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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning. i heard al roker saying the winds are whipping up in southern california. is that the same system moving into >> krystal: we will find out from kelly in a few minutes. >> kim: we thank you for starting the day extra early. my husband enjoying the day off. it's supposed to be a golf game for dana. not sure about that. probably not the day he would have designed to have for a golf day, but what are you going to do? >> kelly: the winds will r going to be kicking up today.
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winds with it. there is precipitation south of the las vegas valley. we'll take a look at that coming up. 48-degrees. 52 by lunchtime and only 53 at 4:00. temperatures well below normal today. we're going to talk more about it coming up. >> unlv math instructor facing backlash over posting on social media that his classroom is not a safe zone for undocumented immigrants. the instructor threatening to report them when news 3 met with him he refused to comment but he told the newspaper he was sorry and it was a joke. >> to have somebody openly saying they are going to report somebody to immigration officials, that is what the fear is here.
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unlv president joined 400 other presidents to support undocumented students. >> kim: if you were up late last night you saw this on our 11:00 news. a person lost their life. it was a three car night. north las vegas police are investigating this one after what they note so far is two classer slammed into each other and it also involved that motorcycle. two people from one car rushed to the hospital with minimal injuries. two others stayed at the scene. the person from the motor cycle was pronounced dead. police continue to investigate.
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this as well. three people including a child in critical condition after firefighters rescued them from a burning home. happened 7:00 last night near las vegas boulevard and civic center. they were safely able to get the people out of the home but three of them suffered from smoke inhalation. >> krystal: local exterminators tell us the las vegas valley is infested with rats this winter. experts say they are more temperatures continue to drop. technicians are setting up bait boxes. the good news is southern nevada health district has not found any rod dent diseases across our town. you should not ignore the problem. >> rodents can squeeze into small gaps. anything less than a quarter
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points to your home. >> we have seen them chew electrical wiring, go through plumbing pipes, seen them in the hoods of the cars on the engine blocks chewing up the installation. >> rats were found in every local zip codes. the rodents breed inside trees and brushes. if you need help you can find information on >> kim: we're going to focus on the nascar award show will take place today at the win. it was just yesterday that we got to see this. look at this. they are doing burnouts on the las vegas strip. this happened about 3:00 in the afternoon. you can see tom was above it in sky 3. very cool aerial coverage that you are only going to see on this station. hearing from a lot of drivers down blow and they have a lot on the line as they are here in las
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able to accomplish throughout the year. they are not awards you set out for and look towards. the only one you set out for is the chainship. >> it is now 4:35 and we'll continue to let you know about what is going on everything related to nascar this week here in las vegas. it's been a lot of fun along with the national finals rodeo. >> krystal: an unexpected announcement from cabinet announcements this week. he let one slip last night. tracy potts on why his confirmation could be tougher than the rest. >> we are going to appoint mad
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but we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. >> a surprise announcement during president elect trump's rally in ohio known as a hard liner on a run. retired marine general mad disfaces an uphill waiver. this morning mr. trump is back in new york after announcing 1,000 carrier manufacturing jobs not moving t >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. >> 1300 carrier jobs are headed south of the border. >> wish they would be able to save ourself also. >> after last night's rally today it's back to work on the transition. the secretary of state nominee still anointed. sources tell nbc they are looking at new candidates.
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of exxon mobile. >> kim: we'll talk to tracy about all of that in our 6:00 hour. let's take you back to d.c. and focus on something fun , the holidays. something we're seeing for the final time. the first family lighting up the national christmas it was the 94th annual time this took place. the cup billion their youngest daughter to light up the tree. the first lady read twas the
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crowd. still to come there is a pitbull that is a puppy and the video has gone viral and it has to do with cleaning up. you know jeanie most is going to have fun with this one. >> krystal: a speeding car almost hits a woman. we'll tell you what saved her life. >> kim: lye pictures of planet hollywood on your screen because that is where britney spears performs. that is we're celebrating brittney today because she's turning 35 today. starting that residency here in
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>> kim: saved by a lamp post. i'm not joking. you saw the accident. here is the person that was saved by this pole. it was all caught on camera. the crash there caught on the traffic cameras. the video from multiple angles showing that hashback making a left turn and getting hit by a black sedan. the carrick sheas into the light post. the woman falls down wack up like nothing ever happened. no one involved in the collision seriously injured. just minor stuff. >> krystal: that is hard to believe. let's talk about buzz evacuated from the south poll. pole. we have an update. he's smiling.
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of that program that airs sunday full measure. you've done reporting on these girls that have morphed to the point they are resistent to antibiotics. what can be down protect the american people? >> a lot of people think the fda should require hospitals to report their infections. they are not being required on a national throstle say when they have an patients they have a particular problem there. it's becoming an increasing problem with overuse of antibiotics and people who don't take their whole prescription prescription which some believe creates stronger bugs. super bugs are coming in from other countries from place like china and antibiotics are used in our farm animals and food supply and some scientists think that's causing a surge in resistent bacteria as well.
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it's a report that everybody hearing this needs to see and it's coming your way on sunday here on channel 3. full measure airs twice on sunday. once at 9:00 in the morning. the other time in the evening after sunday night football at 9:30 here on channel 3. >> kim: we have a somber anniversary to mark in california. it was one year ago today that a married couple opened fire at that holiday party in san bernardino killing 14 people and wounding 21 others. that there is the picture of the people we are talking about. farook and his wife later killed in that shootout with police. today's anniversary is going to be marked with a number of events starting with a memorial bike ride. that starts this morning. also going toe end with a community gathering that will be late they are evening. >> krystal: buzz arriving in new zealand after he was evacuated
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this program. he's now 86 years old. he fell ill during a visit to the antarctic. he's the second man to walk on the moon and was part of a south pole tour along with his son andrew. looks like he is smiling there. he was evacuated from the south pole and flown to new zealand earlier today. he is responding well to antibiotics so that is good to hear. his manager says he's in good spirits. >> kim: a whole new generation knows him as buzz light year. so cool. decades ago he felt slighted because neil armstrong got all the glory. because of toy story there is a
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about who neil armstrong is but buzz light year. we're going to take a look at what is going on outside. >> kelly: it is a little bit chillily. extra hold hair spray or pony tail holder today ladies. gusty winds out there. here is what we saw yesterda afternoon hours. winds were light yesterday but they increased during the overnight hours. temperatures right now are above normal. summerlin 44. cloudsover night keeping things warmer. paradise 25 miles per hour and stronger gusts are expected outside of the las vegas valley. you see all this area shaded in
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through 10:00. you are looking at winds gusting to 50 and we have light precipitation further you are down to our south and parts of arizona they are seeing mountain snow showers. 54 is our expected high today. mostly sunny skies. windy conditions gusts to 35. tonight looking at 37 for the low. breezy conditions, gusts to 25. our seven-day forecast showing breezy conditions lasting into tomorrow morning. forecast. more gusty winds tuesday will bring in much colder air. >> krystal: tiger woods returning to the golf course. tiger had been recovering from back surgery. he was on fire early. he rolled off three straight birdies and was two under par after another birdie. faded late with a double bogie on the 16th hole and a ball in
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tiger woods finishing with one over par 73 and stands 17th in a field of 18. >> kim: we're into award season now. the nominations for the 22nd annual critics choice awards. we're leading off with la la land which is leading the way. the musical romance receiving 12 nominations. and then also the drama arrival which was terrific so it has a lot of nominations and moonlight
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>> chris: we have another preview of the victoria fashion show before you see them hit the runway on your tv screen. we know that familiar face. that is kendall jenner. and bella making her debut on the runway. i think they are pretty good friends. lady at the show. that will be televised december 5. speaking of lady gaga calling for more love and kindness saying that fame and fortunate are not -- [indiscernible] that is cool. she told british media she would continue to protect the social progress in the united states
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>> money and being a celebrity has been put on a pedestal in a way that it truly doesn't deserve because it's not at the center of happiness. what is at the center of happiness is family and friendship and love and kindness. >> krystal: that's a good message. lady gaga dropped her fourth record >> kim: let's focus on the year in music. joanna was a big hit for her. now we're talking about what everyone was streaming. thank you for being here. out of the gate let's start with the person who was streamed the most in 2016, at least up until now, it's december 2. >> it was drake. the rapper.
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4.7 billion times on spotify. he had the most streamed song of the year and he had the most streamed album on spotify. his strategy of constantly releasing music is really working. he doesn't give us a chance to forget about him. >> kim: he was terrific when he performed at the t-mobile arena. he was so great to see in person. he's an amazing i have a feeling that lemonade is going to play heavily into this one. >> no, beyonce didn't make our list. we don't have lemonade on spotify. she hasn't given it to us. however our most streamed artist is rihanna. rihanna is a huge hit with spotify listeners. she was our most streamed artist last year and again this year.
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releasing numbing, she always does well with our listeners and this year she released a fantastic album and had a huge hit that was a collaboration with drake called work. >> kim: maybe beyonce should release her work to you because i saw rihanna passed her in earnings. have a good one. thank you. >> ever wished your pet would clean up its own mess? meet pablo, the three-month-old pitbull. >> pablo belongs to a 21-year-old texas rapper.
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left pablo at a friend's and pablo had an accident on the bathroom floor. this is what he came home to. a toilet paper covered photo. my dog pablo blanked on the floor and tried to clean it up. really can't whoop his [beep] for this one. billy says he never whips his butt. that's just an >> pablo went over to the toilet paper and unrolled it himself? >> yes, he's pretty splatter. >> the internet swooned over the canine. >> he's a star now. >> yeah he is. girls messaging him trying to match him up with their little puppies on dates and girls
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meet him one day and stuff like that. >> the overshadowed rapper tweeting pablo about to blow up before me. now the pitbull has his own twitter account. we will never know if he was trying to clean up his puddle or conceal it. one tweeted i know how many
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>> kim: welcome back to the program. what is on that guy's shoulder? it's a little red bird. it's named bird accompanied by its owner. this was at the washington county courthouse in oregon hanging out in a tree during the hearing. this is so funny. a police mug shot including the bird. things took a turn for the worst when the guy expressing concern for his feathered friend outside in the tree. the deputy let's him bring the bird n. the deputy's friend agrees to care for the bird while he serves his sentens. st. nick getting a makeover.
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italian. >> kim: people are fired up because of what a math instructor posted on social media. >> krystal: deadly crash.
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the one thing police are urging all of us to do this morning. >> kim: it's new this morning. a latest job report just about to be announced. we're going to have it live on the program. we have the one thing we can expect that we can rely on for sure involving a certain segment of society. it is 5:00 on this friday morning. it is chilly out there. we have a lineup change. dana wagner enjoying the day off. we welcome krystal. we have a jam packed two hours for you.


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