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tv   Christian World News  TLN  January 31, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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>> today on "christian world news" deadly attacks in nigeria. a radical muslim group is pulling them into civil war and drive christians out of their territory. >> a daring rescue in africa, two missionaries saved from somali pirates. >> a glimpse of heaven in spain in barcelona. the english language is bringing believers together. >> civil war split nigeria's muslim north and christians in the south? hello i am wendy griffith. thanks for joining us. >> and i am george thomas.
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the country has suffered a deadly wave of attacks from a radical muslim group. millions of christians are seeking refuge from the vie vennes. >> could africa's most populous country be breaking apart? nigeria's president says the violence is worse than the 1960s civil war. describing it as an unprecedented evil. there was a bombing and death toll could rise to 250. >> i saw a dead body. >> 11 more bombed. boko haram is fighting for islamic sharia law including
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punishments like stoning and beheadings. president johnathon good luck who is a christian from the south has vowed to crush the group ordering thousands of roadblocks and stepped up security. >> we are taking measures. >> it has done little to stop the violence. key elements maybe sympathetic to the militants and growing concern boko haram may try to spark a civil war with the goal of splitting majority muslim north away from the christian south. some three million people, mostly christians are trying to flee the violence in the north. george thomas, cbn news. where is the military islamic group boko haram getting their support? how should nigerian christians
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respond? gary lane sat down with benjamin quashy. he provided us with interesting insights. >> they are not just a band of criminal gangs. there is ideology and philosophy that governs a particular type of islam that are intelligent group and well funded and weaponry that they use, not cheap. they are not cheap. kind of car they drive a year ago it was in the news, that a
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ship load, whole cargo load of ship laden with weapons and came from iran. >> what about your home state? a lot of weaponry used against christians there? >> from the 7th of september, 2001, there has been death to the tune of 20,000. it would seem the world doesn't care. >> a lot of noise about christians and militias taking up arms. >> most unfortunate noise, but sadly that is what happens when governments fail to provide security. people provide their own type of security. that becomes anarchy. that is not good for anybody. that church has not retaliated
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once on the boko haram. that is a great cost in our psyche, great pains in our hearts. and great sorrow all around us. i didn't write the scriptures, i believe them. i'll teach the scriptures. i have also encouraged people to try to guard their environments within the limits of the law and provisions of the constitution to provide defenses for their children, their wives their family. >> what interest is the united states government taken to help? >> they are not interested. they are still saying it is a bunch of criminals, you know, that will pass away. >> churches aren't fortified, should they be? >> i think they should. government should be willing to provide the basics of security
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that would at least give people confidence to worship freely, until we obtain freedom of religion. i have hope in that i always find when i pray. >> in the meantime, one african leader is trying to help the people of nigeria, president of nearby singal is trying to bring peace and offered to hold a delegation of muslims and christians from northern nigeria and see how the two states live together in this country. cbn's president michael little spoke with the president while in daycar. >> you are building a reputation as a peacemaker. you recently were involved in
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they are adopting, a charter, a charter -- on the problem [inaudible]. to believe in another god and practice their religions. >> president of singal, there is no word if nigeria's president has responded to the pro poe sal. jessica buchanan and her family are rejoicing. she was one of two rescued after being captive for three months. her family and friends supported this work in this dangerous part of the world.
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efrem graham has the story. >> reporter: the 32-year-old woman was working with this aid group. she attended valley forge christian college outside philadelphia. she felt the call to africa after student teaching in nairobi. >> she could hardly talk about africa without tears in her eyes. >> her brother, stephen said she understood the risks. >> a local tried to get at them and all this information that shouldn't been and they were susceptible. >> pirates kidnapped her in october. the prayers were answered when navy seals swooped in for the
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rescue. >> they are so overwhelmed she is all right. >> knowing she is safe is a weight off all of our shoulders and answer to our prayers. >> she would continue to pray for them and try to bring them to the lord rather than leave. i am sure if anything, her faith sustained her. >> she loves kids. she just loves to help people. that is the reason she was over there just to help. >> jessica's family is grateful to the men who risked their lives to save jessica. >> they are willing to sacrifice their life for my sister. >> the men that risked their lives, can't say enough. i am really, really appreciate it. >> efrem graham, cbn news. >> you may wish to send words of
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encouragement, visit our world world facebook page. today some 340 million people across the globe don't have a bible in their own language. for decades, wycliffe has been trying to get out their version of bibles. many people are taking part in rendering the bible into their own language. >> reporter: i am here in the yauda which is the capitol of maroon. there is so much more involved in bible transcription. >> the big emphasis is involving colleagues. very gratifying to see not only
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the competency, but the vision for their own country and the bible translation task finished. one of the stories is about local ownership. you have churches who are inviting them to be a part of what they want accomplished. it is all about providing access to god's word. changes their lives here and now. >> reporting from cameroon, charlene israel, cbn news. up next, they call it a taste of heaven. how a barcelona church is attracting christians around the world and common language uniting them in worship.
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>> welcome back to "christian world news." reaching post christian europe can be tough. many europeans have a negative view of the church. in barcelona, missionaries are
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using new techniques to reach this multicultural city. >> barcelona is a cultural mecca drawing students and visitors from all over the world. english brings christians from many different places in an atmosphere is a fore taste of heaven. pastors are americans brian and lucy. >> one person described it as heaven. [laughter]. >> i feel that way, too. you are sitting next to someone from nigeria or new zealand or singapore. >> people said they felt at home as soon as they walked in. >> the first time i came to the church i was crying. it touched me so much.
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>> i feel at home and safe here. >> i love the church. i felt like family. >> we provide a community within barcelona. >> in the 1930s, barcelona was a center for anarchists and communist. there is certainly a mistrust of the church and that means sharing christ in new ways. >> they believe the church is equated with money and power. that is what the church is about. there is a rebellion, a distrust. new >> john and brandy don't use the word church. we don't hide the fact that we
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are church related. we don't start off with that. >> many spanish think of the church as outdated. evangelistic outreach has to address those concerns. >> i met a couple in the early 20, they said my parents go to church and come home and nothing changes. why would i waste my time investing in something that does ntd make a difference. we are trying to build a faith to live out the way of jesus. >> they are trying to bring barcelona into a new relationship with jesus christ. dale hurd, cbn news, in barcelona. >> thanks, dale. uk prime minister has taken
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heat lately. many are putting his words into action and hoping to bring a spiritual transformation. >> i passionately believe in the future of our kingdom. >> reporter: he brought to counter britain's moral collapse. >> many are doing what they can including here after redeeming our community center in manchester. >> it gets kids off the streets and do lots of activities. >> rock center opened a few months ago as a place to provide positive activities for young people in an area of significant reports of antisocial behavior, the impact has been significant. >> we are providing them with strong role models and provide
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set rules for each session. it is based around respecting each other and for me, it is just that opportunity to share with those people and really, to be his hands and feet in this place. >> center also works closely with the local police where people can report any antisocial behavior. this police officer says regular meetings for the youth have been effective in working together to combat crimes. >> we have had well over 100 people have come in to report things of a criminal nature to give us intelligence and problems with antisocial behavior. >> he believes this is vital to see a return to traditional moral values.
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>> it is important. it is clear having respect for the area, which people live in, not committing crime, not committing antisocial behavior, this promotes it and working effectively to create that desire within the community. >> many of the christian organizations are doing what they can. message trust has seen many lives transformed over the past 20 years through their youth ministry. andy hawthorne says they have tried to reach lives. >> he says one of the most dramatic stories is when their youth reached out to the rouch roughest areas. >> we could literally track
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where the bus was and see crime come down. we did projects, 45 percent long-term crime reduction as a result of those projects. >> over 50 percent reduction in calls to the police in respect to antisocial behavior. it could be criminal damage and vehicle crime. those too are down. it is a trend we hope continues. >> they continue to work effectively to bring about national transformation. it is reality. peter wooding for cbn news, manchester, england. just ahead, preparing for the pope, how an upcoming is influencing christians in
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>> communist cuba is welcoming pope benedict. after years of hardship under communism. >> his visit is having a positive impact for evangelical christians. stan jeter reports. >> reporter: soon after the vatican confirmed the news, cuban president castro promised to release 2900 prisoners. it was seen as a humanitarian gesture. when his predecessor pope john paul the second made hisashi toic trip to cuba in 1998, relations showed a dramatic improvement. >> it has appeared to open the
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doors for the unusual protestants. they allowed evangelicals to hold their celebrations in public places around the country. >> i believe the authorities are understanding that the gospel of jesus christ is a blessing for the cuban family and for our nation. therefore they are slowly opening the doors to allow us christians to express our faith publically and we praise god for that. >> believers are calling it a vibt victory. >> what is happening today was only a dream before. >> god did more than we could have imagined. >> cuban christians have prayed for the opportunity to openly express their faith in public. christmas rallies took place with adult and childrens' choirs and different pastors addressing
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the crowds. cuban leaders who havelied with restrictions for years are hoping it will lead to more freedom for the cuban church. stan jeter, cbn news. thanks, stan. you can find daily reports
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>> and finally this week, cbn's operation blessing is giving typhoon victims in the philippines help in their time of need. >> they have been in desperate need. thousands in the philippines are homeless after a recent string of typhoons. 21-year-old ralph lost his home. his family has barely been able to make ends meet. cbn stepped to help get his family back on their feet. he was given a bike so he doesn't have to walk to school. his father was given a set of tools to help him rebuild his
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home as well as a fishing net to help him earn a living. >> i am so happy. i am grateful to cbn for everything they have done. i believe god sent them to help us. >> he said the relief was possible for him and his family to have a better future. >> philippines gets hit by these horrible disasters. we pray god's blessing.
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