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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  December 1, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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>> anchor: tis the season for giving. tonight salvation army is asking for your help. they need bellringers for rent cattle drive. they have been doing this since 1865. more than 1 million americans are held by the group for the year.>> anchor: time to look at weather authority. it is chilly and it's getting worse. >> sports anchor: i could not say better myself. next week we will lows in the good portion of the valley below freezing. you have a few days to get ready for it. in the meantime were on the way down. great review from camera on top of the real looking towards highroller to the east. it's a nice night to look at. a little on the calls that appeared not as cold as the last couple evenings. a few high thin clouds in
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boulder city lights came on. here in las vegas at valley looking off to the east. you get a great view of the lights coming on the vegas strip after the sun went down. right now way up north 53 degrees. no wins yet. we seek gusts up to 54. you see how that little breeze got the temperature up here now six miles per hour. we will take to jones washin the rest of the numbers valley wide we are seeing a little bit more of a chill down south. pretty much everybody in the low to mid-50s. outside the valley dipping into the 20s. okay, as you map out today and tomorrow we will watch
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mid-50s by the middle of the afternoon. the story will be the wind. better than 20 mile-per-hour. cost will get to 30 mile per hour. around the edges of the vial valley it will be 40. decreasing wind speed will be a slow process. expected to remain windy into tomorrow night. not is windy, but it will be in the afternoon. not too much of a factor. it will clear off around one or two p.m. significant winds will blow through about that time too. a gradual ramp up with the wind. i will be very active. one system right after another over the top of us. that will continue. next week's front will be a colder one. after that we will start a gradual warm-up. we need to wait a week or more before it happens. temperatures in mid-20s northern nevada.
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get out of the 30s. salt lake will max out at 35. southern nevada mountains going down to 16. it will be 40 in morocco valley. the highest tomorrow is a high temperature in the mountain up to 39. 50 even in sandy valley. for las vegas valley were going to 42. a few clouds will clear out. clouds decrease and winds increasing. 10 20 mile-per-hour thus over 30 miles per hour. 54 high temperature. future cast looking at breezes coming in first half of saturday. wednesday down sunday and come back monday. a front coming tuesday with a high of 49. midweek one will get you attention. we will have wide spread freeze
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the valley. >> anchor: it makes me shiver. >> anchor: maybe the biggest news of the night is coming
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>> >> anchor: pickup truck slammed into crowded walmart and morning and is store outside des moines. the driver did not slow down as the truck barreled through the front door. the driver is among the injured. iowa state police believe the crash was an accident. >> anchor: researchers say they found a legitimate use for magic mushroom. >> anchor: they compound helps to release depression and anxiety in cancer patients.
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cancer patients who took phyllis sieben, a compound in mushrooms that produce hallucination. patients reported feeling less fearful and more optimistic after taking the drug. even six months later, 80 percent said they felt less anxious and depressed. >> anchor: a scientific breakthrough could make chocolate guilt free. nestli said they found a way to reduce the amount of calories in candy by changing chemical structure of sugar.the process could level xl percent and they say
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>> >> anchor: with a flip of the switch christmas arrived in the nation capital.
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the tree for a final time. a lineup of performers join the obama's for last holiday. james taylor, kelly clarkson,
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followers, makering her the most followed celeb and next to taylor swift with 94 million. ?? ? >> selena also has the most viral video on the platform with this one with more than 20 million views. ?? ?? >> one more note, everybody, the critic's choice film nominations were just announced today "la la land" leads all movie nominations and it airs on a, and e.
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oprah and her cross-country adventure with gayle and stedman. >> living. and loving life. >> and only we are getting an up-close look at gwyneth paltrow's holiday gift guide filled with crazy expensive stuff. >> how much is that? >> we'll tell you what her a-list friends have already bought. >> and a big bang exclusive sneak peek. can sheldon handle moving into penny's old pad. >> i've always thought this couch would look fantastic on the curb in front of the building. >> closed captioning provided
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kaley cuoco celebrates her boyfriend with her boyfriend carl cook by her side. the pair were photographed leaving a dinner for two last night in l.a. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and tonight on "the big bang theory," kaley's character penny may be in for a big surprise after amy and sheldon decide to make some changes to her apartment. >> we can't just throw away
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>> i wonder how she feels about all this art work. >> well, i'm sure she misses this one. i mean, it's the greatest gift i've ever given anybody. >> those two together! this is the time of year when everyone is thinking about going home for the holidays, right? but you know oprah, she always does things in a big, big way. her sights are set a bit more grand. 2017, no better way to start it off, i think, than with grandness and grandeur here overlooking the fantastic, amazing, grand canyon. >> joining lady o on the arizona adventure, boyfriend stedman graham and bff gayle king who is not the biggest fan of hiking. >> i don't want to say that i'm a whiner and complainer and those two were hiking and they were like goats and had the 75-pound backpacks on, and i literally said, i can't do it. i can't go another step.
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soen ra ended up carrying her backpack and mine, too. >> the trip is featured in the january issue of "o.? it was this photo that brought oprah to tears. >> it was an early morning shoot because we wanted to get the sun coming up so it was a little after 5:00 and oprah is very a tuned to nature and trees. that moved her to tears when she saw the sun coming up and this is no joke, a hawk flew by at just that exact moment. oprah really is fearless about most things. i don't like heights, so she got right on the edge and looked over. i'm the one standing in the background going no! be careful! >> this is kicking off our great year of adventure in "o magazine" and i'm hoping it will be a year of great adventures and experiences for you, as well. >> big people, live big. >> that is so fantastic. i've never been to the grand canyon either, oprah, next time please take me with you. i'll bring some lunch. i promise. here's a christmas dinner i wish
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the best one that you will see all season because tiffani thiessen serving up a delicious side of '90s nostalgia. >> merry christmas. >> these are a group of people, all of them that i love so much and to have them all in the same room is pretty neat. >> joining the actress and husband brady smith at their table three of tiffani's former on-screen loves and their wives including beverly hills 90210 star jason priestly. >> i'm home. >> i noticed. >> mvo plate was actually made by brady this evening. >> what's that? >> the smoked turkey. >> he made it? >> i'm sorry. >> he brought it on a plate. >> did you smoke it? >> i smoked it. >> all i saw was you carried it in. >> he carried it. >> tiff, i apologize. >> unapologetic for his appetite, tiffani's white collar co-star tim tekay. >> i'll take another roll. >> my goodness! >> but our favorite blast from tv past a bearded mark paul
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time shooting "saved by the bell.? >> zach, you don't know what this means to me. >> it's funny, my love of food started a little bit with you traveling through europe like we did when we were teenagers. >> a paid trip to paris and going to the finest restaurants. >> do you remember when we went to bordeaux and we had that amazing meal, with, like, seven glasses of different type of wine? >> how old were you? >> 16. >> we did a lot of things back then! >> o social media. it was awesome! >> with slater, jesse, lisa and screech there, too? i need to know these things, tiffani. >> time to unwrap the presents on gwyneth paltrow's list. these are gifts that make you go, oh, my goodness. no wonder the pop-up store attracted an a-list crowd. kate hudson, demi moore and daughter rumer willis got their
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guide pop-up shop. >> a teddy bear that does yoga poses for $30. a real steal because it is known for over the top extravagance. >> what's the most expensive item here. >> the algae styler was a gift. it basically is a dry-cleaner at home and it saves a trip to the dry-cleaner and you put something in and in under an hour it's done. the $2,000 dry-cleaner may be the most expensive item in the l.a. store, but online you can there is a $8300 yurt which is basically a tent or a $800 razor or how about chocolate toothpaste for $120? >> who comes up with this list? >> so there are 600 products and they're picked out by gwyneth and the team. >> the person on the list who really wants tt live like gwyneth, there's the infrared sauna, price tag, just shy of $2300. >> i love the infrared sauna.
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everyone in this store. there are $10 stocking stuffers to over the top finds like caviar to go. >> wait a minute. one more time. caviar to go. >> caviar to go. 30-gram tins are $100. i'm a candy cane in a stockinn kind of girl, but if you want to give me caviar, hey! >> i'll get you some for christmas! my favorite gift these tags are really cool, five inspired unhelpful.helpful. >> thahat's very good.
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at justin bieber reveals the harsh reasons he has no plans to return to instagram. then watch our exclusive blooper reel from "the voice" watching adam levine's hilarious impression of blake shelton. >> shia labeouf insisted on being pepper sprayed for his dramatic role of "man down." >> it's all at >> primal consideration provided by -- we can't say good night without remembering a giant in the tv industry.
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influible tv executives ever and he's the man behind "the mary tyler moore show" on cbs. >> you've got spunk. >> well -- >> i hate spunk! >> he actually was married to marry. also on cbs, he was a force behind rhoda, the bob newhart show and on nbc he spearheaded programs like "hillstreet blues" and "cheers.? >> here's a bit of tv history, on the series finale of "cheers," there's mr. tinker sitting at the bar for the last call. >> cheer, grant.
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my heart is racing a million miles an hour. i was using my boots to move leaves, and that's when i screamed, this scream. >> she made time for romance and her three daughters. >> she was the best mom. >> then she disappeared. dozens joined the search. >> we need nikki to come home. >> then they found her. >> come on, folks. come on. >> launching a mystery that would divide this family. >> i suspected him from the beginning. >> one daughter thought her step-dad, matt, did it.


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