today you would definitely concur. especially the early morning hours. they were challenging to get out for us weather wimps. while it will be cold tomorrow morning, not as cold what's we experienced this morning. sparkling strip from our camera on top of the mandalay bay. not as much action as you would expect outside but after all it is the middle of the week. we'll look at some of those numbers and they are falling into the 40s pretty much valley-wide but not as fast as they were yesterday. a cou o hills. then it does ease upward toward 50 degrees. a couple of neighborhoods near eastside. temperatures also chilly in the mountains 20. big difference today is this thin blanket of clouds. these clouds will keep the temperature from falling too fast and too cold during the evening hours which means we
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but we've got more wind and two more blasts of cold air taking aim at us. complete details on that with the 7-day forecast just a couple of minutes away. jim and reed? . >> jim: thank you for that. metro detectives say a father shot and killed his son inside a southwest valley apartment. 49-year-old michael gardenhire is in jail tonight charged with murder. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live with the back story. >> reporter: 49-year-old michael gardenhire is facing a murder charge. say gardenhire may have been defending himself against his son. metro police say 49-year-old michael gardenhire shot his adult son in the chest killing him inside this apartment. the shooting happened tuesday night just after eight at this apartment complex off rainbow and robindale. jackie nevins lives at the complex. shocked. totally shocked. didn't know that it happened. that's very scary. you just don't know anymore. >> reporter: neighbors say
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arguing. he occasionally ran into him as he walked his dog. >> he mentioned his son in passing. i don't know the extent of their relationship but i can't imagine shooting my son. >> reporter: metro detectives have not said what may have sparked the shooting. people who knew gardenhire say he was a retired veteran. >> he seemed to be pretty nice. he was friendly and every time i would stop and talk to the dog he told me that he liked me. >> reporter: the bullets fired inside the apartment nevin says those bullets could have hit others. >> i mean, bullets can fly. they can go through your apartment complex. that's what's really worrisome. >> reporter: gardenhire will now have to face charges connected to the murder of his son. >> sometimes in those split seconds when you make a decision, you know, they're not always the best choices. >> reporter: clark county coroner still has not released the name of gardenhire's son. gardenhire is expected to appear
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that. metro is investigating another shooting tonight that left a man dead. it happened at a complex near durango and peaceway between flamingo and trop. police tell us the suspect and victim were arguing in the parking lot when the suspect went to a car to get a gun, shot the man in the stomach. if you know anything that could help catch him call crime stoppers. >> reed: one day after caesars announced their paid parking program wynn is announcing they next month. this is for both wynn and encore. self-parking will remain free. caesars entertainment says the fees impact all of the las vegas properties except the rio. paid parking will start at the valet area first at the linq then hara's sometime in december then the company will roll out paid parking in garages. however there are a few exceptions and being a nevada resident is one of them. except for valet. as well as the company's higher
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the venetian and palazzo says they have no plans to start charging for park. we reached out to the cosmopolitan. they said they are evaluating their needs regarding paid parking but have no changes to announce at this time. we want to know what you think about the whole paid parking trend that seems to be happening. take our twitter poll. do you think valet should be tip only? or maybe you don't use valet at all. do you think the idea is great or do you rarely visit the strip. our twitter handle >> jim: orange cone and detaur signs we can expect to see plenty of both with two new projects on the west side of town. new construction on summerlin parkway begins this weekend after they finish putting up cable barriers. news 3 is your traffic authority. kelsey thomas is out live at buffalo and summerlin parkway with what you need to know now. >> reporter: get ready for that big construction equipment and, of course, the stop and go
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>> of course a little bit of inconvenience but your commute will be better in about seven months. it's the go to place for bagels in las vegas. saba serving up a taste of new york for more than 20 years. at the corner of buffalo and summerlin parkway, bagel cafe is convenient. >> location. location. location. very important. the size of the >> reporter: its it's an easy stop for locals like art. >> i come here probably five to six times a week. >> reporter: come sunday art's commute home from the restaurant may be an issue. tom hawley news 3's traffic authority. >> the loop that takes people from buffalo on to westbound summerlin parkway, that's going to be shut down during that closure the detour suggested by the city is to go up to vegas drive then down to ram part then re-enter westbound summerlin parkway from there.
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95 to summerlin parkway will also be shut down. >> you just have to have patience. people tend to get road rage. you know you are going to get held up so find a radio station you like or a podcast or just think positive thoughts. >> reporter: the closures are necessary to extend the summerlin parkway carpool lane between durango and rampart and add another lane. >> that's going to be affect us. >> reporter: even t he isn't too worries. >> best place in las vegas. >> reporter: repeat customers will cope with construction and cones to experience the new york comfort food. >> they'll find a way in no matter what. and both closures will be periodic but the city of las vegas says most of the closures will happen or most of the park, i should say, will be happening during the day. reporting live tonight, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> jim: thank you for that.
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an afternoon walk and never comes back. >> jim: the family of christian harned says he has asperger's and they're very worried but they haven't seen him in days. we're going hear from his mother or a relative and how you can bring him home safely. >> jim: the world cup of rodeos! national finals radio action starts -- rodeo action starts tomorrow. tonight the boot scootin' party begins. we'll take you there live coming up. >> reed: new details on what may have contributed to the plane crash that killedn >> jim: that's coming up in our
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. >> reed: this 24-year-old man is missing tonight. we told you about christian harned yesterday. his family says he went out
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since. faith jessie is live at the apartment complex where he has last seen. his family very worried tonight. >> reporter: yeah it's been two very long days of waiting for the family. now christian is autistic and highly functioning. he actually lives right here with his grandmother who said he would come out for a walk every day to clear his mind. but on monday he didn't come back. >> he left the second around two and basically said i won't be back. and he didn't come back. >> reporter: those were the last words stephanie boswell heard from her 24-year-old grandson on monday before he left home for what she thought was a second walk. one to clear his head. >> i knew when he didn't come back that night something was wrong. >> reporter: as i showed you earlier today stephanie lez christian left his belongings behind which raised a red flag. >> everything that was important to him he left.
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metro sent out this photo asking for the public's help in finding him. christian is 5'11" and was last seen wearing a dark brown jacket, blue jeans, white and black jordan sneakers and carrying a gray backpack. >> this individual has a certain mental deficiency which would possibly make him fearful of police. we are looking for the public's assistance in locating christian so we can get him to his family for the holidays. restrooms and places where he might spend time but the search continues. >> we're also assisted by red rock search and rescue. they are a group that assist in many other searches. they are actively searching today for that individual up in our northwest side of town. >> reporter: efforts that are giving his loved ones hope that he will come home. >> i have no idea. i don't know if he will or not. in my heart i want him to. christian please come home.
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that if you have seen christian to please contact them at their phone number. that's 702-828-3111. you can also give the missing persons detail a call during their business hour 702-828-2709. i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> jim: hope he is found soon. now a crime alert. metro police looking for max cook. he is wanted for attempted murder a few weeks ago. it hne avenue near owens and nellis. the victim was shot several times. >> reed: police want you to be on the lookout for this guy wanted for robbing a local bank near charleston and sloan. it happened yesterday. metro detectives say he handed a threatening note to the teller to rob the place. if you know either of these men call crime stoppers 702-385-5555. >> jim: grab your boots and hats its rodeo time in las vegas. tomorrow night the nfr kicks off
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the best in the business to town. before the main event the warm up party starts tonight going on right now news 3's denise rosch is live on fremont street where downtown is going country. >> this is called the downtown hoedown. it is a free concert series to help kick off nfr. right now it is high valley performing on the first street stage. aaron watson preparing to go on at the third street st takes over las vegas. it's practice time inside the thomas and mack. over 100 contestants in this year's national finals rodeo going over the traditional grand entry. to wow the crowd during what's billed as the richest, most prestigious rodeo in the world. >> this is the world series, the super bowl of rodeos. >> reporter: michael mack is
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>> it's what the cowboys work all year long for is to qualify to come to las vegas. >> reporter: and our city never disappoints. entertainment planned at nearly every major resort. while just outside the thomas and mack. >> it is one of the women shirts that i think will be extremely popular. >> reporter: souvenir stands are well stocked. denise has been coming for 25 years. >> the best of the best. and it's -- i get it's so cool. i love everything about the nfr. >> reporter: this is now the rodeo's 42nd year in las vegas turning what used to be a slow time of year in the valley into a ten day party. despite an attempted grab by dallas a few years ago, nfr has a solid contract with las vegas through 2024. >> i've been to several rodeos but never anything like this. >> reporter: paula is visiting
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difficult it was. >> reporter: we asked mack what are the options. >> she can buy a mad dash down stairs at the thomas and mack center box office which allows you to access. or go to the ticket exchange and try to buy tickets there. >> reporter: back inside, forecast wrapping up. the next tip of the hat these pros deliver will be to another sellout and you heard michael mack mention cowboy christmas. that's the big annual shopping experience every year at the las vegas convention center. it opens tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. again, it may be a place you can go to try to find a ticket. otherwise the rodeo itself tomorrow night at 6:45 p.m. thomas and mack. reporting live from a loud downtown i'm denise rosch for news 3. jim and reed, back to you. >> jim: sounds like they're having a loft fun.
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get. nothing beats the nfr. >> reed: and cowboy christmas where you can buy crafts. you can usually find somebody who can find you a ticket. it's a lot of fun. >> reed: little insider tip. kevin janison they're selling quilts you know >> kevin: didn't realize you had the inside juice on the tickets buddy. >> reed: i've been >> kevin: i don't know if you caught it an hour or so ago but i think we burned the sky again. another fabulous las vegas sunset lit up. didn't last long. a few clouds out there but made color then the clouds moved on. we've got a few clouds left but not too many. so we are going to assume once those clouds are out down goes the temperature like a rock. here is a view of those clouds coming in and, of course, that fabulous sunset. same story in pahrump. look at the snow capped spring mountains after the weekend storm that went on through. check in with a couple of neighborhoods. we'll begin on 28 and stewart. temperature 50 degrees.
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friday. next stop up to fort apache and ann road. there are 44 already and one more stop takes us to horizon and greenway in henderson where the temperature is checking in at 47. we're into the 40s in just about every valley neighborhood. one exception on the near eastside. but we're seeing mid to upper 40s. southern highlands at 43. that's better than the morning low at 33. a few neighborhoods just barely above the freezing mark. i think we'll be about a degree morning. mountains in the mid-20s. pioche in the mid-20s. they began today in the mid-teens. bottoming out at 14. mccarran the overnight low is 37. the afternoon high 55. so yet another below normal day. we're playing catch up to how things started this month. by the way, if you watch us at 11:00 you know we do the three degree guarantee. our forecast today was 54 easily within the three degrees. so we've been on a roll only one
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$100 a day when we do it. we're up to 2000 for homeless youth. that high of 55 today? come on. it was warmer in new york city, cleveland and detroit! that's unacceptable. air quality in the good category yet again thanks to those weekend winds. kept everything nice and crystal clear. thursday will start around 40. mid-50s at lunchtime. maybe some neighborhoods in the upper 50s. no win expected tomorrow. less than five miles per hour. that's going to c because a system coming down from the north. a couple of more systems coming down from the north. thin clouds we had today another hour or so before those go through and that's kep keeping us from getting too cold too fast. with these systems piling up one after another from the north each time they get within a striking distance the wind picks up and it is a reinforcing shot of colder air. that's what's in the forecast. tonight 18 in caliente. 26 in pahrump.
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sandy valley at 53. mid-40s up there in lincoln county. las vegas valley we'll bottom out at 38. a few clouds this evening. we'll clear out in an hour or so. tomorrow plenty of sunshine but not plenty of degrees. 56 for the high temperature. your 7-day forecast looking ahead now. the winds on friday. strongest will be early afternoon. then a slow decrease into saturday morning. by sunday sunshine and 60 and aye aye aye aye. knocking the temperatures to highs in the 40s. if you didn't get that freeze this morning, which i'm not sure anybody did, it's coming. >> jim: are you sure you are reading your equipment right >> kevin: i'm tweaking the dials. >> reed: we can hear you back there. thank you. prosecutors say a charlotte police officer is not going to face criminal charges for killing a man. >> jim: but that does not close the book on this case. why the shooting could still
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before a cirque de soleil show kills a technician and the son of one of the company's founders. detail and what happened next at si with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week,
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>> jim: the son of one of the fathers of cirque de soleil died in an accident last night while working inn they're getting ready. according to cirque he was hit by a lift. the 42-year-old olivia was from quebec, canada. he is the son of one of the founders of the cirque empire. the san francisco police department and osha are investigating the accident and the show is canceled for now. we have new information tonight about a possible cause of the crash that killed that soccer
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>> reed: pilot told air traffic
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>> jim: charlotte, north carolina is on edge tonight. >> reed: this after prosecutors announce they will not pursue criminal charges against the black police officer who shot and killed a man two months ago. a case that sparked riots in the city. here's chris clackham with more on today's decision. >> reporter: charlotte police are braced for but don't expect protests to be as violent as they were in september after the shooting death of keith scott by


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