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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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forever after police say a father killed his own son. what neighbors say about this pair's troubled relationship. >> latoya: a tattoo artist and tv star turned away from restaurant for his ink. the restaurant says it only forbids certain tattoos in its dress code >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> latoya: seven people now reported dead in the devastating wildfires plaguing the great smoky mountains. thanks for joining us i silmon. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. these flames fueled by hurricane force wind gusts leveled parts of a very popular tourist spot. wildfire watch continues on the east coast tonight. storms moving through the gatlinburg area helping a lot of firefighters battle those flames. that's what a lot of people prayed for but it doesn't do anything for the hundreds of homes and buildings already burned entirely to the ground. >> latoya: this largest fire for the volunteer state in more than a century. many of these people now in shelters literally ran for their
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not to go home or if they even have a home. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress and my pictures. my mom's hope chest. >> all you could think is we got out but we're going to die. driving through hell. >> reed: more than 200 firefighters are taking the brunt of the blaze. but with eight new fires overnight and storms toppling trees and power lines their jobs are increasingly difficult. officials are trying to figure say they're not ruling out arson. >> latoya: an update to breaking news last night. a father accused of killing his son. it all happened inside an apartment near rainbow and robindale. news 3's antonio castelan spoke with neighbors about the father and son's strained relationship. >> reporter: 49-year-old michael gardenhire is now behind bars here at the clark county detention center. many people who knew him say it's hard to believe that he would murder his own son. >> he seem to be pretty nice.
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michael gardenhire remember him. metro police say on tuesday night inside this apartment off rainbow and robindale, gardenhire shot and killed his adult son. neighbor benny knight frequently ran into gardenhire as he walked his pit bull. >> i hurt for him when i heard the news. >> reporter: metro police say two officers happened to be in the apartment complex on an unrelated home when the shots were fired. -- call. police say those officers went to the apartment said he shot his son. metro's lieutenant mcgraph says it's unclear what sparked the shootings. >> if you are distraught and having emotional problems within your family, take a drive, take a walk, whatever occurred tonight somebody didn't have to lose their life. >> reporter: neighbors say father and son were constantly heard arguing. knight finds it difficult to understand that those arguments led to murder.
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it. but sometimes in those split seconds when you make a decision, you know, they're not always the best choices. >> reporter: gardenhire is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow morning. as for gardenhire's son in the clark county coroner still has not released his name. reporting outside the clark county detention center, antonio castelan, news 3. >> latoya: we woke up to temperatures in the 30's this morning. and could we see a repeat beardsley with a first look. >> chloe: yes. it's going to be very chilly when you wake up. clear skies and calm winds. it's going to be cold like it was this morning. here are the lows. it's going to be pretty much the same thing overnight tonight. not quite as cold as some neighborhoods but still in the 30s across town. we dropped down to 15 degrees at mount charleston in the 20s for pahrump and 28 degrees for indian springs. throughout the day it was pretty
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they're going to continue clearing out for the rest of the evening. temperatures outside, 39 degrees on the cooler side of things at west career and tech near charleston and the 215 in comparison with slightly warmer temperatures. 49 degrees at southeast career and tech. the rest of the numbers in the 40s right now. but like we talked about we're going to cool back down into the 30s again and the cooling trend is going to continue actually. av headed our way. it's going to drop out of the north and not only bring us more cool temperatures in the forecast but also gusty winds. i'll show you how windy it's going to get coming up in the weather segment. >> reed: a former junior high school teacher will spend at least two-and-a-half years in prison after pleading guilty to having sex with a 14-year-old student. nicole wilfinger was a close friend of the victim's family. the victim's mother says her son has cried nonstop in her arms because he feels embarrassed about what happened.
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the teen's mother told the judge wilfinger betrayed their trust and the trust of the community. >> some of my son's concerns was he doesn't want us to think he is disgusting. will people blame him? will he be rejected? he is not disgusting. >> reed: that former teacher was handcuffed immediately after the sentencing hearing. she'll serve a minimum of two-and-a-half years in prison once she is released. she'll be required to sex offender. >> latoya: an update to the manhunt in northern california. police have recaptured one of the two inmates on the run for a week. police say la ron campbell was arrested at his sister's home without incident. campbell chavez and two other inmates cut through their cell bars and used bed sheets to rappel down to the ground. police are still on the lookout for chavez. >> reed: a live look at charlotte, north carolina where protesters are starting to
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for the killing of keith lamont scott. more than 100 demonstrators took to the streets near police headquarters. they're chanting police slogans and demanding justice for scott. the protest organized by charlotte uprising have been mostly peaceful although several scuffles have broken out. >> latoya: police are urging protesters to remain on the sidewalks but many have spilled on to the streets prompting arrests. so far three people have been arrested. the september shooting of scott sparked two nights of violent protes his family came out today and called for peace and calm and look like it is a peaceful protest tonight. jury deliberations are going to continue tomorrow in the trial of a former south carolina police officer michael slager is on trial for shooting an unarmed man who was running from a traffic stop. prosecutors say he had malice on his mind when he shot walter scott. slager's attorney says the video doesn't tell the whole story and slaying slager had no way to know scott wasn't armed.
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hour tonight before adjourning. >> latoya: news 3 is your traffic authority. expect to see plenty of orange cones and detour signs as 2 upcoming road projects on the west side of town. kelsey thomas shows us what to expect in the cone zone. >> what else for you sir? >> reporter: it is the go to place for bagels in las vegas. serving up a taste of new york for more than 20 years. at the corner of buffalo and convenient. >> location. location. location. very important. the size of this sandwich. >> reporter: it's easy stop for locals like art. >> i come here probably five to six times a week. >> reporter: come sunday art's commute home from the restaurant may be an issue. tom hawley news 3's traffic authority. >> the loop ramp that takes people from buffalo on to westbound summerlin parkway that's going to be shut down
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suggested by the city is to go up to vegas drive then down to rampart and re-enter westbound summerlin from there. >> reporter: the hov flyover bridge from the 95 to summerlin parkway will also be shut down. >> you just have to have patience and people tend to get road rage. all you got to do is think you know you are going to get held up anyhow so find a radio station you like or a podcast or just think positive thoughts. >> reporter: the closures are necessary to extend the summerlin parkway between durango and rampart and add another lane. >> it's going affect us. >> reporter: even though traffic may not be on his side, he isn't too worried. >> best place in las vegas. >> reporter: repeat customers will cope with construction and cones to experience the new york comfort food. >> they'll find a way in no matter what. >> both products will take seven months to complete. the closures will be periodic but according to the city of las vegas most of the work will
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kelsey thomas, news 3. >> latoya: now we have an update to a story that we brought you first on three right here at 7:00. a day after caesars entertainment announced its paid parking program wynn siz it will start charging for valet next month. caesars rolled out the paid valet and self-parking program at nine of its strip properties. locals with valid i.d. or platinum members of caesar's loyalty p for free. the venetian says it has no plans to start charging for parking. and the cosmopolitan is evaluating paid parking but has no changes at this time. we want to know what do you think about this whole thing about paying for parking trend? take our twitter poll and let us know. our twitter handle is @news3lv. >> reed: a group of athletes may have had an advantage freezing in place for that manikin challenge.
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setting viral video. >> reed: time to saddle up southern nevada. a look inside a preview party ahead of the national finals
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>> latoya: grab your boots and hats because it's rodeo time. tomorrow night the national finals kicks ooft the thomas and mack. denise rosch takes us downtown where fans are partying ahead of the main event. a free concert series to help kick off nfr. live performances until 11:30 p.m. tonight. no question for the next ten days the rodeo is taking over las vegas. it's practice time inside the thomas and mack over 100 contestants in this year's national finals rodeo going over
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ready to wow the crowd during what's billed at the richest most press teaming us rodeo in the world. >> this is the world series. >> reporter: michael mack is vice president of marketing for las vegas events. >> it's what the cowboys work all year long for is so qualify to come to las vegas. >> reporter: and our city never disappoints. entertainment planned at nearly every major resort. while just outside the thomas and mack. >> there is one of the women's shirts that i think is going to be extremely popular. >> reporter: souvenir stands denise king has been coming to nfr for 25 years. >> we've got the best of the best. and it's -- i get goose bumps just talking about it. i love everything about the nfr. >> reporter: this is now the rodeo's 32nd year in las vegas turning what used to be a slow time of year in the valley into a ten-day party. and despite an attempted grab by dallas a few years ago, nfr has a solid contract with las vegas
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different rodeos but never anything like this. >> reporter: paula altman is visiting from west virginia. still hoping to find tickets. >> i did not realize how difficult it was. >> reporter: we asked mack what are the options. >> she can buy a mad dash ticket at the thomas and mack box office which allows you access to try to find [ inaudible ] upstairs where you can go to the ticket exchange at cowboy christmas and try to buy and sell tickets there. >> reporter: back inside, practice is wrapping the next tip of the hat these pros deliver will be to another sellout crowd. denise rosch, news 3. >> reed: it hurts. it's forever and now that tattoo might get you turned away at a door. >> latoya: tattoo artist in texas was refused service for his ink. tattoo artist and host of ink master oliver peck can't believe there's a restaurant in dallas that would not let him in. the company's lawyer says it's not a ban on ink just that they
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peck says he understands an establishment can make the choice to ban people like him. just like he can choose not to give them his business. >> young kid today gets a neck tattoo and they can't go in a restaurant. that's what you get. like you choedz to be part of the under world. >> latoya: legally people with tattoos aren't considered a protected class like race, religion, sex and age under anti-discrimination law. the attorney says the restaurant is within it's rights to enforce a >> reed: a group of marathon runners froze to create a manikin challenge in the antarctic. temperatures hovering around negative four. it's believed to be the sorp most manikin challenge so far. the athletes froze before the start of the marathon. runners from 17 countries piled on layers of clothing, goggles and gloves before they set off on that 26.2 mile race. they ran two laps around the
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pole. >> latoya: a frightening situation on a road in mane. this snow plow caught fire causing several explosions. an employee tried to use a fire extinguisher but the flames were too intense. a volunteer fire crew put out the fire. >> reed: a waterspout turned tornado made landfall and moved through the panhandle this afternoon. here it is near destine, florida. the tornado was captured on cell phone video. the souas wild weather with tornados spotted in alabama, tennessee and georgia. we can tell you at least five people have died and dozens injured in the storm. let's come home. you will need to layer up as you head out the door tomorrow. news 3 is your weather authority. chloe joins us with how those temperatures are going to be pretty cold when we wake up. chloe. >> chloe: if you like this morning you will like it again tomorrow. it's going to be chilly. you've gotten the warnings. bundle up because it's going to
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and if you were lucky enough to see our fabulous skyline this afternoon starting off clear the clouds piling in. then we got to see this beautiful sunset and many of you were able to capture that and send these photos in. thank you sherrie. i have another one sent in from holly. a fiery sunset this evening. certainly now. 40 at gouldsby elementary school. 41 near the southern highlands area. temperatures elsewhere we're going take a closer look. boulder city a little bit warmer relatively speaking. 48 degrees at king elementary. the rest of us you can see already at 35 degrees for the blue diamond area. low 40s for summerlin. mid to upper 40s on the far east side of town. one thing we have in common is
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now. speaking of outside. outside the valley we've got temperatures in the 20s at mount charleston. 40s pahrump as well as overton. 48 degrees for boulder city. we just talked about that. 50 degrees for lake mead. and taking a look at regional temps. 20s for tonopah. 30 ely. let me tell you, this number you see right here will be our high temperature later on next week. i'll show you that in just a second. for now we're going to talk about the next few days. this afternoon we mostly saw the southern nevada. now we're bracing for a storm that's going to essentially come directly out of the north. we're going take a look at the future cast. you can see the development of this upper-level low moving south out of utah. it's going to bring us very cold temperatures and gusty winds for friday. so get ready for that very chilly temperatures are expected. we're going to warm up briefly by the weekend before the next round is expected. that's really going to shake things up literally and you are going to feel it.
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temperatures in the 30s. you are going to want to bundle up the kids tomorrow before school. 21 degrees on the mountains tonight. mid-30s overton. 20s pahrump. indian springs highs tomorrow will be mostly in the 50s. 57 for overton. low 50s sandy valley. 54 boulder city. 56 for pahrump and 52 for indian springs. still sweater weather. mid-50s when you are grabbing lunch. still want to keep those layers 56 degrees for your projected high. we'll see off and on clouds throughout the day and as we look ahead to the next few days. i mention we're going get the windy weather. it's going to be starting late tomorrow night with gusts 15 to 20 miles an hour. windy on friday. winds reaching up to 35 and 40 miles an hour across the valley. even higher on the edges of town. slightly warmer into the weekend. then that next storm that's really going to knock down those high temperatures, down to the
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tuesday night into wednesday. again dropping down into the mid-30s. if you haven't brought your tomatoes in now, well, do it right now. >> reed: they're cold tomatoes. [ laughter ] . >> latoya: thanks. >> reed: while nevada sees fewer cases of breast cancer than many other states a new study shows a discourageing trend for survival rates. researchers found local patients were 16 percent less likely to survive breast cancer than their counterparts in nor late detection. >> thanks to our new feature your next next 36 binge never has to end. and a packers fan promises to freeze in the name of football. why he still won't wear long pants even though his team
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>> reed: this guy you may not recognize him by face but he is likely stuffed your face. he created the big mac. he's died. michael jim invented mcdonald's iconic two tiered burger at his
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ingredient sandwich back in 1967 after spending two years to come up with the right combo for their big mac special sauce. today mcdonald's sells 900 million big macs a year worldwide. delegatei was 98. >> latoya: wendy's frosty lovers are going to have a great year in 2017. the chain says starting next year anyone with a $2 key tag will get a free junior frosty with every purchase. they will pay dollar to help children in foster care. the tags are available in most locations and tags on the website have already sold out. >> reed: your next long flight just got a lot more interesting thanks to netflix who is going to allow you to watch shows off-line. you can download. members now have that option to download movies to watch off line later. that means you can watch the new season of stranger things away
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featuring free. orange is the new black, marcos and the -- narc's on are available. shocking act of vandalism targeting a group helping people with down syndrome. tonight at 11 the search for the suspects and how you can help them. . >> latoya: tonight the new attraction bringing the titanic back to life. those stories plus breaking news as it happens tonight on live at eleven." finally here at 7:00, a green bay packers fan can finally put his pants on again. >> reed: put your pants on young man. vowed to ditch his pants until his team won a game. he can stop wearing shorts in the wisconsin snow. he says he is going to keep the act going because the packers won when he wore shorts. he thinks his fashion choice is actually the packer's good-luck charm. >> latoya: he is really just
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wearing shorts and he is thankful that it hasn't gotten too cold yet. i'm looking at snow. he has a bunch of leg hair. [ laughter ] >> reed: keeps him warm. . >> latoya: wow. i don't understand people like that. i would be freezing. >> reed: well you shave that's why. [ laughter ] have a
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?? ? ?? ? oh, my, mariah! the diva gets caught make out with her backup dancer. the must-see over the top photos. wait, did he just drop her?
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night after the engagement rumorr. >> we've tut each other a lot. >> it's the new interview talking about their relationship for the first time, but where was her huge diamond ring. plus -- ?? ?? >> we are first on the set of the movie britney spears doesn't want you to see. >> get ready. it's arrived. >> the drama, the dance moves and the guy playing justin. >> he has the iconic hairstyles and we affectionately call it the ramen noodle hair. >> and only yoet kwooet yoet yoet is on the scenes of the star-studded christmas party. why jennifer aniston made santa's naughty list. >> maybe that happened once, but that's it. >> yikes. >> now for november 30, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". >> mariah's sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. we have new pictures locking lips in paradise with her sexy younger man. >> they were making moves off stage, but now is this the proof? ?? ??


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