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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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with a suspect. both of them still alive. that suspect shot and killed. the officers were serving a felony warrant at an apartment complex when shots were fired. one officer required surgery for serious injuries. the other officer's injuries are not life threatening. >> michelle: . >> michelle: shat aing intoa -- chattanooga, tennessee where an officer was shot this morning as the search for the suspect continues. the officer was shot three times while checking a home for himself to the hospital and is recovering. and that happened after veteran police officer was shot and killed in tacoma, washington yesterday while responding to a domestic violence call. we're told the officer was taken to the hospital where he did have surgery but, unfortunately, he did not survive. police ended up shooting and killing the gunman after an hours long standoff and it rolled into this morning. the suspect was using two children inside that home as a
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the children were unharmed. >> krystal: unfortunately a difficult and deadly day for law enforcement across the country. just devastating when you have to start the newscast off with news like that. we're going go ahead and bring it back local. we're talking about the case against the mother of the 7-year-old child found beaten to death. we just found out really within a matter of the last 20 minutes she will go to trial. >> michelle: news 3's kyndell nunley joins regional justice center with more. >> kyndell: good afternoon. we've yun bup dating on twitter. she will go to trial for the death of richard findley junior. police say the boy was beaten to death found in their apartment the day before halloween. malone sat quietly in court shackled and in custody. murder charges have been dropped against her. but she is not completely off the hook.
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former's former roommate. kenneth robinson who is charged with findley junior's murder and beating. the coroner says the 7-year-old was so badly injured his intestines ruptured. lawyers for the state say it was his mom who did nothing to untie the child before the deadly blows. her attorney is arguing saying she had feared the man accused of the murder saying she had been hit in the stomach after an rv malone has been granted bail before today's hearing. she had no bail. that bail has been set at $75,000. she will be placed on house arrest if she does get out and has limited contact with her two other children and is not supposed to be around other children under the age of 14. kyndell nunley, news 3. >> michelle: a 34-year-old man with asperger's syndrome is still missing.
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he has not been seen since monday. he likes to take walks. he is 5'11", last seen wearing a dark brown jacket, blue jeans, white and black jordan sneakers and a gray backpack. this what's he looks like. if you have seen him, his family is desperately looking for him. please call metro's missing persons detail. that number is listed on your screen. >> krystal: a local group supporting children with down found a bullet hole in a sign outside their building. the down syndrome organization of southern nevada says the sign was part of renovations they had done on the property and leaders say the nonprofit hosts events for people of all ages but they don't want to use the funds that directly help kids to repair the damages. organizers say it could take thousands of dollars to repair this sign and they're hoping to accomplish it by collecting donations. for more ogs on how you can help this organization you can go to
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>> michelle: grab your boots, dust them off, dust off the cowboy hat because it's rodeo time in las vegas. you are going to see a lot of cowboys walking around. the national finals rodeo kicks off at the thomas and mack tonight. it is a ten-day western party. basically it's been compared to the super bowl of rodeos. and it's really difficult to get tickets. it's been here since 1985. we've hosted nfr and it has had 300 consecutive sell outz and that does not this year it is sold out. but there is a couple of ways that you might be able to get tickets. you can try the so-called mad dash tickets. that lets you into the arena then you have to make a mad dash to try to find seats upstairs. there's also a ticket exchange. this is probably your best bet. that's at the cowboy christmas event which is at the las vegas convention center. that starts today as well. we talked to nfr's general
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going to be packed full of all kinds of fun. >> when you got a ten-day event it's very important that you entertain your people all the time they're here. and there's nowhere that las vegas can entertain and create the excitement then they want to come to see the rodeo but they've got all the background and they never run out of entertainment no matter how many times they come. >> michelle: so that's why las vegas according to him sean davis is so important to the ro event we want to see all of your awesome pictures. so use the hashtag #news 3 nfr on social media and you could see your pictures live on our show. a good portion of gatlinburg, tennessee remains under evacuation today as wildfires continue to just ravage that area. so far we know seven people have been killed. another 53 injured and these fires which officials say appear to be human caused.
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damaged or destroyed more than 700 homes or businesses. singer dolly parton, you know she is from that area, she has the dollywood resort there which was evacuated. she says she is going pledge a thousand dollars a month for six months to all of the victims who have lost homes and many of them coming home to this. this is what it looks like. just awful. >> krystal: seven people losing their lives in all this. so it's just -- the human toll obviouslyo damage left behind. tough time for those folks. people cleaning up today throughout the south after a line of deadly storms ripped through more than half a dozen dates. >> michelle: nbc's jacob rascon is in alabama where they got a lot of rain. coming up with more. >> today the governor of alabama will be out to survey the damage after declaring a state of emergency. dozens of families will be out digging through what's left. the national weather service says it was an ef-two tornado
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rosa lee, alabama. it was on the ground for 1.7 miles for less than two minutes. severe weather pummeling the south yet again. >> people behind me had a trampoline. it's 20 feet up in the tree. >> reporter: lightning, torrential rain and possible tornado in south carolina after a deadly outbreak of twisters throughout the region. >> about 30 seconds later kaboom. everything hit. >> reporter: james benson and his family barely escaping rosa lee, alabama. >> scared. i'll be okay. >> reporter: in tennessee, another twister. the young family salvaging keepsakes, losing almost everything. >> i screamed at my husband saying there's a tornado coming there's a tornado coming, grab the kids. >> reporter: more than 30 tornados reported in six states in 48 hours. at least five people killed.
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? [music] ? in breeman, georgia, high school students sang christmas songs after a tornado warning forced them to take shelter in the hallway. one of many close calls during the first deadly tornado outbreak in this country since may. this morning several people are still hospitalized. some of them with critical injuries. the national weather service says 34 tornados are now confirmed in seven states. and the city of tennessee confirms that one of its volunteer firefighters and his wife were the two people killed in yesterday's tornado. jacob rascon, nbc news, rosa lee, alabama. >> michelle: gosh and when you see devastation like that, kelly, it just makes us really grateful that we live here where we just deal with hot weather and cold weather. >> kelly: which can be dangerous as well. but yeah so hard to see that. especially this time of year. here at home things are a lot
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clouds as we take a look at the time-lapse at the southeast career and technical academy camera this morning. as far as the temperatures are concerned? it is still cool. sierra vista high school coming in at 51. winds east northeast at six miles an hour. calm winds at wright elementary school. it's 51 there. winds are going to be increasing though as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours. at 3:00 today it's still a mix of sun and clouds, once the sub goes down you are -- sun goes down you are going to notice wind speeds increasing. we're talking winds gusting to 25 miles per hour tonight. 35 miles per hour tomorrow. wind advisories in place. where and for how long coming up. >> krystal: we appreciate that. a bank robbery turning into a hostage situation in florida. >> michelle: what police are saying about the story we first brought you as breaking news earlier this morning. we're going have the latest details on what happened here
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coming up. >> krystal: the second man ever to be on the moon rushed out of antarctica. the south pole. he was on an exhibition there. what prompted this evacuation. >> michelle: we're going to get new the holiday spirit with the talented men of human nature. they're here with a special christmas performance to kick off the month of december. that's coming up at 12:30.
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>> krystal: multiple people held hostage in a bank in jacksonville, florida today. we first brought you this as breaking news this morning. deputies say one suspect attempted to rob a community at least 11 hostages held inside that bank. all of them have been released and the suspect is in custody. it's unknown if any of the hostages were injured. police credit the quick thinking of a parent and a police officer for avoiding a possible tragedy inside a junior high school in salt lake city utah. a father became concerned when he noticed two guns missing from the family home. he then went to his son's school and ended up in his classroom and actually walked in after his
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ceiling. the father wrestled that gun away from his son and held him down until police arrived. the school going into lockdown mode. no one was injured. classes resumed later but the school did allow parents to take their children home if they chose to do so. >> michelle: wow. just so glad that parent was so vigilant and moved quickly. president-elect donald trump taking a victory lap today touting his first accomplishment as president-ec thousand jobs from leaving the country. this is something that he promised during the election. mr. trump making good on that promise. i'm sorry, during the campaign. making good on that campaign promise, convincing carrier air conditioning not to follow through with plans to move its indianapolis plant to mexico. now the company is going to continue to manufacture gas furnaces in indianapolis represerving more than a thousand jobs.
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charlotte, north carolina last night after prosecutors decided not to charge a prosecutor for the killing of keith lamont scott. more than 100 demonstrators took to the streets near police headquarters chanting anti-police slogans and demanding justice for scott. the protest was mostly peaceful although several scuffles like this broke out. police are urging protesters to remain on the sidewalks but many spilled into the streets and were arrested. three people have been arrested and t shooting of scott sparked two nights of violent protests when it happened. >> krystal: buzz aldrin evacuate from the south pole. he was visiting as part of a tourist group. he is 86 years old and currently at mcmyrtle station on the antarctic coast waiting to be taken to new zealand. 23ish8s did not give details on his health but doctors say he is
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about buzz ald rbi and the history -- aldrin and the history he was part of the apollo 11 mission in 1969. the second person along with neil armstrong to walk on the moon. let's talk about this. a waterspout turned tornado coming on land moving through the florida panhandle yesterday afternoon. the tornado was captured on cell phone video as it moved through the city of destine. the southeast has seen a day of wild tornados spotted in alabama, tennessee and georgia. five people losing their lives. dozens injured in the overnight storm. the dust and tornado captured on video by amy. she's lived there for 19 years and has never seen a tornado like this before. if you haven't been to destine you know it is a beautiful resort town in florida. so, obviously, this isn't something you see every day. >> michelle: you are used to seeing it look like a postcard from mexico.
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crystal blue. >> michelle: it is a waterspout until it makes landfall then it becomes a hurricane. >> kelly: yes. not ub crediblebly common for the waterspouts to move on shore. that was a big one. >> krystal: they've had rough weather. everyone's best wishes to them and hope they're able to clean up and stay safe during all this active weather. here at home things are quiet today. this is the time-lapse look from the red rock visitor's center. so far this morning a mix of sun and clouds. head throughout the early morning hours and start to get into the afternoon. the temperatures? it was in the 30's in many locations this morning in the las vegas valley. mostly staying above freezing. looking at mid-50s downtown. green valley 54. summerlin coming in at 54. winds though not an issue right now. it's pretty quiet out there. that's going to change. this is a look at the satellite radar. we have been seeing a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day.
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this is going to bring very gusty winds. we're looking at winds tonight to about 25 miles an hour. gusts to 35 miles per hour tomorrow. see all the areas shaded in tan? that is a wind advisory for tomorrow. begins at 7:00 a.m. and goes through 10:00 p.m. at night. las vegas is not included but the areas shaded in tan that includes most of lincoln county, eastern and southern clark countys, we're looking at winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. that's g we can see blowing dust as well. it's something we're going to be monitoring as we get into the day tomorrow. today 56, that's our expected high. mostly to partly sunny skies. winds nice and light. tonight the winds start to pick up. gusts to 25 miles per hour out of the north. 41 for the low. little bit warmer than it has been. warmer is a relative term. it is going to be chilly but the winds and a little bit of cloud cover are going to keep the temperatures from dropping into the 30s.
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breezy conditions lasting throughout the day. tomorrow cooler too. a high of only 50. the winds will taper off by saturday afternoon. i think saturday afternoon will be pleasant. and sunday sunny and seasonable. 59 degrees. that's normal for this time of year. the next storm system comes in early next week. and we're talking highs now in the 40s. >> krystal: it's that time of year. >> michelle: christmas! we dressed christmas again. actu t >> krystal: get in the middle and be, like, red, green, red. >> michelle: i know there are a lot of you out there. your christmas list when you go shopping includes something for the pet. if the answer is yes, yes. >> krystal: there is new data showing we're being especially generous to our fur babies. and we know that you all love your fur babies because every time we ask you to send in pictures we get a ton of them
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are buying. >> reporter: pets are on santa's nice list this year and consumers are shelling out big fwoushgz our furry friends this holiday season. >> the pet category is seeing a huge surge in sales. about one-and-a-half times more sales for our pets than we saw last year. >> reporter: so what do pets have on their wish list? toys of course. beyond the pet store online retailers are seeing a boom with speshlts holiday your pet celebrates. even topical toys like the dog-ald. get it? or the gift that keeps on giving, subscription boxes delivering new items each month. what better way to treat your pets than with treats. consistent with the health conscience trends of humans we're buying more organic and hand crafted foods for our pets. and high-tech gifts like pet trackers and cameras are gaining
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pet the best time is this week or as soon as possible. >> all in all our four-legged companions will see an average of $62 worth of gifts under the tree. higher spending as more start seeing themselves as pet parents instead of merely owners. >> i have a seven-month-old lab puppy and i don't mind spoiling her. they're our fur babies. >> fur babies we're spending a fur-tune on. get it? here's a cute dog in a shopping cart. brian moore, nbc news. >> michelle: does it surprise anybody that millennials are the group spending the most on their pets. >> krystal: that's cute! get something nice for your fur baby. and we want to know about this. i mean, we -- let he rewind. i'm trying to get back into work mode. what i was trying to say is you sent us tons of great pictures of your fur babies now we want to see the pictures that you
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nfr in town. i knew the f was in there somewhere. >> michelle: we want to see what you guys have.
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>> michelle: it was 61 years ago, december 1, 1955, simple act of civil disobedience galvanizing the civil rights movement. we're talking about rosa parks. many call her the mother of the civil rights movement. arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white person in leaders organized a boycott for the day of her trial. that boycott was a huge success lasting several months devastating the transportation system in montgomery. the supreme court struck down the law saying they violated the equal protection clause of the 14th amend. the u.s. constitution. that happening on this day some 61 years ago. we've been telling you we want to see your pictures from
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because we don't really have a lot here yet to show you. but we're hoping to get some. the hashtag is news 3 nfr. hashtag #news 3 nfr. here is kelly with her boots on today. which by the way she forgot to dust off. but they're dusted off now. then i don't have it up here but i shared a picture. i was giving a horse a kiss this morning. it's not here. what we need to you do is send and show us your pictures from nfr. you can see people have been filling in here -- i think we have to get it on our screen out here. send us pictures and make sure you use that hashtag and we'll be doing this over the next couple weeks. there's my horse picture. see him? >> krystal: that's cute. >> michelle: we want to see all those pictures. make sure and don't forget news 3 nfr. coming up next on "news 3 live at 12:30," the multi-million dollar electric
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and a silversneakers fitness membership. you'll also have a broad network of doctors to choose from, including healthcare partners. for over 30 years, we've been helping people ive healthier lives. call and see why so many medicare beneficiaries choose plans from unitedhealthcare. don't miss your opportunity. medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. unitedhealthcare walk-in locations. ?? >> michelle: faraday's future.
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vehicle company, electric vehicle company, ever become reality in north las vegas? we're going have dials coming up. >> krystal: and a community safety. metro unveiling a new home surveillance registration program. why metro is doing this. how it works. and it could help you avoid becoming a victim. >> michelle: pay to park. yet another hotel chain has announced customers will have to pay to park on the las vegas strip. who it is and how this is going to affect all of us right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. will or won't a multi-million dollar electric vehicle company faraday future ever actually become something? we've been hearing a lot of talk about it in north las vegas promising jobs. >> krystal: sure. does it have a future here in las vegas? our craig fiegener has been digging into this since late summer and he has the latest on


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