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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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month. the final month of 2016 gets started today. >> kim: anyone enjoying listening to the christmas music as you are driving around town. we've been having fun doing that. hope you are too. we're the wagners on this thursday morning. >> dana: the first tis the season. >> kelly: and tis the season for colder temperatures. we are looking at colder temperatures out there this morning. a lot more clouds today as well. winds will remain light at least for now. 47 at 9:00 a.m. 53 at noon and 55 at 4:00. gusty winds on the way. another wind advisory. we'll talk about when and where coming up. >> kim: we have breaking news to
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northwest, theta comma area. this was the scene after an officer up there was killed in a domestic related standoff. just minutes old the suspect has been shot and killed after a standoff with authorities for some 1 hours. two children rescued from the home where this was taking place. you see the body of the officer as it was medical examiners office. that officer shot several times by a suspect that barricaded himself inside that home for 12 hours on end. police were able to get the adults and children out of the home after the shooting. this is the first officer that died in the line of duty inta comma since 1997. authorities do not believe
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was in the home other than the suspect. two children just ended up being rescued from that home. the suspect has been shot and killed. >> dana: it was build as a four wheel future for las vegas. now our state treasurer telling us faraday may be dead. they received more $300 million in incentives from our state to build their ought motive plant. but our treasurer believes the company is out of money. talks have been put on a permanent hold and he's refusing to sign off on any bonds until far day can prove they have the noun back it up. >> i think he's out of money.
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the government is not financing him. a big question mark how they are going to continue this project. >> dana: we expect to hear from brian sandoval on this issue. faraday didn't respond. they say they are scheduled to unveil their first model at the consumer vegas in january. >> chris: we have a update to a story you heard first here. a local man will make his first court appearance after being accused of killing his son at an apartment complex in town. we're hearing from the neighbors that lived alongside them. that is the dad in question. metro saying that michael shot and killed his adult son and came out and told local officers about this.
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scene they were just patrolling, regular patrol, heard the gunshot, went over to the apartment in question. he comes out and tells them what he had done. neighbors are speaking out saying they used to hear the dad and adult son arguing quite a bit but never thought it would lead to murder. >> i don't know the extent of their relationship but i can't imagine shooting my son. >> you are looking shot on your screen will make his first court appearance today. >> dana: a local group supporting the needs of children with down syndrome surprised after thanksgiving when they found bullet holes in their sign. who would shoot up this sign? down syndrome organization of nevada have made renovations and added that sign recently. the nonprofit host events for
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they don't want to use funds that could help children to repair the sign. they are hoping to get more donations to fix the sign. for information on how to do that head to >> kim: we're focusing on sports and talking about a major sports franchise coming to las vegas. you hear us talking about the oakland raiders relocating here. not everyone wants that to e the san francisco chronicle reporting they have come up with a billion dollars plan to build a new raider stadium in the bay area. they are doing this without the input of the owner of the raiders. clark county commissioner just talked with mark davis recently and says that plans are still moving toward to bring the
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>> our intent is to move to las vegas. you guys came through. he's always been honest and up front and committed they will be in las vegas. >> kim: i want to move everyone to our facebook page. unless you sate on sports night in america on sunday night mike who is an inside expert with anything with the nfl, he says this is just smoke show the city of oakland they tried to keep the raiders. the raiders are coming to las vegas. i pulled out my phone and taped this segment on the television set because i knew he was on insider you could trust. i'll put that segment on our facebook page. >> dana: grab your boots and
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howdy partner. national finals rodeo kicks off today at the thomas and mack center. a 10-day western party. it's the super bowl of rodeo. at this point your best bet to get tickets is to buy a mad dash ticket. it let's you in and you have to dash upstairs to get a ticket. that sounds dangerous. there is a ticket exchange at the cbo michelle will be live at the thomas and mack this morning as the nfr heats up. we are wondering if she can invent smell vision. >> kim: we are focusing on the trump transition. there is donald trump. talk about a city person, he is leaving new york city to go on a
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campaign promise. >> they started talking and being happy that they would be able to maintain their jobs, their homes and take care of their family once again ! carrier workers call it a christmas miracle. 1,000 jobs save not moving to mexico. the company credits president elect trump probusiness policies. >> he' he's figured out how to save 1,000 jobs. >> i hope every c.e.o. in america is getting that signal from the trump administration that we're open for business here in the united states. >> millions in state incentives from indiana governor mike pence who has been in washington paving the way for quick confirmation. >> we're going to work through
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>> the parade of potential nominees continues. critics call it a cabinet full of insiders but so far no word on which of four candidates will be offered secretary of state. >> kim: that could break during this broadcast. we'll let you know. center. it is time to focus on the primetime special from last night. there is the official lighting of the tree in recommend feller center. you see nbc news crew and other celebrities in place. the mayor getting some help from
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this is a 94-foot tall norway spruce. some 50,000 colored lights covering that tree. we'll let it go one more team. and there it is. we'll have more throughout the broadcast this morning. also still to come we have an update on the plane that went down in columbia with the soccer team on board. new information about what happened right before the crash. the big mac has passed away. jeanie most putting her special
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brazilian soccer team was out of fuel moments before crashing. we have heard some of the traffic between the pilot and air traffic controllers. he said that he had a fuel emergency in the air and a total electric failure on board that plane saying he needed to land right away. they were saying back to him how long can you stay thereupon and he said i got to land right now. it did not work out. all but six o board that plane. >> kim: i heard the experts say he should have had 45 minutes worth of fuel but he had like two minutes. beyonce fans get ready for this one. she has such an anisessing voice. we're going to see amazing
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>> kim: unfortunately it was an evening of anopheles north carolina. prosecutors decided not to charge a police officer for shooting and killing keith scott. more than 100 demonstrate tosser protesting near pe they were demanding justice for scott. aside from some of the scuffles you are seeing the protest remained peaceful. police arrested three people in the end. the officer was african-american was found justified in killing scott after police in charlotte say scott pulled a gun and
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it down. >> dana: a florida police officer has come up with a simple gadget that can save other officers lives in our country. 132 police officers died in the line of duty this year alone. this is the stop ambush device. a 360 motion sensor. it's going to help officer see threats coming before they get there. it tracks all the movements within a 25-foot radius eliminating the element of but not widely used in law enforcement vehicles yet. >> kim: the ashes of former cuban lead ericas throw are on their way to havana. that will be his final resting place. they are doing this thing in reverse. the more than 500-mile procession started in havana on wednesday and is tracing in reverse the route castro and his
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the government. we've seen thousands of people standing in line waiting to pay their final respects to the former cuban leader. a different scene than what we saw in our country in the city of miami. >> dana: time to check out the weather forecast. this is an important one today. we're going to have the nascar race cars on the las vegas strip this afternoon. >> kelly: looks like it's going to be dry forha normal. the winds are coming back. i want to show you the time lapse from yesterday. we started out tons of sunshine. more clouds rolling in. mainly high thin clouds later in the day. beautiful colors out there yesterday evening. here is a look at the temperatures heading out the door. north las vegas 36 right now.
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bundle up. tonight the winds kicking up. gusts to 256789 more clouds around will keep temperatures from dropping as low. 41 will be our low temperature. seven-day forecast the winds continue to gust on friday. 53 is it for the high. the winds still blowing early saturday morning. temperatures warming up a little bit for the weekend. the next system rolls in tuesday. highs in the upper 40's. >> dana: tiger woods making his
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hours from now in the bahamas. he's playing the hero challenge. this is a selector that want begins late they are morning. we have not seen him play a competitive round of golf in a year and a half. 465 days since he last played in august of last year. he's had a couple of back surgeries and has not been healthy. expectations are through the roof. he was number one on the planet for almost a now currently ranked 898th in the world. that's a career low. everybody wants to see how tiger woods is going to do later today. >> kim: hopefully it works out today. let's focus on entertainment and beyonce. she has a brand new music video
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it's titled all night. in this you get to see a lot of home video with her and jay-z. you saw her from her we had and blue ivy's first birthday. >> dana: kanye west out of the hospital. the rapper checking himself out of the hospital yesterday. he had been week. police called to his home the day before after reports of a physical altercation. the day before west was admitted to the hospital he cancel it would remainder of his tour. sources say he was being treated for exhaustion and dehydration. he's home with his wife kim and
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>> kim: his sister-in-law is kendall general and she is angel. top models participating. there is the beautiful girl herself. when asked how she felt about this big fashion spectacle she >> i think we've all kind of been exchanging tips and stuff. it's nice in rehearsal to see the girls walk and all the face. >> kim: if you'd like to see them in their wings then tune in on monday nigh. you'll see performances from lady gaga, bruno mars.
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independence anniversary of bar bad dozen. it's the mega concert. it was held in bridgetown, the capital city there. rihanna was welcomed to the stage before the youth choir sang the national anthem. she sang along as she stood with minister. the prince addressed the crowd of some 20,000 people and said he was delighted to be there for this special day. >> i'm honored to be here representing my grandmother the queen as we celebrate the historic milestone of 50 years of independence of this beautiful nation. >> they had some local talent take the stage after rihanna and prince harry exited.
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and adorable young children. prince harry on a 15 day tour where queen elizabeth is still head of state. >> this is the man who created the big mac. passing away at the age of 98. he once said i would never have dreamed my creation would have turned into na. >> the creator of the big mac did not die from a big mac attack. big mac's maker lived to the age of 98. it was nearly 50 years ago he first served a big mac at his mcdonald's franchise near pittsburgh. it was an instant success, went national.
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the original big mac sold for 49 cents. sold worldwide. >> only one out of five millennials have ever tasted a big mac. mcdonalds didn't lower its flag to half staff but did we thank and will forever remember you. fans posted big mac tribute photos. one suggested to honor his legacy, why not return the big mac to it's former size? it's become so small it's pa threating i can. not true says -- pathetic. not true says mcdonalds. it's the same size.
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jumbled the jingle. >> dana: you know what they call
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>> kim: coming up we gwynn with breaking news. not only has another police officer been shot and killed here in america but within the past 30 minutes the suspect has also been killed. what investigators are saying from just moments ago is headed
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future in las vegas after all. our state pressure says the deal might be dead. we'll tell you why just ahead. >> kim: identity theft. where nevada ranks in a brand new study and will have you double checking how safe your personal information really s. the full report headed your way. >> dana: we begin with breaking news. a dea officer in washington state led to an overnight standoff and we have just learned that the suspect has been shot and killed by police. it started when police were responding to a domestic violence call in washington when shots rang out. ta coma 30 miles south of seattle. we understand a woman and her two children were able to escape


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