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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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future in las vegas after all. our state pressure says the deal might be dead. we'll tell you why just ahead. >> kim: identity theft. where nevada ranks in a brand new study and will have you double checking how safe your personal information really s. the full report headed your way. >> dana: we begin with breaking news. a dea officer in washington state led to an overnight standoff and we have just learned that the suspect has been shot and killed by police. it started when police were responding to a domestic violence call in washington when shots rang out. ta coma 30 miles south of seattle. we understand a woman and her two children were able to escape
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video of a lot of people who went to the hospital standing and saluting the officer who was the fallen officer this morning. when we started the broadcast we had just gotten word that is suspect after a 12 hour standoff was found dead. that is tough news to start off the broadcast. i promise you we will lighten it up throughout t we have a lot of things on tap including a big fan fest for people who love nascar on the las vegas strip. >> dana: nascar is in town. and the rebels in action last night. we're going to check in on the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds to get this day started. temperatures are chilly now. we're in the 30's once again but
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lunchtime 53. strong winds on the way. >> tom: we'll be keeping an eye on the winds. we'll be heading out at 3:00 to check out the nascar action on the strip. at the airport connector we're seeing restrictions having to do with the work on the flyover. right now it looks fine. all travel times running in the green. no delays on the freeway as we >> kim: if you are a regular viewer of the broadcast then you saw me talking with jane king live from the floor of the nasdaq yesterday morning ant faraday future you shall its future in trouble in southern nevada. craig is all over this developing story. new this morning we're hearing from the state treasurer here in nevada about what is going to happen with that major project. >> reporter: we are and it is not necessarily good news for
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the mayor of north las vegas made a trip to faraday future southern california headquarters. governor sandoval told me shortly after that visit he saw secret proto types and was confident about faraday's future. then there was a temporary adjustment so they could focus on the state treasurer says there is no future for faraday. >> i think he's out of money. could he get some more money? my sources in beijing tell me that the chinese government isn't financing him so a big question mark as to where and how they are going to continue this project.
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the people of this state to tell us the truth what is going on here. >> what is behind faraday future? the company is owned by one of china's richest people. they recently purchased vizio. this morning we expect a statement from brian sandoval and what they have t this. >> dana: neighbors talk about how a man shot his son at a local apartment complex. that's the story according to metro. that man shot and killed his 20-year-old son. when police arrived he stepped out, told them he had shot his own son. neighbors say they heard the father and son arguing a lot but can't understand how that could
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>> i don't know the extent of their relationship. i can't imagine shooting my son. >> he will make his first court appearance just hours from now in downtown las vegas. stay with news 3 and your cw news for more updates. >> kim: a former middle school teacher is going to spend at least two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to having sex with with a the victim's mom saying her son has been crying nonstop in her arms because he's so embarrassed about that relationship. it started in june of last year. the mom saying she betrayed their trust and the trust of the community. >> some of my sons concerns is he doesn't want to us think he's disgusting, will people blame
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hated. this was not his fault. >> she was handcuffed immediately after the sentencing hearing and you see it happening on your screen. she's going to serve a minimum of two and a half years in prison. once she's released she'll be required to register as a sex oh funder. >> down syndrome organization of southern nevada recently. after thanksgiving they notice damage had been done there. the nonprofit host events for people of all ages with down syndrome and they don't want to use the funds they use for the kids and adults with down syndrome to help rebuild the sign. >> everything was donated. we got donations for this. none of the things we did here to improve this property came
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benefit our children. >> dana: they are trying to raise more money to fix that sign. if you can help them out go to we'll have a link there for you. >> kim: the wild, wild west is invading las vegas. it's national finals rodeo time. it takes place there at that location at the thomas and mack center. it is a 10-day western party that is pretty much the super bowl of the rodeo. hard to get if have you one then you probably have a lot of people trying to buddy up to you. at this point your best bet to buy a mad dash ticket will let you in. have you to dash to find a seat upstairs. they mean what they say when they put it in the title. a ticket exchange at the cowboy christmas venue at the convention center. we're just getting started with
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wondering if she's going to have a flannel shirt on, cowboy hat or boots. we're going to know soon enough when we check in with michelle live. as you head out to the events, we want to you snap a picture and post it to social media. # it news 3nfr. we will be able to see them on our tag board and you might see your picture o >> dana: the push continues in oakland to try to keep the raiders there and out of las vegas. san francisco chronicle reporting that the mayor of the city of oakland and a group of investors have come up with a billion dollars plan to build a new raiders stadium in the bay area. however raiders owner mark davis is not involved in the process at all. he said in the past the city of
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lately on this entire thing. we talked to clark county commissioner who talked to mark davis and davis said he's still committed to come to las vegas. >> he said we're coming to las vegas. that was our intent in the beginning you guys came through. i said mark you got to be honest. he's always been honest and up front and committed to me they are moving to las vegas. >> dana: we heard from mike over football in america saying that he understands there is enough support among nfl owners to move the team to las vegas. they need 24 of the 32 to vote in the affirmative and they have the votes to make that happen. >> kim: you can see mike in his own words. i posted it on our kim and dana wagner facebook page.
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las vegas sign. if you focus on it you can see it's a little bit different color as far as the light. it's all red because it has changed for world aids day. it's the 39th year they've marked a day like this. it's trying to raise awareness for people with hi and aids all over the globe. we have community events involved too. go to because i know they a here in town today as a result of it being world aids day. still to come, we have brand new information about the plane that went down with that elite brazilian soccer team on board. wait until you hear what the pilot told air traffic control right before the plane went down. still to come, two escaped inmates in california behind bars after police were able to
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we have conclusion to this story. it turns out starbucks gives free refills on certain drinks. did you know about this?
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>> dennis: the death toll continues to rise in tennessee where wildfires have ravaged two popular resort towns there. 7 people have perished there. three new deaths reported during an afternoon news conference yesterday. the identities have not been indication of family. more than 400 structures damaged or destroyed. they are working rapidly to get into burned out areas. severe storms continue to ham ter southeast united states. the system that spawned tornadoes in alabama and tennessee moved east.
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that turned into tornadoes in destine florida. >> kim: is two inmates who escaped from california are now back in custody this morning after a week long manhunt. police found one of them tuesday of this week hiding in his sister's attic. he was arrested without any incident. thanksgiving morning. the two and some inmates drilled through the bars of their jail cell window and repelled down the side of their building using bed sheets. they are back behind bars. >> dana: thousands of soccer fans filled soccer stadiums to honor players killed in that tragic plane crash that virtually wiped out an entire brazilian soccer team.
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traffic between the pilot and air traffic controllers and now they believe they ran out of fuel and also had an electrical failure that brought down that plane. only six people survived of the 77. >> kim: we do traffic and weather together for your seen every 10 minutes. here is our traffic guy. >> tom: you mentioned this a moment ago cowboy christmas is starting up today at the convention center. it's every day through the 10th. starts at 5:00 in the evening. right now everything quiet there. we expect more foot traffic and vehicles there later on today. travel times all running in the green. great start to your thursday morning. >> kelly: in honor of all those cowboy festivities i made sure to wear my cowboy boots today. clouds rolling in and as the sun
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there. if you took pictures, i want to see them. you are going to want a warm coat, hat, gloves. downtown 35. anthem 34. nellis 35. temperatures will rise once the sun comes up and a mix of sun and clouds across the area today. we'll see partly sunny skies this morning which will lead get the cameras ready. winds nice and light. not an issue for us today. tonight the winds will pick up out of the north 10-20 gusting to 25. little warmer because the clouds. 41 for the low. our seven-day forecast showing a high tomorrow of only 53. winds gusting to 35. still breezy early on saturday. sunday actually seasonal. that's the best day all week.
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temperatures down in the upper 40's and low 50's. >> kim: let's take you live to the floor of the nasdaq where jane king is standing by. this is not a great thing to start off with but you are the person with the information. sounds like our great state in nevada has one of the worst rankings when it comes to identity theft. >> it does. and you got to know about this. because those real life grinches are out there look our identity especially when we're so busy slinging that credit card around over the holidays. nevada the fifth worst in the nation for i.d. theft. keep the passwords long and strong will help. >> kim: we're going to lighten it up with this one. it sounds like a lot of us have been missing out on free
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>> never too late. this unofficial starbucks blog says there are free refills at starbucks and quote the policy handbook. it is limited to cold bruce. you must use your registered starbucks card or mobile app to purchase any handcrafted beverage and present that same for a second drink. refills limited to instore purchases only. >> if you want to refill your starbucks sounds like netflix has a solution if you are low on data or don't have wifi at all. >> going to change airplane travel forever. netflix will allow users to download shows so they can watch them when they are not online. it will feature a button on the details page. >> kim: dana got to you sing on the broadcast yesterday morning.
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anything like that this morning but you were loaded with great information so for that we thank you my friend and we'll see you tomorrow. >> dana: you should have gotten jane to dance. i could have gotten her to do that. this is making history. they are calling it america's first modern tall timber structure. it is a 7 story office building constructed using multiple layers of wood. now the whole thing isn't w the foundation still concrete. first floor still made of steel. this is designed to resemble the warehouses around the area. it offers more than 200,000
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at the thomas and mack. you can expect a lot of extra traffic in this area starting this evening. the performance starts at 6:45. travel times right now all running in the green. freeways look great. road. let's see how the weather is. >> kelly: bundle up. temperatures still in the 30's. above freezing in the las vegas valley. pahrump 32-degrees. primm showing 26 for the current temperature. winds are light right now. that will not be the case tonight. temperatures rise into the mid and upper 50's so close to
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forecast in 10 minutes. >> dana: hours ago on this very channel they lit up the rockefeller christmas tree. >> kim: big time celebrities helped out with it. that is snl as we look at the tree this morning. hours ago it was the mayor getting help from snl cast members lighting tall norway spruce. some 50,000 colored lights covering that tree. the switch was flipped in front of thousands and millions at home. this year's tree is going to
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january 7. it was put up by construction workers in 1931. the first official tree lighting like we just saw last night took place all the way back in 1933. i don't think it was on a primetime special like it was last night. >> dana: christmas in new york city, nothing like it. how would you like to take a trip on the titanic? they are building one and going to call it t we'll tell you when it will be ready to set sail. >> kim: michelle is rodeoing up. the n fr is in town.
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shot and killed. the suspect also dead this morning. we're going to tell you where it happened and what investigators are saying about it. >> kim: 10 day party. it is happening in our fine city. the rodeo here in las vegas. michelle's live report headed your way in minutes. >> dana: fighting breast care. new evidence it's tough tore fight breast cancer in southern
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behind the scenes of a bunch of angels. there is one. the victoria secret top models getting us ready for that televised event. we have a sneak peek headed your way this morning. we begin with breaking news. we're following that situatio seattle where a deadly shooting of a police officer ended. it was a 12-hour standoff ended with the suspect shot and killed. within the mix two children were rescued successfully from the home where the standoff was taking place. >> dana: this started as a domestic violence call. when police officers arrived on the scene shots rang out. the officer rushed to the
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they are honoring him as we speak. >> kim: very touching video coming in where citizens stood at attention because of this fallen officer. it reminded me of j.f.k. and the vintage video we've seen. heartbreaking. >> dana: we do traffic and program. >> tom: an accident at desert inn to the far east side of the valley. that's the only accident causing problems. we're looking at a very smooth commute. travel times up to speed on the freeway. good start except the one accident on the valley's east
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56 by 3:00. >> dana: nfr begins today. take you live to the thomas and mack center. i win. it was a bet whether you wore the cowboy hat or not and you did. so kim pay up. >> michelle: i have covered nfr every time for the last a hat kim. you should have known better. the only time of year i do wear a cowboy hat. so much fun. we are out here with the competition animals. that bull has been staring us down for the last 10 minutes. he's going to be out in the ring. that's a bull riding bull and the horse behind him is a bearback horse. they are getting ready for the
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this is a 10 day party here for those of you not familiar with nfr. this is like the super bowl rodeo. this is dubbed as the richest most prestigious rodeo in the world. this is the 32ened year we've hosted this big rodeo here in las vegas. we have extended that contract through 2024. just to give you an idea of how big this is, nfr has sold out 300 the top 15 contestants in 7 events competing over the next 10 days for share of a $10 million purse. not only is this one of the biggest and most fun events that we hold in las vegas, but this is a huge boost to our local economy especially for unlv. we're hanging out with the animals. the tickets i think are sold out. but there is still a way to get tickets. coming up i'm going to tell you
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hats around town. >> kim: you are so stinking cute. i love how you look. you are a beautiful woman anyway but you look adorable and i look forward to hearing that information about getting tickets in the next half hour. thank you for that. we have an update to her story from yesterday morning on the program. just a day after we were talking about cesar's entertainment announcing that paid parking program. another big resort saying it's people pay up to park. win and encore announcing its going to charge for valet at some point next month. self-parking will remain free of charge at the win and encore. the las vegas sames corporation are going on record this morning saying they have no plans to start charging for parking and the cosmopolitan saying they are evaluating the whole pay parking
5:35 am
changes to share with us at this time but stay tuned. >> dana: it was built as a four feature future of las vegas. the faraday future deal may be dead. faraday, an electric car company that received more than $300 million in incentives from nevada to build that plant in north las vegas, you might remember the ground breaking in april. we noticed two weeks ago that work had our state treasurer believes the company is out of money. right now he is refusing to sign off on any bonds until faraday and its ownership can prove they have the noun back it up. >> kim: craig is covering that story we'll check in with him
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workers are moving in furniture items and this opening follows that one, ikea on the southwest section of town. commercial real estate experts say when it comes to this furniture boom we're seeing it's the result of more homes being built and more people buying. >> we have all these master plans back under development. end users buying houses demand for furniture. >> that location you are looking at living spaces used to be the great indoors. living spaces is right now accepting applications. they are all set to hold a v.i.p. preview of the opening next wednesday followed by the public opening on friday. >> dana: while nevada sees fewer cases of breast cancer than many
5:37 am
unlv shows a discouraging trend for breast cancer survival rates here. researchers found that local patients 16% less likely to survive breast cancer than our counterparts in northern nevada. they contribute it to late detection of the disease. mitchell fighting her second battle against breast we are fighting for our lives. you have to do that and you will win and you will survive. >> dana: they hope that women will get the mammograms they need prior to having symptoms. early detection a key in successful treatment in breast cancer. >> kim: still to come, tiger woods is in the news this morning because of golf.
5:38 am
have it coming up. >> dana: if you could would you take a ride on titanic. it turns out you are going to be
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>> kim: they called at this time ship of dreams and now work is
5:41 am
it's $165 million project. once it's finished the ship is going to give visitors a complete titanic experience. it will have assimilation of the iceberg collision and the sinking. this should be finished by the end of 2017. >> toni-marie: you got to goat china to -- >> tom: you got to g to see it. day one, performance time 6:45 to 9:00. looks good on the roadways to zo let's check weather kelly. >> kelly: it is chilly to get things going. temperatures in the 30's. as we head throughout the rest of the day, the kids getting dropped off it's cold. 43 on the way home throw 56.
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>> dana: prince harry and rihanna spotted together in the caribbean. are these two a couple? we have answers ahead. >> kim: i may be able to top that. beyonce has released a new music video and we have ? ? (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation, only at a sleepnumber store.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> krystal: breaking news out of baltimore maryland two people killed. another four injured after a shooting in baltimore, maryland.
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crowd of people standing outside of a convenience store restaurant and just started shooting. police say that a man walked around the corner shooting on six people. two people dying. one on the scene and one at the hospital passing away. the man is still on the loose. they believe this may have been in retaliation after a shooting in the area over the weekend. the search for that suspect continues at this very hour and we will bring you more available. >> kim: prince harry and rihanna together not like you think. they were there to kick off a concert celebrating the indians pendens. it's the golden anniversary mega concert that got these two together held in the capitol
5:46 am
the pop star stood there with prince harry and the prime minister. the prince addressing the crowd of 20,000 people saying he was delighted to be there for the nation's very special day. >> president elect donald trump and mike pence will travel to indiana and ohio. donald trump will make announcement today in indianapolis at the carrier plant. he has promised to they were going to move that plant to mexico but they came to an agreement. hopefully we'll find out the details of that agreement as the carrier plant keeping 1,000 jobs in that state. >> kim: also happening today tiger woods makes his comeback. he's spent the last coupling of days getting his game in shape. it's a select tournament that
5:47 am
august of 2015. he's had two back operations since then. he says he's feeling good. he had to pull out of a tournament in napa a few weeks ago, his back was not ready. he says it's ready now. these days he is ranked 898. it is a career low. >> dana: runnin are rebels hit the road for the first time under marvin going all the way to southern you remember todd simon? now he is coach of the thunderbirds. big bucket for unlv and beat the thunderbirds 89-81. next game this weekend against asu. nascar champions week under way here in las vegas.
5:48 am
appearance at a local school yesterday. he was at doral academy. packed house inside the gym. 7 cup wins tying him with racing legends richard petty anddale earnhardt senior. today you can catch the sprint victimly happen. they are going to shut down parts of las vegas boulevard this afternoon. you can chase are on stage answering questions, interacting with fans and giving away prizes. friday they are going to have the nascar awards. >> kim: very cool stuff. we have nfr in town and nascar in town all at the same time. >> tom: that victory lap, we'll be above it live at 3:00. we're looking at an accident. we'll get to that in a moment.
5:49 am
mack starting at 6:45 until 9:00 so watch out for traffic right before and after that. traffic getting slicker on the i15. look outside on the strip, shows everything is great for the cowboys sleeping in getting ready for day >> kelly: clouds started to roll in as we got later on in the afternoon. we're going to see that same mix throughout day today along with chilly temperatures to start. henderson areason you are 37. at least a couple degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. winds today going to be light and not an issue for us. the next system is on its way.
5:50 am
what about the high temperatures today? still a little below norm. boulder city 54. pahrump 56. tonight we'll see the clouds and winds temperatures staying a little bit warmer. me sweet 37. primm 31 will be your low. gusty winds continuing tonight and tomorrow, even into early saturday morning. friday's high coole 5 weekend. at least seasonal for sunday and another storm system comes next week that will knock highs into the 40's. >> kim: los angeles dubbed the city of angels. a lot of the angels that call las vegas home getting ready for the victoria secret fashion show
5:51 am
cbs. people wondering who is going to get to dawn the actual wings. all of these angels are probably going to get in the mix here. there is kendall general and her friend gigi. the angels strutting their stuff at the grand and they are going to be joined by lady gaga, bruno mars. that whole show again televised on >> dennis: dolly parton giving away her money to people who really need it. >> kim: football on nbc is headed your way hours from now. we have a preview of what to
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>> dana: dolly parton giving away her money to all the people that need it. >> we want to help all the families that lost everything in the fire. did foundation will $1,000 a month to the families that lost everything in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> her hometown is gatlinburg tennessee and much of it wiped out. dollywood is located in nearby pigeon forge which has been devastated by the wildfires. kanye west checked out yesterday. he had been there under observation for the better part of a week.
5:56 am
exhaustion and dehydration. he had bizarre moments on tour lately ranting on stage. he's cancel it would remainder of his tour back home with kim kardashian and their two children. the dallas cowboys trying to win their 11th straight contest take on the minnesota vikings on the road tonight. kickoff just after 5:00 here on channel 3. on the road. >> tony romo healthy but won't be a starter because of dak prescott. >> dana: he's got to hot hand so why not ride that. >> kim: michelle is all cowboyed up this morning. she's at the thomas and mack center giving us a preview of national finals rodeo. she has something new this morning fur not a ticket holder
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5:59 am
>> kim: a suspect in a deadly police shooting has been killed ending a 12-hour standoff. >> dana: saddle up. the national finals rodeo invades las vegas starting
6:00 am
location. tickets hard to come by but she has ideas on how you may be able to score some coming up. >> i think the governor owes it to the people of this state to tell us what is going on here. >> kim: we told you about faraday future, its future being in jeopardy. now you are hearing from a state lawmaker who is going on the record. you just heard a little bit of i >> kim: blacking news this morning at 6:00. it has to do with the deadly shooting of a police officer in washington state. look at all the people who came out to salute this fallen officer as his body was being transported from one place to the next. we learned at the beginning of this broadcast officials confirming that the suspect


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