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tv   Christian World News  TLN  July 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> today on christian world news, egypt's uncertain future. will there be peace and stability or civil war? and what will happen to the country's christians? >> wendy: plus, today christians in north korea are arrested, imprisoned, even killed. but it wasn't always that way. in fact, john yang was once called the jerusalem of the east. >> george: and pope francis returns to south america, and hundreds of thousands are flocking to brazil just to see him. ♪
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>> george: is egypt heading for political stability or civil war? hello, everyone, i'm george thomas. >> wendy: and i'm wendy griffith. political protests and rallies are now almost daily occurrences in egypt. protestors continue to die in scirmishes with security forces and weren't another. >> george: ibrahim is one of the coptic christians who has written by egypt and its christian community. he shared his insights with gary lane, but first gary brings us this update on the situation in egypt. >> reporter: supporters of mohammed morsi refuse to give up. they want the muslim brotherhood leader reinstated to the egyptian presidency. >> i'm saying to major-general sissi, you betrayed us and carried out the coup, but god will punish you if you are not implementing his rules. >> reporter: even larger numbers of anti-muslim
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brotherhood members held rallies. >> i'm proving it is a revolution, and stability is doing what we ought to do. >> reporter: newly ap pointed president ali mansour says all egyptians must work together. >> we will thoroughly punish those who kill innocents. >> reporter: many wonder if reliable factions are headed for a showdown. author raymond ibrahim had this warning. >> i fo foresee a civil war. >> reporter: ibrahim says christians will be targeted and attacked and their very existence threatened. raymond ibrahim joins us. last time you were here in april, you predicted civil war. do you still think that is going to happen in egypt? >> i do. groups like the muslim
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brotherhood and islamics in general, have been striving for power, are power hungry, and have always been sidelined and jailed and persecuted, and now they finally got complete power. president morsi and all of the brotherhood in the cabinet, they finally tasted power. this is a group i don't see walking away or giving in. you have to remember the muslim brotherhood slogan that mohammed morsi himself used to say is basically the quran is our constitution, the prophet is our leader, and jihad is our way. and death and martyrdom is the highest aspiration. >> what will this mean for christians and others? >> where the government is an islamist government, they're the once doing it. a pe perfect example is iran and sudan, and christians are suffering. when the government is not islamist, like pre-morsi,
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what you'll see then is persecution from the mob, almost like a vigilante thing. >> reporter: and they're being targeted now? >> they're being targeted now. but the thing is they're always targeted. there is always an excuse. it never ends. you can have -- when morsi was in there, they got targeted even worse. that was when the st. mark cathedral was attacked. they're between a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: what is the effect, a mass exitous like we've seen in iraq? >> again, if you want to look at precedence, that's what has been happening. the difference with egypt as opposed to iraq, there is really a large christian population there. millions -- according to some, up to 15 million or 16 million, but at least you want to say 10 million. it is not that easy for a lot of these people to get out and leave, and a lot don't want to leave. >> and we're seeing that in syria as well. what about christians there?
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>> it is the same exact story. this is what is sad because you would think u.s. administrations and analysts would have learned from precedent. >> reporter: what should the u.s. policy be? >> u.s. policy will never change unless americans actually change because they're the once who elect through government. unless they start pointing out the gross reality of what is happening to people -- it is amazing to me because everything is being done in the name of the arab spring is being articulated in humanitarian terms. and yet it has led to one of the greatest humanitarian crisis, and in this case, the attack on christians from one end of the world to the other. get informed, number one, of course. and if you care, and hopefully you will, you start pressuring your representatives. >> reporter: and we pray. >> and we pray. raymond ibrahim, thank you. the book is "crucified again." thank you for joining us. >> thank you, gary. take care. >> george: our facebook
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followers can watch a special session with raymond, find it at our c.w.n. facebook page. >> wendy: 1400 children gathered in the egyptian desert recently, asking god to change them and their nation. the first ever "one thing" kids festival. the event was held in an historic desert center for christian prayer. children as young as eight attended. organizers say god will bless egypt because of the faithful intercession of the children. this week marks 60 years since the fighting ended on the korean peninsula. for the south, it meant economic, political and religious freedom. for the communist north, the exact opposite. >> george: today christians in the north face terrible persecution, but it wasn't always like that. in the early 1900s, north korea witnessed a christian
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revival. the city of pyeongchang was even called the jerusalem of the east side. pyeongchang, january 14th, 1907. a group of korean christians and western missionaries are meeting for a bible study in a church on the outskirts of the city. half way through, god begins to move in a powerful way. >> they knew that the only way to survive was to depend on god. >> george: one by one, the men confessed their sins to each other, sins of racial prejudice, hate, anger, and jealousy. >> they knew nothing was impossible with god, so they called on him for forgiveness. >> george: god answers and revival breaks out. in the ensuing months, thousands repented publicly, including elders of churches and foreign missionaries serving in korea. >> and out of that, they say, they think came the work of the spirit that finally broke out at that
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pentecost. >> george: thus began the great pyeongchang revival of 1907. >> in 1907, pyeongchang became known as the jerusalem of the east. churches were sprouting up everywhere and they were growing fast. >> george: people walked hundreds of miles to attend revival meetings. >> the spiritual change was a repentance movement. believers confessed their sins and were born again. >> george: the revival lasted 40 years, touching all levels of society, including those in political power. andrea landcost is a professor of asian history in seoul. >> north korean communist -- any korean communist of the '40s and '30s, came from a christian family. >> george: and north korea indicated kim jong un was born to christianity. >> in korea, christianity
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was modernization, progress, science, technology. >> george: but the brutal 40-year japanese occupation of korea tested the faith of these believers. according to eye-witness accounts, christians were enduring so much persecution, but in the midst of persecution, god was moving in tremendous ways. >> japanese ordered us to bow to the japanese emperor. many of us refused. but the more the church faced persecution, the more we grew. >> george: by the late 1940s, some 3,000 christian churches were in korea and hospitals were being built. >> it was the greatest successful story of not only the american protestant missionaries. >> george: but today it could not be more different. christians now are routinely tortured, raped, starved, and even executed.
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>> it is one of the most oppressive policies the world has ever seen. they are worse than stalin. they are probably as bad as mao. >> george: korean christians have held prayer rallies like this one, asking god to reunite and revive their nation. [speaking a foreign language] >> george: david yaggi cho, a south korean, pastors the largest church in the world. for decades he is preparing team of young pastors to be ready to share the gospel once the doors open in the north. >> we are praying god will speed of intervention in north korea. >> george: they are calling on the church to remember those suffering for their faith and to pray that god will bring another revival in north korea. it is pretty amazing. today korea is the world's largest number one country that sends missionaries around the world. south korea does. >> wendy: that's incredible. >> george: it really is. >> wendy: amazing story.
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up next, francis rocks. his mission to strengthen the catholic church in brazil. >> wendy: hundreds of thousands of catholic faithful welcomed pope francis to brazil this week. the pontiff came to rio for world youth day. it is his first international trip since becoming the first latin american pope. he hopes to revitalize the catholic church in brazil, are owing at very fastches pace. >> george: can a nation be saved in a day? thodseran missionaries joined with local believers to prove that true. they targeted honduras, one of the most violent nations in central america. their rallying cry: "one nation, one day." >> reporter: a record 2,000 short-term missionaries arrived in honduras for a gospel
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invasion unlike any seen before. it was the answer to the prayers of many local pastors. >> this country is suffering a lot. what if we do something powerful in the nation that attracts the evangelists, and that can reach all of those people. >> reporter: that powerful something became "one nation one day," a strategy to saturate honduras with the gospel. and young people shared their faith with local schools, and medical professionals held free clinics. >> it is possible, that a miracle will happen at this time and moment in history. yes, can a nation be saved in one day? i can say, yeah, it could. >> reporter: the government declared the next saturday a national holiday, and simultaneous rallies in 19 soccer stadiums invited the entire country to follow jesus christ. honduras' president gave a
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personal welcome. [ speaking spanish ] >> to the 2,000 evangelists in honduras today, i want to thank you in the name of the people of honduras, and say that the true solutions for the problems of ho honduras is for to understand that god is the one who decides and orders everything. >> reporter: organizers believe the "one nation one day" strategy could launch a new series of national compaigns in latin-america and beyond. stan jeters, cbn news. >> wendy: thanks, stan. uganda is facing a humanitarian crisis after 65,000 refugees fled there. a terrorist group attacked their village in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo. the refugees crossed into the remote district of bondo bujio seeking safety. more than 20,000 are in need of food, water, and a place to live. joshua dickinson is an
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american missionary and engineer who helped provide water to the refugee camp. >> to be honest, it is heartbreaking. it is a struggle to run this refugee camp, but it is the reason i'm here, and the reason i feel god has called me to serve is to be available for tragedies like this. when we first got water flowing in the camp, and, you know, many women and children were coming to collect water. and the thank yous, and to know that i'm here representing christ in a way of providing clean water, that was very fulfilling. >> wendy: dickinson works with a pennsylvania-based world harvest mission. you can learn more about the story, including how joshua sacrificed more than just his time and talent to help these people. just check out our website, >> george: coming up, it is a rare sight in american public schools, a bible club on campus. find out why it is so
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popular, next.
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>> george: welcome back to this show. imagine a bible club in a public school that is so popular more than half the students attend its meetings. >> wendy: wow. cbn news reported on this story first two years ago in pennsylvania. its impact has reached around the world, as paul strand tells us. >> reporter: each monday, in the middle of the school day, more than half of redbank valley high's 600 students head to bible club. that makes it the latest of its kind in the world. they put on an annual open house in bethlehem, that showcases their tricks and boisterous worship. these students carry thrieb bibletheir bibles in the hallways, and now they're inspiring kids from around the country and beyond. cbn covered it two years ago after a viewer sent an e-mail about its success. >> we made that video clip
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and we've got all kinds of responses to that. >> reporter: the bible president says it kicked off a kavel cade of interests. they even had to elect their own public relations person to handle it. >> we've had a lot of outreach, and people contacting us. >> reporter: a major spark came from maggie's testimony of being only 14 years old where she led some four dozen students to pray. >> that doesn't happen anywhere else. >> reporter: today maggie says it could have been even more than four dozen. >> i was counting, and i couldn't believe it, 48 kids, but i had to quit counting so i could pray. >> after we were on "700 club" last time, a club from california, their bible club, they got in touch with us, and said they saw our
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interview. >> reporter: and the rosaman students shared they needed exactly 25 bibles, and that's what the redbank students prayed for. >> not even a week later, someone dropped off 25 bibles. >> reporter: the donor had no idea he was fulfilling to a "t" the prayer for 25 bibles. >> they were just laying around his office, he said. >> reporter: she keeps the thank you cards from the students who received the bibles. travis dean of "teens for christ" began to spread the word. >> part of my excitement is to share what is happening here with other clubs. to say look what god can do in your school. >> reporter: dean shared the story on his website >> we want kids to think of their school as a mission trip. god has put them there for a purpose and a reason, and god wants to use them to share their love with their friends.
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>> reporter: they want to set up 30 or 40 bible clubs throughout new york city schools sent observers to redbank. >> they came to us for help. >> reporter: and the redbankers have become missionaries in their own way. >> we went to a youth convention in denver and did a program there. >> reporter: the club's advisor evangelizes for the club's efforts as well, travelling to another towns when asked. >> i asked for them to come and speak to our kids, and it set the kids on fire. >> reporter: that's what these redbankers want to do everywhere, set students on fire for god, and let them know it is completely constitutional to live out their faith anywhere. >> there is no law that says can't carry a bible in school, pray in school, read in school. >> let's face it, god is cool. >> reporter: many americans may think that the supreme court threw prayer and the bible out of public
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schools back in the 1960s, but as kids here are showing their nation, as long as your a student, you can have as much prayer, bible, and god in your school as you want, and it can be pretty cool. paul strand, cbn news, reporting from redbank valley high school.
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>> wendy: this month marks the 200t 200th anniversary of one of america's missions to plant the church in burma, often known as myanmar. adam first step foot there in the mission in 1813. >> george: and he left an amazing christian legacy not only for burma, but for the world. gary lane has that story. >> reporter: fork lowe lore tells about a golden book given to them and it was lost or destroyed. but prophecy told of a day in the future when a white brother would come and reunite them with the book and tell them about the one true god. that was fulfilled in 1813,
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when adam judson and his wife ann arrived in vangoon. the buddhists resisted the gospel. he didn't win his first convert until six years later. this pastor explains why. >> most people feared losing their jobs, and they were not willing to get away from the buddhisting an buddhists and cultural traditions. >> reporter: judson was jailed in june 1824. he was confined to a prison that used to stand on this site in ava. judson and other foreignors were held captive in shackles, suspected of spying for the british. he wrote about his sufferings. >> burmese christians built a monument right here, and it was to commemorate the time that judson stood in prison.
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but in the early 1990s, government officials tore it down. throughout the years, numerous burmese governments had failed to stop the advancement of christianity and judson's legacy. >> judson endured a grueling six month journey. he was brought to a second prison here on this site here in mandalay. today it is home to the judson baptist church. >> reporter: perhaps his greatest accomplishment after his release was translating the first burmese bible. the copies were in october 1840. pastor mong is determined to see that judson's legacy lives on. >> we need to know and understand the life of judson and how he persevered because of the gospel. and secondly, we need to learn from him, the way he lived, the way he shared the gospel. please pray we should lead the way, and please pray for
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this church, also. it has a good legacy in the history of burmese christians, and those who are doing ministry around the remote area of the country. pray for them, too. >> reporter: evangelists working to ensure that seeds planted by judson nearly 200 years ago continue growing. and bearing fruit for generations to come. gary lane, cbn news, mandalay, burma. >> george: it is awesome to see his legacy continuing all these years later. >> wendy: 200 years later. >> george: it's fantastic. the gospel goes forth. >> wendy: praise the lord. >> george: folks, that's it. we're done. >> wendy: from all of us here at christian world news, thanks for watching. good-bye and god bless you.
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