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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  December 1, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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vehicle company, electric vehicle company, ever become reality in north las vegas? we're going have dials coming up. >> krystal: and a community safety. metro unveiling a new home surveillance registration program. why metro is doing this. how it works. and it could help you avoid becoming a victim. >> michelle: pay to park. yet another hotel chain has announced customers will have to pay to park on the las vegas strip. who it is and how this is going to affect all of us right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. will or won't a multi-million dollar electric vehicle company faraday future ever actually become something? we've been hearing a lot of talk about it in north las vegas promising jobs. >> krystal: sure. does it have a future here in las vegas? our craig fiegener has been digging into this since late summer and he has the latest on
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>> reporter: the planned home for faraday future's estimated billion dollar factory was a busy construction site until early november in north las vegas and confidence in the project was high. that after lawmakers toured their southern california headquarters. >> functional. sleek. beautiful. quiet. a lot of amenities that we don't have this cars right now. they have almost a thousand people working there developing the prototypes for those models that will be mass produced. >> reporter: governor sandoval and north l lee saw faraday's concepts in september. eight months earlier, remember, faraday was all the buzz at the consumer electronics show. they had debuted their model race car. but how exactly will they reinvent transportation's future as they have claimed? they aren't building any electric vehicles here. at least not yet. they are building the future home of what we're told will be faraday future in north las vegas. it's an ambitious project but
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uncertainty grew as construction was halted and now this claim about faraday future's chinese backer coming from nevada state treasurer. >> i think he is out of money. could he get more money? my sources in beijing tell me that the chinese government isn't financing him. so just a big question mark as to where and how they're going to continue this project. >> reporter: if true, north las vegas won't see any of the future. a stunning turn about for a company championed by nevada's governor at its ground breaking last april. >> i have complete confidence in faraday that they're going to do everything they say they're going to do. i mean i've seen it with my own eyes. >> do you think they'll have a car in 2017? >> i can't speak for them on that. >> governor sandoval did spearhead tax incentives for faraday passed in a legislative special session last year.
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faraday built its billion dollar factory and hired thousands of nevada workers. all that now is in limbo. on social media faraday future has been downplaying the chatter about its finances. they tell people on twitter specifically to look forward to the consumer electronics show january 2017 when they will, quote, unveil the future of transportation. craig fiegener reporting from north las vegas city hall, news 3. >> michelle: senator harry reid get a $1.4 million grant as we take a live look now at unlv. that grant coming from a department of transportation. it's going to go to a transportation research facility which is geared towards improving and researching high-speed rail systems around the country and here in nevada. this will be the second one of its kind in the state. unr got a similar grant back in 2013. >> krystal: metro asking for your help to catch criminals by
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surveillance cameras. >> michelle: we see a lot of these videos. more and more people putting up surveillance cameras and it's catching thieves in the act and the new problem called vegas safe cam according to police could help them catch these guys and gals even faster. news 3's sergio avila joins us live from metro's headquarters. explain to us exactly why metro wants to do this and how it will work. >> reporter: let's make it absolutely clear. it's important to say this. metro is not register your home surveillance cameras to tap into them or access them. we'll use the example here. basically what metro is asking you to register your camera with them. they basically know that you have a surveillance camera on your home and they would know exactly where that camera is pointed. so if by chance there is a crime in your neighborhood or in your community they know who in that community has surveillance
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may be pointing. and they will know where and who may have been in that area. so if a crime happened between a certain time they may ask you to let them see your surveillance video to see if they've captured a suspect or a suspect video. basically it is to help prevent crime and possibly solve crimes that have happened within your immunity. listen. >> if there's any evidence you may be asked to make a copy of the video so we can use it later in court. and so at no time will we ever be able to tap into your system and watch your surveillance system. it's basically just a tool to help locate video. >> reporter: and it makes the detectives jobs easier to identify whose homes have surveillance cameras on them. if you would like to sign up we've made it easy.
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feed @sergio news 3 on twitter or on website. sergio avila, back to you. >> michelle: thank you very much! let's talk cowboys shall we? you are going to see a lot of them -- and cowgirls -- walking around the city for the next ten days. dust off those hats and boots and get ready for the rodeo because the national finals have kicks off at the thomas and mack. at least it will today. it is a ten-day western party. many people say it's the super bowl of rodeos. and it's really hard tot if fact over the 32 years it's been here they've had 300 consecutive sellouts. just to give you an idea how successful this thing is. so the best bet here if you would like to do this you have two options. if you would like to get tickets the so-called mad dash ticket is which is where you go into the arena and literally make a mad dash to try to find an open seat. i was told today there are really no open seats because
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change and that's going to be at the cowboy christmas venue. that is where will where people who have tickets and cannot go you can buy them at face value. by the way the cowboy christmas that starts today at the las vegas convention center. so that's the way you can get tickets if you are lucky. our general manager explains why las vegas is so important to the rodeo. >> when you got a ten-day event it's very important that you can entertain your people all the time they're las vegas can entertain and create the excitement. they want to come see the rodeo but they've got all the background and they never run out of entertainment no matter how many times they come. >> michelle: don't forget as you head out to the rodeo over the next ten days we want to see all of your awesome pictures. send them our way. reach out via social media. you can post them on your own social media.
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then we'll be showing pictures on our newscast. >> krystal: we are taking a live look at the welcome to las vegas sign! that famous sign going red today to commemorate a very important day -- world aids day. the southern nevada health district encouraging everyone to get tested today. according to the centers for disease control and prevention more than 1 million people in the united states are living with hiv and one in eight are unaware they are infected with >> michelle: just one day after caesars entertainment announced it is now going to start making people pay for parking, the wynn las vegas has joined suit. it is going to be charging people for valet parking. that charge will be in place starting sometime in the next month. self-parking will remain free. caesars rolled out the paid valet and self-parking program at nine of its strip properties. i'm sorry make that eight. because that's one where you
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platinum members of the loyalty program will get free parking. the venetian and palazzo says they have no plans yet to start charging for parking. >> krystal: looks like things are changing. >> michelle: the question is will they follow suit because everybody else is doing it and they're making all that money on it. >> krystal: mgm led the pack and people are following a long. so we shall see. let's talk about this. something that gets people excited. the annual christmas tree taking place last night. if that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, i don't know what will. we have a look at the festivities that played out in trending today. i know something that will get us in the holiday spirit. >> michelle: these guys. they're going sing some holiday classics for us. human nature is live in studio. we're talking to them coming up. >> kelly: we've got gusty winds on the way and much, much colder temperatures.
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>> kelly: it is 12:42 on this thursday afternoon. we're going start out with a time-lapse look from pahrump valley high school where we have seen a few clouds. a little bit of blue sky mixed in as well. a mix on and off through out the day today. temperatures still on the cool side. at at least for this time of year. they're below normal. pahrump at 55 degrees. boulder city 52. mesquite 57. laughlin, you are in the low 60s. in the las vegas valley looking at mid-50s for most henderson coming in at 57. getting pretty close to normal. we have gusty winds on the way and that's going to change things up. the system is sinking in from the south. we're seeing a little bit of light snow around the great basin area. that's going to fizzle out before it gets down here. we're not expecting precipitation but we are expecting gusty winds. those will begin tomorrow and peaking during the day tomorrow. you see all this area shaded in tan?
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laughlin, bullhead as well as city. winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour in all the areas shaded in tan. las vegas is not included. we're expecting gusts tomorrow to about 35 miles per hour. high temperatures today? pretty close to what we're seeing right now. indian springs 52. laughlin low 60s. over night tonight lows. pahrump down to about 30. boulder city 40. th increasing. we're going to have a few clouds hanging around the area. tomorrow we're going to see the peak of the gusty winds. 53 for the high in las vegas. the winds will be a little breezy early saturday morning but i think by saturday afternoon they should diminish enough if you want do do something outside it's looking good. sunday is the best day though. sunny and 59. it is the first weekend of december after all. we have another storm system on the way next week. that one is going to have a big impact on our temperatures.
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tuesday and just 49 for a high on wednesday. >> michelle: so the weather has gotten into the holiday spirit. now we are officially there. and there's a lot of holiday traditions that we love. like starbucks cups. no. [ laughter ] this is a holiday tradition that many people wait for. and this was the 84th rockefeller center christmas tree lighting ceremony last night in new york city. >> krystal: stunning. it is a 90 foot norway spruce. made the 140 mile trip to manhattan. workers spent weeks springing all the lights on the tree. there's the countdown. and tada! how beautiful and enormous. it doesn't even look real. >> michelle: i wonder -- i mean, 50,000 l.e.d. lights.
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person. millions of people watching at home of course. this year's tree will be lit on display until 9:00 p.m. on january 7th. so plenty of time to check it out. the first tree at rockefeller center was put up by construction workers in 1931. the first official tree lighting, in 1943. ? [music] ? . >> michelle: the fast food world mourning the man who has been lost who created the big mac. michael jim when he passed away. >> krystal: lived a long life. he once said i would never have dreamt that my creation would turn into a piece of americana. jeanne moos reports on the legacy of his famous big mac burger. >> reporter: the createor of the big mac did not die from a big mac attack. >> it's not really that unhealthy. >> reporter: big mac's maker lived to the age of 98. it was nearly 50 years ago that
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mcdonald's franchise near pittsburgh. it was an instant success. it went national, immoralalized by the single ? to all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese ? >> it is a special sauce. >> this is the special sauce. >> reporter: the original big mac sold for. >> $0.49 at the time. >> reporter: now it's as much as five bucks and sold world wide. though in paris. >> what do you call a big mac? >> >> reporter: they say only one out of five millennials has ever tasted a big mac. mcdonald's didn't low its flag to half-staff but it did tweet... jim we thank and will forever remember you. fans posted big mac tribute photos. one suggested to honor his legacy why not return the big mac to its former size. it's become so small it's pathetic. not true says mcdonald's.
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cremate him they should put him in a big mac box. i love big macs. but even the guy who invented it in 1967 jumbled the jingle. >> two all beef patties special sauce lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles. >> i thought it was pickles onion. >> i say on a toasted sesame seed bun. >> reporter: jim's family still owns and operates 21 mcdonald's in pennsylvania. for itself was. >> our own secret sauce. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> krystal: they tried the big mac. [ laughter ] we give two thumbs up to human nature. >> michelle: four. >> even eight. can't believe it's been a year since you were here last year at this time.
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jukebox. for the holidays you are taking a twist and adding some of the classics. >> in a jukebox you can choose what you want we're choosing christmas. so we do inthf the classics. we do white christmas. we do rudolph the red nose reindeer. it is a whole lot of fun. >> krystal: you put your own twist on it. i like that. just curious since you are from australia what are some of the traditions that you guys have around the >> it is completely different. it's summer. we will often spend time outside and in the pool and drinking cold drinks like beer. >> krystal: that's crazy. santa in flip-flops. [ laughter ] >> michelle: you have been in las vegas for seven years. you have been selling out your shows. did you ever think you would be headlining in las vegas and be such a great success when you
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hot boy band. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> michelle: so cool. i didn't know that. >> krystal: you haven't lost your touch. we touch on that. we go back to the '90s and give people a taste of our boy band days. >> michelle: that's so cool. >> krystal: we want to give people a taste of what they can expect. >> michelle: before we have you sing tell everybody where they can catch you. >> at the venetian where there's free parking. [ laughter ] charging any time soon. at least for now. >> tuesday through saturday and 7:00 p.m. show. we're doing our holiday jukebox up until the 23rd then we switch back to the regular show after christmas. >> krystal: i love it. definitely get your fix and get a taste of the holidays and good music courtesy of human nature. >> michelle: we have two minutes left so we are going to leave it to you. you are going to sing one of my favorite holiday songs ever. >> have yourself a merry little
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have yourself, have yourself a merry little christmas ? ? merry little christmas ? let your heart be glad ? ? from now on be out of sight ? ? have yourself a merry little christmas ? ? if the saints allow ? ? hang a shining star upon the
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? and have yourself a merry little christmas night ? merry christmas night ? [ cheering ] . >> michelle: oh my gosh i got chills. it was so good. >>ha you can see them at the venetian. obviously a show that is worth every last penny.
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citys across the valley. i mean, across the country. we had one in tucson, one in chattanooga and one in tennessee. all of this happening overnight. we're going to have the latest throughout the day. >> krystal: four officers in three different cities. they're going through a lot. a lot of cities going through a lot across the country. other top stories of the day. we're talking about seven people killed in wildfires. this happening in gatlinburg, tennessee. they've been devastated in this area. a lot of people c to absolutely nothing as they try to pick up the pieces. and dolly parton has agreed to help the families giving a thousand dollars to each of these families to help them every month as they try to get back on their feet and recover. >> michelle: we're following severe storms that hit the southern u.s. they are cleaning up now after a line of deadly storms ripped through more than half a dozen states. two people were killed.
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confirmed in seven different states. thanks for hanging in there with us. we had some technical difficultys for a moment. coming up tomorrow at noon, it is a forever home friday. our favorite day of the week. the animal foundation is going to be here with a cute little pup that needs a home. you know we're so proud because we've been told by the an mol foundation that all the dogs featured on this news hour have been adopted. >> krystal: that's so sweet. that collage you put together, ll of all the dogs that have come through here. look at that one. >> kelly: and there's so many more that need a home for the holidays. consider opening up your heart and house. >> krystal: that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. we're already i ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in clark county. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs,
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>> lucas: adrienne. adrienne, open your eyes if you can hear me. her heart's okay. she's breathing. i don't know what's going on. >> justin: this'll help. here, this'll help. >> lucas: give it to me! >> justin: i got it. >> lucas: i got it! i got it! >> sonny: hi, yes. we need an ambulance at the salem inn, room 2116. my mom, she passed out, and we can't get her to wake up. yes, no, she is breathing. okay, but she' >> lucas: adrienne. adrienne, come on. can you hear me? come on. she's waking up. >> sonny: she's waking up. she's waking up. hey, mom. hi. hey, there--hey. >> adrienne: i was... >> lucas: no, stop, stop. >> justin: the ambulance is coming. >> lucas: rest now. help's on the way, okay?


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