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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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spiked fence and jumps on to the north lawn. while steps away, president obama and the first family celebrated thanksgiving inside. terror raids. police storm multiple locations in the hunt for europe's most wanted man who has been on the run since the parattack. powder trigger panic at a mosque. trump outraged. the republican front runner mocks a reporter with a disability who questioned trump's 9/11 claims. apology. the rush is on. retailers setting records today. launching a new black friday frenzy in your own home. even before those thanksgiving celebrations wrap up. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: this is n brks krrks"nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting tonight, kate snow. >> good evening and
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on this holiday, another security scare at the white house, as a man draped in an american flag was able to scale and jump the spiked fence before being stopped by the secret service, all while the first family by was inside. the jumper made it over, despite new security put in place five months ago after a series of embarrassing security breaches. clearly, it didn't deter this man. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has details. >> reporter: video captures the chaotic moment. the secret service took down this man who jumped over the white house fence today while the first family celebrated thanksgiving inside. >> i washe was climbing like may vicrazy. >> reporter: the jumper scaled the nearly 8 foot spiked fence, clenching papers in his mouth.
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tourists were scattering. prompting the white house to go into lockdown mode for hours, while secret service combed the grounds. it has happened before, but this is the first person to make it over the fence since spikes were added to the top this summer. it's one of the few times in recent history the entire first family was home during a fence jumping incident incident. >> any time someone successfully jumps the fence, there's no question, there is a level of danger to the first family. no question about that. >> reporter: this all comes as the agency tries to rebound after a series of security lapses. a year ago, a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it inside the executive mansion before he was tackled. earlier this year, two agents drove through an active investigation outside the white house after a night of drinking. veteran agent joseph clancy was brought in to fix the secret service, which is still struggling. today's security scare, yet another reminder the hurdles are steep. >> it's a very big deal. the secret service treats all of these incidents very seriously. whether the person is
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apprehended immediately or gets into the east room. >> now, just moments ago, we were given the all clear. after being on lockdown for more than three hours. secret service officials searched longer than usual. in part, because the jumper dropped something, possibly an envelope, according to one official. the suspect is being held and criminal charges are pending. kate? >> kristen welker at the white house. on this thanksgiving as millions gather with family and friends, law enforcement authorities remain on alert following the terror attacks overseas. security tight at airports, shopping centers and public celebrations, including the grandest of them all, macy's thanksgiving day parade. as nbc's rehema ellis tells us, police are out in force to ensure this holiday is a safe one. >> reporter: on the streets of manhattan, tradition on parade. giant balloons. floats. and performances.
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anybody here for the first time? >> yes! >> you feel safe? >> yes. >> reporter: 3.5 million spectators lined the streets. along the route, there were more police than ever before. 2,500 cops in all. >> were you afraid to come? >> no, ma'am. >> why not? >> we have some of the finest police protecting us. >> reporter: several nypd officers also marched in the parade next to the u.s. flag. they carried the french flag, in a show of solidarity. >> we all know that what terrorists are trying to do is intimidate intimidate. the people of new york city are not intimidated. >> reporter: the only known security incident, a man accused of flying a small drone. he was issued a summons. nationwide, airports are on heightened alert. in atlanta, malls have beefed up security. for the first time, police can now tap into surveillance cameras live at shopping centers. on this day of thanks,
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the morning calling troops. roughly 10,000 americans in uniform marked the holiday in afghanistan. >> it's really hard to be away from your family, but we're one big family here. it's nice. >> reporter: across the country, people paused to give thanks and to give back. volunteers in washington, d.c. packed up meals for people too sick to cook for themselves. >> this is what we do. right, gang? >> yes! >> reporter: and the holiday tradition that never gets old. newborn babies dressed like turkeys, giving their families an extra reason to be thankful. >> tonight's security remains on high alert here in times square. officials encouraging everyone to enjoy the holidays, but stay vigilant. kate? >> love the turkey babies, rehema. thanks so much. overseas, bellgian police stormed numerous locations. in brussels, a hazmat
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scare led to a lockdown at the city's grand mosque. keir simmons is there. >> reporter: more raids today and into the evening outside brussels, in the hunt for europe's most wanted man, salah abdeslam, suspected of being part of the paris terror cell, perhaps planning to join the suicide attack, then backing out. today, a house was targeted. rented to one person, the owner said, but several mattresses were on the floor. there were police with machine guns and dogs, this witness said. salah was seen with another suspect, gas station prior to the attacks. elements of the investigation must remain confidential, to be sure they can stop the threat. in brussels, the government lowered the threat level. another attack no
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still a risk. envelopes of white powder were found at a mosque. the people who received this feared anthrax. a frightening few hours as 11 people underwent emergency treatment. the powder was flour. separately, two men were arrested at a mosque in germany, accused of planning still more attacks. over 1,000 raids have been carried out across europe. weapons and money seized. the mastermind of the paris maskersacre skillkilled. the search for suspects still continues. >> tonight, another raid in underway in a town an hour from here. local media have been asked to restrict reports of the operation until it's over. >> a lot of movement there. keir simmons, thanks for tracking in. in mali, special forces arrested two more suspects in attack with the terror
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attack there on an american of owned hotel. that's in addition to the two attackers killed during the siege last friday. armed men held 170 people hostage and killed 20, including one american. a group linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility for that attack. tonight, donald trump is taking a lot of heat for something he did at a rally in south carolina. the republican front runner appearing to make fun of a reporter's disability. but as hallie jackson reports, trump is the one who says he deserves an apology. >> reporter: donald trump under fire today for seeming to hock amock a reporter's physical disability. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> reporter: the reporter, serge, works for the "new york times" and has a congenital joint condition. trump was referring to a story written by him after september 11th, which said authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks.
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>> the poor guy, you have to see him, i don't know what i said. i don't remember. he's going, i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. >> reporter: this week, he said his article does not back up trump's widely debunked claim that thousands of muslims cheered 9/11. trump's tirade bringing on a twitter backlash. the times writing, we're outraged he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters. others wonder whether a line for trump exists. >> he has a hard-core base. today, he said nothing that's offensive to him. >> reporter: trump is taking aim at the times and the reporter. he should stop using his disability to grand stand and get back to a paper that's rapidly going down the tubes. adding in a statement, if mr. kovaleski is handicap handicap, i wouldn't know.
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i don't know what he looks like. a quote, it is unacceptable for a child to mock another child's disability on a playground, never mind a presidential candidate mocking a disability. kovaleski says it wouldn't surprise him that trump would do this, given his track record. nbc news, washington. new evidence in the police shooting that has sparked days of protest in chicago. more dash cam videos just released add some details about the events surrounding the moment an officer gunned down a teenager. more questions are being raised as john yang explains, over why the tapes can be seen but not heard. >> reporter: a new tape from indicted officer jason van dyke's car, shows him pursuing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald through a burger king parking lot, over a sidewalk and into the street. another tape from a car arriving after van dyke shot mcdonald 16 times shows no officers checking on
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says he acted in self-defense. officials have released video from five of the at least eight police cars at the scene. none includes officers voices. police can't explain why not. an attorney for the mcdonald family says it's happened before. >> in my experience, i've never had a case with an audio recording. >> reporter: today, the chorus of choices grew, calling for the oust of police superintendent and prosecutor anita alvarez. >> everybody involved in this is wrong. >> the bishop asked why it took 13 months for the policeman to be charged. >> officer van dyke was just as guilty last year in october as he was yesterday. >> hands up, don't shoot! >> reporter: for the second straight night, hundreds of protesters marched through downtown. a small group tore off lights from the christmas tree in millennium park.
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there were a few arrests. police said they will support peaceful demonstration demonstrations, but absolutely will not condone illegal behavior. >> tomorrow, that could be put to the test right here on avenue. a group of clergy, including the reverend jesse jackson, want to shut down black friday shopping on this street. the police presence is likely to be very heavy. all a dangerous mix of snow, sleet and flooding is hitting several states tonight. as miguel almaguer explains, this nasty system could hammer a large swath of the country, as so many are heading home after thanksgiving. >> reporter: tonight, there's reason to be grateful, if you're indoors. for much of the country, the forecast in a word, messy. in northern california, erratic winds tore across an
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an ugly start to the holiday, 11 treated for minor injuries. in the sierras, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. a treat for skiers. >> already better this year. hopefully it keeps snowing. >> reporter: 20 inches of snow in parts of california where it's needed. nearly a foot in oregon, with more on the way. in spokane, washington, where hurricane-force winds blasted across the region last week, thousands are spending thanksgiving in the dark. no holiday for crews working around the clock to restore power. the storm on the move. snow, sleet, ice set to blast the middle of the country. >> freezing rain will continue to expand into texas tonight through saturday, making conditions dangerous for about a million people. 15 million people will see the effects of tropical-like downpours from the great lakes down through texas through the weekend. >> reporter: tonight, there's reason to be thankful. but millions will still need to get back home in the days
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the year. as olivia sterns tells us, if you brave the crowds this year, don't forget to bring your phone. >> reporter: typing, swiping and scrolling. americans may be hunkered down at home, but stores are reaching out because they know we're online. >> it's a day that we are connecting with family on social media. we're looking for recipes, looking for gift ideas. retailers are right there where we are. >> reporter: the strategy is working. according to adobe ecommerce, it's stronger than ever. americans will spend nearly $2 billion online just today, roughly 20% more than they did last year. the biggest sellers, electronics, including tvs, game con solsuloles and headphone headphones. >> some of the best deals are for people who like a company on facebook, follow their twitter feeds, are members of a loyalty program. >> reporter: you can often find the best prices by following a
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several people have now come forward in the hopes of adopting a baby who was left in a nativity scene just outside manhattan. the boy was found monday wrapped in towels and placed in a manager inside a church in queens. police say surveillance video shows the mother carrying the baby into a store minutes before she abandoned him, but authorities say because she followed the spirit of the state's safe haven law, the mother will not be charged. pope francis inspired hundreds of thousands to gather to hear his message today in kenya, despite pouring rain. it's a trip that has raised serious concerns for the pope's safety. anne thompson is traveling with the pope. >> reporter: nairobi welcomed pope francis. his first mass on the strip celebrated in english. 300,000 braving the rain and mud. some inspired by the
5:53 pm
who am i to judge? >> is that message important to you? >> very important to me because it's opening up the doors for many people. >> reporter: to africa, francis brings a message of reconciliation and peace, trying to build the bridge between christians and muslims. sorely needed after university students were executed, mostly christians, this past april. >> kenya is still on edge after recent attacks. pope francis reiterated his call to never use god's name as justification for hatred or violence. >> reporter: pope francis warning it would be catastrophic if there was not an agreement for climate change next week in a pope working to create all god's creatures, especially the people. anne thompson, nbc
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seizures, stomach ulcers, bladder, kidney, or liver problems. tell the doctor if the patient will have any procedures involving anesthesia, which may cause muscle problems. other serious side effects may occur, including slow heartbeat and fainting; increased stomach acid, which may raise the chance of ulcers and bleeding; nausea and vomiting; difficulty passing urine, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. the most common side effects associated with namzaric are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. woman: mom and i share a lot of moments. and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. shoppers trade turkey for holiday deals. a sioux city restaurant serving thanksgiving dinner for free. and, iowa and nebraska prepare to face off in the heroes game. first wx boxes main wx boxes tonight at six boxes finally tonight, no thanksgiving feast
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would be complete without it. americans have been dishing cranberry sauce on to their plates on this holiday for nearly a century. as our harry smith tells us, the quest for the perfect cranberry has kept one family going for generations. >> reporter: not so far from cape cod, on a chilly fall morning, fifth generation cranberry farmer sue knows the clock is ticking. only so many days to get the crop? >> cold days, cold nights. they turn red. >> that's how you get this? >> that's how you get this beautiful color. the red. >> reporter: when the cranberries are ripe, the bog is flooded. a contraption shakes the berries loose and they come to the surface. >> until you see it, you don't realize what it's like. >> reporter: as pretty as a picture. just about as beautiful a harvest as there is.
5:58 pm
corralled, where they're as you wereslurped off the surface and headed for the aisle. >> it's a proud moment. it's a legacy and part of the fabric of who we are. >> reporter: sue's brother-in-law kirby says when the harvest is done, you can catch your breath. >> we work basically seven days a week, from the beginning of april all the way until the middle of november. after that, we only work five days a week. >> reporter: catch your breath and count your blessings. >> the people before me, my ancestors took care of it so i took care of it for them. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: harry rochester, massachusetts. >> what a great way to thanksgiving night. thank you for being i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching.
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thanksgiving. thanks for joining us on this holiday! i'm sheila brummer. matt breen will be back tomorrow morning. hopefully, you're having a good thanksgiving, a day that put some roads conditions on ice. this is the scene on streets in downown sioux city.. a slushy and sloppy mess. sleet started falling around nine this morning.. then the snow started falling around ten this morning. traveling north through the dakota dunes area along interstate 29 this afternoon. the roadway appears to be clear, but still use caution when out tonight. more than one inch fell in the sioux city area causing some tricky travel in some spots today. but, so far no major accidents to report. and, snow fell in sioux falls, south dakota as well today. not, enough to stick around. because they also saw drizzle first.. making roads slick and slippery. after a messy day are things
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winding down for tonight?


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