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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  December 1, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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he said you're damned right and i would do it again. >> the reason given for this violence against an animal only makes matters worse. and road rage mayhem. a big fight between two drivers and the whole thing caught on camera. a lot of hope in las vegas for this story. will faraday future ever become a reality in las vegas? >> our reporter has been looking and finds the future is a little meek. >> reporter: the planned home for faraday's estimated billion-dollar factory was a busy construction site until early november and confidence was high. that after lawmakers toured their southern california headquarters. >> functional, sleek, beautiful, quiet. you know, a lot of amenities that we don't have in cars right now. >> they have almost 1,000 people working there developing the
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>> reporter: governor sandoval and mayor lisa faraday's concepts in september. eight months early, faraday was all the buzz. how will they reinvent transportation's future as they've claimed? they are not building any electric vehicles, not yet. they are building the future home of what we're told will be faraday nature. in ambitious projects. last month, financial uncertainty grew as construction was halted and now faraday's backer coming from nevada's treasurer. >> i think he's out of money. my sources in beijing tell me the chinese government is not financing hill. it's just a big question mark as to where and how they are going
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the 4500 jobs promised by faraday future, a stunning turnabout from the ground breaking last april. >> i have complete confidence in faraday that they will do everything they say they are going to do. >> reporter: do you think they will have a car in 2017? >> i can't speak for them on that. >> reporter: the governor did spearhead tax incentives for faraday, passed a special session last but lawmakers only approved the abatements or tax credits if faraday actually built its billion-dollar factory and hired thousands of nevada workers. all of that now is in limbo. on social media, faraday future has been downplaying the chatter about its finances. they tell people on twitter to look forward to the consumer electronics show in january when they will unveil the future of transportation.
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the mother of a local 7-year-old found beaten to death will go to trial, not on murder charges but crimes prosecutors say led up to the child's death. roshaun malone is charged with child abuse and kidnapping. she appeared in a courtroom today. a detective took the stand saying malone helped tie up the young boy and that in part led to his death. >> i learned that morning that the contributing factor in the cause of death was being tied up >> the other person involved in this case is malone's former roommate, kenneth robinson. he's charged with murder. well, it's setting up to be a serious showdown between a trump administration and possibly hundreds of cities across the country. the issue, so-called sanctuary city. >> right now, we can tell you mayors are renewing to follow proposed federal laws and they will pass some on their own when it comes to illegal immigration. scott thuman has more.
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now -- now donald trump will see if he can deliver. scores of local leaders have vowed to stymie him. >> you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago. >> these are our neighbors. we will continue to support them. >> reporter: they rely congress. >> the bottom line is enforce the law, you know, different cities don't get to make the decision on what parts the federal law they think is important. >> they are doing it anyway. that's the problem here. there's been a large period of time where we've had multiple administrations allow these sanction sayry cities to --
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reasons get away with it. i think there will be a lot of political pressure for these cities to look tough against a trump administration but ultimately, these are politicians who understand that federal funding is critical to their existence. >> reporter: trump's hands may be somewhat tied. past supreme court rulings, including one that came out of the obamacare fight limit what the federal government can impose on states and cities. if the white house doesn't get its way, may have in republican governors like greg abbott of texas who just this week vowed to sign a law to ban sanctuary cities. i'm scott thuman. >> we want to know what you think. should sanctuary cities like las vegas lose federal funding? head to to weigh in. a german intelligence agent under arrest for plotting a
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desk. >> i'm jonathan elias. iraqi traps are fighting isis in mosul about two and a half miles from the tigris river. crossing that river will be a huge battle to retake the city. manila is on a high terror alert. this isft extremist group on monday. those two planted a bomb near the u.s. embassy. in germany an intelligence agent is under arrest for plotting to blow up their headquarters. the man converted with islam, was leaking intelligence secrets to other jihadists. he was caught while trying to recruit someone who was an undercover agent.
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agents can search millions of americans' computers and cell phones. the updated rule is needed to help them investigate and track down cyber criminals. those against the rule call it government hacking and surveillance. caught on camera, a mild road rage incident that has it all. a fender-bender between two trucks leads to a heated argument between the two drivers in england. then one of the drivers backs up into the other vehicle, grabs a windshield. the man drives off. police in england say they know where the flat-bed truck is but can't find the driver. a dog owner says his pet was shot in the face all because the dog growled at him. they were out visiting their boat when a stranger started walking by and that's when the dog barked.
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get him out of the way before pulling out his gun and open fire. >> at that point, i saw candy turn away from us, towards my boat. he shot i believe two or three more times. i saw them hitting the ground. i just asked him, did you just shoot my dog? he said you're damn right i did and i will do it again. >> the dog died at the vet. the man who shot the vet said he was afraid if he did would be attacked. a statement the owner says would never happen. one of the first men to ever walk on the moon, buzz aldrin, was in a tour group and started to feel sick today and was airlifted to a research center before getting on a plane to new zealand. his lungs started to build up fluid and is responding well to antibiotics.
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experts say it can be hard to get a good's night sleep if you are not in your own bed. if you bring your own pillowcases and sheets, it can have a benefit because being in an unfamiliar element keeps you awake. >> it makes -- one half of the brain may remain alert all night rather than shutting down and doing what it can to regenerate and get your brain ready for the next phase. >> another recommendation normal routine. meaning, if you take a shower before going to bed at home, do the same. chocolate with less sugar. nestle said they've done it. they can reduce the content of sugar by 40%. they are applying for a patent and start to roll out these products in 2018.
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a church is restored and dedicated in maine. the church was torn down. the cross was sold. a man on a motorcycle found it in a cow field badly damaged. he talked to the farmer, bought the cross. he says the response from the community has been nothing but positive h that's a great story. it's time for that time of the year when thousands of high school seniors are checking the mailbox for et willers. >> we hope you get in. snapchat, take a look, the university of wisconsin in green bay is taking advantage of the mobile technology to get information to their students even faster. they say students are responding positively. look at this. >> they will screen shot the snap and respond with an excited selfie. get excited about that. >> proud and you want them to know that.
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the student the packet. >> yes. >> something about getting that thick envelope. >> yeah. a happy reunion between a sergeant and her dog. >> it doesn't have come at a better time for the dog. not one, not two, but five siblings all adopted at once. the amazing family that opened their arms to these kids. just before 4:00, temperatures are in the we're in for another chilly night tonight and a bumpy morning with winds picking up significantly tomorrow
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now for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing
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shelter posted a dog on facebook that a woman recognized as her own. it was sick. >> when we can help someone's life be better, it's great. >> they believe they caught the dog's illne an arizona come adoption five siblings. they did it at once. meet kurt and brenda. originally they fostered the siblings after their father died. they have few blood relatives. none were prepared to take on all five together. the couple stepped in and saved the day. on national adoption day, they made all five a permanent part of their family. >> even though they were in the foster system, we try to make them part of the family.
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of our activities. kind of show them what the other side of the world can be like. >> they were really like -- we don't want to go anywhere else. we want to stay with you. keeping them together fits -- it's most beneficial that's all they have left. >> little secret they rescue you right back when you adopt. the couple has fostered over 50 children the last 12 years. this is the first time they've chosen to adopt. an 11-year-old girl puts a life-saving message to use and her baby sister survives because of it. the girl stopped breathing and her sister learned cpr and the heimlich maneuver and knew what to do. >> she had been sitting up. i heard her about to spit up and then all of a sudden, she just -- it wasn't coming out. and she was -- it was so scary.
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around and pat her back. that way the spit-up can come out and i called the nurse. >> she sees a career in healthcare in her future. she wants to become a veterinarian. four police officers are honored as heroes for bringing a man back to life. this is surveillance video from miami international airport. it was captured in the moment that a man's heart stopped beating in september. the officers rushed in, started cpr and then used a heart. he's made a full recovery and was on hand to deliver the hero awards. all right. time to check the forecast. news 3 is your weather authority. a lot of people talking about how cold it is.
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is going to be how windy it's going to be, starting off with early tomorrow morning. sorry about that. but that's essentially where we're going. outside, a few scattered showers in las vegas. this afternoon, hey, it felt like fall. off-and-on cloud cover. overall, nice weather conditions this afternoon if you layered up like we told you to. 59 degrees at sahara and nellis currently coming in in the low 50s for s verde high school. upper 50s for the henderson area. stephanie warm springs, just a few of our many weather stations we like to show you guys. in the upper 50s in comparison with the low 50s near summerlin, mid-50s for centennial and 50 degrees on the dot for blue diamond. winds are calm now. it's going to change as early as tomorrow morning when we see the winds picking up. outside of the valley, 54 for
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primm. calm. changing. just hours away. here is a look at the sustained winds we're anticipated, with the strongest winds starting to pick up after midnight. 19-mile-an-hour winds projected at 3:00 in the morning. you might not need an alarm clock. this will probably waking you up. we have a disturbance out of the north. it's going to swoop through bringing us the gusty win will follow into tomorrow. you can see on the satellite right there, the movement we are expecting those strong winds and so far a wind advisory has been issued for portions of the reyin for gusts up to -- region for gusts up to 50 miles an hour. the clark county department has issued a dust advisory. if you live near a construction site or on the edges of town or
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lot of dust, just be careful. people with asthma, young children and the elderly, maybe think twice. don't go outside sore at least assess the conditions before you do. 43 degrees overnight. wind also start to pick up early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow will be cooler than today. waking up to chilly temperatures and gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour by noon. we'll be in the low 50s and temperature in the afternoon, only making it to the mid-50s. winds will start dying off lat on in the evening but here's how things are going to look like with sustained winds reaching up to 25, 30-mile-an-hour winds are expected across parts of town. put your hair in a ponytail or put a hat on for friday. your weekend will be safe. the breezes will continue through saturday afternoon. much calmer into sunday and slightly warmer before the next system that's really going to knock the numbers down, from temperatures in the upper 50s
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that. in the valley, a degree above the freezing mark tuesday into wednesday. >> say it ain't so. >> it's so. >> thank you. if you like to enjoy a toaster pastry with a cup of coffee, you are going to love
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you can now enjoy a cup of coffee in your poptart. cup kin doughnuts and poptarts with teaming up. >> you can choose from frosted vanilla latte. no, my kids, you can't have it. i want to go to sleep at night.
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according to its website, a secret service agent has a high level of responsibility and is worthy of trust and confidence. here's what's happening behind the headlines. how did the agency's 6500 agents, uniform officers and support personnel lose or have stolen nearly 12,000 critical items since 2001? laptops, cell phones, panels and -- badge, and weapons. even they are not alone. . it's not federal law. washington spends 1.2 billion tax payer dollars on 1.5 million cell phones and tablets each year. ten agencies had no idea how many devices they had or where they were. for example, the irs was clueless who possessed 29,000
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your money. the federal government is notorious for not holding workers accountable for bad or irresponsible behavior. each year 99% of 2.8 million federal employees are graded fully successful. 3% are graded minimal successful. enough is enough. washington must improve. to comment go to
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tonight, trump's victory lap. as the president-elect celebrates saving jobs at carrier, we now know the cost paid to keep them. tonight the campaign's over, but the rallies are not. without a trace. family members missing in the devastating wildfires scorching the smokey mountains. hostage crisis. nearly a dozen held inside a florida bank. tonight the dramatic moment they distracted the gunman, allowing the s.w.a.t. team to storm inside. high-risk rescue mission to save legendary astronaut buzz aldrin, falling ill at the south pole. a medical emergency at the bottom of the world. and magic mushrooms, wait until you see how they're helping cancer patients feel better. some say it's changed


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