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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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location. tickets hard to come by but she has ideas on how you may be able to score some coming up. >> i think the governor owes it to the people of this state to tell us what is going on here. >> kim: we told you about faraday future, its future being in jeopardy. now you are hearing from a state lawmaker who is going on the record. you just heard a little bit of i >> kim: blacking news this morning at 6:00. it has to do with the deadly shooting of a police officer in washington state. look at all the people who came out to salute this fallen officer as his body was being transported from one place to the next. we learned at the beginning of this broadcast officials confirming that the suspect
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from a home ended up being shot and killed this morning. it started when police in the washington, d.c. state area responded to a domestic violence call in a neighborhood. the officer was shot, rushed to the hospital for surgery and later died. the suspect has also been shot and killed. the homeowner and her two children alive. they were escorted out of that this 12 hour long standoff. >> dana: happening way too often in our country. more than 130 police officers have been killed in our country this year alone. >> kim: it's heartbreaking. here they are pledging to serve all of us the public. if you see a police officer in uniform much like our american military, thank them for their service. >> dana: welcome in on this
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kelly curran who is all over the developing forecast. been chilly out there. speaking of developing, that's the morning commute and jeff has travel times. but let's first expect in with tom who is high above in the sky 3 this morning. have you something going on. >> tom: we have trouble over here. we mentioned this earlier. now you see this s.u.v. went off the road up on the sidewalk, nosed into the wall there. me care of business. this does not get a lot of traffic. let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: thank you. just surface street accidents so far on this thursday. another one to add to the list at stephanie and tropicana but doesn't seem to be impacting traffic on the highway. 15 southbound is running slowly today 10 minutes from downtown to 215. other freeways are clear. traffic and weather every 10
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the 30's in many locations in the las vegas valley though not below freezing, at least not in las vegas. here is the rest of the day. mix of sun and clouds. pretty sunrise this morning. 53 by lunchtime. 55 at 4:00. as soon as that sun goes down, the winds will are going to pick up. >> that faraday future plant up in las vegas broke ground in april. we noticed two weeksing that maybe we know why. let's go live to craig. i know you've been covering this story since late last summer. we have a state lawmaker here, our treasurer who says he knows why they have stopped work on that site.
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trouble. the contractor that is building the factory stopped construction work. it was described as a temporary adjustment so faraday could focus on its proto type for the up coming show. nevada tax incentives after they finish the factory and hire workers. >> i think he's out of money. could he get some more money? my sources in beijing tell me that the chinese government isn't financing him. it's a big question mark as to where and how they are going to continue this project. i think the governor owes it to
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>> when state treasurer talks about that person he he's referring to one of china's wealthiest individuals that backs faraday and also wacks vizio. they have never built an lek i can vehicle. >> kim: not often have you an expected official calling out
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a dad ran out telling officers he shot his son. they were on program there. he told them he had just shot his son. neighbors are talking about this saying they would hear the dad and adult son arguing a lot but never thought it would lead to murder. >> he casually mentioned his son in passing. i don't know the extent of their relationship. i can't imagine shooting my son. >> you are looking at his mugshot on your screen is court appearance this morning. you'll see an undated report at noon. >> dana: a former local , jr. high school teacher will spend at least two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to having sex with a 1-year-old student. nicole in court for the sentencing yesterday. the victim's mother says her young son has cried nonstop in her arms because he feels embarrassed about the
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started early in 2015. teens mother telling the judge she betrayed their trust and the trust of the community. >> some of my sons concerns are he doesn't want to us think he's disgusting, will people blame him, will he be rejected or hated. no he's not disgusting. it was not his fault. >> you can see she was crying as she was led out of the courtroom she's going to serve a minimum of two and a half years in prison. once she's released she's going to be required to register as a sex offender. >> kim: a group supporting the needs of children with down syndrome shocked right after thanksgiving they found out this news. bullet holes in their sign. it's the down syndrome organization of southern nevada. they made renovation and added to that sign. but they've done so because of generous donations in our
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leaders of the nonprofit host events for people of all ages. they don't want to use the funds they've been able to get from generous viewers like you that directly help the kids to repair the damage you just saw. >> none of the things we did here to improve this property came out of funds that directly benefit our children. >> organizers say it could take thousands of dollars to repair this. they hope to get it done by collecting money specifically for this incident and the needs of kids in our community. if you'd like to help out, we have information at >> dana: happening today grab your boots, dust off that cowboy hat, it is rodeo time in las vegas. the national finals rodeo kicking off this evening. day one of 10 at the thomas and mack center. this is the super bowl of rodeo. the top 12 money earners in each event competing here for a lot
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they have mad dash tickets available. mad dash tickets let you into the arena and then have you to dash to find a seat upstairs. >> kim: sounds dangerous. >> dana: is that legal? i guess so. michelle live at the thomas and mack this morning as they get set up. we're going to find out if she
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>> kim: a breaking news story we've been following.
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after this man just started shooting into a crowd of people outside of a gas station. we've learned that it was a man and a woman who were killed and they were likely targeted. four others injured. one of those four in critical condition fighting for his or her life. investigators don't have a good description of this alleged shooter but they think this might have been a retaliation shooting after another deadly shooting over the >> dana: unfortunately the death toll continues to rise in the great smoky mountains national park in tennessee where wildfires have ravaged two popular resort towns there. officials confirming a total of 7 people have been killed. three new deaths reported during an afternoon news conference. the identities not yet released until they can notify their family members. as you can see the devastation left behind.
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been destroyed or damaged. fire officials are working rapidly to get into burned out areas that are obstructed by downed trees and power lines. >> there is one resort that has 100 buildings on property, they think that every single building has been wiped out because of this massive fire. thousands of soccer fans filling stadiums yesterday to honor those players who were ked that plane crashing on monday just outside of the city. fans showing up paying tribute. a recording from air traffic control from the tower showing that the pilot had declared a
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immediate permission to land because of total electric failure and lack of fuel. two minutes later the plane went down. he was waived off saying he couldn't land because he had another plane below him. only six people on board that flight survived through three from that soccer team in brazil. >> protests in charlotte north carolina after prosecutors officer for the shooting death of keith scott. more than 100 people taking to the streets near police headquarters chanting antipolice slogans. they were in each other's faces as you can see. minor scuffles broke out. three people were arrested in the end here but they had no major confrontations. the september shooting of scoot sparked two nights of violent protest in september.
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that an african-american police officer was justified in shooting scoot saying that scott had a gun on him. it was cooked and loaded at the time. they told him at least 10 times to put the gun down and he refused so they opened fire. >> kim: the two escaped inmates out of california are back behind bars after a week long manhunt. >> dana: you've had stuff to report on early on this thursday. >> tom: we've had a few problems
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this is on the access road from 215 eastbound to i saturday deferentially north. people use it for an exit to get to tropicana. this is as you go underneath russell road creating a bit of a hiccup. and you have this accident on desert inn where that s.u.v. went off the road up on to the sidewalk. nose into the wall so police on the scene there as well. let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: not a lot of action on the freeways, even that incide not impacting traffic on russell. that looks ok. 15 southbound is clear between the bowl and tropicana. 95 westbound is in the green. you can join the waze team. download it from the app store or google play and give us
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the sun doesn't come up for a few minutes but already seeing beautiful colors out there. i think we're going to have a fantastic sunrise. have hat and mittens on. right now we're seeing spring
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than today. 53 with gusty winds. the winds will diminish on saturday. sunday pleasant but next week it's going to get cold with highs in the 40's. >> kim: kelly has her holiday red dress on this morning. so did many as they gathered to watch the rockefeller tree ligh up. we have what it looked like when they flipped the switch. famous faces in there with the
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norway spruce. it came from up state new york. workers spent weeks on end stringing more than 50,000 lights on that sucker. the first tree was put up by construction workers in 1931. the first time they had an event like this was in 1933. we're just getting started with the holiday season. tonight the president and first lady will light the national christmas tree near the white house. will do it within the obama presidency. it will be the 94th pageant of peace ceremony. that started in 1923 under president calvin coolage. >> it is thursday night football. it is the vikings hosting the dallas cowboys tonight. sunday right here on channel 3 the panthers at the seahawks. celebrities are taking the cowboys tonight except for randy
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he's a vikings fan. sunday all our accept tis taking the >> kim: it's a little bit different than it normally is. they have it in red to honor world aids day. head because they have hiv testing you can get done free of charge is at a company hoping to take you back in time on the titanic.
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they are really trying to do this. we're going to take you to the scene at least with more of the animation and the story to go with it. >> dana: if you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, you are better off living in
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>> tom: allow yourself extra time. you are going to want to crank the heat in that car. pahru 2 city 38. we will see temperatures rise into the 50's but the wind is about to return. we'll talk about when and how strong coming up. >> kim: i'm the king of the world. look at this thing. >> dana: it's a life size replica of the titanic. i don't think they are going to set sail but it's being guilt china. part of the new resort but they are going to allow people to get
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be like to be on the titanic. they are going to have that ballroom and they are going to recreate the night that the titanic hit the iceberg in the north atlantic hours before it sank. >> kim: we have a great local exhibit where you can get a real feel of what it was like to be on the titanic here in las vegas. we take you to the lobby of trump tower where this morning president elect donald trump is thank you tour. he'll end up in cincinnati and what he's talking about on that tour we'll talk about live with tracy potts in about 15 minutes from now. >> dana: we're expecting to find out who the secretary of state will be. it could happen today. this is the scene on the las vegas strip today. nascar on the las vegas strip like they have been in years
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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>> kim: a standoff ended and we'll tell you how. >> dana: the super bowl of rodeo is here in las vegas. live pictures coming this morning and michelle is just off camera. she has ideas this morning on how to get tickets to nfr coming up. the future of faraday future looking dim this morning there. is an elected official calling out the governor of this state. what he's saying headed your way. >> dana: the victoria secret model getting ready for their fashion show. we take you behind the scenes
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from sky 3. we have turned the page to a new month. >> kim: we're so fortunate to have a helicopter bringing you those images. it will be dramatically different in the afternoon when they have that is cars burning it up there on the las vegas strip. tom will have details on that. we're the wagners here. speaking of tom, did i hear you right earlier this morning you said on our 3:00 p.m. newscast you are going to have that big nascar? >> right, we are going to be up there live at the top of news 3 live at 3:00 and show you what is going on with the nascar burnout. we're showing you a problem on the road where this s.u.v. put its nose into the wall. that is on the far east end of desert inn. the tow truck now on scene clearing that up. the bigger mess is on the 95 or 515 inbound from henderson areason.
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traffic is squeezing by but allow extra time coming in from the far southeast valley. team traffic continues with jeff. >> jeff: in addition to that freeway accident we have one at russell. both directions are in the green. not seeing a lot in the form of delays. 11 minutes southbound a bit more northbound. the other freeways are clear for the moment. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> k: the door blast the heat, grab the hats and mittens. temperatures are in the 30's in the las vegas valley. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures rising into the mid 50's by 3:00. that's our high for the day today. the winds of change are about to blow back into the picture. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> dana: breaking news out of washington. a police officer has been shot and killed in that community. we learned just about two and a half hours ago that the suspect
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this started as a domestic violence call when shots rang out. the officer rushed to the hospital for surgery and later died. then it led to about a 12 hour standoff before the suspect himself was shot and killed. we understand a woman living in the home and her two children were able to make it out safely. >> kim: this coming to a dramatic conclusion about two hours ago. happening today the national finals rodeo in town and there she is joining us live this morning. you were having fun with this but you have important information for how people can get last minute tickets if they dare. >> if they dare. i'm going to get to that in a moment. i'm going to show you what it looks like. we're on the campus of unlv. this is normally the sports field. every year it is transformed for 10 days to the holding pen for
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it's been fun. i've made friends with some of these animals. this is my favorite. he is the sweetest horse. he is a big horse. he's here from colorado. for those of you not familiar with how important nfv to our community. this is the 32nd year it's been here. the richest most prestigious rodeo in the world. we've extended that contract through 2024 which is awesome. there are 7 12 money winners compete for a $12 million purse. this is been sold out 300 consecutive times to give you. this is a big deal here in las vegas. we spoke to nfr general manager shaun smith who brought it to las vegas back in 1985 and talks about why las vegas is so important to the rodeo.
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the people all the time they are here. there is nowhere better than las vegas to entertain. they want to come see the rodeo but they have all the background and they never run out of entertainment no matter how many times they come. >> michelle: 300 consecutive sellouts. that includes this year. if you want to get tickets you might be able to do so if you go to the which starts today and is a big event held at convention center. you might get lucky and might be able to get tickets. but only a few available. this thing is sold out. that shows you why we need the rodeo here in las vegas. >> dana: people get their tickets a year in advance. we see you have the cowboy hat on. kim swears have you tennis shoes on. do have you tennis shoes on?
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>> thank you for that. it was built as a four wheel future for las vegas. now our state treasurer is telling us the faraday future deal may be dead. they've received more than $300,000,000.234 incentives from our state to build that plant in north las vegas. they broke ground in april but work month. our state treasurer believes that the company is out of money. he is refusing to sign off on my bonds until faraday and its ownership have the money to back it up. faraday didn't respond to our request for an interview however they did post to facebook they are still scheduled to unveil their first model in las vegas next month. >> kim: craig has more in a
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situation here. let's start with the good. nevada sees fewer cases of breast cancer than most of the other states in our great nation. however there is a new study that shows a discouraging trend for breast cancer survivors here in southern nevada. local patients were 16% less likely to survive breast cancer when you take a look at the group that is up in northern nevada. this is the northern nev deal. the researchers attribute the low survival rate locally to late detection of the disease. >> when people talk about the fight, to me having been in the fight once and in the middle of the fight now it's so important to know that's where we are, we are fighting for our lives and you have to do that. you will win and you will survive. >> the folks at unlv are hoping that the new medical school will help alleviate the doctor
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screening to save more lives. we have more information at still to come runnin rebels on the road last night. first road game of the year playing against a former coach. how did they do? we have the highlights headed your way.
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kite it is a little bit chilly as you are heading out the door. some locations hanging in the 30's in morning. we'll be warming up pretty quickly. winds calm right now. that will not be the case once the sun goes down. let's enjoy today while we can. 56 around the time kids get out of school today.
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in 10 minutes. >> dana: beyonce has released new music and in it new videos as well. stuff you have never seen before. behind the scenes stuff. we're going to show it to you
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>> from the breaking news desk and this time news from the south pole that buzz had to be evacuated after becoming sick. here is his twitter page posting pictures saying that he was excited to be there. he said south pole here i come. the 86-year-old was part the company that evacuated him saying his condition had deteriorated and was being evacuated as a precaution accompanied by a member of his team. in case you need a history lesson. he was part of the first mission to the moon apollo 11. we wish him all the best.
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july 20, 1969. faraday future may not have a future. craig is our electric car expert joining us live in front of city hall. we saw problems for faraday future in their plant up in north las vegas when they stopped construction last month. now our state treasurer says he knows why. >> and that construction was halted in the very early part of november. faradayur needed time to focus on the consumer electronic show. now the treasurer says that he has learned that faraday future is out of money and that the project in his opinion doesn't have a future. he says it's over for faraday future. the company is owned by a very wealthy chinese businessman. they've never been in the electric car business so many people have speculated their
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plausible due to the fact they didn't have experience in this business. they expected in some reports to be cranking out cars to revolutionize the electric car business by may of 2018. we expect later today a statement by governor sandoval's office what they believe the future might be for faraday future. >> kim: thank you for that. president elect donald trump is taking a break from doing interviews in new york tour to the midwest. he's already getting praise. >> he's not even president yet and he's figured out how to save 1,000 jobs. >> i'm hoping every c.e.o. in america is getting that beacon signal from the trump administration we're open for business here in the united states. >> tracy potts joins us live to talk it it out. you heard from people who are saying already he's saving jobs
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positions with carrier in the state of indians. you are well aware his vice president hails from that state. do we know this morning the terms of that deal to save the job? >> no we don't. we do know and the company said the state offered incentives for them to stay. millions of dollars in tax breaks. we'll find out the details maybe this afternoon as they lay out exactly how thise to get carrier to hold on to the thousand jobs in that plant in indiana and perhaps in other areas as well. places like connecticut with their headquarters is they were concerned about backlash if carrier did not keep the jobs in indiana. the jobs stay for now. president trump making a victory lap in indiana to talk about his administration was on the phone, in meetings with the folks at
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then we have the actually victory tour which starts the thank you tour some have called it. that is going to be starting tonight in ohio. they want to go through states that president elect trump won, some of the blue states that he turned red like michigan and wisconsin and florida and pennsylvania to thank his supporters. they have a kickoff rally happening tonight in cincinnati. mitt romney. we'll see if he can make nice with john kasich. be interesting to see if he's in attendance for that rally. >> i hope have you time to go watch the lighting of the christmas tree tonight. if you do, i want to hear about it tomorrow. >> dana: tracy will be asleep. she gets up early. beyonce releasing a new music video.
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people are going crazy over this because she shows a lot of home videos. i've seen part of this. in one part looks like they are tattooing the letters iv on their daughter. you see the iv there. it's cute. shots from their wedding as well. >> very cool. at 6:50, we have prince harry and rihanna hanging out. no rumors orth it was a planned event. they have a huge anniversary. they are celebrating 50 years of independence. it's the golden independence concert that got these two together on the same stage. rihanna sang along and they had a cute national youth choir on stage that performed the
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that stadium saying he was delighted to be there for the nation's special day. >> dana: the runnin rebels making their first road trip under marvin. all the way to southern utah. about a two and a half hour drive. the head coach there todd simon who took over the rebels last year when dave rice got fired. a three-pointer from way downtown. that was b rebels win it 89-81. in action saturday against arizona state. nascar champions week is officially under way here in las vegas. 7 time sprint cup champion jimmie johnson making an appearance at a local elementary school. this is what is going to happen this afternoon on the las vegas strip. they get nascar out there and do the burnout in front of the fans.
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the strip. this will happen this afternoon. tom will be above anytime sky 3. they are going to have the victory lap. that is going to be happening this afternoon on the strip. then after the lap. i think that's happening in front of the t-mobile arena. they will be answering questions from fans out there. some of the drivers as well. then the nascar awards are on the strip tomorrow night. the information right now. there is a ton of cool events, especially if you are a nascar fan. we have another paid parking story locally. cesar's going to have people shelling out bucks as far as the valet thing. win and the encore say you are going to have to start paying for valet. they are going to put that in place sometime next month.
6:53 am
paid valet and paid parking yesterday. if you are a local and have a valid i.d. or platinum member of cesar's you will be able to park free of charge. the cosmopolitan says right now it's in evaluation mode. it's looking at all of these paid parking programs here in if they make any changes they'll let us know but right now the cosmopolitan has no plans on any changes. >> dana: when you grew up here in las vegas it was all free baby. >> tom: things are changing. one thing that has been steady is the national finals rodeo and it's saddling up. the stockyards are a couple of blocks away. there is an old factory element.
6:54 am
we have an accident. tow trucks on the scene but watch for a delay there. let's do team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: more traffic heading that direction. speeds of 17. if you are coming in from henderson areason expect more time with your commute through the let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: a few clouds out there this morning. pretty start for us. beautiful colors as we look east earlier this morning. not going to need the sunglasses as much but we'll see this mix of sun and clouds throughout the
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nellis you are 35 this morning. temperatures will warm up now that the sun is up. winds nice and light. not an issue for us right now as we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds in the area. the winds will pick up to night, gusts 25 miles per hour during the overnight and stronger gusts tomorrow. today 55. mesquite and primm 53. light winds across the down to 30 in indian springs. winds gusting to 25. gusts up to 35 on friday. high of 53. winds will diminish on saturday and sunday and looks sunny and seasonal. next week will bring in much colder air. >> dana: time for the water cooler. dolly parton making a generous donation to victims of the tennessee wildfires.
6:56 am
everything in the fires. to recover we want to make sure that the bollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all the families that have lost their homes in the fire until they get back up on their feet. i know it's been a trying time for my people and this assistance will help. >> dana: dolly part season from tennessee. she made this announcement last night. her dollywood theme park is located in one of th area but was spared from the wildfires. in paris these angels are getting ready for the annual victoria secret fashion show. do they know cameras are in there? they are wearing robes kind of. they are trying to get ratings but they should cinch up the robes.
6:57 am
that will be monday night anyway primetime special. as the today show is next on this channel. i'm going into my rose mode because next on the cw you have a titanic story they are rebuilding the sucker. >> krystal: what a way to kick things off. i love it. yes we do and we have a lot more local news as well. >> dana: they promised to bring thousands of job to our communit the uncertain future of faraday. >> krystal: a two-year-old's mother passed away from a car crash. she doesn't know her but coming
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good morning. nature's fury. the death toll rises to seven in the devastating tennessee wildfires, as new tornadoes rip through the south overnight. now, more than 30 in just 2 days. eaking overnight. buzz aldrin being evacuated from the south pole. we're have the latest on the famed astronaut's condition. victory lap. president-elect trump, kicking off his thank you tour, in indiana and ohio. as his top cabinet picks get called out for bailouts and wall street. and lit.


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