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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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you'll see what we're talking about ahead. >> krystal: a person on a motorcycle losing his life last night. the advice police have for all of us. kite infested. you are not going to like this one. if you are a local you might want ear must haves. rats and the winter here in southern nevada. think new york city folks. we'll fill in the details look at this gorgeous live picture. 6:00 on the nose on this friday morning. it is december 2. it's starting to feel like december around here. if you don't like winds, you are not going to like this.
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off. we have a team of people working. kelly curran and jeff who is all over your morning commute concerning travel times. we take to the skies of las vegas where tom is up in sky 3 with your morning commute. >> tom: we showed you this earlier from the studio. this is on first street to the east of main and bonanza. unfortunately we are understanding now this does involve an accidental death. there is a street. this is not going to affect people but want to clarify that was the lights before the top of the hour. we have a smooth commute on 15 getting a little busy as we get to team traffic and jeff. >> jeff: we have an accident that is at the intersection, not really impacting traffic too much. fur coming in 15 southbound a
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another update in 10 minutes. let's get a check of the windy forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we have a system bringing in much colder air for today as well. here is a look at our day planner. dress warm out there. highs in the low to mid 50's today. colder air on the way. we'll talk more about it coming up. >> there is a unlv math instructor who said his undocumented immigrants and threatened to report certain students to authorities. craig all over this developing story joining us live. to say this created a stir on social media would be the understatement of the morning. >> it did create a little bit of a stir here. a math teacher posting something that many students believed was a little bit naughty on facebook. he posted no safe spaces in my classes.
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undocumented. that's what the post said. we are talking about a unlv math teacher. the name of that teacher is george busch, different spelling than the former president. he's since apologized for the post and said it was a joke. he had no interest in talking about it when approached by news 3. students here have a lot to say. >> if unlv decides they are not going to comply with the federal government that is a willingful action to breakh individuals who believe the law should be upheld. >> to have somebody who is openly saying they are going to report somebody to immigration fishes, that is what the fear, a student should be able to speak to their instructor and be open to them. >> unlv president did put out a statement yesterday saying he
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committed to protecting students against bullying and discrimination and the like. >> krystal: we appreciate that. your time 6:04 and a person riding a motorcycle losing his life thursday night. north las vegas police investigating after two cars collide also involving that multiple cars involved in this. two people taken to centennial with minimal injuries. two others stayed on scene but the person on the motorcycle pronounced dead. phillies are saying everyone needs to take extra precautions when you are out on the roadways. >> we can't forget we got to be careful and obey the speed
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>> kim: we have an update to another breaking news event you saw first here on channel 3. and it has to do with locals recovering this morning after fire ripped through their home in the northeast section of town. three people including a child in critical condition this morning after firefighters rescued them from their burning home. this happened about 7:00 last night. firefighters say they were safely able to get those people out of the home but all of them in bad sh suffering from smoke inhalation. fire officials have yet to determine what started that fire. >> kim: henderson police arresting three women accused of a shoplifting spree. they stole $10,000 worth of lang fray several local victoria secret stores. they would grab handsfuls of stuff from display tables set up in the stores and take off.
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>> kim: we see this kind of video all the time. home surveillance camera capturing a crime in progress. now local police are tapping into this. they want to prevent crime by asking to you register cameras with them. it's called vegas face cam. metro won't have access to the camera feeds. they will know who has the cameras so they can track down the criminals faster. the registration is voluntary local detectives think you may have caught a suspect on video. when you contact them, they want to see your video. this streamlines the process. if that video is shared with the entire community met throw can help get the criminals behind bars faster and they take your privacy seriously. >> you see we show suspect decisions and we crop it down to where you just get the face or
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description. we take care so you can't get the perspective like that's a potential witness. >> kim: he is promising your privacy. if you'd like to sign up for safe cam we've made it easy for you. head to police can't and will not have access to your surveillance cameras if you sign up. >> krystal: we apologize if you are eg story. in the las vegas valley we're infested with rats this winter. probably not the news you want to hear this morning. >> michelle: i'm sorry. this is our job. we have to let you know this is happening. what you just heard not even the worst part. experts say these rats more likely to come into your home as temperatures continue to drop and it's going to get colder next week.
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boxes are rats go in and eat poison and that kills them in 24 hours. they have not found any rodent diseases anywhere in town. experts say you should not ignore this problem. >> rodents can squeeze into very small gaps. so anything less than a quarter inch, you want to make sure is sealed up in terms of access points to your home. >> we have seen them chew electrical wiring and go through plumbing we've seen them in the hoods of the cars on the engine blocks chewing up the installation. >> exterminators say and this is probably going to make your skin crawl more they found rats in every local zip code so nobody is left out. this is a problem for all of us. they like to breed inside trees and bushes so keep an eye out if you have a lot of those around your property. if you need help dealing with rats, you can find more
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>> kim: if they look hungry throw them a slice of pizza. we are have the video on our facebook page that takes to us new york city. we are calling the w home as well. it's a property within a property. that is where the w is located. opened its doors last night. the hotel occupying a 289 room luxury tower withi resort at the end of the strip. the hotel features an intimate layout and private spaces and secret entrances. you can see it was happening last night here on the las vegas strip. an update to the breaking news
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the unemployment rate in the united states fell to a nine year low last month. it was at 4.9. it's fallen to 4.6%. what cuz this this mean for the people -- what does this mean for the people still looking for work? we have a pet owner who couldn't stand the thought of leaving his friend behind. so he brought him along. we have the story >> kim: john curtis is taking us to this location you are seeing on your screen. he says it is authentic. how much is it? answers headed your way. >> tom: this looks like it was a pretty hard hit at eastern and
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. >> krystal: a difficult time for an indiana neighborhood after a teen was killed in a house fire. we're showing you some of the devastating images from the scene. this happened late thursday nightment investigators trying to determine what sparked this deadly fire. a man who was in the house said it seemed to start near the stove. the victim trapped inside the house was in a wheelchair.
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and on oxygen. his uncle tried three times to get into the house to rescue but was driven back by the fire. >> kim: unfortunate news because of the fires that continue to burn in ten. another death to report. this brings the total number of lives lost up to 11 this morning. what you are seeing is what journalist captured yesterday. they got a tour of the gatlinburg area seeing firsthand all of the d a lot of this going on putting out the hotspots. more than 14,000 people from the people who live there and tourist forced to evacuate the area because of these fires that a lot of them still burning as we speak this morning. more than 17,000 acres have burned damaged or destroying dozens of homes and businesses. the governor of tennessee declared a state of emergency to help expedite aid to the victims.
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parton. it's set to reopen by this afternoon. it was spared any damage. an update on the awful plane crash we started with. it takes to us bolivia where the civil aviation suspended that airline that crashed monday. that charter flight crashing killing all but six people on board. 77 people were on board flight. authorities are preparing the bodies of the victims so they can have their long journey home. this is just such a sad story that the reporting continues on "the today show" this morning. >> krystal: hundreds gathering thursday night to honor fallen police officer shot and killed when responding to a domestic call wednesday. people honored and remembered
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music, speeches, patience representatives from a number of other law enforcement offices showed up to show their solidarity. the vigil ended with amazing grace. police say that shooter was killed by police after a nearly 1-hour standoff in which police say he used two children as human shields. >> kim: we've had such tough news this morning now we lighten ip sort of moments. this is a mug shot and yes this is a bird on the guy's shoulder as he is posing for his picture before he goes to jail. we've never seen anything quite like this before. we're having a feeling you haven't either. that is craig and he brought his bird with him to a hearing at a courthouse in oregon. the bird is named bird and he was waiting for his owner outside of the courthouse up in a tree.
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the situation turned foul when a judge sent him to jail. now he's really worried. he's going i've got my bird out in a tree and now i have to go to jail. he tells one of the deputies what is going on. the deputy gets the bird and brings him in. i don't know the end of the story whether the byrd hanging out with him behind bars but they let him pose for the mug shot. time for a traffic update. >> tom: let's update this accident at 215 and eastern. this happened in the northbound lanes but now the tow truck is in the southbound lanes blocking the right lane southbound on eastern avenue and 215. the accident happened in this area here. in any event it doesn't appear to be a real impediment to traffic so let's continue with jeff.
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95-515 southbound has an accident approaching tropicana although not a lot of traffic out there that direction at this time so we're pretty good. 215 eastbound that accident currently 10 minutes. 15 southbound currently 7 minutes from the bowl to tropicana. a remind tore join the waze team. you can download it from the app store and give us updates on your commute. k outside, this is red rock resort camera here. the sun hasn't quite come up. we are seeing mainly clear skies. there are clouds off to the east. winds are going to be our biggest issue today. because we had some clouds and the wind during the overnight, it kept temperatures from falling as cold as they dropped the last few nights. downtown paradise both at 45.
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have been reported. we have a wind advisory for all of this area. a good portion of clark county not including las vegas. this goes through 10:00 tonight as the area shaded in tan will see winds gusting to 50. in las vegas the gusts to 35. little bit of precipitation down to our south not going to have an impact on us. biggest impact for us is going to be the winds. 54 is our 50 miles per hour outside of the valley. tonight 37 will be our low. still breezy. the winds lasting to saturday morning. sunday looks great. next week we have another storm system coming in. more gusty winds and highs in the 40's. >> krystal: john curtis in the house. this is perfect.
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anyone who grew one italian family members. my late grandfather used to say -- they have done a marvelous job. >> she's come back from adversity too. a pickup truck ran into her rest whole thing. she was shut down for three months. it's the only place to eat italian food in henderson. it's been there for years.
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we have cal marry salad. carla beat bobby flay with her feast of the 7 fishes. she went out and smoked the master with these seafood dishes. sometimes italian food can be so heavy but this looks nice and light her cesar salad are wonderful and supers are great. a great italian restaurant. you all the to go there. it's one of my favorites. makes me wish i lived closer to
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>> looks so good. niagara falls getting a new look. what makes this fun to watch and they are good for the environment.
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>> tom: looks like a beautiful morning despite winds. we are in route to a reported accident in ann and 95 in the >> kelly: as you are heading out the door it is a little bit cool but the winds are the biggest issue. grab a hat as you are heading out the door and make sure you hold on to it. boulder city you are at 44. gusts to 14 there. not so bad. but check out these winds. 20 something miles per hour with gusts to 35. we'll talk more about it in 10 minutes. >> kim: we've been showing a lot
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the video, this takes to us niagara falls and it's gorgeous. >> this is after a ceremony unveiling a $4 million lighting system. it projects from ontario across the river so americans and canadians can get this nice view. have you dancing and changing lights. the lights also environmentally friendly. even though the lights are brighter than the old ones they usef how about that technology. the group that spear headed the project said the vision for the falls they came up with it about 20 years ago. they cost about $4 million. >> it's gorgeous. gives me a reason to go visit. i wasn't going to before with the old lights they had. you've heard of bad santa but
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>> krystal: a woman in court for accused of killing her boyfriend. what police say led up to his death. >> kim: look at those elite drivers. where you can see them in person and maybe catch the award show, we have it headed your way. >> krystal: exciting announcement. prince harry providing an opportunity, how someone can have a royalty. >> kim: it is 6::30 on this friday morning. gorgeous live pictures coming to us from tom up in sky 3. we welcome you to the program. you are waking up to a different lineup here. i'm kim wagner alongside krystal who you see on the cw. dana enjoying the day off.
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>> krystal: we appreciate you waking up with us. we made it to friday. >> kim: we have a lot in this half hour. i mentioned tom not only dialing up gorgeous live pictures but also all over your morning commute. >> tom: the reason we were in the fornorthwest valley is we are heading up to ann and 215 and i'm not seeing any flashing lights. you see a lot of new construction where the you can see a new interchange is being built. change on the way there. right now let's check team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we have our eyes on downtown las vegas. an accident at vegas boulevard. we are seeing a little bit slowing on 15. although it's cleared up in the last few minutes.
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start to the forecast. let's get a check of that with kelly. >> kelly: i like the way your tie changes colors. here is a look at what we're seeing today. mostly sunny skies. breezy conditions for us. by lunchtime 52. 54 at 3:00 is it for our high. hang on to your hats, grab the extra hold hair spray. we'll talk more about the win coming up. >> krystal: a local woman accused of running over her boyfriend and killing him and driving away. she's set to face a judge today. kendall is live outside the regional justice center with more on this case. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you this couple does have a child. that toddler just three years old is without a parent. his father dead and his mother in just a matter of hours will be here inside the regional
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charges. metro police say scottie was found outside an apartment complex. detectives discovered he had been hit by a car. the next day his girlfriend and the child's mother howard was arrested. police say she is who was behind the wheel when her boyfriend was run over and left for dead. she's accused of deliberately doing that act. it's from behind bars claiming her innocence. she says she is not we'll hear more from her defense team taking on law enforcement and state prosecutors. she's expected in court around 11:00 this morning. we'll bring you the latest here on news 3 and on our social media platforms and that is the latest from downtown las vegas. >> kim: speaking of social media. it lit up yesterday because of something a unlv math instructor posted on social media. you are going to see some of the
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to go with it. he said that his classroom is not a safe zone for undocumented immigrants. the instructor threat tongue report certain students to authorities. lots of -- threatening to report certain students to authorities. we tried to talk to the professor and he wasn't interested in giving us a comment. he is george busch making the controversial comments on facebook this week. i know this can have political undertones here but no united states or that family. when news 3 did meet up with him outside of his classroom, not only did he refuse to comment but he told the newspaper he's not going to talk to the tv cameras but will talk to them saying he was sorry, it was all a joke. this comes a week after the unlv president joined 400 other university presidents to support undocumented students when it comes to access to higher
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this wanting to make sure that the president of unlv pays attention to this developing story. we are and as we are continuing to monitor the developments we will check in live with craig minutes from now on the program. >> krystal: we're going to stay on the topic of unlv and good news for the university. the benefits of hosting that final presidential debate between trump and clinton. the university says the debate generated more than $110 million in publicity f their website saw 10 times as many viewers on debate day as normal and views tootses admission page up 90%. the school saw big gains in social media on facebook and twitter. so a win for the school. >> kim: just think the disney version as we share this story because you are seeing rats. this is a local story. exterminators tell us they are
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winter. if you think not in my neighborhood. sorry about that because they have been found in every single zip code in southern nevada. technicians are setting up bait boxes where rats go in to eat poison, it kills them within 24 hours. if there is a glimmer of good news, from what we understand the health district has not found any sort of disease associated with local rodents. if you need any hel finding rats on your property or more information in general, we have you covered at i will say this we have this at our home, so he took care of it without us noticing until we saw the black boxes. handle it however you would like but this is taking place in every neighborhood here in town. >> dana wagner handling business
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that. nascar annual award show happening tonight starting at 5:00. fans still buzzing about thursday as the checkered flag was waived on the victory lap on the las vegas strip. those images courtesy of tom in sky 3. the lap marking the season's end and as part of champion's week. a lot of excitement here. 16 drivers from sprint cup chase participating even performing a few burnouts to going. nascar also celebrate a new sponsor. you are going to see monster energy replacing sprint. kyle busch already looking forward to next year. >> kim: right now we are focusing on the lobby of trump tower again because we continue to get news from donald trump. he dropped the bomb about a cabinet position last night. it is the topic of discussion this morning with tracy potts.
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on the topic of politics we focus on the first family currently in the white house. they did something hours ago they did for the final time and we're going to take you there. that is coming up. >> krystal: and sports illustrated naming its 2015 sports person of the year. and why "sports illustrated" said it's more than just for this person's athleticism. and forget luscious news this morning. fergie on "the today show." we have a sneak peek of her performance headed your way this
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>> at the moment when shooters
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will remember their employees and later today community members are l remember the 14 killed and 22 wounded. that is later this evening. right now we want to check out your morning commute by checking in with tom. should be oni right now we are looking good as we check out weather with kelly. we're starting out in the 40's. dress warm and we're going to be dealing with winds too. a family friend making a heart
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made out of that will have this
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>> krystal: a unlv instructor saying his classroom is in the a safe zone for undocumented immigrants. he was saying that it was more
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that is what he said. it is a smoke. he did post on a facebook page his classroom is not actually a safe space what was he that facebook post from this math teacher. his name is george busch, different spelling note related to the former president. in cincinnati last night at the podium in front of thousands
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>> we are going to appoint mad dog as our secretary of defense. we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. >> kim: tracy potts joins us now to talk about it. very tongue in cheek knowing he was on live television as he made that announcement. what happened in cincinnati didn't stay in cina morning as far as that big announcement tracy? >> so here is what is interesting about mat tis. he met with trump and knew he was under consideration. he is someone who has been considered sometimes a bit of an upstart with the obama administration. he was in charge of central command. as donald trump he wants to be tough on iran.
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the obama administration circles. getting him confirmed may not be as easy as everyone else. typically it's a simple majority vote. he is a military guy. defense secretary is asian job. many in congress want to keep it that way. he would need a special waiver because he only retired three years ago and the minimum is 7 years to be considered for these civilian jobs. they have to to confirm him as defense secretary. some have said we think he's a great guy and we're willing to do that. others at least one we heard of overnight said no, we don't think that he should get that waiver not because of him but because it sets a bad precedent. this could be an interesting challenge and more so with a republican majority. looks like they are going to have to get some dem of
6:49 am
approved. >> kim: we will see one of his top aids going wwe smackdown tour last night. that was something that is well documented and she was going at it with democratic strategist. people will be able to watch it on "the today show." we don't have time to talk about it but i know you are well aware. >> krystal: former pro football runningback joe mcknight has be authorities saying mcknight and another motorist were in their vehicles when a fight broke out. this was in new orleans. the other person shot and killed mcknight who by then was standing outside of his car. there he is right there on your screen. joe mcknight, a football star who went on to play for the university of southern california and then part of four seasons in the nfl. the sheriff saying they are still interviewing witnesses and
6:50 am
he was involved in all of this. they are trying to sort through this situation. officers responding performing cpr on mcknight weren't able to revive him, he was pronounced dead on scene. a 15-year-old boy was apprehended by his own parent after firing off a shotgun into the ceiling of his own middle school up in utah. we had this as breaking news yesterday morning. police say he walked into the the parents went to that school looking for him when they noticed that their guns were missing from the home. students telling police that the boy's dad tackled him while his mom disarmed him. police responded, arrested the boy, nobody hurt in this incident. police have not released any motive about what that boy's intentions were yesterday. in the end everyone is ok. >> krystal: we brought you this as breaking news. we told you about buzz.
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south poll. there he is smiling. he was the second man to walk on the moon recovering at a new zealand restaurant. he was visiting antarctica when he got sick. he's '6-year-old." he arrived in -- 86 years old. he is responding well to treatment and smiling. >> kim: a dose of a young son of a fallen police officer who just received a very special gift. the son of a police officer who lost his life given two stuffed bears made from the police uniform that his late father used to wear. those a gift from a family friend. this little guy only two years old. this is lighting it up on social media. his dad was killed october 6 while responding to a disturbance call in st. louis.
6:52 am
an 18-year-old man out of st. louis has been charged with first degree murder in connection with his death. >> krystal: this is hipster santa. he's taking it to a whole new level. this is in portland. santa has tattoos, he's got the man bun going on, got the hip glasses. jean, sweeter, forget suit. if you want to catch this hipster santa you got to go to portland to check him out. >> kim: time to check out your morning commute by checking in with tom in sky 3. >> tom: summerlin parkway and 95 big changes are on the way starting on monday. the city is looking to extend the hov lane and add a new ramp that will take you from durango
6:53 am
bridge will be closed. that is westbound from 95 on to summerlin parkway west. at the same time this loop ramp from northbound buffalo on to westbound summerlin parkway will close and motorist will have to go to vegas drive and rampart. changes are coming. >> jeff: the freeways have been decent shape on this friday. another at las vegas boulevard and flamingo. as for the freeways 15 southbound currently 19 minutes from the speedway to the bowl. 95-515 from henderson not a big change there either. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. it's starting off chilly yet again. >> kelly: temperatures this morning not as bad as the last couple of mornings but it is december. bundle up as you are heading out
6:54 am
as we take a live look we are seeing clear blue sky. temperatures low to mid 40's. spring valley 44. at least it's not 30's. the winds are gusting to 30. now we're expecting gusts to 35 in the las vegas valley later today. notice las vegas is not shaded in the tan. everyone else around us is. that is a wind advisory. in t a see gusts to 50 today. that includes parts of lincoln, southern and eastern clark counties and far western clark county as well. here is a look at what we're seeing on the radar. there are a few light showers and sprinkles. southern california into parts of southern arizona as well. not going to affect us. i think we're going to see mostly sunny skies. the winds will be the primary issue.
6:55 am
boulder city only 53. alamo 24 for a low. our seven-day forecast showing breezy conditions continuing into early tomorrow. those will wind down. sunday beautiful with 59 and next week temperatures in the 40's. >> kim: around the water cooler this morning prince harry in the news again not because he's partying with rihanna this time but announcing an internship where elbows with british royalty. prince harry doing good. he's on a tour right now on behalf of his grandmother, the queen of england. duties for this scholarship will include catering in the royal kitchen, a little housekeeping,er caring for art work and furnishings. americans cannot apply. this scholarship is only open to people who live in the caribbean
6:56 am
weeks. queen elizabeth served as the head of state for those island nations. "sports illustrated" named its sports person of the year for 2016. and it's king james. it's lebron james. the magazine saying they chose the cleveland cavalier star for his his or the performances. he's now the new michael jordan. this year he helped deliver the city of cleveland its first since 1964. a promise he made when he returned tropicana to the cleveland two years ago. through the lebron james foundation the four time nba m.v.p. also helps at risk children pursue higher education. he does this in akron, ohio. it is the second time he's been named the important person of
6:57 am
happy friday my friend. >> krystal: had a lot of fun with you. >> kim: thank you for being here in dana's absence. >> krystal: we're going to keep it going on wake one the cw. >> jeff: that unlv professor facing criticism after that comment he made about undocumented immigrants.
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? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too.
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for whatever you're trying to master. ?? ?? good morning. he's back. president-elect trump switches into campaign mode during the first stop of his thank you tour. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary while at a post-election forum, things get ugly between top aides for trump and hillary clinton. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no you wouldn't. >> and it went down hill from there. road rage. a former nfl player shot and killed in an altercation near new orleans. the 54-year-old suspect stayed that scene and is in custody being questioned by police right now. south pole rescue.


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