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tv   Christian World News  TLN  March 2, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> today on "christian world news" a church christmas service becomes the site of a deadly terror attack. how the victims are responding. >> susan cook from wall street to washington. see how she is pushing through religious freedom. >> plus christians translating the bible into their native tongue and turning the good news into this african country. >> hello i am efrem graham. >> i am heather sells. george and wendy on assignment. >> three people died against christians in northern nigerian
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church this week. the latest attack in a radical islamic group against them. >> multiple attacks on homes and churches. there have been calls for revenge and forgiveness. george thomas brings us the story from cannen nigeria. >> it was a beautiful day, we came to celebrate the birth of jesus christ. people started coming as early as 6:00 a.m. it was going to be a joyous occasion. but it never turned out that way. a vehicle packed with explosives drove up this busy street and stopped in front of the street. this man and 17 month old son
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had just walked out. >> within minutes husband widowers, wives widows, children orphans and parents were childless. >> suicide bomber knew precisely went to strike shortly after 8:00 that christmas morning, one service just concluding and the next just about to begin. >> 26 of the 44 people that died attended the church. >> the people that carried out this attack are under the influence of the devil and want to divide us. >> the radical muslim group boko haram claimed the attack and other attacks. boko haram's goal is to turn this country into an islamic
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country. >> i will not respond out of anger. >> he and his son spent several weeks in the hospital. today you'll find him and his family praying for their attackers. >> i want god to touch their hearts so they know what they are doing is not good. >> a sentiment echoed about the importance of forgiveness. >> what i need from boko haram is that they should repent. >> that isn't likely to happen. in january alone, boko haram struck 21 times killing 250 people, 900 plus have died in multiple attacks around the country. >> 200 miles north of st. tresa's church esther garba. isaac cooly.
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margaret frames. >> he was shot in mouth, elbow and back. >> and sellmatu joshua. >> i am asking for peace to our city. >> the most important city of cannen with prayer. 26 days after the christmas day massacre, boko haram killed 1835 people in carnal, it was the deadliest strike to date. >> i can't do anything to bring my husband back. all i can do is trust in god. the bible says to love your enemies and pray for them. >> they have declared war on the government, security services and country's services. in a video released online he says i enjoy killing nin god commands me to kill the way i
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enjoy killing chickens and rams. the group gave christians three days to leave or be attacked. the christians are on edge and considering leaving the state and moving south. we spoke to many that are fearful and are concerned they are not in a position to protect them. >> carnal is mostly muslim. they use this as a base of operation. >> joshua works quietly as an evangelist. cbn agreed to conceal his identity. they consider christians as
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invaders. he fears boko haram is trying to spark a religious war by provoking christians into attacking muslims. some christian neighborhoods are taking measures to defend themselves. others rely on god for protection and take comfort in his word. >> even when i walk through the valley of death, i am not afraid for your are close beside me. >> george thomas, cbn news, carnal, nigeria. >> psalm 23 take on a whole different notation. >> 70 time 7 in deed. >> you can log on to post your comments, encourage and prayers for persecuted christians around the world. >> american christian teacher
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murdered in northern iraq in kurdistan. small's mostly muslim students say he frequently talked about jesus christ and prayed in class. they commissioned small to go to iraq. he wanted to go to share the gospel with muslims. u.s. lawmakers are standing up to iranian pastor yousef nadarkhani. iran has sentenced him to death on charges of apostasy. 34-year-old father refused to deny his faith. he has been in prison since 2009. >> pastor nadarkhani's case is raising attention across the globe. there is a special ambassador
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for the issue. recently on cbn's the "the brody file," jennifer wishon profiled the woman who monitored the world's religious wrongs. >> this woman has been described as the harriet tubman. the first black woman to be elected senior pastor of the american baptist churches of the usa. you could find her just off moral street presiding over the hour of power, a lunchtime ministry she founded. >> the wednesday after 9/11, their eyes were big, they left here a different way than they came in, glorifying and praising god. to see i was able to be used to bring healing to people, not being a pastor of wonderful walk
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through ministry is tremendous. it is humbling. >> so help me god. she says her rock is jesus christ. but as ambassador she looks out for peoples of all faith in every nation. her role takes her through a maize of diplomatic land minds. >> religious freedom provides a corner stone for every healthy society. in this season we must encourage the highly religious countries of middle east and north africa for all religious actors. >> cook's job is to report to the president on the status in 195 countries and call out to countries in particular concern. she works under secretary of state hilary clinton. >> around the world,
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authoritarian regimes -- religious freedom is under threat from both quiet intolerance, and violent attacks. >> position created in the 90s by virginia congressman frank wolf. he sees that it helps identify america's friends and enemies. >> the country is generally a country that you are not at war with. you are not arguing with, not fooi fighting with. >> the arab spring has drawn more attention to religious persecution in the world. >> a change to succeed, coptic christians must have the right to worship freely just as muslims must never have their
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mosque destroyed. >> along with missions work overseas helps prepare her for this job. >> jennifer wishon, cbn news, washington. how receiving the word of god in their native tongue is transforming lives in cameroon.
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>> some 340 million people across the globe don't have a bible in their own language. >> for years wycliffe bibles -->> i recently traveled to cameroon, seeing the word of god translated into their own native language is fascinating.
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♪ ♪ >> these are the sights and sounds of cameroon. located on africa's west coast, it is home to 19 million people, most speak the official languages of english or french. some 280 language groups blanket the country. 40 percent of the people here are christians, yet most do not have bibles in their native tongue. >> bible says in revelation, god will gather up people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. part of this is where the word of god is translated into yembeta which is the native language. >> here, life is simple especially when it comes to communicating.
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the native language is usually only spoken. that is about to change. in this tiny room, translators work from dawn till dusk translating the gospel into their native tongue. this work is close to the heart of wycliffe usa president bob kreeson. for nearly 10 years, bob and wife dallas served as missionaries. it has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. george schultz helps train cameroonians in bible translation. >> i think it gives them a great
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sense of pride and ownership. >> wycliffe teams up with the cameroonian associaton. bible translation is part of the story. >> most of the languages are the languages that have never been reached before. never had one book in their language. >> so when we start to work in a language, we send a linguist, come up with an alphabet and writing system and do books to help the people and how to read and write the language. >> here they are translating the bible and working on the book of revelation or apocalypse in tunen. >> technology has been another translator. here they use a portable satellite. this helps ensure biblical
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accuracy. it has led to transmitting in addition to read thing scriptures, people are listening through the program, faith comes by hearing. >> in africa, people prefer listening than reading. most of the time the holy testament to the revelation. we set up this group in churches, in quarters, in houses and people need to listen to the word and discuss. >> local pastors say having the word of god in a language they can understand is a great blessing. >> when i went to biblical school, i studied the word of god in french. i thought i mastered it. the fact i can speak, read, write and even preach in my own language, that makes me proud.
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>> they sang and preached in their own language. i had no understanding. when i looked at the faces of the people. it was clear my goal was in that place, there was joy on their faces. >> translators say that makes their work worthwhile. >> it is an affliction and joy of doing it and joy of seeing people read the word of god and understand helps us to overcome whatever difficulties we encounter. >> the work leads to unexpected blessings. >> when it was in the process of being translated, the person that did the translation listened to the cd. he said it was as if he was hearing the parable of jesus. >> they have translated 60 percent into yembeta.
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>> very happy he is no longer a foreign god or someone who doesn't understand my deepest needs. >> that realization can help lead to a life-changing relationship. >> speaking to a life-changing relationship, that whole translation process in cameroon has brought many to christ. >> translators take their work to the people in the village to say does this sound right? a checks and balance? does it sound right in your language. many of the people give their hearts to christ, whole villages of people are getting saved through the translation process, absolutely amazing. >> it is pulling some away from witchcraft? >> many people because when they run into hardships would go back
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to villages to the witch doctors. they are learning god! this god can help me in a language i can understand through the bible and help them solve whatever issues. >> how long is their day to get this done? >> all day. they go there early in the morning, totally committed to this tedious work of studying and making sure every word is correct. >> really resignates in your own language tongue. >> god speaks my language. >> thank you so much charlene, great report. >> thank you. still ahead, thousands pour into the streets of moscow, russian voters rising up in protests.
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>> russia's christians are asking the global church to pray for their presidential elections. thousands of christians took to the streets protesting president vladimir. russians believe the elections were rigged. many expect a crack down after the e elections. >> after this election there will be more control, more pressure out on opposition, independent media groups and challenge people to continue praying for russia for political
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wisdom and for the opposition leaders. >> russian ministries works to help build up the church throughout the former soviet union. churches can meet in new york city schools. it is a greater threat to our democratic society than a misperceived violation of the establishment clause. the judge's previous injunction was too narrow. the city now says it will file another appeal. >> when we return, meet the rock
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>> on the outskirts of bogta, columbia, the pastor that
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spreads the good news with a heavy metal beat. >> this small group of heavy metal fans, as they jump and toss their long hair, these rockers are gathering fchurch. >> if jesus was present in the flesh, he would accept everyone without despicing anyone. >> 31-year-old christian gonzales founded this heavy metal church. he preaches a message of love and acceptance. >> the bible says people who judge your appearance don't chuj the heart. >> church is evangelical and claims 50 members gather along and join in head banging prayers. this where 21-year-old anna
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maria connected to god. >> i have learned to know god inside this church. that loyal friend who does not let go of your hand. that god who stays close to you and makes you feel like you have someone with you 24 hours a day. that is important no matter what you look like or what music you listen to. >> regardless of their appearance, most of these young people claim they are free from drugs and alcohol. >> if you look at the people here, they have a smile on their face. stan jeter, cbn news.
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