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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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thanks for joining us tonight... et is up next... don't forget to macy brown. beyonce steal the super bowl spotlight? our exclusive with the stars just seconds afterperforming. >> how do you top this? >> i don't think it's possible. >> chris martin, bruno mars. >> everybody texted me, can i use your phone? >> i made a mistake. and we are ta super bowl commercials. the story behind the ad that
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then leo and this year a's oscar nominees, together in one room. >> last time i was hear, lincoln was in the whouse. >> "e.t" was there as they posed for the 2016 class photo. and did they jus forget their wedding anniversary? >> are we pieced to celebrate? >> a rare peek inside the relationship as we talk to the stars of zoolander 2. is it as icon it as blue steele? this is "entertainment tonight." payton manning and the broncos put a ring on it. the super bowl bringing in the ratings in the 50-year history. kevin, my friend right here was
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>> actually nancy, "e.t' theme was all over levy's staulddium, we covered everything on the field from gaga, to coldplay to beyonce, we were in the middle of all the mass. >> how did feel tonight? >> it felt great. the best part was seeing coldplay, for me. because i was able to watch from the b and really enjoy it. >> the singer kept it humble, but there's a lot of folks that feel be bee beyonce won half tome. she a custom -- her new song's live debut.
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title. >> in a commercial after the super bowl 50 halftime show we learned that tickets for the world tour goes on sale next week. >> never be surprised by beyonce. >> after her performance, bee whereon say wash beyonce watched the game with her husband. >> are you riding right now on an emotional high? >> we. >> how do you top this feeling? >> i don't think it's possible. >> gwyneth posted this photo of apple. she made this observation as the carter family exodus. >> t their cameras down, they backed up.
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the super bowl, she just w to go to bed. >> she flew back from san francisco to l.a. to testify against an alleged stalker. these are court sketches from today's court trial. she testified against the same man 15 yeaago. back then in a similar case, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. >> i'm so tired. >> supersunday's oth knockout moments came from lady gaga sang the national and the rockets red glare >> she snap chat all day with a d of her morning kper say, g shoe, star spangled nails and last minute warmup.
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together perfectly. gaga, how was it? >> you tell me. i can't wait to watch the game. >> it was spectacular. >> thank you. >> i was also busy hosting stadium jumbotron feed with the nearly 70,000 fans in attendance, another interview making news today, henson clearing up her coldpla confusion. during halftime, t empire star tweeted an instagram photo of th headliner coldplay, hash target lied to me. >> i mixed it all. you're doing a tweet. i said are you sure? i sent andrew martinez, mary j. bilge, my mother, everybody
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and then i watched coldp human, i made a mistake. >> i also talked to her saturday night. she was among the stars on the carpet at nfl honors on it's the oscars of football and i was one of the red carpet hosts. >> this is my entertainment, when i have som time off, i army looking i'm looking to the nfl to let them entertaime. >> olivia mudd and julianneelyanne hough showed up wearing the same also the party, kate hudson showing off her bronco spirit.
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diane von firstenberg a whole blue and orange without knowing it. >> i'm going to cry. >> kate snapped her way through the game with her brother oliv but she was seen with nick jonas. >> your love life is always in the headlines. can you on the lily rumors? >> i can't, at all. >> you can't at all? >> at all. >> reporter: the star on the playboy party were more focused on the magazine's first issue without nudity. >> my whole childhood has been turned up said down, i don't know going on. >> reporter: while everybody else was partying, i was working, sort of. the last episode of the hefty wrapup. >> the world needs to know my thoughts, my life is in the clouds. >> what is it going to be like to be a part of this show knowing that what you're doing today will be rolled out b hundreds of millions of people.
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i' a little nervous. it's nerve-racking, i'm in underwear. >> your son is going to grow up watchingnghis. >> it's all good. >> the problem one day you're going to be in a pta meeting a they'll put that up. that's the magic that happens. she arrived at nfl honors saturday, fresh off a big night friday at the naacp image awards where won outstanding actress for her role on empire. and she found out just how cookie is fighting today. >> you were tiny, teeny, tiny. >> didn'ton't play with her. >> we always knew she was a tough cookie, we celebrated her win atnaacpawards. but the event wasn't lost on anybody on the carpet. >> they're going to say, well, listen, they're just having this
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different than the oscars being all white? >> i think i important to have it for yourself when you're not recognized for many years. >> it should be all right for us to honor us. that should be good eno >> ice had a lot to be proud of. his son won supporting actor and will and jada who said they weren't be attending this year's oscars had a moment with christy teagan a a little french lesson. >> say it agai >> french name for this. >> okay. >> andi didn't see that coming. that. >> onlying -- >> after beyonce killed at the super bowl halftime show, we look at her new music video "fashion." it was ripped from the run way. and we look at last night's
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and teresa guidice's first interview after leaving prison.
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>> mold in t tomorrow on "e.t," n
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>> i thought it was harder there is the event where they all get together for their class photo. like everybody in the class was voted most likely to succeed and they did. lady gaga got going with a bath morning. quote, bathtubs and the interviews. threaten it was off to the oscar lunch. lady gaga is having quite year, she'll be the first ever to perform at the super bowl, the grammys and the oscars. the oscar race in earn
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one of the biggest greetings from the press for sly stallone. >> hi, strangers. last time i was here, i think lincoln was in the white house. to put i bluntly, i couldn't be more thrilled in the that myughters actually look at me golfer. >> i'm trying to be serious. >> nominated for best supporting act for creed,sly's last nomination was for "rocky" back in 1977. >> i think i'm still trying to get used to it. i don't think i have ever much interviews at all up until this we're. >> and last year's lead actor winner plans to the enjoy the ceremony. >> try and relax and enjoy it. rather than last year i was a frenzy ofnerves. >> the oscar theme is we all dream in gold, so we are talking to a nominees on making their dreams come true.
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best to worst super bowl ads, animals, babies and why ryan reynolds didn't stay for the super bowl kickoff. beyonce's new music video. then can our carly steele outcrazy the lander 2 stars? >> "entertainment tonight" has chanme. >> and exclusive teresa giudice
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that's next. let me show you that a woman can be tough
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take it i'm a baby hands >> bee jobyonce makes a strong political statement. queen bee sported the hottest couture strait are the run way. this translucent ground was seen
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she hadded a parasol to this high colo dress. this number is courtesy of alexan rich. and this r dress added some price line to the gucci line. even her daughter was rocking a vintage dress and wearing pearl earrings. >> my inner fashion finds interesting that beyonce actually mentions it in the song. meantime dressing up was just part of the fun. i don't know if the boys of the blue steele were really ready for our carly >> what do you think would be a good color for this year? >> rose gold steel.
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will ferrell's temper. >> where's mydamnedlatte? >> where's my damned latte? >> charlie's definitely getting into this. ma little too much. >> do you know what? daviddeserves that. >> we were a joke out there. >> poking fun at modeling is is focal point of th movie. but the real life fashion world has definitely infiltrated the sequel. >> i was cureious to see wh your first impressions when you met anna. >> i met her in paris when we did valentino show. i think i was a little intimidated after seeing the document try and "devil wears prada" how can you not? but then she was great and very attractive. >> justice row is back, but now he has his own live in style expert. >> yoursix-month wedding anniversary was yesterday. >> are we supposed to celebrate
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i thought it was just annually. >> does she ever,like, throw out that sweater? >> she says you have to many jackets. and it's true, i have a we obsession about buying jackets. >> you should ask her if she needs so many shoes. >> definitely. >> lesson number one, don't argue with your wife about shoes, ever, ever. question did some spots with jungle book and teenaged muteant ninja >> and the most shocking ad, cbs dropping the bombshell, about the good >> they teased the final nine episodes and everybody was like, the ffinal? the series finale will air on february 8.
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controversial and the cutest. >> and talking about you ryan reynolds. >> don't worry, we're going to get there too. >> there's your beautiful baby. >> any day now. really? you're eating dorritos? >> this dorrito's spot had a tiny $2,000 budget and an ultrasou baby craving a chip. but here's the controversial moment that might have ruined it the idea of an extremely premature birth had some people irate and within minutes t were hundreds of tweets saying never eating doritos again. a tweet saying that dorrito's ad was chilling. but the dad himself was clueless about the potential backlas in fact he based the spot on his own son. >> that animation is created from a still from the ultrasound
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kind of an animated version of freddie. >> but this one's the stuff the nightmares are really made of. mountain's dew. the creato used a puppet with plastic ba legs, t tracked the real pug's face on the character for the licking of the song and. infants, animals and lots of comedy were kind the theme. from steven tyler in the s skittles to william dafoe in this spot for snickers, more than 61 new ads paid about million for 30 seconds of air time. >> you're messing with the w daddy. >> but our winner for cutest goes to this guy and this guy and this guy. yep ryan bill, where everyone is ryan reynolds is officially the
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to move to and we can thank hyundai for making that a reality. his wife posted this instagram of the dead pool star hilariously copping a feel. >> will you go to the game? >> i got a 1-year-old at home and a wife waiting for me. i'm going to get of here and go watch it on tv. >> it's hard to explain to your wife that you're hanging out at the the super bowl when she's home with the baby. >> i would rather be with them. you mentioned budweiser on two separate occasion says they didn't play them. nfl players are actually banned from endorsing alcohol, but we do know that payton has owned shares in some anheuser-busch distributors, which would expl some people would want to go home sand budweiser.
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and our teresa giudice
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really have it in prison? at "e.t" juneetonline -- and reveals what prince george wants to be when he agrees up and the answer
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and matt leblanc confesses he almost had a nervous break down after "friend. we'll find out why. that's on . welcome back to the show in toshlts's "e.t" birth kay, which oscar nominee started out a run way print model. that is nick nolte who's is 65 today. and we have an exclusive clip on teresahereseeresa giudice's f interis view after being in prison flts.
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incars nation. >> i mean there's mold in the bathroom, there was not runni water constantly. the showers were freezing cold. it was like this much dust if you looked up on the ceiling. i mean we were inhaling that. i mean the living conditions were really horrible. i mean horri there was some nights we didn't even have heat. >> in reality, how wasit? >> it was hell. we were definitely living in hell.
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