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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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whie governor daugaard has yet to release a statement, a spokesman for governor daugaard says the governor either will sign or veto legislation. he says he will not let the bill become law without his signature. the governor has until 11:59 tonight to make his decision. if the governor does sign the bill, south dakota would be the first state in the nation to have such a law. we will keep you updated as this story continues to develop. matt and shelia. (matt) a normal school day got raddled today when clay central-everly community schools received a bomb threat. (sheila) ktiv's tommie clark has been in everly, iowa all day today getting the latest details. she's with live link 4 now. matt and sheila, i sat down with the schools superintenden t, dennis mcclain, who gave me the details. explain what happened... tonight t 6, hear what the clay
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tonight t 6, hear what the clay county sheriff had to say about he upset and what the suspect could be facing. matt and sheila? an arion, iowa man has been sentenced to five years in prison for shooting a man in mapleton. 23-year-old joshua beam pleaded guilty in september to reckless use of a firearm. in
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prosecutors dropped four other charges against beam. on december 16th, 2014 authorities say beam and eric franco were drinking at a house in mapleton. they say the men began to wrestle and choke one another when beam got angry. that's when they say beam shot franco in the head with a 44 magnum. franco was treated for non life threatening injuries. one day after jonathan neunaber pleaded guilty to his mother's murder, we're learning why the akron, iowa, was in a wheelchair and neck brace in the courtroom. neunaber had to be wheeled into the courtroom, on monday, for his hearing, where he pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree murder and willful injury. back on september 27th, the plymouth county sheriff says neunaber sustained what he calls a "minor injury" during a fall in the jail maximum security area. he was treated by medical staff. five days later, the sheriff says neunaber injured himself, again, when he lost his balance, fell backwards, and hit his head on the edge of the bed in his cell.
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treated him at the jail, but three days later neunaber had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries from the fall. (sheila) there's a bit of a chill in the air today... but warmer temps are in our future. (matt) chief meteorlogist ron demers joins us with our first look at the forecast at 5. many of our highs today were held in the 20s which is much cooler than what we have gotten used to as of late. for sioux city, the last time we had a high below 30 degrees was 17 days ago so you may have noticed today's chill. most of our lows will dip into the teens tonight before we warm a bit better for our wednesday. another chance of a mix comes our way wednesday night but it shouldn't be anything too heavy. thanks. (matt) a northwest iowa dairy and
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facing a federal lawsuit accusing it of failing to stop manure and wastewater from spilling into a tributary of the big sioux river. (sheila) the lawsuit is against meadowvale dairy near rock valley and its owner, sjerp ysselstein authorities seek a court order to stop the spills and the complaint lists four counts of clean water act violations. federal prosecutors say that since 2001, the state of iowa has cited meadowvale a for failures to maintain adequate storage, resuling in manure spills and fish kills. last fall, sioux county john kooiker said he wouldn't run for re-election to the iowa house of representatives when his term is up, this year. another republican has filed to district 4. skyler wheeler, of orange city,
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nomination papers to the iowa secretary of state on monday. the 22-year-old works in sales for iowa information inc. in sheldon. the republican is a 2015 graduate of northwestern college. in a press release, wheeler said kooiker encouraged him to run. people in orange city, iowa are voting today whether to pay for a new fire station. the fire department wants to spend 3-point-5 million dollars to expand the existing station, which dates back to 1973. fire chief dennis vanderwel says it's too small for today's needs. he also says there's a lack of ventilation that exposes the firefighters to high levels of diesel exhaust. polls are open until eight o' clock tonight at living waters church in orange city. it's the biggest day, so far, in the race for the white house: super tuesday. democrats and republicans are voting in 11 states. steve handelsman has more from houston
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(s/ sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate :05- :08) "any candidate who can not win his home state has real problems" state polls show cruz with a lead over donald trump. mos - texas voter :12-:20 "i voted for ted cruz primarily because i dont want donald trump to get those electoral votes in texas we need to stop his momentum" but trump... without texas ... could sweep 10 of the 11 super tuesday states he and his new ally chris christie are talking tough s/ donald trump / (r) presidential candidate :28- :33 "i deal with rubio i deal with cruz...these guys dont know anything...they have no clue whats going on" s/ gov. chris christie / (r) new jersey :34-:39 "in the next two weeks. his desperate opponents will say and do anything to try tear him down" america's top elected republican tried today house speaker paul ryan on trump not repudiating the kkk s/ rep. paul ryan/ (r) house speaker :48-:48 "if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games, they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry." marco rubio... trying to hold on two weeks 'til the vote in florida ...called trump unelectable and democrat hillary clinton slammed trump
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presidential candidate 1:08-1:13 "im going to continue to speak out against bigotry where ever i see it or hear about it" like trump, clinton could win every super tuesday state but one vermont, where bernie sanders hopes for a big turnout in other liberal states s/ sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate 1:22-1:24 "if not there's not we're probably going to be struggling." like ted cruz, if he loses texas. audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, stafford, texas >> (sheila) we have some breaking news for you... governor daugaard has vetoed the transgender bathroom bill. the law would have required transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex instead of their gender identity....maki ng south dakota the first state in the nation to pass such a law.
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nebraska, says he ean't support donald trump. if it came down to donald trump versus hillary clinton, the republican says he'd go with "none of the above." sen. ben sasse / (r) nebraska "i am not voting for hillary clinton. given what we know about donald trump, i can't vote for him either. i took an oath to protect, defend the constitution. if those are the two major party nominees, and i hope they're not, i have to look for a third party option. (jake tapper) is there somebody in mind? (sen. ben sasse) no, but i believe there will be more candidates that enter the race if the only choices are two dishonest new york liberals." sasse traveled to iowa before the caucuses to urge voters not to support
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president barack obama met face-to-face with the senate republican leaders who have vowed to block his nominee to the supreme court. u.s. senator chuck grassley, of iowa, chairs the judiciary committee, which holds hearings on supreme court nominees. grassley was at a white house meeting, along with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, senate democrats harry reid and patrick leahy and vice president joe biden. republicans say they think the next president should fill the vacancy on the court. it's the first time the leaders have met since justice antonin scalia's death, last month. (matt) still to come on live at five... another feather in the cap of the hard rock hotel. triple-a offers a glowing
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the hard rock hotel and casino is now the fourth hotel in iowa
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from triple-a. (sheila) the rating follows an unannouced evaluation from triple-a back in 2015. triple-a described the hard rock hotel as "refined, stylish with upscale physical attributes." hard rock general manager todd moyer says this honor wasn't possible without the hard work, and presence, of the team members. "people feel welcomed, they make others feel welcome. it's about showing people a great experience. memberable experiences, that's our mission statement and we do it here every day," said todd moyer, general manager, hard rock hotel & casino. a triple-a representativ e says the process to become a four diamond hotel isn't easy. they look at 27 different criteria. things like the overall amenities, service of staff, and facilities. "being able to talk to our aaa members, to have that 100% confidence that this is a four diamond rated hotel--it's great. because we know they're going to come here and get great service," nikki kachelmeir, aaa field manager. the hard rock hotel is only one of seven four
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nebraska and south dakota. today students from around siouxland learned about the basic form of life...molecule s. students from the university of nebraska medical center and milwaukee school of engineering taught siouxland students the complexity of the smallest life forms. the "molecules and you" event allows students to work hands on with the molecules. the event is funded by the science education partnership award grant..or known as sepa. it's a bit chilly today... but it looks like a warm up is in our future. ron's full forecast is coming up after the break.
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the forecast. many of our highs today were held in the 20s which is much cooler
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of late. for sioux city, the last time we had a high below 30 degrees was 17 days ago so you may have niced today's chill. most of our lows will dip into the teens tonight before we warm a bit better for our wednesday. another chance of a mix comes our way wednesday night but it shouldn't be anything too heavy. thursday will be a bit cool but there's nothing but warming to talk about after that. we'll have the chance of getting to around 50 degrees by friday and saturday then 60s are in the forecast for the beginning of next week with maybe even some early
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tolerance week is underway in siouxland. joining us with more is jerry
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) from the weiner foundation and holocaust survivor inge auerbacher .
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auerbacher will be in attendance. thursday, march 3 - 6:30, sioux city art center, screening of the award winning documentary raise the roof, followed by a panel discussion. thursday, march 3 - sunday, march 6, sioux city community theatre i never saw another butterfly, free and
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us with more, fairway foods registered dietician whitney packebush. hi whitney." w- "hi, how are you?" s- "course it's lent-" w- "it is." s- "and people might be getting fished out, but-" w- "yes. we are making some lemon pepper cod today, which has actually always been my favorite way to eat fish, is how i grew up eating fish. cod is a really nice, lean, mild tasting fish, but if you have anyone in the house that maybe isn't in love with the taste of fish yet, you know, adding lemon is a really good way to add a different flavor to that fish, you know?"
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great lakes." w- "i did." s- "so you know all about fish, right?" w- "yeah, so we are going to make them in some foil packets today. this is, again, one of my favorite ways to cook it and season it, so it's very, very simple. and, i don't even add any vegetables or anything in here, i'm actually going to put two cod filets in here, and you can see how nice and lean and small these are. you know, you're only sitting at like 100 calories per cod line." s- "the whole thing." w- "the whole thing. so, nice and lean. we're going to add a little bit of olive oil, the zest of a lemon, and you pry don't need all of it. you just want to make sure you zest your lemon before you juice it, cuz we're going to use both, and that way, you can use all of one lemon. i've definitely tried to take the juice out before and then remembered that i needed to get the zest off of it, and it is a lot harder to get the zest when you've already squeezed and cut your lemon. so this is the lemon. you can see where i took the zest off. you don't want to get too far down into this white part. that part gets very bitter, so you just want to stay and get that nice, yellow part. so we're going to add some fresh lemon juice, and
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even go even easier here and use a lemon pepper seasoning straight from the jar, but we're going to go fresh...and then some cracked black pepper, and this is nice because it kind of steams it and bakes it at the same time here in the oven. and then...we are going to make a foil packet, and this is probably the most important part here is to make sure you get this sealed all the way around." s- "so it doesn't get all over the oven." w- "yes, and i do always cook mine on a cookie sheet in the oven too, just in case it pops open or leaks somewhere, you know, just to be safe. and you want to get this shut too so it steams in there, and this will only take about 10 to 15 minutes at 350." s- "that's it?" w- "that's it. so it is a super fast cooking meal. the only problem is if you take this out too early and it's not done, it is really hard to check." s- "yeah, you really can't check it." w- "so, for example, yesterday i took it out at about 10 minutes and mine wasn't quite done yet, and i just had to put it back in the oven and bake it for
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turned out great. but like i said, you can't really check it and rewrap it, but that's ok, you're not going to ruin your recipe or anything, so maybe 12 minutes is a safe place to start." s- "and this is what it looks like when it is finished." w- "yes, and you can pair it with just about anything, just because it is so simple and so mild, and again, really fast meal." s- "super. thank you so much, whitney." w- "thank you." s- "if you'd like more information on any centsable health topic, go to, click on the news link
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with ron. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 16 wind: n/se 5-10 mph tomorrow: mostly cloudy. high: 46 wind: se 10-15 mph thanks for joining us for news channel four live at five. we're back again at six.
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governor daugaard has vetoed breaking news tonight. we're minutes from the first poll closures as voters in a dozen states have their say. a dramatic night in the race for president as donald trump and hillary clinton try to pull away from the pack. also tonight, high-stakes showdune as the fight between apple and the fbi moves from the courtroom to congress. new twists in a battle that has major implications on your privacy and national security. living a nightmare. an emotional erin andrews back on the stand describing the daily horror she endures after being secretly taped. what she does when she enters a hotel room now. a wild chase. a kidnapping suspect at large after a police pursuit, kids in the car.


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