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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the one thing police are urging all of us to do this morning. >> kim: it's new this morning. a latest job report just about to be announced. we're going to have it live on the program. we have the one thing we can expect that we can rely on for sure involving a certain segment of society. it is 5:00 on this friday morning. it is chilly out there. we have a lineup change. dana wagner enjoying the day off. we welcome krystal. we have a jam packed two hours for you.
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the people have spoken and we've listened. i don't see blinking lights behind tom so that is good news. let's lead off with kelly and when we should expect to wear today. >> kelly: extra hold hair spray a good idea. temperatures will be cool as well. have a nice warm sweater on. 48 at 9:00 a.m. 52 by noon. 53 at 4:00. one day is looking great maybe for hiking too tom. >> tom: i hope so. kim indicated we have a good start to the roads. that's what we see in our travel times. everything is near the speed limit. we're up by the urban speed limit there. we look outside with a camera and everything is smooth on i15 just north of the bowl. no delay whatsoever and travel times where we expect them to be
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morning commute. >> kim: let's focus on this math instructor on the campus of unlv. he said his classroom is not a safe zone for undocumented immigrants and threatened to report students to immigration authorities. this created quite the stir on social media the other day. >> it did indeed this. no safe spaces in my classes. he threatens to report students to immigration authorities who are undocumented. now the professor has -- math teacher has walked this back. it comes from teacher george bush. no relation to the former president. he has since apologized saying it was a joke and he had no interest in explaining more when approached by news 3.
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talking. >> if unlv decides they are not going to comply with the federal government that is a willingful action to break the law. i'm here to support individuals who believe the law should be upheld. >> to have somebody who openly saying they are going to report somebody to immigration officials, i think that is what the fear is here. that a student should be able to speak to their instructor and be open to them. ac at unlv , the student union just behind me. the president here did write a statement saying that he's strongly committed to the first amendment and the right to free speech and he pledges to protect students from racism, discrimination and bullying. this professor said his comments on facebook were a joke. >> krystal: if you post something on social immediate y
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car crash last night. officers were investigating after two cars collided also involving that motorcycle. two people from one car taken to the hospital. those go had minimal injuries. two others taken from another s.u.v. stayed on the scene. but that person on the motorcycle taken to umc ultimately pronounced dead. police say you need tolk roadways. >> we can't forget even on major thoroughfares we have to be care and obey the speed limits that are posted. >> after being shut down for hours as police investigating it's back open this morning. >> kim: to a story you first saw here that involves three people including a child in critical condition after firefighters rescued them from their burning
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firefighters say they were able to get those people out of the home but all three did suffer from smoke inhalation. fire officials have not determined what started that fire. >> three women arrested accused of a shoplifting spree. they stole from several sick or the i can't secret stores. they just grab hands of merchandise and just take off. all three facing burglary and >> kim: we have this video all the time on the program. this takes us out to summerlin where they go into the car and steal a gun that was inside. that is not a situation you want to have happening. the owner of the car says i should have locked the doors. let's focus on surveillance videos for a moment in our community.
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who has the cameras. the registration is voluntary and free of charge. >> quite often you see we show suspect descriptions and crop it down to where you just get the face or a license plate number we will take care so you can't get perspective that's a potential witness. >> kim: because so many of you have surveillance cameras fully in place at your home, local police want to you register them to help fight crime in our community. if you want to get that done, go to our website. police cannot and will not have access to your surveillance cameras if you decide to sign up.
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your skin crawling. local exterminators tell us the las vegas valley is infested with rats. this winter lovely little surprise for us. michelle joins us in studio with more. tell us it isn't true. >> michelle: your daily rat report from here on out. that's not own the worst part. experts say these critical conditioners are more likely to -- critters are more likely to come inside as temperatures drop. a to kill them. no rodent diseases have been found anywhere in town. >> rodents can squeeze into very small gaps. anything less than a quarter inch make sure is sealed up in terms of access points to your home.
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blocks chewing up the installation. >> michelle: apparently they don't diskim you nate because they've been found in every local zip code. if you need help dealing with a rat problem you can find more conversation on >> kim: we know they like to eat pizza. we've all seen that rat in new york with a pizza bigger than itself. if you haven't i our facebook page for you. we're focusing on nascar this week along with the rodeo. tonight at the win starting at 5:00 fans are going to be abuzz. they are going to be so excited to check out some of the top celebrities in this sport. the celebrity lap marks the season's end. the drivers participated and performed in burnouts yesterday. that's what this was on the strip. we had tom above it in sky 3.
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are also celebrating a new sponsor. monster energy is going to replace sprint. you refer it to as the sprint cup series. now it will be monster energy. kyle busch already looking forward to next year. cool stuff we'll stay rob top of. i was just told we have 22 days until christmas. as we check out this live picture out of the heart o n york city, rockefeller city. and the first family for the final time lit up the national christmas tree. we'll have that later. >> krystal: incredit to believe see that tree all lit up. we are in christmas mode here. donald trump making a surprise announcement at a rally in ohio last night. coming up who trump says he would like to appoint as secretary of defense. >> kim: and we had all those
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them cyber monday. which website dominated all the others? it's something we're talking. >> eric: live with jane king so that is still to come. >> heart stopping video. you see the woman saved from getting hit by a car while she's walking on the sidewalk. we'll tell you what kept her from getting hit.
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>> kim: look at the images. this is gatlinburg tennessee more dire news. another death to report which brings death toll up to 11 now. journalist did get a tour of the area yesterday. the streets just appear empty. the city trying to recover however they are still trying to put out the fire mode as far as the firefighters. more than 14,000 residents were forced to evacuate on monday
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burned to zo far. the governor of tennessee declared a state of emergency which they are doing so to help get aid to all of the victims affected by this. >> krystal: such a beautiful area. police are really crediting a parent for being aware and stepping in averting a possible tragedy at a middle school in salt like city utah. this 15-year-old boy brought a couple of guns to school. it was his father who noticed that a couple of guns were missing from the house. he then goes to the school. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. he goes to the school and goes to the classroom where his son is just as his son was firing this gun into the ceiling.
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gun away from his son and hold him down until police were there. no one hurt in this incident. police have yet to release a motive or know what this boy's intentions were. thankfully that father was attentive to what was going on in his household. >> kim: hundreds getting together last night to honor that police officer who lost his life this week. he was shot and killed while responding to wednesday. some people delivering speeches, other people taking to music. reps from law enforcement in the area to show a sense of solidarity with this community. the vigil ending with amazing grace. the sheeter was killed by police early thursday morning. nearly a 12-hour standoff ensued. a lot of you saw that breaking news on this very program. in the end police say two
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human shield but they did survive this domestic incident. >> krystal: aviation authority has indefinitely suspended the airline that operated the jet that crashed monday. the flight crashed killing all but six of the 77 people on board. authorities are preparing the bodies of the victims, many of them from a brazilian soccer team for the return home. >> kim: we take you back to hours ago where president elect donald trump surprised all of us. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mad disas our secretary of defense. but we're not announcing it
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anybody. mad dog. he's great. >> kim: did we really just hear a cabinet position at a rally in cincinnati on the thank you tour. this is his first appearance since being elected. he thanked all the supporters in ohio. we're just getting started with this one. we're going to talk about this big announcement live in our 6:00 hour. right now it's time to f here is tom. >> tom: we're starting out with a little bit of trouble on eastern avenue. it's nobody just as you get ready to make the ramp movement on to the 215. you can see they have this vehicle down here with significant damage. that is going to be a problem for a while. as we get to the airport connector everything is moving up to speed. travel times all running in the green on the freeway so let's
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weather. this is from yesterday. saw a lot of clouds to start. more clouds moving in and right when the sun went down yesterday the winds started to pick up. because of clouds during the overnight and winds temperatures are not as cold as it has been recently. winds gusting to 23 miles per hour in southeast. lakes 30-mile per hour gusts reported this the areas shaded in town. basically everyone outside of the valley. gusts to 50 are possible through 10:00 tonight. in the valley gusts to 35. we have light precipitation down to our south. most of this will not affect us. today's high 54.
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colder at 37 for the low. saturday still breezy. if you want to do things early. sunday it's looking great. sunny, 59. more strong winds next week and much colder temperatures. >> kim: on the topic of numbers in 15 minutes from now we are supposed to see if noily jobs report. let's talk out what to expect by the what do you think is going to happen here in a matter of minutes? >> there have been surveys of economist a ton of them and they think we'll see between 175,000 and 200,000 jobs created last month. the unemployment rate holds steady at 4.9%. those are the two key pieces out of these monthly jobs report. one thing we expect to see is that young people are rejoining the labor market.
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minutes. >> kim: we're going to find out who killed it during the cyber weekend. there is one company at the top of the list. >> amazon captured 31% of online spending. nobody was even close to them. amazon accounted for all of the sales, about a third over the entire thanksgiving weekend. best buy 7.4, wal-mart >> krystal: a lamp post saving a woman from being hit by a speeding car that was involved in an accident in poland. so the crash caught on video by traffic cameras at the intersection. the video multiple angles you see showing a white hatchback making a left turn and getting hit by a black sedan.
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post falls down but she's able to get back up. no one involved in the collision seriously hurt. she was able to walk away ok saved by a lamp post. >> kim: still to come this morning unlv says thank you very much to president elect donald trump and also his competitor at this time hillary clinton. why are they saying thank you to those two people? we have answers headed your santa 2.0 greeting children at a shopping mall.
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>> kelly: winds have been gusting to 30 at that location during the overnight hours. here is what we expect the rest of the day. temperatures below normal. low to mid 50's it. plus these winds, we're going to
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minutes. >> kim: the man bun and everything. this is what you can find at your local mall or at least in the portland area. >> krystal: they are calling him hipster san . the he's got tattoos. i love it. he has on and sweater. he's got to man bun. i love it. earrings this. is santa 2.0. a whole another level. take a trip to portland. he'll be at the mall through december 22. >> kim: i'm glad we're having fun this morning because we have to focus on what is developing out of tennessee.
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you are waking up to unfortunate news that another person has lost their life in this wildfire. at last check they had 14 burning within the gatlinburg area. we'll have continued updates. that brings the death toll up to 11. they are getting ready to receive additional information. once they get it we'll pass it on to you. still to come, what is going on here? this is not just this is a mug shot and you see there is a visitor in this mug shot and we'll explain what you are seeing ahead in minutes. >> krystal: and meet the bell ringer hoping to make it into the record books. we're going to tell you how long he is planning to stand out in the cold and ring his bell. that coming up.
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face. she's an accused boyfriend killer. she's a local woman expected in court this morning. we have what prosecutors say happened that led to murder. >> krystal: denied a rental car. a cancer patient being turned away at an airport. why the rental car company said she couldn't have one. >> kim: getting our first look at the cast of britney spears up
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doing on her. who is in it and when you'll be able to see it. it's a special day for brittney. we'll explain ahead. there is a live look at the planet hollywood. that is why where she has her residency. it's brittney's birthday said i know she's 35. >> i've been following brittney since i was in middle school. love brittney. she's done so well here. >> kim: it's like we've all seen her grow up. she was on full display for all of america to see. she seems to be doing well. as we say thank you to crystal,
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by. dana having a golf day today as we check in with you to see what is going on. >> tom: dana having a breezy golf day today. we'll find out more about that from kelly in just a moment. right now we are checking out our travel times. everything running in the green in terms of freeways. we got this accident at you get to the 215. it's affecting the ramp movement but traffic is light this time of morning. you see flares on the roadway. you see one clear it out of the way. that is the main problem area. let's get to the weather and kelly. >> kelly: breezy conditions already. keep that in mind. by noon 52. 54 is it for our high today. it is going to be a cool one but even colder weather is on the way. we'll talk more about anytime 10
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over her boyfriend killing him and driving away and that local woman is expected to face a judge this morning. >> that cup it will girlfriend who is accused of running over and killing her boyfriend had a three-year-old toddler. that toddler without both parents. his father dead and his mother in of the judge in a courtroom. definitely facing murder charges not a good thing. back in september darryl white's body was found outside an apartment complex. detectives discovered he had been hit by a car. the next day his girlfriend and child's mother was arrested. she is who was behind the wheel when her boyfriend was run over and left for dead. she's accused of deliberately
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in a statement she says she is not guilty. we'll hear more on this today as her defense team takes on law enforcement and state prosecutors. she's expected in court around 11:00 a.m. we'll be in the courtroom bringing you the latest. that is the late fest downtown las vegas. >> we appreciate instructor facing backlash over a posting on social media that his classroom is not a safe zone for undocumented immigration and threat tongue report students to immigration authorities. -- threatening to report students to immigration authorities. when news 3 met one him outside of his classroom he refused to
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newspaper he was sorry and it was a joke. >> to have somebody openly saying they are going to report somebody to immigration officials, that is what the fear is here that a student should be able to speak to their instructor and be able to be open to them. >> that instructor george busch part time math teacher. this comes one week after unlv president joined 400 other presidents to support undocumented students and their access to higher immigration advocates are urging them to take action toward mr. busch and designate unlv as a sanctuary campus. >> kim: the university reaping the benefits of hosting that final presidential debate. president elect donald trump and hillary clinton. the university saying the debate generated more than $110 million for publicity for our city and
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unlv's website saw 10 times as many viewers on debate day than it normally would and views to their admission page up 90%. they are seeing big gains in social media. unbelievable publicity. >> great news for the university. local exterminators telling us that our valley is infested with this winter. experts say they are more likely to come inside your house as the temperatures continue to drop. technicians aring up bait boxes where they will eat the poison and be no more. the health district has not found any rodent related diseases in town. you shouldn't ignore the problem. exterminators say they have found rats in every single zip
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trees and bushes. if you need help you can get more information on >> kim: it is a name brand known all over the globe and now it is calling las vegas home. and you can leave your home and put your head on a bed at that location. we're talking about the w. moved in at the north end of the strip. the luxury tower. the w saying the hotel features an intimate layout, private spaces, secret entrances. show girls were own hand last night. the w is opening up. the official grand opening will be in february and we will take
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>> krystal: police say a former nfl player has been shot and killed in a road rage incident. what officers say happened just before that shooting. >> kim: stop what you are doing and check out your screen. you can call him a jailbird and there is more to go along with that. let's put it this way. that's a mug shot and we have
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>> kim: i'm going to try not to
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mug shot. i guess you could call this guy a true jailbird bringing his pet with him. the big red guy is a four-year-old mckaw named bird accompanying his owner to the courthouse yesterday. he was hanging out in a tree during the hearing. i'm not making this up. things took a turn when the guy lands in jail for violating the terms of his release agreement. he's expressing concern that his pet is outside in the tree he thought he was going to be able to walk out. not so much. so a deputy who was worried about bird's safety and his well being allowed him inside and this is the result we see. the two posing for a series of mug shots together including one that shows the bird perched on the guy's shoulder. this is something we've never seen before yet it is a friday so we're having a little bit of fun with it.
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>> tom: no birds this time. we have a problem on eastern avenue northbound as you get to the 215 in the south part of the valley. i did see a tow truck clear away one of the vehicles. looks like one vehicle there so another tow truck is needed. we have good looking travel times on the 15 and 515. new work taking place starting on sunday. this fly overramp will be closed and that months. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, get ready for windy conditions out there. especially outside of the valley. that's where we'll see the strongest winds. winds have gusted up to 26 so far. 31-mile per hour gusts being reported. 42-degrees is the current temperature. so a little bit warmer than yesterday. this afternoon temperatures will
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into the mid 50's. >> krystal: a woman going through cancer treatment said she couldn't get a rental car at an airport. why she says the rental company would not rent her one of their cars. >> kim: new in our 6:00 hour we welcome live into the studio john curtis always doing a great job finding hidden hotspots in town where you don't have to spend a bunch ofon
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>> kim: we have breaking news. we promised the jobs report was going to be released. unemployment dropped to 4.6%. the lowest since 2007. america kept hiring amid election shock. if u.s. economy adding 178,000 jobs in november. the labor department reporting that the unemployment rate fell sharply 4.6%. it was the lowest we have seen since august of 2007. continued live updates throughout the morning on news 3p. the national weather service confirming that a tornado did touchdown in this area. it takes us to atlanta and unfortunately through the security cameras we're able to take you inside the school to capture the moment as this whole storm was passing through.
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other possible tornadoes that slammed other counties as well. the security footage is from a school showing the powerful winds that swept through the region blowing debris everywhere. one tree toppled on top of the camera. >> krystal: joe mcknight has been killed. mcknight and another person in their vehicles when some type of fight took place. saying the other motorist shot and killed mcknight who by then was standing outside of his car. he played four seasons in the nfl. the sheriff says they are still interviewing witnesses and the gunman. the 54-year-old waited for police to arrive. officers responded performing cpr on mcknight. he was pronounced dead on scene. >> kim: you were reporting on
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buzz , the second man to walk on the moon recovering at a hospital in new zealand after he had to evacuate from the south pole. the former nasa astronaut visiting antarctica as a tourist when he got ill. apparently he has fluid in his lungs. he is stable now after taking antibiotics. he is 86 years old. the tour company saying although they are battle the fluid in his lungs he is responding well treatment. >> a cancer patient in california says she was denied a rental car. she recently lost her hair due to cancer treatments so she wears a wig to hide her hair loss. when she recently tried to rent a car from alamo she said she was denied because she didn't look like the person on her drivers license. she protested and eventually a senior manager let her rent a
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humiliation. she reported the incident to alamo. that car rental company says it takes the report seriously and is investigating what happened here. >> kim: to miss miss where a guy is trying to ring his way into the record books. he's keeping it going trying to keep break the world record for over 150 consecutive hours of ringing the bell. his mission started today is friday this. is happening outside of a wal-mart super center. continues to ring that bell. little sleep or food. you can't get a lot done if you are ringing the bell. he can take a five minute break every few hours if he needs one. guinness is signing off on this. he is going to break the record sunday morning 7:00 in the
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>> krystal: people in mississippi have big hearts. good luck to him. we're talk about president obama and the first family. we're getting in christmas mode lighting up the national christmas tree last night. they were joined by their youngest daughter. the christmas tree lighting taking place near the white house. the first onele and their youngest daughter taking stage to light the tree. the first family read twas the night before christmas to the crowd. and the president then delivering his final christmas message. >> tom: we have a pretty good
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one accident at the 215. almost cleared up. travel times looking good. just a little bit slow on the 15. some police activity on bonanza just to the east of plain street. we'll be up in sky 3 in a few minutes though we may get a couple of bumps during the ride. >> kelly: we have breezy conditions out there. this is from yesterd more clouds working in later in the afternoon. once the sun went down the winds picked up. cloud cover and winds during the overnight have kept temperatures more mild. it is still chilly. paradise 46, nellis 44. we have winds gusting to 30. gusts are even stronger outside of the valley.
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goes through 10:00 n. those areas winds could gust to 50 miles per hour. we have a disturbance digging down from the north. we're looking at a few light and spotty rain showers in parts of southern california and arizona. we're looking at dry conditions but cool and breezy today. indian springs your high today 47, boulder city 53 for the high temperature. primm going down to 28 tonight. alamo 24. our seven-day forecast showing temperatures rising a little bit this weekend. sunny skies sunday 59-degrees. breezy tuesday and much colder for the middle of next week. >> kim: who is going to play britney spears on the small screen? we have answers and we also know when you can check out this. we have it headed your way. >> krystal: prince harry and rihanna spotted together again
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>> kim: around the water cooler. we're talking about britney spears celebrating a birthday today 35 years young. she's on fire as of late. as she celebrates her birthday a lot of her fans celebrate what
5:56 am
that will hit the small screen next year on lifetime. this is a pop princess herself. this lifetime premier of brittney is all set to air >> krystal: let's talk about other very popular well known people. prince harry and rihanna took an hiv test to promote world aids day. a day to commemorate awareness and a fight to find a cure inner this. they took a test at a center yesterday. they had their blood drawn for
5:57 am
started. we have another hour of the
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>> kim: controversial comments takes us to the campus of unlv where a math instructor is in hot water because of something
6:00 am
you'll see what we're talking about ahead. >> krystal: a person on a motorcycle losing his life last night. the advice police have for all of us. kite infested. you are not going to like this one. if you are a local you might want ear must haves. rats and the winter here in southern nevada. think new york city folks. we'll fill in the details look at this gorgeous live picture. 6:00 on the nose on this friday morning. it is december 2. it's starting to feel like december around here. if you don't like winds, you are not going to like this.


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