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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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offered millions of tax breaks to build a plant here. >> spoiler alert, how to protect those is occasions when your family spots their special gifts on the dor step. >> news3 starts right now. >> lot of breaking news to get to. start with this one, three people in the hospital, fooling three scar crash in the northwest valley. >> i'm m mortera. christy wilcox is with us. >> let me show you what's going on behind us. two vehicles and a motorcycle were involved in a crash. two people from one vehicle and
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also a local resident stopped by here and expressed his concern about drivers in this area speeding. it's blocked from clayton to simmons, so stay away from this area. we're getting more information. ready to talk to north las vegas police as i said we will keep you updated. send it back to you. >> thank you christy. around 7 this evening, near las vegas and civic center acknowledge firefighters were able to get them outside of the house but all three suffered intense smoke inhalation.
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story faraday future, srm failing, after speaking with the governing's office today. >> the governor's office and north las vegas.mayor john lee, faraday future leases an office, yet turned the phone lines on. our governor though still confident. >> faraday future, may run on batteries here. the state handed them a $300 million incentive deal a year ago to get them here. but in that year things have not gone smoothly.
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company stopped trading on the chinese stock market. the ceo in november sent a are letter to his shairbledz sayings saying they were stretched. but conversations between both sides have stopped. >> pretty much before it began. i think governor owes it to the people of this state to tell us the truth what's going on here. >> reporter: today our governor is telling us what's going on. in a joint statement with north las vegas mayor john lee, the state continues to communicate
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invested $120 million of its own money in our community and its is future deserves more than statements from a political opportunist. >> not talking about the future instead they are talking about their construction projection already being a game changer from the area a governor's response is all online boat on our social media accounts and this is a developing story that we plan on following. john strayhorn news3, guys. >> thank you john. a unlv math instructor facing backlash, he even on a post threatened to report
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nathan o'neil with their quick and strong reaction. nathan. >> reporter: we're getting word that this math teacher is apologizing and those comments were meant as a joke. but many on the very diverse campus says this is no joking matter. >> i am so angry that this individual thought it was okay to come out and say this to students who are >> george bush makes this controversial statement about.undocumented immigrants. bush writes that there would be, quote, no safe spaces in my classes and threatens to report students to immigration authorities. >> to have somebody openly saying they are going to report to immigration officials, i think that's the fear here.
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>> if unlv decides they are not going to.follow law. >> he said he was sorry and it was a joke. as far as len jessop, unlv will continue to protect its students, faculty and staff against bullying, and outer things that threatens the diversity to make us strong and proud. and students are calling on unlv to designate this campus as a, quote, sanctuary campus. nathan o'neil reporting. >> thank you nathan. officers say they stole $10,000
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the area.they all face grand largefully and burglary charges. >> buzz al dren who landed in the moon with neil armstrong in 1969. la toya stillman's >> a smiling 86-year-old buzz aldrin after a rescue from the bottom of the world. just tuesday he tweeted, south pole here i come as he joined a luxury adventure tour. but once there at 9,000 feet double the altitude of denver his condition began to deteriorate.
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the area. >> looks like high amount attitude pulmonary edema. you have to get them down to sea level and on oxygen. it is a life threatening condition. >> in 1469, buzz al drit drin followed neil armstrong down ladder. the anima lightyear was created in his honor. >> he is a force there's no question about that. >> and you see him smiling there. tonight nasa says they have been in twuch the new zealand doctors and they say he is doing well. >> i'm floating around with buzz aldrin, it's amazing.
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>> i did not. >> i heard those are kind of hard. >> after they learned they didn't own their backyard -- >> the bid they might have to make and made a startling discovery up next. >> and giving away the secret of those holiday gifts bought on
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>> we've got an update to the brea n the top of the hour raf a three vehicle accident in the northwest. >> christy wilcox is live at the scene, we know three people are really badly hurt. >> reporter: well right now we're off of ann and coleman and we just got an update from north las vegas police about five minutes ago. they have confirmed that one person has died. here is what we knowto so far. two vehicles and a motorcycle were involved in this crash.
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say they have minimal injuries. the other two people are on the keenly and police are getting ready to talk to them. the person on the motorcycle transmitted to u.n. mc was pronounced dead tonight. local resident also expressing concern over drivers speeding in this area. people coming down this area. ann is blocked off between clayton and simmons. go ahead and make it around this particular area out hire. reporting live for news3, christy wilcox, back to you. >> thank you christy. with all the online bargains, a lot of us are waiting for those gifts to get dropped off at our doorstep.
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grinch will get away. christy wilcox took a look at this. >> when parents like diana bautista..had them checking their list twice. >> there goes that, i've got to get something else. delivered instead of pick it it up in store because she didn't get a spoiler alert. >> i didn't get that notification, i thought i was safe enough to have it delivered. sure enough, next few days it showed out of nowhere. >> thought you were such a good boy. dropped it off early. >> cyber monday attracted
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>> more shoppers actually logged in through tablets, computers and even at work on cyber monday than we had in the thanksgiving weekend. >> large boxes may not be covered and signing for a package is why. >> not only does it make sure that it is going to the right person but it makes sure your kids can't receive a delivery themselves. >> as online shoppers get bigger bargains, bautistad outsmart the holiday grinch the next time. >> i will have a p.o. box, that is another suggestion. >> that was christy wilcox reporting. imagine, your backyard is not your backyard. happening to someone in western washington, they were informed their backyard edged next month.
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the '80s. there are no laws from preventing someone from buying are that i backyard. >> this one might make its way into your dream time. the las vegas valley is infested with rats this winter and that's not even the worst part. right now they're trying to get inside your home as the temperatures drop out there. they are setting up bait boxes and the good news, is southern nevada rodent district says you should not ignore the problem. >> rodents can squeeze into very install gaps. so really anything less than a quarter inch you want to make sure is sealed up in terms of access points into your home. >> we've seen them two through plumbing pipes, in the hoods of
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insulation. >> whoa, you think it couldn't happen in my neighborhood you should know exterminators fighting rats in every neighborhood. they like to breed inside bushes, one good thing is to trim back your bushes to prevent. >> news3 is your weather authority. if the temperatures didn't give you a chill, that story did, right? >> nice t population. >> you dirty rats! >> i like that, very nice. we've got wind issues that will be the weather story tomorrow. starting in the northern are pat of the las vegas valley. the strongest winds will be outside las vegas wind advisory is in effect for northeastern clark county, probably gusts around 40 miles per hour.
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that will certainly keep your attention. warmer and drier than normal if the temperatures did not crash at the end of the month this would have been the all time warmest november since las vegas records have been kept. as we did miss it many, 2008, 2006, 2007, when the sunshine hits the highs crystals in the garden variety sunset picture cover. comes from tonopah, and the sunset colors and las vegas shots as well with a few clouds that we experienced and we did experience during the day a few clouds, more this evening. they started coming from the northwest and worked their way across the las vegas valley. of course when you have those clouds right at sunset the sky
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it, it was on fire one more time. centennial hills, now to 22, going to ramp up overnight. the stronger winds haven't made their way yet, but these winds are moving their way across the las vegas valley. it's going to take a couple of hours but we'll see these wind speeds workhe not thatful thousand but baby is at 12, boulder city is at eafn. december 1st a below-normal start to the month, 57 and 38. 57? high, easily within our $3 guarantee. on a roll. are the good news is the nevada partnership for homeless youth
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$2100, for their shade tree shelter, benefiting those across the organization. we do see some dust get kicked up, temperatures don't look that bad, mid 40s and mid 50s as we get into the afternoon. sustained wind speeds will start decreasing tonight. those are the sustained winds. gusts even stronger. that push of air from second spot is going to be even colder as we get bites to the air and early part of next week. first things first, with the breeze blowing, wind chills to start your middle of the day winds, 10 to 30 sustained but
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especially at the northwest part of town. lingering breezes until saturday, monday through tuesday ayeyiyi.
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>> thursday night football had dallas visiting of visiting minnesota, purple people eater. craig zim ir had emergency eye
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minnesota is out of deals and fumbles, weber recovers it. next play, bryant who and a half gates his way to the end zone for the 14-9 dallas lead. 14 seconds left, minnesota can tie it up with a two point conversion. incomplete. his head coach couldn't see the game and apparently the ref didn't see a to the head there. back in las vegas, the celebratory lap is part of champions week. the 17 drivers from the sprint cup race participated. also celebrating a new sponsor, next seen, monster energy will replace sprint. vegas nightive kyle busch
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hungry for another championship. >> it's nice, through accolades of what you've been able to accomplish through the year so not necessarily awards that you set out for and look towards. the only one you set out to and maybe able to achieve is that championship. >> tomorrow at the win, saturday at the pumps, the ultimate sider facility. but the to talk about hasn't even been set. connor mcgregor is taking issue, the staiferl is is granting hiss him a license. he's got to make sure mcgregor is good enough to compete in boxing, with mcgregor's own
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served the punishment the commission imposed. that at an plvmentgm press conference. >> you bet there will be some rodeo injuries at the thomas and mack this week, round one wrapped up tonight, reanling two-time, school, calm in control atop a bull named he gets 86.5%, after waiting. unlv volleyball team competes just the second time in rebel history? rebels utah. join two other mountain west schools. >> we were definitely shocked
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>> finally tonight, a brand-new hotel opens up in the middle of the resort. >> inside the sos, the old.sahara. 289-room luxury rid >> private spaces and even secret entrances. the official grand ope [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone.


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