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tv   Christian World News  TLN  September 30, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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world news" this pastor is not going to denounce his faith even if it means execution. >> hear how one woman of faith is spreading reconciliation. how you can view the ancient dead sea scrolls from the comfort of your own home. hello everyone welcome to this week's edition of "christian world news." i am george thomas, my colleague wendy griffith is on assignment. we begin with significant news in iran. yousef nadarkhani faces excuse for refusing to renounce his faith. >> reporter: iranian court told yousef nadarkhani to recant hills christian faith or face the death penalty. he refused every time. >> they use the phrase, pat,
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opportunities. if he recants his faith in jesus christ, he gets mercy under sharia law. anybody that says sharia law is compatibl compatible, it is not. >> in this case the courts are using fatwas issues by powerful ayatollahs. >> this is illegal, not only in the spite of the iranian constitution, also national treat ties. >> the pastor's case stands of a clear example of iran's crack down on christians. the government has openly admitted iranians are leaving the christian faith. >> this persecution has gained
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momentum. >> mean believe pastor yousef nadarkhani was targeted because he spoke out. charlene israel, cbn news. >> american center for law and justice is working to help free pastor yousef nadarkhani. joining us is aclj jordan sekulow. he as obviously refused to recant, what happens next? >> this trial is over. he has been transferred back to jail. geven given a final opportunity to recant his faith. what is troubling here, george, earlier in the trial, people were not allowed in complete military lock down, no outside press, no friends. a lawyer and him in there with
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the state officials prosecuting him and the local officials and judges. in the past people had been able to confirm he walked out of court and be transferred back to prison. that didn't happen in the final day of his trial. the court has up to a week to issue a written order, but does not have to give publicing notice on executions. they don't have to wait until they carry out its execution. we need to raise voices all over the world. this execution could occur without us being able to confirm it for weeks. the fact they couldn't see him today makes me nervous and of course, praying for his family. >> the last man to be executed because he was a christian and
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left islam on december 3rd, 1990. the gentleman's name hussan. doesn't it require the execution of somebody that abandon's islam? >> in the penal court, no. jurorists are allowed to refer to teachers like ayatollah khomeini. ayatollah khomeini wrote a whole book on jury ris prudence. there is another problem, george, that apostasy law is moving through the iranian legislature as we speak.
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jurorists simultaneously can refer to that and say this has been blessed by the supreme leader, we can then rely on it. this is a situation, it is rare to have a christian on trial for apostasy. usually the regime would kill christians and we have seen the brutal oppression. >> i know are at the fore twont of putting the yousef nadarkhani at the national spot light. do you think that is going to make a difference? the intensity on sparing this man's life? >> the iranian leadership, specifically ayatollah khomeini and president mahmoud ahmadenijad, they don't need the negative attention. what i am sure they are thinking this is a regional supreme court system and not our
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responsibility and we won't be responseable for that. that is why george, we need to see secretary of state hilary clinton and u.n. leadership, secretary ban kim moo and say if this happens, it will be blamed on the eayatollah, not on some court system where this trial was held. >> jordan there is a flourishing church movement in iran. obviously, they are keeping a close eye on the fate of this gentleman. do you get a chance this will force them deeper underground and change the dynamics on how they share the gospel in the islamic republic? >> pastor yousef nadarkhani was born to muslim parents. this court found and why it was sent back to the supreme court, he was not a muslim at the age
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of majority which is 15. he never was a muslim. as long as you were born to musl muslim parents, so the iz loomic republic of eiran's system, you can be charged with apostasy. this is sending shock waves down the spine of iran. this is public. christians are being killed in iran on a regular basis. this is one opportunity where we can expose their process to the world. i ask everyone watching now to pray for pastor yousef nadarkhani and his brave muslim attorney, who is a human rights attorney who has been sentence to nine years in jail and license revokeed. >> and jordon, as always, sir,
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thank you for bringing attention to this important situation. >> we'll continue to pray for pastor yousef nadarkhani. in other news, christians are under attack in indonesia. a suicide bomber blew himself, 22 people injured at the 10th bethel gospel church, just before the attack, the bomber visited the shop and browsed websites from al-qaeda, also a mask and cell phone charger. pastor rick warren said it is a sister church. ever wonder what the deadly sea scrolls really looked like? find out how you can see this piece of history from your very owncomputer. back in a moment.
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>> this sunday churches and congregations around the world will take part in a significant event, a global day of prayer for peace of jerusalem. as in previous years, it will be broadcast live from that city. robert stern is an event organizer told cbn news why it is important to pray for israel at this time. >> there is never been a time that we need to pray for israel like now. all of the discussions of the united nations and attention of the world is focussed on the middle east. thing time is now for concerned believers to become educated and empowered to be standing in prayer as psalm 122:6, pray for the piece of jerusalem. >> stern says nearly 300,000 churches expected to participate
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globally. a man who literally breathes the air of jerusalem, our cbn news, middle east bureau chief chris mitchell. my man, thank you for being with us. robert stone talks about a significant time for israel. you live it and breathe it. why is it so significant? >> he referred to the time we are living in is a critical time, turkey is turning against israel, iran is turning against israel. hamas has 50,000 rockets on northern borter and 10,000 on southern border. this is broebl probably the most critical time to be praying for jerusalem. >> the heart of the this very strategic part of the world. israel is feeling the convulsion
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egypt, syria, iran, they are feeling it. >> when i go to talk to people as i go about my daily business, they are feeling it as well, overwhelmed and surrounded. our colleague, wendy griffith and craig von busic have written a book called "praying the news." i believe we saw that last week at the united nations. i believe it was a result of christians praying. >> as 300,000 plus churches gathered for the global day of prayer. where prayer was a shifting, a changing of world events? >> if you look at people like rees howls, there was a book
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written about him called "intercess "intercessor." we have an impact on what is happening. christians can play a role of what is happening in the news n. >> great to have you hear, chris mitchell. the dead sea scrolls could the most significant find. digital techology has made it available. google has launched an online version of the scrolls. viewers can view in and out and click on areas of the he brew test to get an english translation. >> users can exam and explore these biblical manuscript, mefr
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never before. >> the scrolls also contain information about jewish life in israel 2,000 years ago. you can dwo go to our website, um next the wounds of war, how one christian is bringing reconciliation to the streets of
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>> welcome back to "christian world news". in the 1990s, 200,000 people died in the streets of bosnia. nearly two decades later the ghosts of the war linger. i met one woman that is trying to banish them.
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>> for over 1400 days they fought on the streets of sarajevo, neighbor against neighbor, loved one against loved one. what catholic crow ates, orthodox seshs and muslims did to each other in the name of ethnicity, in the name of religion was simply awful. rape, ethnic cleansing, genocide, cold blooded murder, you name it, it happened. the fighting spread from the capitol and soon engulfed the country. when the guns fell silent three years later, the horrors of what happened shocked the
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world. >> the estimates are some 250,000 boznianas slaughtered each other. we remember the events on our television screens. new >> bosnia s remains hunted by war. >> we would like to leave something different as a heritage to our children. >> for the past several years, she has helped turn this piece of land tucked in a valley and surrounded by mountains. for four weeks, she invites them to an event like none other.
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>> so many kids, even older people that come are so amazed at what they see. they were drawned to the unity, there is no pressure of ethnicity, but they can live a life in community, in fellowship, in love. experience one another. >> she is an evangelical christian. she believes christ is the answer for these people. >> it is our own hope not just for eternity, but for this earthly life. >> she is from crow asia. she urned a degree. >> i came with a deep calling
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for our my country and have been and come back. >> she runs a ministry that helps organizers summer outreach programs. valley of blessing. >> to have these people come, you touch them, you impart then they go 40e78 go home to the north, east, west, south and they bring what they received here. in building them, you build a nation. >> ki tell others it is possible to live together. >> ayatollah khamanei i attended this camp. we prayed for revival and for each other. >> organizing the camp is not
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without its share of challenges, no buildings on the property instead of this bombed out shell of a kitchen that feeds hundreds. >> every year trying to fix the kitchen so it is some what usable. >> she has a dream to one day build a real kitchen and new dorm toirs so they can hold additional camps. for now, she continues to pray this valley can be a blessing to the nation. >> i come to this place and see them playing the same games. i see them sitting next to each other. when i see them worshipping the same god. i see a few which you are generation who might, just might have a different future.
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>> for more information, log on ith you.
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no. jack! (playing twinkle, twinkle, little star.) don't stop! keep playing! here we go. here's the fun part!
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>> a courageous, a new movie from sherwood baptist church, tackles the theme of father hood and what it means to be a real man in today's world. wendy griffith was at the premier in atlanta. >> the stars have come out for the premier of " courageous.". >> i loved it. i am so excited for the good work these films are going to do is stay strong and stay together. >> sheriff's office, we have a
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warrant for your arrest. alex kendrick co wrote and directed the movie stars as one of the police officers who struggles to connect with his teena teenage son at home. >> we hope to communicate to dads, what makes them feel loved? quality time? a gift? verbal affirmation? for me to learn how each of my six children feel loved. if i can capture their heart, they'll listen to me. >> alex's brother stephen who co-wrote says courageous has the potential to change lives for generations to come. >> we want men to be inspired. there is a closing speech.
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men feel that call. i want to be strong and courageous for my family. >> actor kevin down plays a cop that struggles to make the right decision says the movie is a roller coaster of emotion. >> it will inspire you to love on your children or call your dad and go man dad, i love you so much. thank you for all that you have done to bring me into this world. how about we go fishing or hang out? >> courageous focuses on father hood. it is a movie for everyone to see. >> it takes courage to be a supporter wife. even for young people. they are going to see themselves, wow, i want my dad to be like that. >> look for courageous in a
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theatre near you on september 30th. wendy griffith, cbn news, atlan atlanta. >> until next week, good-bye and
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