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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  December 1, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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you see the surveillance video behind us. we see it all of the time. thieves caught on home surveillance cameras. thank you for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. now metro wants to prevent those types of crimes. police want you to register your surveillance cameras with them. news 3's sergio avila is live at metro headquarters. it's important to mention that metro won't be tapping into anyone one's >> reporter: that's what we need to make clear. you register your surveillance camera and you think they will be looking at them. that's absolutely not what is going to happen. i will use this camera as an example. basically, metro is saying let us know you have one. >> all i would like to do is get these guys caught. >> reporter: victims of crime like robert covele. he had a gun stolen from his
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important to prosecution and arrests of offenders than it ever has been before. >> tom robert speaking about the increasing importance of video evidence to land criminals behind bars. roberts spoke about a new program called vegas safe cam. >> knowing where the cameras are. >> metro is asking home and business owners to register their surveillance cameras to give them an idea who has cameras and where they are pointing, making >> this will allow us to go along a path and say we have cameras here and there. >> reporter: the registration is voluntary and free. if detectives think you might have caught a suspect on video, they will contact you and ask if they can see it. if it's shared, they take your privacy seriously. >> you will see we'll show a suspect description and we'll crop it down where you just get
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we'll take care. >> reporter: the assistant sheriff says the program is a mirror of similar tactics already in place in philadelphia, salt lake city and buffalo. just another example of using technology to help fight crime in your neighborhood. and again, metro cannot and will not be tapping into your cameras. if you would like to sign up for the program, go to or check out my reporting live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. metro police looking for leads in a deadly shooting in downtown. it happened on north 10 street close to bonanza. metro it found a man lying in the doorway. paramedics took him to umc. he was pronounced dead. detectives believe this may be narcotics related and a red jeep check with three people inside
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clark county according to traffic safety officials, nearly 300 people died on nevada roads so far this year. that's up 6% from this time last year. here in clark county, just under 200 people have been killed. that's up 10% from 2015. there's good news. the number of alcohol-related deaths are dropping from 74 through the first months of 2015 to just 60 so far this year. today we're learning new details about the man accused of >> yeah, michael gardenhire said he doesn't remember the shooting. he didn't even know if the person he shot was even his son. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live with more. antonio? >> reporter: latoya, according to that arrest report, the -- michael gardenhire told detectives that he actually doesn't remember murdering his son. when officers first approached him, he admitted to shooting his 20-year-old son. he does remember when his son
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i don't remember owning or using a gun according to this metro police report, this is what 40-year-old michael gardenhire told officers. detectives questions michael gardenhire about the murder of his 20-year-old son, joshua lee. if the report, he said he suffers from short-term memory loss, due to depression and anxiety. michael gardenhire told police he remembered everything before the shooting happened. the 49-year-old told detectives he picked u ago from a homeless shelter and didn't really know if he was joshua's father. michael gardenhire says while joshua was saying with him, they often argued. lee said he didn't like following his rules. that's when michael gardenhire said he lost his memory. police found him inside the apartment with bullet wounds to the theft. michael gardenhire admitted to officers his son was not armed with any weapons and never
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michael gardenhire is now here at the clark county detention center with no bail. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you. an update to breaking news we told you about this morning. fast-acting parents rushed to a utah middle school to disarm their son holding two guns in a hallway. it happened in bountiful, north of salt lake city. police there say a student pointed a shot gun at the ceiling of the classroom and fired. seconds later, the.'s parents from their son. the police say the parents noticed the gun missing from the home and rushrd to the school. nobody got hurt. meanwhile, in florida, a hostage situation. police say the suspect first tried to rob the bank before forcing people inside to come together in one area. one hostage negotiator -- once hostage negotiators got there to do their work, the suspect made several demands. he even threatened to kill the
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their heads. the suspect released the hostages and s.w.a.t. got in with the help of employees that were hidden. >> those two people took an opportunity to flee the bank. when they did that, it distracted the hostage taker. at that point, the s.w.a.t. team made entry into the bank. >> nobody got hurt. police were able to take that armed man into custody. violence against police continues to be a disturbing trend as three officers recover after being shot in two separate in tucson, two officers were shot during a gun fight with a suspect. officers were serving a felony warrant at an apartment complex when the gunfire started. doctors had to operate on one of the officers. police shot and killed the suspect. in tennessee, a manhunt is underway for a man who shot an officer there. someone shot the man three times while he checked the home for squatters. the officer took him to the to
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president-elect donald trump taking a victory lap. >> the first time he's held an event since winning the election. brian mooar is following trump. >> reporter: in his first official trip since the election, president-elect donald trump trapped to independent -- traveled indiana where he celebrated carrier's decision not to import jobs to mexico. >> these companies aren't going to be >> reporter: he was accompanied by vice president-elect mike pence. >> today, america won. and we have donald trump to thank. >> great news. >> reporter: it's a holiday gift for workers who had been bracing for unemployment. carrier says the state offered $7 million in incentives over the decade. but cnbc confirmed they are
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>> i'm glad he's able to save some jobs. obviously, i wish he would be able to save ours also. >> reporter: after that, ept scheduled a rally in cincinnati. first stop on the thank you tour to the battleground state that handed him the white house. officials in wisconsin are looking back to election day, recounting every vote. a task that will keep them busy around the clock for the next two jill stein requested that recount and she's paying the bill, $3.5 million. unlv reaping the benefits of hosting the final presidential debate. the university says the debate generated more than $110 million in publicity for the school and the city. specifics to unlv, the school
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viewers. and views to admissions page were up 90%. the school saw big gains in social media both on facebook and twitter. happening now, parts of the las vegas strip looking a little like nat car. good reason for that. we have our tom hawley up in sky 3 to explain. >> reporter: well, this is called nascar championships week. you see all of the cars lined up. they are reefing to -- referring to their victory lap. some of the drivers up here. you can see there is a huge crowd around planet hollywood and the huge pedestrian walkway. when they do this in past years, it's included doing burnouts, doughnuts along the strip. it's a big party going here and it culminates tomorrow with the awards ceremony. that takes place at the wynn. they are getting ready to shut down a portion of the strip and let the nascars go down.
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big nascar races that come our way every year in march. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> thank you. grab your boots and dust off that cowboy hat. it's rodeo time in las vegas. it kicks off at the thomas & mack. >> it's a ten-day western party that is a lot like the super bowl of the rodeo. your best point is to buy make a mad dash upstairs. apparently, rodents are a problem here in las vegas. >> join one exterminator as he tries to rub out some of the city's creepy critters. how pakistan says the president-elect will help that country with diplomatic problems. it's calm outside. that's all going to change the next several hours.
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well, cooler weather in the valley usually means fewer bugs and spiders in the neighborhoods. >> but that doesn't mean that pest control companies are not busy. one in particular is exploding. denise rosch is live at the health district. we're talking about rats. >> reporter: yeah. latoya, unfortunately, they are a problem year-round in the valley. here is the disturbing part. as it gets older, they are more likely to want to leave the yard and come into your house for warmth. ke up by las vegas pest control a few days ago in a neighborhood in the south part of town just off horizon ridge. technics have -- technicians have been putting in bait boxes. the rats go in, eat the poison and die within 24 hours. the health district has done surveillance for rodent disease and haven't found any yet.
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poppation -- population appears to be pretty healthy. >> rodents can squeeze into small gaps. anything less than a quarter inch, you want to seal up in terms of access points to your home. we've seen them go through electrical wiring. we've seen them in engines chewing up insulation. >> reporter: they have found every neighborhood in the valley. they say trimming back bushes and trees takes away breeding areas. there is a check list of things you should know about rats. for more information about that, go to reporting live, i'm denise rosch. back to you. >> thank you. >> thanks, we think. a virginia school district could ban two classic novels because they contain racial
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some of the words used in to kill a mockingbird and huckleberry finn. other parents disagree. >> i don't want to see it happen because after you start with one racial word in a book and then you have to go on and on and on. >> i would like my son to read those books. i love those books. >> well, a committee will review recommendation about whether to keep them in the curriculum. pakistan welcomes donald trump's with diplomatic health issues. they said during a recent phone call, mr. trump expressed a willingness to help resolve territorial tension with india over the region. the ministry claims the president-elect said that he would meet with pakistan's prime minister soon. a wisconsin deeper puts high
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seat and now his ideas are racing around the world. jeremy meyer found a formula student back in 2007. they teach kids how to build a race car from the ground up. the experience helps students well beyond graduation. >> a lot of big companies have our students and they are saying the experience they've had in the programs have helped them get a leg up. >> meyer is teaching 30 replicate his program. he case educators in dubai are also interested. the defense department mistakenly paid out $20 million in re-enlistment bonuses to ineligible members who served in iraq and afghanistan. now they want their money back. beef seen a similar story like that in las vegas.
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knew they didn't qualify have to return the bonuses. an unman rocked blasted and destroyed two and a half tons of food and supply. it happened 120 miles above russia. most of the fragments burned up before we entering the atmosphere. it's time to talk about what's going on in atmosphere. >> it's only going to get colder. tomorrow will be downright uncomfortable because it will be windy, very windy in the afternoon. if you have asthma or other kind of respiratory irons, you will want to think twice before going outside. winds are going to pick up. a dust advisory has been issued. we'll talk about that in a second. right now, it's clear outside. things are good so far. calm in las vegas. look at that.
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northwest. deering elementary school, 60 degrees at the moment. upper 50s near flamingo and low 50s at sierra vista high. winds over 5 miles an hour. calm today. a little bit nuts tomorrow. a look at the rest of the temperatures in the valley, mostly hovering in the 50s at the molt. it's going to be a cooler day tomorrow. a quick look at the winds. here's the rest of the evening, temperatures in the low 50s by the time you are driving hoe. mid-40s by 9:00. mostly clear skies and then the winds will start to pick up as early as overnight tonight. take a look at this. this is the sustained winds that we're expecting to pick up really early in the morning, around 3:00, nearly 20-mile-an-hour sustained winds and wait until you see how gusty it will be. first let's talk about the reason why this is happening. an area of low pressure moving through from the north is going to help bring us the gusty winds taking aim for baja, california. bringing us gusty winds but no
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for the region, though. you can see mostly on the east side of las vegas portions of southern clark county, also northeastern clark county under a wind advisory for gusty winds that could reach up to 40, 50 miles an hour. we'll see very windy conditions in the valley as well. just not over that 35-mile-an-hour threshold. on the edges, that's what we're expecting. and a dust advisory in effect. 42 degrees for your overnight temperatur over the course of the next few hours. it will start to increase and get the bumpiest overnight with strong winds in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. cold tonight. 40 tonight. teens in mount charleston reaching the 20s by tomorrow afternoon. upper 50s for lake mead. overton, 53 for boulder city and highs in las vegas, 54 degrees. take the sweater.
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your hat on. you will certainly want the scarf. look at this. sustained winds throughout the entire afternoon. i will get out of the way, with wind gusts reaching up to 30 miles an hour in parts of town. windy weather for your friday. a little bit calmer into the weekend. we'll see the breezes die down by saturday afternoon. a brief warmup into sunday. the next storm is really going to almost knock you on your feet with temperatures flirting with th upper 40s on tuesday. >> i went running, had my gloves, my ears covered. >> tomorrow you are going to be like -- and the next day, can i borrow this? >> yes. >> kanye west is out of the hospital. >> what doctors say say caused him to be admitted in the first place. the answer may surprise you. i'm dana wagner. would you get on the titanic today if you could? it turns out, you can.
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good afternoon. beyonce's new music video is still buzzing this afternoon online. ? >> the song is from her platinum selling album lemonade with a lot of behind the scenes footage, including of her wedding and you can see them giving each other ivs. and something cool happened on live television. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [ cheers ] >> they lit up the tree at 30 rockefeller center last night right here on channel 3. it will be lit up and on display until january 7th.
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now you can. construction of a life-sized titanic currently underway in china. star energy investment group building the ship as part of the mediterranean-theme resort. the ship will allow several hundred people at a time to feel what it was like to be on. aside from the outward appearance, not every nook and cranny will be replicated. but the interior should include the the movie. back to you. >> the first one didn't go so well. >> yeah. good luck. kanye west has reportedly been released from the hospital. >> there you are kim. he's out of the hospital. kanye west was admitted to ucla medical center on november 21 for evaluation after what
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prior to that, he had several outbursts on stage. he's home with his wife and two children. >> you looked up his schedule. unbelievable schedule. anyone would be tired. >> it was nuts leading up to the breakdown. a family affair. >> why a group of five siblings will alwaysen - ? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- future in doubt. faraday's promise to build in north las vegas under fire. why some say it would never
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he said you're damned right and i would do it again. >> the reason given for this violence against an animal only makes matters worse. and road rage mayhem. a big fight between two drivers and the whole thing caught on camera. a lot of hope in las vegas for this story. will faraday future ever become a reality in las vegas? >> our reporter has been looking and finds the future is a little meek. >> reporter: the planned home for faraday's estimated billion-dollar factory was a busy construction site until early november and confidence was high. that after lawmakers toured their southern california headquarters. >> functional, sleek, beautiful, quiet. you know, a lot of amenities that we don't have in cars right now. >> they have almost 1,000 people working there developing the


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