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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> jim: charlotte, north carolina is on edge tonight. >> reed: this after prosecutors announce they will not pursue criminal charges against the black police officer who shot and killed a man two months ago. a case that sparked riots in the city. here's chris clackham with more on today's decision. >> reporter: charlotte police are braced for but don't expect protests to be as violent as they were in september after the shooting death of keith scott by
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announced wednesday the officer will not be charged. >> given the totality of the circumstances and credible evidence in this case it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> reporter: lawfully d.a. murray says because police body cam videos show scott exiting his suv surrounded by officers who had moments before observed him rolling a joint armed with a handgun that they then chamber. the safety was off and the gun was cocked. >> drop the gun! >> reporter: also because even on the video his wife recorded scott refused police orders. >> officers can be heard at least ten-times commanding mr. scott to drop the gun. >> reporter: also weighing heavy in the d.a.'s decision were a number of alleged eyewitnesses like some of scott's family. >> he didn't have no gun. he wasn't messing with nobody. >> reporter: they later recanted when interviewed by
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had not actually seen the shooting. >> reporter: it was those disputed claims that led some protesters to violence back in september but through family attorney scott's widow called for calm in light of the d.a.'s decision. >> allow us to conduct what we call a thorough investigation behind the investigation. >> reporter: family attorneys say there still may be sil lawsuits against charlotte -- civil lawsuits against charlotte police for scott's death. chris clackham,bc >> jim: the pilot of the chartered plane carrying a brazilian soccer team told air traffic controllers he was out of fuel just before it crashed. moments later the plane slammed into the side of the andes mountains killing 71 people on. on the recording the pilot requested permission to land reporting, quote, a total electric failure and said he was out of fuel. air traffic controller was giving the pie instructions as the aircraft was losing
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crew members and one journalist were the only ones who survived. preparations are underway for a memorial at the soccer stadium where the team was set to play tonight for the south american championship. south america's football governing body urged by the league to award the championship to the brazilian soccer club and the team they were set to play is backing that. >> reed: the death now at seven from the wildfires in tennessee. the death toll that is. this after three bodies were the fires destroyed more than 250 buildings and homes. a lot of evacuations. in fact, thousands of residents and tourists running out of the flame ravaged areas. storms moving through the area have helped slightly but this historic fire has burned through all towns in that area. gatlinburg's mayor says the town may reopen friday so business owners can assess the damage and try to get back up and running. he also has a message for fans of that area.
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and if you really, really want to do something for gatlinburg, we're going be back on our feet in a real short time. come and visit us. come back and vacation here. >> reed: wow. that optimism despite the fact that even his own home was destroyed by the fire like so many firefighters and politicians in that area. more than 11 million people visit that region every year. >> jim: the fbi believes isis propaganda may have sparked monday's attack at university. agents say abdul ali artan posted militant rants his facebook page before smashing a car into a group of people then slashing people who came to help with a butcher knife. while isis is claiming responsibility investigators say there is no evidence artan had any direct contact with isis leaders or any other terrorist group. >> as i said we only believe he may have been inspired by isil.
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assailant has been dead that can't refute that. so that makes it pretty easy for them. >> jim: artan wounded 11 people before police shot and killed him. investigators say surveillance footage supports the prem they he acted alone. >> reed: donald trump continues to build his cabinet. choices for treasury and come secretary. >> reporte d positions today. his pick for treasury secretary, stephen mnuchin. trump's former campaign finance chairman says his top priority is tax reform. >> we're going to have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> reporter: he is a long time banker working at goldman sachs before starting his own hedge fund. but he isn't without controversy. critics say mnuchin can't be trusted after profiting from the housing collapse when others
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massachusetts senator elizabeth warren reacting to the pick. >> his selection as treasury secretary should send shivers down the spine of every american who got hit hard by the financial crisis. mnuchin will be joined by wilbur ross as trump's choice for commerce secretary. ross as billionaire businessman known on wall street as the king of bankruptcy with a history of going after struggling companies. these announcements come as brakes on the air conditioning giant's move to mexico. >> companies like carrier. >> reporter: something trump rallied about on the campaign trail. >> we're going stop it dead in its tracks. >> reporter: the company tweeting we are pleased to have reached a deal with president-elect donald trump and vice president elect pence. more details soon. carrier previously said it would close two plants and layoff 2100
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mexico. >> reed: president-elect donald trump will be in indiana tomorrow and will hold a news conference at the carrier plant where he going to announce more details about that detail. >> jim: nevada sees fewer cases of breast cancer than many other states. a new study shows a discouraging trend for survival rates here in southern nevada. researchers found local patients were 16 percent less likely to survive breast cancer than their counterparts in northern va rate to late detection of the disease. jeff mitchell is fighting her second battle against breast cancer. >> when people talk about the fight, to me, having been in the fight once and in the middle of the fight now, it's so important to know that's where we are. we're fighting for our lives. you have to do that. and you will win. you will survive. >> jim: the folks at unlv hope the new medical school will help alleviate the doctor shortage in
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>> reed: straight ahead here on news 3 some car dealerships have fountains but few have anything like this. how this happened and why someone went to jail for it. high profile ufc fighters announce they're teaming up to take on their employer. why they're organizing. amber has that story ahead in
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>> jim: if you got a netflix account you will now be able to watch off-line. the company is announcing members will have the option to download shows to record to watch later. that way if you are away from wifi or on yourxt you and watch them. netflix says it will be free for all memberships. you just need to make sure you have the most updated app. >> reed: the chief of levi straus says keep your guns home. chip burke posted an open letter on linkedin asking customers and employees not to bring guns into stores or offices even where it's legal to do so. this comes after a customer at one of its stores was injured when their gun accidently fired.
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the store creates an unsettling environment. >> jim: some new cars on a lot in california got a group car wash today thanks to this. it's not a water fountain it is a broken fire hydrant. this happened in roseville. the driver lost control of his car and smashed into it and several cars at the dealership as well. expensive mistake. gets worse. the driver who started to run off was caught and arrested for dui. but a lot of dealerships put things out front to try to g those inflatable guys right. so that ought to do the trick. >> reed: on the positive side, looks like a drive-thru car wash. >> jim: there you go. want to get a look at what we're working on for "news 3 live at seven." >> reed: a tv show host and tattoo artist turned away from a restaurant. why the company says they are fully within their rights. >> jim: next year will be a good one for fans of wendy's. how you can get a free frosty all year long with just a $2
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those stories and you know we'll be all over breaking news tonight on "news 3 live at seven." >> reed: kevin janison can tell us we all got a free frosty today by way of the dipping temperatures. >> kevin: it's amazing what you can learn watching news 3 at six. what do you call this dance move? the inflatable guy. >> reed: they modeled inflatable after jim >> kevin: i can see why. you better have a third option as well. [ laughter ] quite a dance move over there. i valley doing the jim. whatever that move might be. let's go outside because i know i've got zero moves in the cabinet that's for sure. quite night to look at. a little cold to feel. this is our camera on top of the rio looking straight down flamingo and off to the east. we started off with that sunshine today. crystal clear for the first half to two-thirds of the afternoon. then some clouds rolled in. couple of waves and we'll deal
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they did light up the sky with a nice sunset. here are some of the temperatures. east side lamb and owens 39 degrees. no wind. that neighborhood's top gust for the day only five miles per hour. in anthem it's 43 already. we're talking 6:45. and flamingo that would be the time not the temperature. flamingo and sand hill checking in at 47. winds are calm as well. everybody now has dipped into the 40s. low to upper 40s with southern highlands and anthem at 43. summerlin as well joi the mid-20s. 48 in boulder city. mesquite coming in at 45. mapping out your thursday. we'll probably dip into the upper 30s. if you leave the house at 8:00 a.m. should be around 43. mid-50s by the afternoon. that should be 53 for the afternoon and 54 late in the afternoon. won't be any wind. that's tomorrow. that certainly changes on
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has a second tornado season. you know about spring. as you get to fall you still have the clash of air masses. check out the pictures from atlanta. there was a tornado near atlanta. if you look at the leaves on the trees they're not blowing. it could have been a land spout or maybe some debris from the tornado just outside the city. there were a dozen tornados from mississippi to alabama and closer to home we've got high clouds working through. they're acting more like a sheet and preventing the temperature from getting too cold too fast but they're going to clear out in a couple of hours and that flow continues to come down from the north and we've got a couple of systems over the top and each will whip us with more winds and reinforce the cold. reno at 41. salt lake at 33. highs tomorrow phoenix up to 62.
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for southern nevada tonight 34 in the moapa valley. the sandy valley down to 34. death valley down to 42. and our valley is going to wind up finding a low in the upper 30s. 56 in pahrump tomorrow. 45 in caliente. and boulder city should max out at 54. our official low will get to 38. i do think some neighborhoods will find 34 or 35. not expecting a freeze tonight. that's coming next week. tomorrow 56 degrees with sunshine. and as we get to friday the weatherad around the chilly air. early friday afternoon get calm of gusts around or just over 30 miles per hour to start to back off friday evening. left over breezes saturday morning. hang on the next wind bag next week, aye aye aye. highs in the 40s. lows mid-30s which means we will see more neighborhoods-- >> reed: you will have to do the dance to warm up
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>> jim: amber know what's i am talking about. she is here with sports and check of the runnin' rebels. >> cedar city utah is the site of this game going on right now. it's sol the home of the utah shakespeare festival where unlv hopes not to perform a comedy, rather a tragedy with southern utah its victim. the match-up already entailed drama even before tip off. southern utah's head coach was the runnin' rebels interim head coach last seas unlv didn't give him the permanent position. rebels would win the tip off. and chris would get them on the board first. the rebels on defense up 4-two. and duane morgan swats that shot away. but the rebels may be playing with [ inaudible ]. they would hand the ball right back off jay lynn's bounce pass. embarrassment went both ways as southern utah kicked the ball away.
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in the first half. to the ufc now where a conflict was introduced in that company's story. some former champions and current fighters announced today they are organizing and forming a mixed martial arts fighters association. no remains are leading the way. georgia state pierre and t. j. joined donald cowboy and kennedy and the former ceo of competing better pay and benefits comparable to other major sports leagues, that's what they're after. ufc hall-of-famer and local man randy coutures part of a different mma association which thinks one of the most important steps is forced amending federal legislation. >> i think fighters are finally starting to realize that we've been kind of getting the short end of the stick. without the fighters there are no fight shows. and i think one of the things
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created to protect boxers from promoters. it needs to include mixed martial artists. >> the ufc says it does not have a comment at this time. at doyle academy in west las vegas today students didn't have comments but lots of good questions for nascar driver jimmie johnson. he is in town for the nascar awards show on friday. fresh off winning his seventh sprint cup championship to tie racing greats richard petty and after fielding some tough questions like: if you lose a race do are worry about losing sponsors? he surprised the sixth through ninth graders with ice cream. then i got a crack at him. >> a lot of the kids were pretty prepared but for others who might know home and continue to do more research on you, what would you like them to take away from your career? >> for me i think my story, you know, i didn't have success in
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especially when you look at nascar. guys like joey logano came in at 18 and kurt and kyle busch and how young they were when they entered. even jeff gordon. i didn't get a start until i was 25. it helped me mature and be ready for this opportunity. i guess through that just doing something that you love, following your passion. i knew that racing was going to provide a level of happiness for me. i didn't know it would lead to any of this. >> you can get a late start. jim i know you were interested at one time in being a >> does that inspire you.
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>> jim: might be tough getting used to it so the 30s our starting point once again at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. the mid-50s for a high. come friday it's chilly and now windy. that wind event will pretty much last a few hours friday afternoon. meanwhile kelly's got t numbers. that's on news 3 today beginning at 4:30 a.m. as we conclude this hour's dance fever here on jim and reed. >> jim: we still got a few moves left in us. thank you. now to a delay of game during the nba d-league contest in new york. >> reed: you are not going to live that down now. not because of something this young player did or didn't do. this boy ran out on to the court during the game between the
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maybe we wanted to give the players a high-five. it brought the game to a screeching halt. >> jim: kevin capers scooped the boy off and passed him off to the woman who was trying to corral him. he probably got a little talking to after this. >> reed: buy the kid a hot dog he is living. thanks for watching. [ laug ?? ??
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>> latoya: historic wildfires rage through a resort town in tennessee. the death toll rising as
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forever after police say a father killed his own son. what neighbors say about this pair's troubled relationship. >> latoya: a tattoo artist and tv star turned away from restaurant for his ink. the restaurant says it only forbids certain tattoos in its dress code >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> latoya: seven people now reported dead in the devastating wildfires plaguing the great smoky mountains. thanks for joining us i silmon. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. these flames fueled by hurricane force wind gusts leveled parts of a very popular tourist spot. wildfire watch continues on the east coast tonight. storms moving through the gatlinburg area helping a lot of firefighters battle those flames. that's what a lot of people prayed for but it doesn't do anything for the hundreds of homes and buildings already burned entirely to the ground. >> latoya: this largest fire for the volunteer state in more than a century. many of these people now in shelters literally ran for their


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